Swasan Tum Hi Ho (chapter 15)


Hey guys here u go with the 15 Chap.

Sanky was shocked as well as confused hearing their conversation. He left from there but swalak were still talking.

Lak: shona you’re sure na tht sanky will trust me.
Sw: ha lucky I’m damn sure tht he will trust u don’t worry. These days I just forgot about the plan but now I remember.
Lak: ha ha forgot in your love story.
Sw(blushes): lucky please ma u to don’t start like ishu.
Lak(shocked): ishu also knows about this.
Sw: ha I thought she only told u.
Lak(cover up): ha I mean she only told me.
Sw: ok now I should leave gn.
Lak: gn have sweet dreams of sanskar.
Sw(hits him playfully): lucky please.
Lak: accha sorry bye.
Sw: bye nd she went to her room.

On the other hand sanky was thinking about their conversation.
San(to himself): no no I know my shona she’ll never do such thing (becomes angry) but tht laksh he can do anything. Tht day I thought of giving him a chance but he insulted me I don’t even knew the reason. On tht day I was sure tht he will do something nd now again troubling my life today I’ve to confront nd I’ll do tht now only God knows wht he’ll do next.

While he was leaving kavita came nd started to brainwash him.
Kav: sanky I’ve heard their whole conversation they’re betraying u mainly tht swara she’s doing drama.
San: oh just shut up kavita how can u say like tht I trust swara.
Kav: then y was she hiding all this from u?
San: maybe bcoz of some reason.
Kav: cmmon sanky y will she hide this from u after knowing your past with laksh.
San: shut up kavita I’ll go nd talk to laksh only.
Kav: go nd you’ll see it yourself.

[email protected] lucky’s room.
Sanky stormed I’m his room.
Lak: oh hello Mr.Maheshwari may I know tht wht brings u here.
San(angry): shut up laksh just tell me wht you’re doing with my swara.
Lak(laughing): Omg!! My swara hahaha srsly when you’ll come to know tht wht your swara is doing na then you’ll get to know tht wht is the feeling of getting betrayed by your loved ones.
San: I’ve already experienced tht feeling don’t u know? After your betrayal I was shattered nd scared. Scared to trust anyone again scared of being betrayed again but then I thought to give u a chance abhi told me tht there was a reason. I was ready to give u a second chance but u the Laksh Roy had ego right? U accused me I understood tht u were in a state of shock but then u yourself had admitted tht there was no reason behind your betrayal u were jealous of my success nd tht was the reason u did this. But now I trust swara nd you’ll not be able to break it understood?
Lak: done with your long speech now call her nd ask her was she in my plan nd then you’ll get to know everything.
San: shut up u…
Lak: Omg!!! So much trust on tht bl**dy bi….
Before he could complete he got a blow on his left cheek.
San(enraged): how dare u say anything to her (Slapped him)
Sanky was beating him black nd blue. Suddenly someone slapped him.
San(shocked): shona!
Sw(teary eyed): wth are u doing sanskar?
Before he could answer she went to lucky nd made him stand.
Sw(concerned): are u fine lucky? Wait here I’ll bring first aid.
Lak: no shona it’s ok I’m fine.
San: swara wht…..
Sw(shouts): just shut up sanskar how can u do this? Look at him don’t u have any mercy? Don’t u have humanity? You’ve messed up everything.
San(shocked): shona you’re supporting after knowing wht he has done?
Sw: yes I’m supporting bcoz there was a reason behind but u can never understand.
San(angry): shut up swara u don’t know anything so get out of this matter.
Sw: no sanskar I’m supporting lucky.
San: you’re supporting him? Tht means he was right u have met him nd made a plan right.
Sw: yes sanskar I’ve made a plan with him but u don’t know nd without knowing u just came to him nd started beating.
San: accha then tell me which plan?
Kav: I’ll tell u which plan sanky I’ve recorded so tht this swara cannot make up story.
Sw: which story kavita? I’ll tell him the truth only. Listen sanky we were making a plan to reunite u nd lucky.
Kav: look I told u tht she’ll make up a story sanky I’ll show u their true colours nd she started a recording.

Lak: swara I love u.
Sw: I love u too laksh. I know tht sanskar has done wrong with u tht’s y I’m always there to support u.
Lak: thank u swara God knows wht would have happened if u were not there with me. If u would have not met me before coming here.
Sw: I know laksh it was so disgusting to be with tht sanskar emotional fool doesn’t even know the truth.
Lak: cmmon shona let it be but our plan of…..
Sw: Sanskar Maheshwari’s destruction will be completed.
Lak: shona remember one thing tht sanskar should not come to know about this before we itself let him know this.
Sw: I know laksh he’ll never come to know about us until I tell him.
Recording ends.

San(shocked nd tears are rolling down his cheeks): you’ll both love eo?
Swara was also in a state of shock before she could say anything laksh said.
Lak(holding her hand): yes we both love eo nd this was just a plan(cuping her face) baby now need of acting now u don’t have to pretend of loving him.
Sanky was shattered listening all this once again someone whom he had trusted the most had betrayed him. He was about to go from there bcoz he couldn’t see swara with laksh but before he could go swara jerked laksh nd shouted at him.
Sw(shouts): wth laksh!!! This was not our plan u know tht I don’t love u I love sanky nd he also loves me no laksh I never thought tht you’ll do like this with your bst frnd he was your everything right then y are u playing with our lives laksh? (Holds sanky’s hand) sanky just wait a min I Love U this recording is bullshit I don’t know how my voice came into this really trust me.
San(jerks her hand): really swara? U don’t know how your voice came into this recording? So listen u were talking to laksh about your plan nd kavita recorded everything nd now tht you’ll are caught red handed then you’re doing all this emotional stuff but no swara I was not believing her bcoz I thought u loved me nd I also loved u but thnku so much kavita for opening my eyes.
Sw(holding his hand again): sanky I really love u this was not drama my feelings were true laksh please don’t destroy our lives I don’t know y you’re doing this but please if even once in your life you had considered sanskar as your brother then please tell him the truth.
Laksh’s expression softened for a moment but again he started giving tht cold look to sanskar.

Lak: sanskar the truth is tht I nd swara love eo nd we had made a plan to destroy u understood?
Sw(angry): just shut up laksh I thought you had changed but no you’re still a criminal who’s destroying his best frnd’s life. I wish I’d never believed u I wish I’d never ever asked u the reason behind this u know wht you’re good for nothing u had a chance to improve but as said tht somethings can never change nd u can also never change.
Lak: shona now he knows about our plan so please stop acting I know it’s very difficult for u to say these words to me just leave it now sanskar is broken he’s destroyed we’ve taken our revenge shona no need of doing anything.
By listening all this more anger boiled in sanskar nd he just left banging the door.
Sw: sanskar please listen……
Screen freezes on swara’s shocked expression, Sanskar’s painful expression nd kavlak’s (kavita nd laksh) evil smiles.

No Precap.
Please guys don’t bash me for this separation but I have to do this as story requires this. I know you’ll will be wondering about the recording but don’t worry it will be revealed in the next chappy. So now it’s revealed tht laksh is the mystery man I know many of you’ll have guessed it so now please don’t think tht laksh is grey it’s just tht he’s blindfolded by revenge nd there is a reason tht he wants revenge. Please do comment if you’ll like it? I know you’ll will not like this chappy but at least daily commenters encourage me❀

Credit to: Kavya

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    1. Oh hello. Listen Who are you to decide that we should read this ff or not? Its our choice… If you feel it is boring then dont read it… We are not forcing you to read this.. Kavya has not said you to waste your time .. I think you have understood… Dont bash writers please..

  3. Hey Kavya…found the previous chappy and this chappy am hell shocked…
    Update next asap…waiting for next eagerly
    And this is truly so good betrayal by lucky bit hating him to the core ?…
    Kavita is Cavity ???
    Ur writing skills are awesome ???

    1. Thnku Dharsha for commenting you’re right kavita is a Cavity

  4. nice… please unite swasan soon..

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    1. Thnx Shan I’m feeling good by reading your comment you’re right ragini is gonna hate him when she comes to know about the truth keep reading nd commenting.

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  11. yaar plz try to update regularly i was waiting 4 dis chapter … by d way awsm nd swara shudn’t hv trust dt lucky …. bt she also became fool like sanky … when sanky told her to stay away frm laksh so she had to listen him bt i know luckey vl be regret 4 dt soon…. update next part as soon as possible….

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    1. Very true warisha sometimes separation makes us realize our partner’s value. Sorry warisha I’m irregular I try being regular but there’s a lot of work so can’t be sorry nd Thnx for commenting?

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