Swasan Tum Hi Ho (chapter 12)

Hii guys here u go with the 12th Chap.
Sw(shocked): You!
Person: ha so wht can’t I come to u?
Sw: but u had gone for shopping na? (The person is sanky)
San: ishu went with her nd y are u crying.
Sw(hiding her tears): no I’m not crying.
San(cuping her face): don’t lie shona tell me wht happened.
Sw: s….. sanky please……. go from here.
San: have u seen yourself? You’re eyes are red bcoz of tears. Shona please tell me wht happened.
Swara hugged him tightly. Sanky also kept quiet bcoz he knew tht shona needed it.
San: shona calm down nd tell me wht happened?
Sw: sanky pl… please don’t…. leave me please.
San: but should a y will I leave u?

Sw: u will once this marriage get’s over you’ll leave me again.
San(pulling back): listen shona I’m not going anywhere do u get tht?
Sw: sanky.
San: ssshh how can u even think like this shona you’re my life, sanskar without swara is just a body without soul.
Swara was very happy listening to him nd she hugged him tightly nd he also reciprocated. While they were hugging it started raining (don’t know from where it always comes??)
San: arre shona come inside it has started raining nd he ran inside but swara was standing there only.
San: shona come inside.
Sw: no sanky I’m not gonna come.

San: arre yaar this girl one min ago she was crying nd see now she’s enjoying nd laughing.
Swara opened her hands wide nd started feeling the rain. Sanky was also mesmerised seeing her. He came towards her nd pulled her towards him. She was breathing heavily.
Sw: sanky..
San(placing his finger on her lips): ssshh
Sanky touched her cheeks while she was blushing hard.
He moved towards her forehead nd kissed her. She closed her eyes nd clutched his collar tightly. He kissed her both eyes nd cheeks. His gaze moved towards her lips nd started leaning towards it. They were very close but tht was when realisation hit him he noticed her tensed face nd backed off.
San(guilty): so….. sorry swara actually….

Before he could complete swara placed her lips on his. First he was shocked but after tht he also reciprocated. It was a soft kiss. After sometime they pulled back. Swara was shy to look in his eyes nd bowed her head nd hugged him tightly. They were hugging nd were fully drenched. They pulled back, he lifted her in bridal style. Two eyes were constantly following them without their notice. They were walking inside but his eyes were locked with hers. They reached her room nd he placed her on bed kissed her forehead nd left. Both freshened up nd were lying on the bed.
San(thinking): sanky today u did wht u weren’t supposed to do. Wht she will think of u but it’s not my fault. I’d stopped but she only kissed me afterwards. Chal sanky beta now u sleep let us see this in morning.
Sw(thinking): oh God! Wht did u swara u kissed him how could u? But he also didn’t say anything so it’s not my fault maybe…. accha now leave all this good night shona nd sleep tight we’ll handle this later.

Both slept thinking about eo nd with a smile on their faces. Next morning was a new start of swasan’s relationship nd their destruction also. Swara woke up early, she checked her mob nd it was still 5am.
Sw: oho swara y u woke up so early now you’ll not get sleep once again. Chalo let’s write my diary tht day sanky came nd…… Oh shit! How can I forget sanky!! Now how will I face him? No swara nothing will happen today you have to face him ok. Now let’s start writing my diary I’ve to share this big fat secret with someone bhagwanji please help me today nd she started writing her diary. It was 6am nd she finished writing her diary, she had written about everything swalak’s plan nd everything. She went downstairs to help everyone preparing the dinner.

Sw: hi piu hi preety aunty.
Pia: hi shona come let’s have bf.
Preety: ha shona come.
Sw: ha aunty please serve me something yesterday was very hectic for me.
Pia: kyu wht happened yesterday? Y are u so tired?
Sw: arre nothing yaar it was just a tiring day accha anyways leave it nd serve me please.
Preety: accha accha now stop making faces nd come.
Swara nd pia giggled.
Rit: but di let everyone come na.

Sw(hesitantly): ha OK (thinking) how to tell u tht though I was determined to talk to him in morning but now I don’t feel like talking to him it would be so awkward.
Ishu: arre shona today u didn’t go to wake up bhai?
Sw(stammering): ha… voh.. actually I was going but..
Ishu: but?
Sw: but I’m feeling very hungry so today u go nd wake him up.
Ishu: but listens to u if I go na then he’ll shout at mee please go na yaar.
Sw: accha OK I’ll go.
Ishu(excited): thnku soo much
Sw(thinking): now wht should I do? Should I go nd wake him up? No no no I can’t do this I really can’t face him but why to do? For now let’s go nd see him.
She goes to his room nd sees him sleeping peacefully.

Sw: arre this mad boy full night I was tensed nd couldn’t sleep properly nd see this boy he’s sleeping like nthing happened but he looks so cute while sleeping.
She goes towards him nd sits besides him. She kisses his forehead nd was about to leave when he pulled her. He turned nd hee was on tol of her.
Sw: sanky leave me if u were awake then y were u acting?
San: arre I was sleeping but I woke up when u kissed me on forehead still not satisfied with yesterday?
Sw: chiii sanky you’re so shameless how can u talk about yesterday openly? You’re really shameless.
San: oh hello u kissed me so how can I be shameless huh?
Sw: whatever leave me right now.

San: how can I leave u vaise yesterday’s kiss was good I want it now also.
Sw: accha u want it?
San: ha.
Sw: then first close your eyes.
Sanku closed his eyes but swara pushed him.
San: shona this is cheating ha.
Sw: oh really sankuuuu
San: sanku!!
Sw: accha it’s not good then sanskuuu
San: chi shona.
Sw: accha them let me think. Ha the best name ever sanskaaruuu??
San: shona y u always put ‘uu’ in the end?
Sw: I don’t know but imagine na we’ll calk u sanska…
San(pinning her to the wall): accha so u want a new nick name rasmalai…
Sw(shocked): sanky u remember?
San(smirks): ha rasmalai..(it’s a sweet nd swara used to love it tht’s y sanky used to call her rasmalai)
Sw: uhh… sanskar I’m happy with shona nd you’re happy with sanky so wht’s the need na just forget it.
San: accha so now no nick names?

Sw: when I was keeping? U were only keeping your weird nick names.
San: accha I was keeping or u?
Sw: whatever leave me right now if anyone will see us wht will they think.
San: they’ll think tht a couple is romancing.
Sw: sanky you’re shameless but I’m not leave me.
San: not so easily first give me a kiss.
Sw: are u mad!! Leave me right now.
San: nk not without that.
Sw: accha thike close your eyes.
San: no you’ll run away.
Sw: no I’ll not run ok?
Sanky closed hia eyes nd swara gave a peck on his lips.

San: only this much.
Sw: this is enough for u Mr. Maheshwari now please leave me.
San: ok ok but next time I’ll not leave u.
Sw(showing her tongue): let’s see.
San: mad girl?
Everyone had their bf nd were in their rooms.
San(entering swara’s room): hey shona wht are u doing.
Sw: nothing just practising.
San: wht?
Sw: arre yaar we are singers we need to practice otherwise afterwards it becomes diff for us so let me practice.
San: accha so sing a song for me.
Sw: why?
San: arre in this you’ll do your practice also I’ll be entertained also.
Sw: accha so u want entertainment just get out.
San: please please shona I’ve never heard u live bcoz I’ve never come to your concerts also.
Sw: accha accha thike which song?
San: anything.

Sw: OK nd she started singing.
Apni aankhein khaali kar de
Kaash tu meri aankhein bhar de
Kaash tu meri aankhein bhar de
Mere yaara tere gham agar payenge
Humein teri hai kasam, hum sanwar jayenge (x2)
Do yeh saugaat tum, tto zamaane ki hum
Do yeh saugaat tum, tto zamaane ki hum
Har khushi se mukar jayenge
Hum mar jayenge
Hum mar jayenge
Mere yaara tere gham agar paayenge
Humein teri hai kasam, hum sanwar jayenge
Tere kaandhe se hi lag ke
Yaara beete umar saari
Socho kaisi hogi kismat
Hua yun tto phir humaari

Saare aansoon toh ho tere
Aur aankhein ho humaari
Tere dard humein, jo mile pyaar mein
Tere dard humein jo mile pyaar mein
Hum khushi se yun bhar jaayenge
Hum mar jaayenge ho o..
Hum mar jaayenge
Mere yaara tere gham agar paayenge
Humein teri hai kasam, hum sanwar jaayenge
Chaahe dukh ho, chaahe sukh ho
Dil ne tujhko hi pukaara
Tune humko hai banaaya
Tune humko hai sanwaara

Jahaan ko to rab ka hai, humein tera hai sahaara
Bas tera saath ho, chaahe jo baat ho
Bas tera saath ho, chaahe jo baat ho
Tere kehne se kar jaayenge
Hum mar jaayenge ho o..
Hum mar jaayenge
Mere yaara tere gham agar paayenge
Humein teri hai kasam, hum sanwar jaayenge
Mere yaara tere gham agar paayenge
Humein teri hai qasam hum sanwar jaayenge
Swara finished singing nd sanky started clapping.
San(kissed swara’s cheek): wow shona unbelievable you’re an angel.

Sw: accha bas bas now stop praising me nd go.
San: but I don’t wanna go.
Sw: u have to please go na let concentrate.
San: arre shona no need of concentrating you sing very well.
Sw: then to I need practice now please go.
San: accha thike thike this time I’m leaving but next time I’ll not leave.
Sw: ha ha thike we’ll see.
San: bye shona do your practice nd jaldi se come to my room I’ve something for u.
Sw: OK I’ll finish it early bye.
San: bye nd he left.
Sw(thinking): everything is just perfect sanky is with me, lucky is improving nd raglak love eo I just hope everything goes perfectly.
Epi ends with swara thinking about her good times unaware of the coming storm.

Precap: kavita’s plan No. 1

Who was the person seeing swasan?
Was it kavita? Then y didn’t she react?
Was it Laksh? Is Laksh really improving?
Or this is a plan? Then y is he telling swaragini tht he’ll change?
Omg! So many questions but you’ll get your answers in next chaps.

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