Swasan Tum Hi Ho (chapter 13)

Hey frnds I’m here with my 13th chap. I know after such a looooooong time but please forgive me?
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Tum Hi Ho

Sw(entering sanky’s room): hey wht u wanted to show me?
Sanky closed her eyes.
Sw: arre now wht are u doing?
San: just keep quiet na.
Sw: ok ok.
Sanky took out a box from his bag. He went near swara nd took out a beautiful bracelet from the box nd made her wear it.
Sw(opening her eyes): sanky wht…… wow this bracelet is amazing!
San: this is just like us forever nd ever. (‘Forever and Ever’ was written on it)
Sw(hugging him tightly): thnku soooo much sanky.
San: if I knew tht by these gifts I’ll get these rewards then I’ll bring them everyday.
Sw(hitting on his chest): oh hello Mr. Maheshwari stop your imagination but you’re very bad when did u buy this(pouts)
San: mom told me to gift this to u, she’s really caring ha after marriage she’ll treat u like her daughter.
Sw: when did I say that I’m ready for marriage (smirks)
San: accha now you’ll say(started tickling her)
Sw(laughing): aah sanky no please don’t trouble me u know na tht I don’t like all this tickling.
San: accha ji then that day who was tickling me with pia ha?
Sw: u are blind only pia was tickling u(pushed him nd started running all over the room)
While sanky was chasing swara pia entered his room.
Pia(shocked): Omg!! Is this a room!
Sw(hiding behind pia): piu tell him na he’s troubling me.
San: accha I’m troubling u ha.
Sw: ha you’re only troubling me idiot boy.
San: how dare u shona do u even know whom you’re telling idiot I’m Sanskar Maheshwari.
Sw: if you’re Sanskar Maheshwari then I’m also Swara Mathur nd don’t underestimate the power of Swara Mathur.
San: copy cat this is a film’s dialogue nd on top of tht it’s wrong.
Sw: oh hello I’m original they had copied it from me.
San: of it was a joke then I don’t like jokes.
Sw: I don’t like uuu.
San: oh really……
Pia(shouts): stop!!!
Swasan look at eo nd then at pia.
San: pia y are u shouting?
Sw: ha piu y are u shouting we should not shout like this at our guests.
San: ha shona is right it’s bad manners ?
Pia: God! You’ll are unbelievable one sec ago you’ll were fighting nd now you’ll supporting eo.
San: arre when we were fighting u must be dreaming.
Sw: ha sanky is right we were not fighting.
Pia: u guys are unbelievable btw shona I came to take u.
Sw: y?
Pia: arre I’ve a dress for u come with me nd sanky u don’t come stay here only.
San: arre I also want to come yaar?
Pia: no it’s only for shona.
Sw: ha piu come nd u idiot stay here only.
San: now go I’ll see u next time.
Sw: ok bye(showing tongue)
San(moving forward): youuu
Sw(taking pia): arre pia come na please nd she ran.
San(laughing): darpok I’ll see u later. Pia go to her.
Pia: u both na no one can believe tht you’re sanskar maheshwari nd she’s swara mathur accha bye.
San: bye

[email protected] pia’s room.
Sw: wow pia this is awsum but y did u brng this for me.
Pia: please shona this is specially for u wear this for sangeet.
Sw: ok first let me try this.
Pia: ha u go nd try is I’m waiting here.
Swara went to the bathroom for changing nd pia went out of the room. Swara came out of the bathroom nd she was mumbling something.
Sw(looking towards the dress): wow this dress is awesome(looked up) arre where did this piu go? Maybe some work I’ll wait here. She was trying to tie the dori of her blouse but failed in the attempts bcoz she’s always tied the dori of the blouse with ragini’s help.
Sw(trying to tie the dori): arre yaar this stupid thing wht should I do now when will this piu come? Idiot girl handovered the dress to me nd went away stupid girl she should understand na…..(while she was busy in praising pia? someone came nd touched her hands)
Sw(thinking it as pia nd not looking up in the mirror): arre piu how much time u take stupid girl…..(she stopped when she heard a whisper in her ear)
Person(whispering in her ear): it’s me.
Swara was shocked she looked at the person through mirror.
Sw(shocked): you!!!! Sanky wht the hell are u doing here? What if piu comes ha wht she will think about us?
San: shaant meri ma shaant itna kya gussa
Sw: mein gussa nhi ho rhi hu mein bas keh rhi hu.
San: to mein bhi bas keh raha hai mein bandhunga aur chala jaaunga isme kya hai ha koi nhi dekhega.
Sw: just shut up sanky nd go piu will come u go.
San: not a word let me tie this.
Sanky touches her bare back they have an eyelock without breaking it he ties her dori which makes a ticklish sensation in her. He finished tying her dori, slid his hand on her waist nd rested his chin on her shoulder.
San: you’re looking gorgeous.
Sw(smiles): thnx.
San: bas I just want u to smile like this forever. I fell your smile only.
Sw: sanky when did u fall in love with me?
Sanky(kissing her cheek): when first time u smiled at me.
Sw(turned to him in excitement): really sanky!!!
San(confused): ya wht happened.
Sw(hugging him): I also fell in love with u at tht time only.
Before he could reply pia entered the room nd was shocked to see swasan hugging eo tightly.
Pia(shocked): wht’s happening?
Swasan composed nd were shocked bcoz they didn’t know wht excuse they should make.
Pia(smiled naughtily): wht happened shona y were u hugging him?
Sw: wo….. actually I…… I saw a cockroach!!
Pia: cockroach!!??
Sw (innocently): ya.
Pia: shona this place is been taken care of. U can’t just see cockroaches here atleast in rooms so tell me.
San: arre pia it was a fly kind of thing nd this stupid girl hallucinated tht it was a cockroach. Swara pouts.
Piasan(pia+sanskar) laughed seeing her expression.
Pia: oho dramebaaz bas now come nd have some water maybe you’re too tired.
Sw: ha also think tht I should rest(glaring sanskar) without any disturbance.
Sanskar gave a wht-did-I-do look.
Pia: shona u look really gorgeous in this dress.
Sw: thnx piu.
Pia: accha now come take rest tomorrow is my engagement nd u should not feel tired bcoz you’ve to sing a song.
Sw: who told?
San: I told her when u pushed me out of your room.
Sw: sanky I don’t wanna sing.
Pia: cmmon shona you’re a singer so wht’s the big deal.
Sw: but I’m here for your marriage.
San: so wht would it look nice tht swara mathur came to an event nd didn’t sing? So be ready for the performance.
Swara looked at their pleading faces nd agreed.
Sw: no one can win over you’ll.
Piasan(proud grin): we know.
Swpiasan burst out laughing?

[email protected] kavita’s room.
Kavita was talking on the phone. Only her side of conversation was heard.
Kav: hello.
Kav: listen we’ve only today to do this tomorrow is engagement nd after that both of them will be busy.
Kav: I know wht I’ve to do don’t remind me again nd again nd after seeing them yesterday I was feeling that I should kill swara. How could she kiss my sanskar ?(yes the person seeing them was kavita) but don’t worry as beautiful today morning was for both of them tomorrow’s morning would be worst(evilly smirks)
Kav: but till now I didn’t understand that y are u doing this?
Kav: ok ok I’ll not interfere in your matters. Bye
Person cut the call.
Kav(to herself): huh such a khadoos didn’t even say bye. But y do u care I’ll only think about sanky tomorrow you’ll be mine(smirks)
•Epi ends•
I know such a small chappy but if I want to update I’ve to give small updates bcoz not getting time for long updates?? nd I’ll be irregular now please bare me??

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