Swasan Tum Hi Ho (chapter 1)

Hii frnds I’m here with my 1st part. Let’s start!

Guys I wanna tell tht at first swasan’s fathers were not tht successful so they lived in 1 society but after their fathers became rich that had to shift to bunglows. Rp swara’s badepapa (bp) had bought a 2 storey bunglows nd besides it was a big bunglows of 5 storeys. Rp knew tht swara would do something big when she grows nd he had taken promise from swara tht she will gift tht bunglows to him with her 1 earnings nd she fulfilled it she bought tht bunglows just for her bp nd her family. This mad suji more pissed off. So here it goes.

A balcony is shown nd a girl is standing there.
Girl’s pov:
I can’t believe it! I am going to see u after 9 years. I still remember the first time I saw u I felt something electrically but I ignored it but when u smiled at me that was enough for me to fall for u. You were always there with me as my frnd but I ignored by feelings bcoz I was 5 at that time! Nd no1 in the world at such small age would know about love but when u smiled at me nd I smiled back frm tht moment I knew tht was born to live for u
*******************FB starts********************
Rags had brought an usual toy which was diff nd as always boyz have tht habit of troubling girlz they started teasing us. (In their GRP there were:laksh(lucky),harsh,sanky,aryaman,chirag ) Lucky was their leader. He always used to trouble rags bcoz he liked her nd he wanted her to talk to him. Laksh nd rags were as always fighting nd every1 was trying to calm them. Just then sanky’s eyes met with swara’s they had an intense eyelock tht was nt noticed as every1 was busy. Both had an unknown smiles on their faces like it was their reborn bcoz they had not seen such a beautiful smile in their life both were lost in other not wanting to leave each other’s eyes but they were interrupted by rags. Rags shouted on them.

Rags: Shona where r u lost. Y r u not reacting these idiots are troubling us nd u r like a statue nt reacting to anything. Why has happened to u?
Shona: Nothing rags I didn’t want to be hurt bcoz your verbal fight can in no time change to physical fight that’s why.
Every1 started laughing except rags nd lucky they were fuming in anger. They forgot about their fight nd started running behind swara.
Swara was pleading them to stop but they were not in a mood to stop. As swara was a great achlete she ran like wind nd soon lucky nd rags got tired nd they stopped.
**********************FB ends******************
Girl’s POV:

This was how I fell in love with tht idiot nd still I am in love with him not able to forget u. How much I try but my efforts are useless bcoz see now I am going to see u again nd I’ll fall in love wid u again Mr Sanskar Maheshwari. How can I deny pia’s invitation. (Pia is swara’s best frnd frm childhood) U told tht u invited everybody nd how can u forget sanky. (Sanky was pia’s bro not blood relation but they both shared a grt brother sister bond nd now on her marriage she can’t forget to invite her bst bro.Swara be ready. You have to control yourself bcoz I know his the handsome hunk of Mumbai, tho most eligible bachelor. Oh my God! How will I control myself?. Swara calm down u cannot take so much tension it is your bff’s wedding nd u also can’t give it a miss or else she will kill u. So control.
Just she heard a voice calling her.
Sumi: Swara there is courier for u. I knew what it would be so I was least interested in it.
Sw: Ma! U take it. OK came the reply.

Swara’s POV:
I had already received her mail nd she personally called me to definitely come in this packed schedule I had to take time for her nd yes it was necessary bcoz marriages only happen once nd mine was never going to happen. I knew tht I wouldn’tbe able to forget him that is y this was my chance to experience how marriages were nd in rags wedding I don’t think tht suji aunty will give me any chance .

Sumi: Swara,rags hav your bf.
Swara: Coming mom nd I left to freshen up my mind.

[email protected] the table.
Sumi: swara where is your beloved sis nd your both naughty brothers?
Swara: mom they slept late at night they had gone to some party.
Sumi: then y didn’t u go?
Was tht a question? I didn’twant to go so I didn’t that’s it nd how would I be able to go I received her mail nd phone then it took me whole night to get over it. I thought
Sumi: swara where r u lost? Why didn’t u go?
Swara: mom you know Na I don’t like all these parties nd all. Loud music nd all I hate all tht.
Sumi: OK OK now go nd wake them up.
Swara: okay

[email protected] rags’ room.
Swara came in the room nd saw rags sleeping. She was looking so pretty while sleeping also no matter she was more beautiful than me then also I don’t know y people are attracted to me if she is beautiful. Now just leave it I said nd towards her.
Swara: rags get up see what’s the time.
Rags(sleepy tone): ugh!! Bhai let me sleep.
(RV is the eldest then swara, then rags nd the ritik. Every1 calls ritik as ritz though it’s a girly name but it doesn’t matter them nd every1 calls RV as bhai)
Swara(thinking): she always listens to bhai she’ll never listen to me.
Something struck her mind she smirked evily picked up a jar full of cold water nd poured it on rags.

Rags: Aaaaaah!!!!!!!! Sunami!!!!!!!!! Oh shit I’m drowning. Plz save me plz somebody save me.
Just then she saw swara laughing at her nd she turned red. She started beating swara nd after sometime she told swara to pinch her. Swara asked y.
Rags: bcoz this is 1 in my lifetime tht swara has come to wake me up I think I am dreaming swara can never come here she is the sis of kumbh karan.(Swara never comes to wake up rags only RV comes bcoz swara actually is the sis of kumbh karan but 2day she woke up bcoz she was tensed).
Swara: rags I’ll not leave u!!!
Swara started pinching rags but after sometime she stopped, both looked at so nd burst out into laughter seeing their stupidity.
Just then RV comes nd greets them gm. Both tell him the recent incident nd every1 burst into laughter. Just then they remembered about their late latif bro ritik. On the other hand a handsome guy was getting ready he wore grey t-shirt, Orange jacket nd ripped jeans, he was looking vry handsome. He entered the room nd it was revealed tht he was ritik.

Precap: Entry of our hero??

Sry guys 2day there is nt Sanskar’s entry bcoz I thought tht the chap would become too long tht is why. Please forgive my mistakes. I’ll try posting the 2 chap Tom. Thanku

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