Swasan Tum Hi Ho (chapter 10)

Hii frnds here u go with the 10th chap.
Swasan were looking at eo nd smiling on the other hand kavita was fuming to see them so close to eo.
Ishu: wow bhai it was awsum.
Rohit: ha sanky did you’ll practice before coming?
San: no dude I don’t know how we did it.
Sw: ya
Rv: but then to shona it was awesome.
Rags: ha di vaise bhi I know tht you’re awsum in dance.
Sw: thnx rags.
Lak: accha chalo now spin it again.
Kav: ha
The bottle was spun nd it stopped at lucky.

Lak: I choose dare.
Karan: ok I’ll give u.
Lak: give anything I’m lucky nd I can do anything.
Rohit: tht we’ll see after the game buddy karan give him.
Karan: you’ve to eat a full plate of chillies.
Lak(shocked): wht?
Rags(teasingly): arre lucky boy u told na tht u can do anything so do it.
Lak(scared): ha ha I…. I can … do it.
Pia: ok wait a sec I’ll brng it.
Lak(whispering): bhai u told them tht I hate chillies bcoz only u nd he knows about it.
Abhi: I didn’t tell anybody I think karan might have given it by only guessing.
Lak: ha you’re right.
Pia: here’s the plate now lucky have all this.
Sw: atb lucky you can do this.
Ishu: ha lucky do this.

Lak: thnku guys(takes a deep breath)cmmon lucky u can do this.
He started eating them. Tears were flowing from his eyes while eating them still he finished them.
Lak(after finishing): bhai plz give me water plz.
Someone gave him water bottle.
Lak:thnku(drank nd turned to the person nd was shocked) u?
Person: y I cannot be? The bottle was close to me so I gave u tht’s it nd he went.
Lak(thinking): why is this sanskar so worried about me today I could see tht 5 years ago sanskar who couldn’t bear when I was in trouble (determined) but u have to be strong u can’t fall weak.
San(thinking): wht’s happening to me? Y did I do tht? Swara told me to forgive him nd maybe I could forgive him but I cannot trust him again I feel tht he’s hiding something after tht day I thought(sanky is not thinking about tht consignment one but about another thing) tht he hates me. He had told me tht he’ll never be tht old lucky but wht is happening to him now? I’ll have to find out before he does something with swara bcoz I’ve not told her the whole matter nd I know she’ll be planning something.
All were having fun playing games or singing songs nd after sometime everyone slept(it was a big room) It was 3am only sanky nd karan were awake.
Kar: Thnx yaar for the suggestion.

San: it’s OK dude nd anyways it was a game.
Kar: ya nd I’ll go to my room nd sleep let them sleep here.
San: ha I’ll also go to my room.
Karan left. Sanky was about to go when swara held his hand. She was awake nd she was listening to their talks.
San: arre shona you’re awake wht happened?
Sw: y was karan thanking u?
San: shona listening others talk is not good.
Sw: I thought you’ll tell me but let’s straight away come to the point y did u tell karan to give lucky tht dare?
San(stammers): wh…which da..dare?
Sw: oh hello don’t hide it from me ha. I know tht u were the one who told karan to give tht dare.
San: arre shona I didn’t gave.
Sw(sternly): sanky
San: accha OK I had only told karan to give tht dare bcoz he was boasting around tht lucky can do anything. He got his punishment.
Sw: nd wht will be yours?

San(changing the topic): arre shona look you’re so tired accha now sleep otherwise you’ll get dark circles nd then how would it look na tht such a famous singer got dark circles. Very bad na accha now go nd sleep.(pushing swara to her room)
Sw: sanky don’t change the topic. Y did u do tht?
San(pushing her inside): we’ll talk about it later.
Sw: sanky but…(before she could complete sanky lifted her in bridal style)
San: no more talks shona u are going nd sleeping.
Sw: sanky listen na…
San(making her lie on the bed): sshh just stop it otherwise…
Sw(confused): otherwise?
San: otherwise I’ll(touching her lips nd smiling naughtily) understood?
Sw(blushing): chi sanky you’re so shameless(pushing him out of the room) go frm here.
San: accha now u want me to go out first u wanted to talk to me ha? U girls are really complicated.
Sw: it’s all bcoz of you’ll. You’ll do such things tht we have to change now go nd sleep.(closed the door on his face.)
San: you’ll pay for this in the morning shona.
Sw: let’s see(smiling)
Both slept thinking about the recent happenings nd how they got so close in just this short time span.
In morning swara is writing her diary (she used to write diaries from childhood).

Hi dear diary,
I’m so sorry from so many days I’ve not written na but u know nowadays I’m waking up early. This sanky na he’s not even letting me sleep in my dreams also? Full day he’s troubling me nd in sleep also this idiot na. I’m trying to hide my feelings but he’s not letting me do it. Y is he coming so close to me? Y is he caring so much about me? Y is he giving so much importance to me tht I’m his everything tht I mean the world to him? Oh God does he loves me? No, he only thinks me as his best buddy he doesn’t loves me ha he is not in love with me. Anyways I’ll u about my plan tht I made with lucky it’s about…….
While she was writing suddenly sanky came in her room.
San: hi shona good morning.
Sw (shocked nd closed her diary): wht….wht are u doing here?
San(confused): y are u shocked?
Sw: no nothing but u woke up so early wht happened?
San: ha actually I was not feeling sleepy nd shona you’re writing this diary again when will u change yaar?
Sw: never I love writing in my diary.
San (grabbing an apple from her table): whtever(took a bite nd offered her) do u want?
Sw: no u just wait here I’ll come.
San: ok. Swara went nd he got an idea.
San (thinking): chal sanky today let’s see wht she writes in this big book (the book was very fat of course she’s writing it from such a long time?)
Sanky just opened the diary nd saw the first page. The page was decorated nd in the centre it was written LOVE with a beautiful font. It looked like it took her a whole day to complete the decorations they were very beautiful.
San: wow awesome! Not bad ha shona you’re a good designer.
When he was going to flip the first page swara came nd snatched the diary from him.
Sw(angry): Sanskar! How many times I’ve told u tht this is my personal diary nd no one has the right to see it nd this is not the first time you’re doing this be4 also you’ve tried reading my diary at tht time we were children nd I understand tht when we’re small we have tht curiosity but now also.
San: I’m sorry shona I was just seeing tht how can u write your all secrets in this book. Today u saved your book but till when? If someday someone reads this then wht will u do?
Sw: I’ll see at tht time only.

San(catching his ears): shona I’m sorry.
Sw(smiling): it’s OK I also should’ve not reacted like tht.
San: ha actually u shouted so much on me shona(pouts)
Sw(pulling his cheeks): awww I’m sorry sanky.
San(smiling): it’s ok.
Sw: accha wait for a minute we’ll go for the bf together.
San: shona wht is love?
Sw: nd why the hell did u ask this question frm no where?
San: arre nhi yaar voh I saw the first page of your diary. Now tell na wht is love?
Sw: u don’t know?
San: arre yaar how many questions u ask. Wht love means to u?
Sw: Love is easy at the same time complicated. Sometimes it takes only 1 moment to fall in love nd sometimes more than even 1 year. It doesn’t matter tht how much we say tht we’ll not fall in love but once in a lifetime everyone experiences this feeling. For some people this is the most beautiful feeling in the world nd for some people it is the worst. It is true tht love gives happiness but it also gives pain. I just wanna say tht ‘Love is not living with tht person it is about living for tht person’ I believe in selfless love?
San: wow shona I think you’re deeply in love with someone (in mind: nd I hope tht someone is me)
Sw(ignoring): accha leave all this let’s go down everyone might be waiting for us.
San(understands): ha let’s go down.
They went down for bf.

Pia: hi sanky nd shona.
Swasan: hi
Ishu: yesterday I didn’t remember only when did we sleep.
Rv: ha actually but I just remember tht we slept late nd now I’m feeling sleepy(yawns)
Ishu(pulling his cheeks): awww baby u look sooo cute.
Every1 looked at her shocked. Ishu realized wht she said nd rv was giving her a death glare.
Rit(disbelief): baby?
Sanskar who was drinking water was going to spit it but controlled.
Ishu: I…. I mean…. tht he was looking like a small baby while he was yawning nd I love cute babies bahi u know na?
San: ha toh.
Ishu: to means I just pulled his cheeks thts it.
Sw: accha now leave all this nd have bf.
Abhi: ha yaar let’s have bf I’m really hungry.
Pia: bhukad u always think about food.
Abhi: arre wht did I do?
Pia: accha now you’re asking me why did u do?
Kav: please stopppp… Talk about it later.
Sw(murmuring): first time this chipkali has said something right.
Sanky heard it nd chuckled.
San: shona did u say something?
Sw: ha.
San: wht?

Sw: come here. Swara went towards his ears.
Sw(shouting): HAVE YOUR BF!!!!!!
Rags: di y are u shouting?
Lak: ha shona wht happened.
Sw: arre your buddy needed help for a moment he became deaf so it was an exercise for his ears.
San: accha madam I’ll show u better exercise.
Sw: first catch me.
Swara started running nd sanky was catching her. They were running all around until veer caught her hand.
Veer: please shona sit here na.
Karan: ha sanky there pia nd abhi are going to get married nd here u both are already like a married couple.
Swasan were embarrassed nd everyone were laughing.
San: arre karan this is not right ha I helped u yesterday nd now you’re making fun of me.
Rit: which help?
Sanky realized wht he said nd put his tongue bw his teeth.
Sw glared at him.

Sw: sanky look now u yourself have confessed this nd I’ll give u punishment.
San: arre shona yesterday it was just a suggestion nd karan is not talking about tht actually yesterday he had some doubt I just cleared it tht’s it.
Sw: don’t hide it sanky I know you’re lying.
Rit: arre di let it be na don’t be Sherlock Holmes please.
Sw: OK Ritz just for u.
Rit: arre di don’t call me ritz please na yaar.
Pia(pulling his cheeks): arre ritz let it be na you’re so cute.
Rit: arre accha now leave me.
Pia: arre thike.
San: shona now please have your bf.
Rohit: ha you’re right I’m really hungry.
They all had bf nd left to their rooms.

Precap: Swara jealous nd rags trying to confess her feelings.
Sry guys I know this epi was not up to mark? I was really not in a mood to write nd I wrote this in 1 hour which is really seems impossible to me? you’ll must be thinking tht y I posted it late bcoz I had gone out sry once again I’ll try making the next better than this thnku.

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