Swasan Tum Hi Ho (chapter 16)


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I know by now you’ll would have forgotten my ff? I guessed it right? so above is the link of all my chappys so here we go with the 16 chapter❤

Swara stood there lifeless and in a state of shock. A few hours ago her life was perfect she was happy with the one she has always loved, her bff was improving everything was perfect for her but only because of one recording and her foolishness of trusting a betrayer has got her life into trouble. She was thinking about the mistakes she made but was broken out of her thoughts by kavita’s talks.

Kav: swara baby don’t think too much your so called bff will explain you everything I’m going to my sanky bye and she went.

Swara was just staring aimlessly she was not able to react to anything. Laksh brought her outof her thoughts.

Lak(snapping his fingers): shona oops sorry swara what happened wondering about the sudden change in your life well that is your badluck that you fell in love with sanskar. My enemity was not with you I still consider you my friend but just one thing went wrong because of sanskar’s deeds you’ve to suffer I wanted to warn you that don’t trust that betrayer but then how would I be able to execute my plan so I kept quiet swara I promise I’ll find another one who’ll be better……

Sw (cutting him off): just shut up laksh no one in this world is better for me than sanskar. Sanskar is the best for me. I never expected that you’ll do like this. I trust my sanskar he’ll never ever betray his best friend, you know how much he was hurt when he told me about your past? No matter how much he wanted to cry but he didn’t wanted to show me his weakness. This is the reason I LOVE HIM. Not like you a lier & a betrayer.
Lak(angry): just shut up swara do you even know how much I was hurt when sanskar betrayed me.
Sw: what did he do?

Lak: sanskar may have told you our past but it was only half. Other half is remaining & I know why he didn’t tell you the other half because he was scared that you might also blame him & why not no one knows about this except sanskar & me I’ve not even told abhi bhai about this but ya I’d publicaly warned him that one day he’ll pay for his deeds. He was acting confused but I knew that he was internally scared?
Sw(confused): laksh please explain.
Lak: swara the day I was going to get released from jail was my parent’s happiest day? they were coming to pick me up but in the middle only they met with an accident?
Sw: I know that I’d even for their funeral.
Laksh(smirks): you were late swara before that only sanskar & I had a fight.
Sw(shocked): wth are you talking laksh?
Laksh: I’m right swara everyone says they met with an accident but that’s not true only some people & I know this truth abhi bhai also doesn’t knows it.
Sw: what is the truth.

Laksh: It was not an accident as everyone thinks it was a murder.
Sw(shocked): WHAT!!
Lak(smiles sadly): yes swara how sad na after knowing the whole truth I can’t do anything (his eyes became red) & that’s all because of a person whom I hate the most in my life your Sanskar swara your so called love.
Sw(angry): just shut up laksh I know my sanskar can never do such a thing he loves you so much but you betrayed him, I think that deal issue was true you were only the thief there was no blackmailer.
Lak(angry): shut up swara it’s true that I was being blackmailed but for what only for saving my best friend’s life na? Then why did sanskar punish me in this way? Why did he do such a thing with me?(teary eyed)
Sw: laksh you’re misunderstanding sanskar he can never do this.
Lak(hell angry): he can swara, he can!! He was the one who KILLED my parents took my soul away from me & broke me so much that now I’m unable to join myself.
Sw(shocked & angry): what the hell laksh!! My sanskar can never ever do such thing I trust him more than myself.
Lak(angry): no swara he took his revenge. He killed my parents because of his so called revenge. He punished me for a sin I’d never committed. I loved him & trusted him so much but that day he broke my trust.


Laksh was happily coming home. He didn’t knew his parents were coming they were going to surprise him so he didn’t wait for anyone. He reached home & was surprised to see only Abhi there & asked about his mom dad.

Lak(surprised): bhai where is mom dad? Where did they go?
Abhi(smiled): lucky they’d gone to pick you up. I told them to stay but they being Laksh Roy’s parents didn’t listen to me(laughs)
Lak(hits him): what bhai, accha call them & tell them that their laksh is waiting for them at home.
Abhi: ha that you don’t worry about I’ll tell them but you freshen up before they come they should see their old lucky.
Lak(excited): ha you’re right I’ll go & freshen up. Saying so he went to his room.

Abhi tried to call his dad but he didn’t pick up.
Abhi: offo maybe they’re too excited to meet their son accha leave that when they’ll come back they’ll be more surprised seeing laksh.

Abhi & laksh were waiting for their parents but there was no sign of them, now they were hell worried for their parents.
Lak: bhai please call them again.
Abhi: lucky do you think that I didn’t try calling them? I called them hundred times but they’re not responding.
Lak: bhai let’s go in search of them.
Abhi: I think you’re right we should go.

They both left in their car. They 1st went to police station & were told that their parents had left some 2 hours ago now they were hell scared. Laksh was crying like anything. He was hell worried for them. Abhi was trying to calm him.

Lak(crying): bhai… were have they gone? Bhai I’m so scared.
Abhi: lucky I’m too scared about them but we have to keep looking & now I’m informing police too about it ok?
Lak: please do it fast I can’t wait to see them.

Abhi informed police about this too & everyone was searching them. Suddenly abhi got a call from police & they told him something which shocked both abhi & laksh because he had kept it on speaker on laksh’s insistence.

Precap: Truth continues.

Okay guys I know I’ve done a big mistake by not informing you’ll about my leave but it was because of my personal issues. I hope you’ll understand my situation because from now really irregular & some short or long update. I don’t expect a single comment on this because I need this punishment but still I will post next part so that you’ll forgive me? I love you’ll please Support❤

I know you’ll must be confused & angry on me for making sanky the murder but guys trust me I too love swasan whatever will happen I hope you’ll will like it?

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    I knw sanky is not at fault… he hs not done anything bt i dun lyk dis laksh huh… i hope swara wil not trust dis lucky dis tym n clears all MU of lucky… bt i dun want swara to forgive him for wat he has done wid swara.. give him punishmnt for sumtym..
    Dis tym dun take so long.. continue soon

    1. Kavya_08

      Tysm Arshaanya yes I know lucky has done a mistake by breaking her trust but don’t worry swara is there na she’ll clear everything? & ha laksh is also good but he’s just doing a mistake in the name of revenge don’t think he’s negative?

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