Swasan Tum Hi Ho (chapter 17)


Hey guys here you go with the 17th chapter and from now on I’m gonna put a paragraph of previous one so that you’ll can remember from the part where it ended?

Abhi informed police about this too and everyone was searching them. Suddenly abhi got a call from police and they told him something which shocked both abhi & laksh because he had kept it on speaker on laksh’s insistence.

Lak(crying): bhai I don’t believe all this you please take me to the place inspector mentioned I’ll go and check my parents. I don’t trust this police & all.
Abhi(in tears too): lucky I know you’re scared you can’t accept this. If you want then we’ll go to that place and we’ll see it for ourselves ok?
Lak: yes bhai please take me there I want to see mom dad.

When they reached at the destination, they were shocked by the sight. Their mom dad had a fatal accident. Laksh couldn’t believe what his eyes were seeing. Abhi was also too scared for laksh that how will he handle such big news. He was also broken but he had to be strong for laksh because he was big but still he was deeply hurt inside that before dying his parents couldn’t meet laksh. Laksh was walking towards their dead bodies lifesless as if someone had snatched his soul from him. Laksh sat besides their dead bodies and started shaking them.

Lak (shaking): mom dad wake up look who has come your lucky has come. Won’t you meet me you had gone to police station to meet me na then now why are you’ll sleeping wake up please I can’t let you’ll sleep like this. Mom don’t you remember when I used to sleep till late how much dad used to shout at me but you always saved me saying that I’m a kid, now look I’ve grown up to be big boy and now you’re sleeping get up na I need to talk to you. You know how much I missed you I never used to let you come because all that media they’ll just increase your stress and I didn’t want you’ll to stress yourselves. Don’t you’ll want to meet me? Do you’ll think that I’m too a criminal?(teary eyed) Mom Dad please don’t do this you’ll are the most important in my life I love you’ll so so sooo much how can you’ll leave me? How can you’ll leave this stupid son of yours? I love you’ll and I can’t see you’ll angry with me please forgive me. I’ll do anything you’ll say but please open your eyes I need you’ll. This is all because of me if you’ll wouldn’t have come to meet me this wouldn’t have happened. (crying badly)

Abhi went towards him.
Abhi: lucky I can understand your state but please stop blaming yourself. It was an accident you are not at fault.
Lak: no bhai I am at fault if it wasn’t me whom they were coming to meet then now they would be fine na.

Abhi: no lucky please stop blaming yourself you didn’t do anything. You’re not at fault actually no one is at fault it’s just that it was circumstances that led to this but I believe lucky that they are happy with you they are proud of their son who went to jail for his best friend and saved his life even if it was creating hatred for himself in his friend’s heart but saving him. Lucky I’m sure right now they would be feeling really bad seeing you in this state.
Lak: but bhai didn’t they knew that I’ll too become sad if they leave me? Didn’t you tell them how much I love them & how much I’m scared to lose them. Never can I imagine a day without mom dad and now I’ve a whole life without them which is of no use so why to live? I want to die bhai I don’t want to live in this cruel world I want to die bhai I want to die.
Abhi: lucky please don’t speak such nonsense. Did you even think if you go away from me what will be my state? Have you lost your mind?

Lak: bhai no I can’t live after seeing this I can no more be happy please take me home please.
Abhi: ha OK let’s go home and dare you talk about dying.
Lak: bhai please take me home.

Abhi took laksh home and they were informed that it was accident caused by rash driving of their father. Abhi & laksh were devastated because of their parent’s death. Laksh was no more a fun loving guy he just became a lifeless man who had lost everything in life and now didn’t expect anything from life. Abhi was also broken by the news but as he was elder he had to take care of himself and laksh too so he didn’t break down in front of laksh to show that he was strong. No matter how much he too wanted a shoulder to cry but he had decided not to be dependant on anyone and making laksh too independent so in life on any stage if he is not with him then laksh can take care of himself. Abhi had fixed a date of their parent’s funeral. Laksh had also learnt to be independent but still he had no life he just did his work & finally the day came.

Sanskar came first because he also thought of giving laksh a second chance and listen to him as to why he did this no matter how much he showed but only he knew how much he had missed his brother these days and how much he had cried for him. Afterall love is love which can’t be changed by any situation. Though Sanskar still didn’t know the reason behind his betrayal but still somewhere in his heart he was sure this his brother laksh can never betray him and he loved him truly.

Abhi informed sanskar about laksh. Sanskar was hell worried for him as he knew how much he loved his parents and they were everything for him. Sanskar decided to meet laksh in his room so he went to his room and told abhi to stay outside so that he could talk with laksh comfortably & make him understand. When Sanskar saw laksh he really got worried seeing his state laksh was worse than even a sick patient. He was aimlessly looking out of the window remembering his parents & their happy times slowly his eyes started becoming red sanskar noticed this he started worrying more but still didn’t say anything. Laksh was becoming angry by each passing second his parent’s death kept on coming in his mind, his heart was still not believing that his best friend did this but his mind was in full rage his mind was seeking for only one thing that is vengeance. In short he was torn between his heart & mind. While laksh was battling in his mind sanskar came up to him & kept his hand on his shoulder. Laksh thought it was abhi so he started speaking.

Lak: I’m OK bhai look I’m not scared of anything what do mom dad think of theirselves that they’ll harm me like this and I’ll be broken? Then let me remind them that I’m Laksh Maheshwari I can do anything and no one can stop me. They thought that I’ll plead them to come back but I’ll not I’m very very angry on them they left me when their son needed them the most, they left me & now nothing is left in my life I’m lifeless.
San: Lucky calm down look everyone is here for you even I’m here for you & don’t worry I’ll not leave your side I’ve forgiven and forgotten everything. I don’t want anything I just want my lucky back my happy brother back to me who always made me laugh whenever I used to feel down & dull you were there for me and look today I’m for you and I promise I’ll always be there.

Laksh was shocked to hear his voice and went humb after hearing his words. Sanksar loved him so much that without any explanation he wanted his brother back and this made his mind weaker but then at the thought of his parents his mind started becoming strong and his heart started weakening up he didn’t knew what to do. He never felt so vulnerable before. After his battle and the mind winning laksh’s eyes went red with anger and fury all he knew was that a killer was standing behind him and he didn’t want a killer’s support. He jerked off sanskar’s hand from his shoulder sanskar was shocked for a moment but then realized that he was in shock. He made him turn forcefully and was shocked to look at laksh’s red eyes and swollen eyes and got teary eyed? On the other hand laksh was fuming in anger when he saw sanskar.

Precap: Laksh accusing sanskar.

I know this was a boring one and no swasan but I’ve noticed come people are not understanding laksh’s character or his feelings so in this chapter I tried my best to portray his feelings so that you’ll connected with his character as you’ll are with swara and sankar’s. In this one I just wanted to explain laksh’s state that how was he feeling at that time. I know it was not up to mark but I’ll try writing the next a little good from this because in the next the whole past will be revealed and guys I’m asking you’ll again do you’ll want sanskar’s POV? Then I’ll give his too in some episodes. I know you’ll are thinking that why does laksh thinks sanskar as a murderer but in the next it will be revealed. Keep reading keep commenting I really need your support☺

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