Swasan Tum Hi Ho (Chapter 19)

Hey guys back with Chapter 19 hope you’ll like it

Swara ran towards sanskar’s room.
Sw (knocking his door): Sanskar are you there? Sanskar are you sleeping? Sanskar? (Thinking: I think he’s sleeping)

She kept standing near his door with the support of the wall. She just wanted to clear every misunderstanding between them otherwise it would be too late. At midnight Sanskar opened his door and saw her sleeping down at the floor resting her back at the wall. Automatically tears formed in his eyes seeing her like this but then he remembered the recent happenings and closed his eyes tightly but he couldn’t deny that she was a big star she had never slept on floor and now she was here despite of her reputation in front of the world she was sleeping on the cold floor for him. He went inside his room and brought a quilt and covered her with it. He couldn’t stop himself from caring for her. He went inside his room but he couldn’t sleep, he kept thinking of everything that happened. How Swara said she loved him but the images and recording proved that she was just acting, he was confused himself. He didn’t knew whom he should trust.

Yes he was angry on Swara but he was confused at the same time. The night passed away. Swara woke up in the morning. She looked at her watch it was 5:30 no one would be awake at this time. She saw his door closed, she sighed and went to her room, she didn’t want anyone to see her like this.

Sw (getting ready): I need to talk to Sanskar the more this misunderstanding lasts the more difficult it will be to solve this afterwards. I’ll talk to him before engagement.

She walked towards Sanskar’s room but didn’t find him in his room.
Sw (thinking): Arre where did he go? I need to find him.
She went searching for him. She was walking when suddenly someone pulled her inside. She was about to shout but the person had put his hand on her mouth so she couldn’t shout. She looked at him shocked.

Sw (shocked): Laksh! What are you doing here?
Laksh: Why am I not allowed here?
Sw (angry): shut up and leave me.

She struggled but he pinned her more tightly. She was not able to move. At that time Sanskar was passing from there and saw her and Laksh. Automatically his eyes became red and his hands turned into fists, anyone in his place would say that they were about to kiss and swara wasn’t even resisting. They were so close anyone would think like that. He went from there. Laksh left Swara as he saw someone. Swara was angry on him.

Sw: What was that Laksh?
Laksh (shrugging his shoulders): nothing.
Swara was confused at his behavior but at that time Sanskar was her first priority. She felt no use in talking to him and left from there. As she was going towards his room she dashed with pia.
Sw (in a hurry): Pia do you know where Sanskar is?
Pia (teasing tone): why are you searching for him?
Sw: Pia there’s no time for jokes please tell me.
Pia (concerned): hey Swara what happened? Did he tell you something.
Sw: I’ll tell you but afterwards. Have you seen him?
Pia: ya I saw him going towards the breakfast table.
Sw: OK thank you so much Pia bye and she left.
Pia (thinking): I hope everything is fine.

~Breakfast table~

Swara came and saw Sanskar eating his breakfast. He was looking like a robot who was told to have breakfast, tear stains were quite visible if someone would closely look at it. No life nothing could be seen in him. She went towards everyone and greeted them. Sanskar didn’t even see her. She was hurt because he was ignoring her but she thought that maybe when she explains him then he’ll understand. After breakfast everyone went to their rooms. Swara also followed Sanskar to his room.

Sanskar was about to close his door but before that swara entered.
Sw: Sanskar I needed to talk…..
San (cuting her off): Go!
Sw: Sanskar please listen to me for once
San: Swara I said go from here.
Sw: no I’ll not go till you listen to me.
San: go on.
Sw: Sanskar that recording and everything was Laksh’s plan. He wanted you to be weak that’s why he did all this. Trust me Sanskar if I ever knew what were his intentions I would never talk to him. I thought he really wanted your forgiveness so I helped him. I didn’t knew in this process he’ll plan all this, just to make you weak because he knows I am your weakness.
San (shouting): you were Swara. You were my weakness, not anymore.
Sw: please listen…..
San: what should I listen? Listen to your false explanations. Swara till yesterday I was confused that if you really wanted to hurt me but today Swara thank you so much for proving me wrong and telling me that you actually wanted that. Were is that Laksh he’ll be outside only na listening to our conversation? Seeing whether I still have that blind trust on you. No Swara not anymore, I’ll not let you hurt me again and again. Just go from here, go away from my life don’t even look at me.
Sw (broken): Sanskar…. You are again misunderstanding me. Today morning Laksh was forcing me, wait now I know why he suddenly caught me and left me. He saw you and when he saw that you were leaving he left me because I know Sanskar he loves Ragini, he doesn’t loves me.
San: wow Swara wow (clapping his hands) so now you’re including Ragini also in this.
Sw: Sanskar laksh loves ragini and ragini also loves him. I’ve seen them, please don’t misunderstand me, I just wanted your and laksh’s friendship to be like before.
San: swara please stop I don’t want to listen to anything just go away from here please.

Swara thought of giving him some time as she also understood his state at that moment.
Sw: I’m leaving sanskar but I know you’ll believe me. We’ll meet at the engagement.

After she left, sanskar sat on the bed with a thud clutching his head with both his hands. He wants to hate her but his heart fails every time he sees her.
San (thinking): no sanskar you can’t fall weak after what you saw today, you just can’t. I’m going to ignore this girl in evening that will be the best solution.


The guests have started arriving, Pia and Abhi are greeting everyone.

San (in his room): Sanskar today swara will try everything to please you but you have to make sure that you don’t get carried away. You have to make sure you hate her.

On the other hand swara in her room is thinking something else.
Sw (thinking): Swara today you have to convince Sanskar no matter how much he ignores you but you have to. Sanskar had told me na to sing in Pia’s engagement then this is the best moment. It is said Where words fail, music speaks and today I’ll tell sanskar how much I love him.

Both swasan arrive at the party, as the party was in the villa only they didn’t face any paparazzi but inside the function also there were many people asking for swara’s autograph after sometime Pia made an announcement.

Pia: OK so guys do you’ll want to hear Swara Mathur’s voice this evening?
Everyone (shouting): Yes!!
Pia: OK so get ready she is going to perform today. (Coming to swara) Swara all done you can perform right?
Sw (smiling): Yes for them I’ll definitely perform.
Pia: Good so go. All the best.
Sw: Thanks.

Swara went towards the stage and started singing a song.

??O pehle kabhi, na tune mujhe ghum diya
Phir mujhe, kyun tanha kar diya
Gujare thhe jo lamhe pyaar ke
Hamesha tujhe apna maan ke
Toh phir tune badli kyun adaa, ye kyun kiya

Kabhi jo baadal barse, main dekhoon tujhe aankhein bharke
Tu lage mujhe, pehli baarish ki dua

Tere pehloo mein, rehloon, main khud ko pagal, keh loon
Tu ghum de ya khushiyaan, sehloon saathiyaa

Saathiyaa, Saathiyaa…

Sanskar entered the hall as soon as he heard swara’s voice. He closed his eyes and started feeling the song.

Koi nahi, tere siva mera yahaan
Manzilein, hai meri toh sab yahaan
Mita de sabhi aaja faaslein
Main chahoon mujhe mujhse baant le
Zara sa mujh mein tu jhaank le, main hoon kya

Kabhi jo baadal barse, main dekhoon tujhe aankhein bharke
Tu lage mujhe, pehli baarish ki dua

Tere pehloo mein, rehloon, main khud ko pagal, keh loon
Tu ghum de ya khushiyaan, sehloon saathiyaa??

Sanskar gained his senses and saw that swara was staring at him with a smile in her face, that smile which was irresistible. He wasn’t able to hate her when he saw her smile but he had to his mind had told him he had to. He started walking towards some guests and started talking to them from the corner of his eyes he knew that she was still staring at him. Swara finished her song

Sw: Thank you so much for honoring me guys. Who I am today is all because of you’ll. I wouldn’t be a singer if you’ll wouldn’t have supported me. I love you’ll.

She got down the stage and started talking to Pia, Abhi, Ragini and everyone but there were still two person who didn’t went there. Well I don’t need to tell, you’ll are smart enough to understand. Of course Laksh and Sanskar.


So let’s see if Sanskar realizes that he can’t live without swara and listens to her for once or will he throw her out of his life?

Well for that keep reading❤
Love you’ll?

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    1. Kavya_08

      Thanks and I’m sorry for being irregular but it’s my tight schedule that does not allows me to write still I’ll try my best of posting a little early than I do now and I’m handling another ff also right now so it is a bit difficult but I’m sorry I’ll try best.

      Don’t worry I will do justice with swara, laksh will not be forgiven so easily

  2. Clear misunderstandings soon dear!

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      Don’t worry, they will be cleared but all this while also you’ll not see their hate but their love only. This will just strengthen their bond?

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    1. Kavya_08

      Thanks? Actually swara doesn’t even wants to talk to him but he forced her and she wasn’t that strong and after that she felt no use in arguing with him, her priority was Sanskar so she just left. And don’t worry laksh will repent for his mistake?

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