Swasan Tum Hi Ho (chapter 2)


Hii frnds I think that the last part was a little disappointing tha is y there were less comments but I’ll try making it better. Thanku.
I am introducing 2 new characters
Laksh Roy: sanky’s bff frm childhood but something happened bw them nd now both hate eo.
Abhishek Roy: bro of lucky. Fiancee of pia.
These both run a company Roy companies. They both have lost their parents in an accident. Abhi has always treated lucky as his son.
I wanted to make a change in the names of swasan’s frnds:
Sanky gang
Sanky is the same
Lucky is the same
Harsh- abhishek

Aryaman- ranveer
Chirag- veer
Swara gang(I’ve nt yet told you’llthe names so I’ll introduce
Pia: swara’s childhood bff. Fiancee of abhi.
Kavya: swara’s normal frnd. Thnxx

[email protected] at MB (mathur bungalow)
Ritik enters the room.
RV: aaj kaunsi date pe jaane ka plan hai?
Ritik: nothing like tht bhai she wants to talk to me only once. As always everybody is attracted to me??
Swara starts pulling his ears.
Swara: accha bachu??
Ritik: aaaah di chodo Na it’s paining.
Rags: accha??(pulling his other ear)

Ritik: accha I’m sry I know y you’ll are pulling my ears bcoz we need to do shopping for your frnds wedding.
Sa, rags nd rv together: yessss!!
Ritik: but I don’t know her how can I come wid you’ll??
(When they shifted he was only 4 so he doesn’t remember anything.
Swara: cmmon idiot u don’t remember them doesn’t means tht they’ll also forget u.
Ritik: OK when you’ll are forcing so much then I can think of going with you’ll??
All of them shout together: nautankiiii!!!!!!

[email protected] at an award function.
Host: so the business man of the year award goes to Mr Sanskar Maheshwari!!
Every1 was clapping. Then they were told tht Mr Maheshwari is busy nd he is nt able to attend this event. Every1 present there bcame sad bcoz they could nt see Sanskar.
On the other hand a large mansion is seen, it is vry Royal nd in one room a man was seen lying on the bed wid his eyes closed. He was getting an image of a girl smiling nd laughing wid her frnds.
Man(thinking): y I always think about u, your smile which conquers my heart. Whenever I think about u my heart starts throbbing faster. I still remember when u smiled at me the whole world stopped I just felt tht only u nd me were at tht moment I didn’t want to leave your eyes but tht stupid rags interrupted in bw idiot!?
An unknown smile came on his face thinking about her. Which was noticed by his mom. She asked.
Ap: Sanskar why are u smiling?
Sanky (dreamily): swara.
At this her mother smiled bcoz she knew about his feelings towards swara. Suddenly he realized what he said nd got up quickly nd told.
Sa: ma nothing like that.(stammering) vo….vo ma…..
Haa uski new album release Hui hai Na bas ushi ki baat kar raha tha.

Ap smiled: Sanskar I know about your feelings.
Sa(shocked): vo maa I didn’t mean to hurt u. I just can’t forget her.
Ap: I know Sanskar nd I’m nt angry wid u I’m happy for u. Sa: really ma?
Sanky hugged her mother nd said ma I love u
Ap: say this to her.
San: but ma when she left frm tht time I haven’t seen her, she never comes to any get togethers but still I hav a hope tht I’ll see her.
Ap(changing d topic): accha now only I’ve seen on TV tht u got business man of the year but y didn’t u go u should’ve gone na.
Sa: ma I’ll go some other time.
Ap: nd this u are telling frm years. Chalo thike now come down nd hav lunch ok?
San: ok. Suddenly he received a call.
Sa: wow! That’s grt news yaar. Why were you’ll hiding nd BTW hiding didn’t work out bcoz I knew about you’ll.

Pia( yes she is going to invite him): sankyyyyyy I’ll kill u.
San: how sad u can’t come out from phone Na?
Pia: just wait nd watch, when u come to my wedding ma then I’ll show u. OK for now I’m mailing the address nd in few mins the card will also be reaching. Okay?
San: okiezz nd seriously I’m vry happy for both of u.
Pia: thanxx nd u are definitely cumng no excuses.
Sa: okay meri ma I’ll cum bye.
Pia: bye.
Sanky came down nd saw his mom arranging lunch for him. He cam to his mom nd started jumping like a kid nd twirling her around.
Sa: maaa!! I’m sooooooo happy

Ap: y
San: ma pia is getting married.
Ap wow! That’s grt.
Sa: nd guess who is the groom?
Ap: idk?
Sa: abhii!!
Ap: omg! Am I dreaming I never knew tht they both liked eo I thought tht that always knew how to fight.
Sa: ya ma I’m really for them.
Ap: (teasingly)happy for them or yourself?
Sa: why? Then he understood what h is mom meant nd started blushing nd told“ ma nothing like tht”
Ap: omg! Am I dreaming my son is blushing of not even talking about her but just thinking nt bad ha.
Sa(worried): but ma I don’t even know tht she is coming or not.
Ap: so why ask pia.
Sa: nooooo she’ll get doubt tht I like her.
Ap: are so why ask her she never comes wid you’ll that’s why u are asking.
Sa: wow my mom is so intelligent.
Ap: OK now hav your lunch then pack your stuff.
Sa: ok
Screen freezes on the smiling faces of San nd ap.

Precap: Swasan meet??

Credit to: Kavya

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