Swasan Tum Hi Ho (chapter 14)

Hii guys I’m here with the 14th Chap. Guys srsly tell me if you’ll want me to stop I will bcoz writing the whole thing nd not getting comments is really not good. If you’ll want to criticize me please do it tht I should know my mistakes but if you’ll keep quiet then how can I figure out my mistakes. I’ve lots of twists nd turns in the story ahead but if you’ll don’t cooperate then how I’ll get to know tht people are liking my ff. If it all there are any silent readers the please break your silence!! Bcoz I should know tht there are readers. Sorry for the big long speech but I’m hurt I srsly need to know tht there are any readers or not otherwise I’ll stop posting my ff thnku nd sorry if I’ve hurt someone.

[email protected] ishu’s room.
Rv: wht happened ishu u look tensed.
Ishu: wo I need to tell u something.
Rv: ha wht happened?
Ishu: vo actually……

Rv(cuping her face): wht happened say it clearly.
Ishu: ha wo actually bhai….
Rv: wht happened to sanky?
Ishu: bhai loves someone.
Rv: Wow! That’s gr8 news now tell me who’s the lucky girl?
Ishu: u know her.
Rv: really ummm I don’t know.
Ishu: try to guess na.
Rv: ummm kavita?
Ishu: idiot!!! How can it be kavita?
Rv: I don’t know u only (mimics her)’try to guess na’ so bas I was guessing.
Ishu: stupid boy bhai loves shona.
Rv(shocked): wht!!!!
Ishu: ha he told me not to tell this to anyone but I told this to u bcoz you’re her brother do u have any objection?
Rv: not at all infact I love their pair. But does shona loves him? If she loves him then I don’t have any objection.
Ishu: I think shona likes bhai u go nd talk to her na.
Rv: ha actually you’re right I’ll just go nd talk to her.
Ishu(hugging him): thnkuuu I love u sooo much.
Rv(smiles nd kisses her forehead): I love u too.

[email protected] at swara’s room.
Rv: shona look at me do u love him?
Sw: haa I love him but bhai he’s really nice.
Rv: but shona this marriage can’t happen….
Sw(sad): OK bhai.
Rv: arre wait wait listen to me this marriage can’t happen until sanskar officially proposes u.
Sw(hugged him): thnku sooo much bhai you’re the best bhai in the world I love u soo much.
Rv: ha ha bas enough buttering.
Sw(pouts): arre I’m not buttering.
Rv: accha OK my small princess(kisses her forehead)
Sw(smiles): thnku so much bhai I really love u btw who told u about me nd sanskar?
Rv: ishu told me.
Sw: wht? Ishu but how did she come to know about this?
Rv: tht I also don’t know nd ha come down for lunch.
Sw: OK I’ll come in five mins.
Sw(to herself): how did ishu come to know about this? Leave it sanky might have told her the best this is bhai agreed yipeee!! But wait stop thinking about your marriage shona nd start thinking about pia’s she more important right now nd tomorrow’s engagement also yaar nd I’ve to prepare something. Now forget everything nd go have lunch after coming think about the performance.

After having lunch everyone came to their rooms. Kavita was in her room thinking about her plan.
Kav(to herself): today you were so happy swara cherish these moments bcoz in few hours your life is gonna turn upside down. How much I know sanskar is tht he hates betrayal nd u will be no.1 betrayer for him. I hope tht u never ever came in bw me nd sanskar now you’ve to bear all the pain poor baby(laughs evily)

When she was laughing a person in hoodie came into her room.
Person: can u please stop laughing otherwise I’ll also be scared of u.
Kav: just shut up nd how dare u come into my room.
Person(showing index finger): listen u girl don’t raise your voice against me bcoz without me you’re nthing miss attitude.
Kav: listen Mr. U also don’t show your attitude towards me ha bcoz if I want I can go to sanskar nd tell him your plan right away nd he’ll not even think before beating u black nd blue nd ha do u think it’s so easy to break their trust their love is really strong.
Person (smirks): don’t worry I’ve prepared everything.

Kav: nd btw u can take off your hoodie right now.
Person: never I don’t want anyone to see me with u otherwise they’ll doubt us.
Kav: Oh God!! You’re really very serious about this plan wht if we fail.
Person: yes I’m really serious about this plan nd I know we’ll never fail.
Kav: but I still want your reason.
The person glares at her.
Kav: ok ok I’ll keep quiet.

Person: do your work properly otherwise….
Kav: I know my work u better see yours nd now go frm here.
Person: ha I’m going anyways u wants to stay with u I just came here to remind u nthing else.
Kav: I know now please go nd the person left.
Kav(to herself): he’s really confusing infront of everyone he behaves so normally nd now infront of me anger nd hatred is visible in his eyes something has happened but wht? Wht have sanskar or swara done with him tht he hates them so much? But y do I care I should only think about my sanskar.

[email protected] swara’s room.
San: calm down shona tell me wht happened?
Sw: sanky bhai agreed for our marriage yeah!!!(hugged him tightly)
San: wow that’s great shona but y didn’t u tell me when we were down?
Sw: arre idiot I was so excited tht is y I called u in my room otherwise down everyone would doubt tht wht has happened to me.
San: ha actually you’re right. But bhai agreed so easily.
Sw: ha I also didn’t expect this but it was so easy.(becomes serious) everything is so nice I just hope tht nthing bad happens.
San(cuping her face): oho shona be positive yaar don’t even get tht thoughts in your mind ok?(kisses her forehead)
Sw(smiles): ok my handsome.

San: oho buttering ha wht do u want?
Sw: your love only love nthing else.
Sanky looked at her lovingly nd hugged her tightly showing his love nd swara also reciprocated bcoz somewhere in her heart she was scared to lose him.
San(still hugging): I love u shona.
Sw(tightening the hug): I love u too sanky.

Sanky pulled away nd kissed her forehead lovingly.
Sw: ok now I’ll practice but honestly sanky I’m really nervous wht if something goes wrong.
San: oho I told u na to think positive nthing will go wrong ok you’re the best shona nd I know it. Now don’t be nervous.
Sw: I love u sanky.
San: how many times you’ll say tht.
Sw: till I die…..
San: sshhh don’t even dare to say like tht otherwise I’ll not talk to u(turns his face)
Sw(turns him towards her): oh so my handsome is my angry with me sorry(catches her ears)
Sanky melts seeing her cute face.
San: it’s ok now practice nd don’t be nervous ha.
Sw: ha baba ha I’ll not be nervous bye.
San: bye.

Whole day everyone was busy with their own work. Sanskar was also given instructions to his pa about work. Swara was busy with her preparation. Everyone was busy in planning the engagement nd kavita was busy in plotting against swasan. Whole day went like this at the time of dinner everyone came nd were talking to eo about the engagement. After dinner everyone was going to their rooms but lucky dragged swara to conner ensuring tht no one sees them but sanskar saw them nd kavita also saw them going nd she forced sanskar to find out tht y were they going to conner.

San: kavita I’m not at all interested in coming I trust swara she’ll not do such thing.
Kav: but sanky please for me only for my satisfaction please.
Sanskar had no other choice so he had to agree.
On the other hand swara asked laksh the matter.
Sw: lucky wth y u just dragged me if sanky would see us then whole plan would go flop.
Lak(cuping her face): shona don’t u trust me? Don’t u have faith in me?

Sw: lucky I trust u I know tht you’ll never do such thing tht can harm our plan.
Sanskar who was listening all this was shocked as well as confused as to which plan were they talking about.
Lak: shona u know na tht this is the most imp thing for me nd I can miss this chance.
Sw: I know that this really matters to u nd it to matters also.
Lak(whispering in her ear): waise I’ve heard nd love is in the air ha tell me.
Sw(blushing): luck please stop it yaar at least here don’t talk about it.
Lak(mischievously): omg!! Look at u shona we don’t need more tomatoes here.
Sw(hits on his chest): lucky please yaar stop this.
Lak(hugging her): accha accha sorry shona but I’m so lucky to have u.
Sw: I’m also lucky to have u.
Sanky who was hearing all this was teary eyed nd was confused regarding their conversation.

Precap: Mystery person is revealed.

Note: About this last conversation bw swalak I want to tell tht it was on a frndly note nd they were telling tht they were lucky to have such a frnd but it can be misunderstood now let’s see if sanky misunderstands swara or not.

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