Swasan Tum Hi Ho (chapter 11)


Hii frnds here u go with the 11th Chap.
Rags(thinking in her room): rags how can u forget u have to confess your feelings. But I don’t know tht he likes me or not nd if he rejects me I’ll be broken from inside. If he only considers me as his frnd nd if I propose him I’ll lose his trust.
Sw: no one will lose anyone’s trust.
Rags: di when u came?
Sw: when u were in a dilemma tht u should confess your feelings to tht idiot or not.
Rags: di please don’t call him idiot.
Sw: ha actually he’s my jiju na then should I call him jiju?
Rags: di please first u think of yourself nd then about me.
Sw: I didn’t understand.
Rags: please di I’ve also seen your love for sanskar so don’t hide it.

Sw(covering the topic): no rags we are just frnds.
Rags: really di we all have seen your bond nd please don’t say tht you’ll are frnds bcoz frnds don’t romance.
Sw(shocked): wht??!!
Rags (naughty smile): di I had seen you’ll romancing in the kitchen.
Sw(shocked): whe…when we.. did u see.
Rags: arre bcoz you’ll were busy in romancing na. Pia told me tht u were taking time so I came to the kitchen tht y are u so late nd I saw u both, I went to pia nd told her tht you’ll both were fighting she was coming to stop u both but I stopped her.
Swara was shocked as well as embarrassed.
Rags: now tell me if it was another guy na then u definitely would have slapped him nd slapping is another thing the boy would not even have tht guts to do like this but I have to say ha jijz is very courageous to romance with Swara Mathur.
Sw(ignoring nd blushing ): rags actually I just remembered tht mom told me to call her so I’ll go bye nd she ran.
Rags: di it doesn’t matter tht how much u deny but I can see tht u love him.
[email protected] sanky’s room.
Kav: sanky please it’s pia abhi’s engagement can u come with me.

San: kavita try to understand I’m busy I can’t come.
Swara enters the room nd sees kavsan.
Sw: hi guys kavita wht happened?
Kav: nthing swara…. actually ha please tell sanky na tht he take me shopping.
Sw: ha sanky if she’s insisting then go with her.
San (shocked nd touched her forehead): shona are u fine?
Sw (embarrassed): sanky y would I stop u? If u want to go then u go. (Thinking)sanky I know tht u don’t want to go nd I also don’t want u to go away from me. But sanky we need this distance bcoz when you’ll go away from me I would not be able to bear it tht is y I need to maintain a distance.
San (thinking): wth has happened to her? Why is she telling me to go I know tht she doesn’t likes kavita nd my closeness but now wht happened?

San (still in disbelief): ok shona if u say then I’ll go.
Kav(happy): thnku so much swara now sanky even swara has told u now come na.
San: ha ok kavita u wait I’ll just change nd come.
Sw: ok I’ll also go.
San: shona wht happened?
Sw: nthing sanky u go.
San: ok but can u also come?
Sw (thinking): I don’t want to go away from u but I have to I’m sorry sanky I need sometime alone to think about your feelings towards me I’m sorry sanky?
San: shona say na.
Sw(making an excuse): no sanky I can’t u know na if I’ll have to come then my bodyguards will also come nd I don’t like this media they reach everywhere last time also I had gone with bhai, rags nd ritzzz nd it was not good so u go with kavita(fake smile)
San(cuping her face): wht happened shona? Are u hiding something?
Sw: n… no actually I needed some rest I’m not feeling good.
San(concerned): shona how can I go when you’re not feeling good.

Kav: sanky she’s saying na that she needs rest she’ll be fine.
San(angry): shut up kavita nd leave.
Sw: sanky please stop it. (Sternly)Go with her.
San: no.
Sw: if u won’t go then I’ll never talk to u.
San: shona this is blackmailing.
Sw(smiling): I know now go.
San: only you are saying that’s y.
Sw: thnku for listening to me.
San: cmmon shona u have full right on me(kisses her forehead) Kavita was fuming to see them.
Sw: wht was this for?
San: take care of yourself.
Sw(smiling): OK now go.
San: bye come kavita nd they went.
Sw: sorry sanky for lying to u(a tear escaped her eyes)
Kav(thinking): day by day sanky is going close to this swara I’ve to something before it’s too late.
Swara was sitting on a bench in garden nd was crying thinking about sanky.
Swara’s POV

Sanky from childhood I’ve only loved u. I don’t know but always when I saw u nd when u touched me it felt like an electric current pass through my body. I really liked u I thought tht it was just infatuation but no when I had to go the only person tht came in my mind was u. When I left I was like a body without soul not talking to anybody hardly eating anything nd that’s the reason I could not interact with much people in my new school. I was always in my books only talking to rags nd bhai. Every1 insulted me nd teased me I could never stand up for my self, everyone thought tht the reason for staying away from anyone was bcoz I was too much into studies but no sanky only my diary, my bhagwanji(God) nd my heart knows the reason it was bcoz I was scared tht again someone would leave me. I was scared but one day a girl just pushed me off the stairs, my lips were bleeding nd my body was paining but still I could not do anything. I just missed my school for one week bcoz of my over protective parents. I made an excuse tht I was feeling weak nd the whole week they were feeding me like anything thinking tht I’m still weak. God! I wish I could tell them the truth but then they would not leave tht principal nd he would have suspended her. But tht night I saw u in my dream.
“Shona don’t u have courage?” u asked me in full anger.
“What did I do sanky?” I asked innocently.

“Look shona u should learn to fight back u should stand for your self” u said calmly.
“But sanky I’m scared”
“Don’t be you’re sanky’s shona nd she never loses her hope please don’t lose your self bcoz of me”
Your eyes they had so much love for me nd tht was my determination.
“Sanky I’m sorry for sometime I’d lost my self but now shona’s back in action”
“Tht’s like my shona” u said tht nd left.
I was determined tht I will bring back sanky’s shona nd not be this heartbroken girl any more. The next day when I went to school the first girl I saw was ankita?this damn girl I hate her for pushing me off stairs nd I went ignoring her but she herself came to me. I could not believe it she was guilty nd tht was bcoz I took all the blame on me nd saved her nd frm tht day she was the one who always supported me nd now she was just like rags my cute for sis?. While we were going my biggest enemy stopped me.
“Hey swara where are u going? U didn’t come for so many days wht happened cry baby” nd laughed with his gang.

“Mind tour tongue virat one more thing nd you’re gone?” I said in full rage.
I hated him he was a stud nd so many girls were behind him nd he was behind me but I didn’t notice him nd this hurt his ego nd from tht moment he had vowed to destroy me in school nd make my life miserable with his daily pranks but now it was over I was strong enough to stand against him.
“Omg! Am I dreaming the cry baby is in full anger huh? Hey u dare u show me your anger” he said pointing his index finger towards me.
“Really if I do so then?” I said putting down his finger.
“Then you’ll see the worst me”

“I’m waiting” I said with a smirk nd left him nd everyone shocked with my behavior.
Tht coward he was capable of doing nothing nd I showed him nd his full gang tht how arrogant nd rude Swara Mathur can be. By now everyone was guilty nd I forgave them. Tht arrogant nd egoistic Swara Mathur is still inside me but I never show it to anyone except tht blo*dy reporters who only know how to ask stupid questions. I was so thankful to u for making me courageous nd not timid girl tht I had become. After college I focused on my career. I still can’t forget it tht how many boys had proposed me but I was never interested in them. After a stable career I had everything family, money, popularity but still I had nothing bcoz u were not with me. I thought u were still angry with me nd that’s y I could never face u but I’m so happy that when I met u it was same. U were like nthing had ever happened nd I am happy about it tht u still care for me but the problem is tht I really can’t hide it I’m so desperate to tell u about my feelings. But I don’t know about yours. If at all I confess my feelings nd u don’t feel for me then you’ll feel betrayed. U will leave me nd I can’t bear your hatred sanky I really love u I’ll stay with your frndship but please don’t leave me.(crying)
POV ends
While she was crying someone pat her shoulder. She turned nd was shocked to see tht person.
Sw(shocked): You!
[email protected] lucky’ room
Lak: ha wht happened rags?
Rags: actu……. actually lucky I was umm..
Lak(holding her hands): calm down wht happened?
Rags: lucky I was thinking tht..
Lak: tht…
Rags: tht tht di!
Lak (confused): wht happened to shona?
Rags: ha about di nd sanky.
Lak(irritated): ha wht happened?
Rags: don’t u think tht they both like eo.

Lak(blurts): ha u only think about them not about us.
Rags (surprised): about us?
Lak (realised): no I mean u always talk to me about your di or sanky na so talk about anything else.
Rags: accha then tell me tht what u think about me?
Lak: huh?
Rags: u only told na tht talk about something else so I’m asking u?
Lak(sat with her on the bed): u are an awesome nd fun loving girl at the same time the most beautiful.
Rags: thnx?
Rags: lucky I came to know about u nd sanky.
Lucky’s expression changed from softness to a bit emotional.
Rags(cuping his face): hey why has this lucky boy become so emotional? Huh? I want my fun loving lucky back now give it to me.

Lak(smiling): rags u know u always manage to keep my mood good.
Rags: I know I know bcoz I’m very intelligent don’t u know lucky boy?(pulling his cheeks)
Lak: aaahh rags leave na. U really know wht is going on in my mind?
Rags: ha.
Lak(coming close to her): now wht is going on in my mind?
Rags(tensed): ah… um.. I
Lak(still moving close): I what?
Rags: I don’t….(be4 she could complete lucky started tickling her)
Lak(tickling): see you’re such a loser you’re telling me u can read minds nd see.
Rags(laughing): hahaha lucky please leave me.
Lak: arre u fraud how can I leave u huh? U don’t know anything about mind reading.
Rags(started running): Lucky please forgive me actually u should be thankful tht Ragini Mathur is asking forgiveness from u nd u are troubling me donkey.

Lak: accha I’m donkey na now I’ll show u what a donkey does.
He caught her but they lost their balance nd fell on the bed. Lucky was on top of rags. They had an eyelock. Lucky kept his right hand on her left cheek. He was about to kiss her forehead but realized the situation nd both parted ways. There was an awkward silence but rags broke it.
Rags: I’m feeling sleepy I should go.
Lak: hmmm good night.
Rags: good night nd she went.
Lak(thinking): shit yaar wht will she think about me? But she also didn’t resisted so it was not my prob now forget this nd be determined.
Rags(thinking): rags you’re a coward u really don’t have tht courage to go to him nd confess your feelings. But it happens now I’m a bit nervous but next time I’ll just say it no matter wht happens.
Epi ends

Precap: Swasan romance nd kiss.?

Sorry guys if it was boring but I wanted to show swara’s POV tht how she had fallen weak nd them again sanky gave her courage. If you’ll want I can give u Sanskar’s POV also otherwise I’ll continue thnku?

Credit to: Kavya

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