Swasan Tum Hi Ho (chapter 18)

Hey guys sorry I’m late actually I was sick so couldn’t write anything and after that were my exams so I had no choice I didn’t have time to write. Extremely sorry about it that I wasn’t able to inform you’ll?? Anyways lets continue

Sanskar made laksh turn forcefully and was shocked to look at his red eyes  and swollen eyes and got teary eyed? On the other hand laksh was fuming in anger when he saw sanskar.

San: laksh!! Look at you what are you doing to yourself? How will your uncle and auntie feel when they’ll see you like this?

Lak(jerking his hand and trying to be calm): I don’t care you please leave.

San: laksh at least talk to someone this being alone is not good for your health. You may fall into depression.

Lak: then am I happy now? Now also I’m depressed. Now also I’m fighting an inner battle inside and you know what my brain wins finally, now I know the real face of the world. The truth of the world. Now I don’t trust anyone except bhai. Now the whole world is nothing to me you too. Please go from here before I lose my temper. I’m warning you don’t come near me I’m controlling myself right now but when I lose my cool Please Go!!!
San: laksh I understand it isn’t easy to forget and move on but you have to. I’ve forgiven you I want to listen to the circumstances that forced you to do that. I’m ready laksh you’re not alone……

Lak(cuting him off): But I want to be ALONE. I don’t want anyone aren’t you understanding sanskar? I Don’t Want Anyone. Got it? Now please go.
San: lucky you try to understand. The more you’ll be alone the more you’ll blame yourself for them please understand.

Lak(laughing): why will I blame myself sanskar? When the whole fault is yours.
San(shocked): what are you saying lucky?

Lak: I’m saying the truth only better you don’t hide it from me.
San(confused): which truth lucky? What are you talking about?

Lak: sanskar why are you behaving so ignorant? Like you don’t know anything. Please don’t hide it from me. You know how much I was hurt when I came to know about this? You can’t even imagine how much I cried because of your revenge. Why did you do this sanskar? Why?

San: lucky I seriously can’t understand anything from the time you went to jail I’m contacting you now how can I even do anything to you or your family they tried to talk to me but I knew how much they too were hurt so I advised them to take care of themselves.

Lak: lie again a lie I hate you sanskar you have destroyed you have killed my parents and now you’re doing all this for what?

San(shocked): What! Lucky no I didn’t do anything. I don’t even know what happened how it happened. I didn’t do anything lucky trust me.

Lak: dare you utter my name from your dirty mouth and ha only my loved ones can call me lucky, whom I permit and you are not even my loved one and I’m not going to permit you also so don’t call me lucky. Stop showing this fake concern of yours and then just get lost.

San: look I’ve had just tell me what the hell are you speaking and I’ll leave I don’t want to stay here either.

Lak: really you don’t then lemme tell you. You killed my parents
San(shocked): What!! Listen I did nothing as such.

Lak: cmmon how much will you hide, how much will you lie? I know everything about you but the sad truth is I don’t have any proof since you’re so rich you wiped off everything.

San: lucky you’re wrong….
Lak(cutting him off): I told you not to call me lucky.
San: ok listen laksh you’re mistaken. I didn’t do anything.

Lak: I don’t want to hear anything just get out of my room.
San: at least tell me what I did?
Lak: OK then listen you didn’t want me to meety parents. You wanted me to be unhappy for my whole life for a sin I mevr committed. Which mistake I did by saving your life that you gave me this punishment? I know the day that accident happened you had passed through that road. Didn’t you?

San (confused): yes I did so what?
Lak: you know after mom dad’s accident I wasn’t able to digest the fact that they were actually dead so I started investigating and I came to know that on the day of accident not only their car crashed but another car also crashed with them but I think that car was taken away and only my mom dad’s car was left behind. That was basically a truck, a man told me. When he saw the accident he was rushing to the spot but he stopped when he saw another BMW approaching them and stopped by the truck. The driver got off, he was perfectly fine and you know who got off from the car?
San: Who?
Lak: YOU!!

San: Laksh are you kidding? How can you say like this? Yes I agree I passed by but I didn’t kill them they were like my parents too.
Lak: I don’t know anything just get out from here. You know I saw the video that man took. I wasn’t able to digest the fact that you did this. I told the man to come with me to the police station the next day so I could have the whole night to erase our memories together before accusing you and putting you in jail. But…..but the next day I went there and I saw that man was dead. You killed him because he was going to give me a proof. I checked his phone and found nothing. You destroyed my last ray of hope and I Hate You Mr Sanskar Maheshwari, never ever show me your face.

San: listen I don’t know from where you got that video and I don’t even care because I know that I’ve done nothing wrong and this can’t happen I know I can never kill your parents they were like my parents I would never ever in my wildest dreams also think about this but as you want then I’m leaving and I promise we’ll never meet till you understand your mistake.

**************FB ends**************

Lak: he broke everything, every relation. I don’t trust him and you shouldn’t either swara.
Sw: I will laksh I will trust and love him till my last breath no matter what happens.
Lak: why are even angry you should be happy that I saved you.

Sw: Shut up! You can never understand emotions, you can never understand how much sanskar loves you. He had no brother and you were there by his side you know how much he adored the bind you’ll shared?
Lak (turning his face away): I don’t care.
Sw: you shouldn’t either and I’m warning stay away from my sanskar. He’s already stressed I don’t want you to stress him more so just stay away
Lak (smirking): I’ll see.

Swara gave him a disgusted look and left his room.

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