Swasan Tum Hi Ho (Chap 9: Part 2)


Hello guys I am tvisha posting on kavya’s behalf…………

Hii frnds. Here u go with 9th Chap part 2.
Sanky was shocked to see the girl nd swara was angry as well as jealous to see the girl.
San(shocked): Tum!!!!
Girl(touching his cheeks): ha sanky wht happened?
Sanky jerked her hand but still she was holding his wrist nd suddenly sanky’s gaze turned to swara who was walking towards them angrily.
San(shocked): oh shit! Swara is angry now she is gone.
Swara went towards them nd freed sanky’s wrist frm her hand nd turned towards the girl.
Sw(trying to be calm): may I know who u are?
San: swara let it be na.
The girl hugged swara leaving her shocked.
Girl: arre swara u forgot me? But I didn’t forget u nd how can I even you’re so famous tht everyone wants to be related to Swara Mathur in some or the other way nd see I’m so happy tht I can say tht u are my frnd.
Swara was confused.
Girl: arre swara I’m kavita.
Sw: kavita?
Kav: ya nd sanky y were u not letting me talk to Swara.
San(murmuring): bcoz you’ll create a mess.
Swkav: wht did u say?
San: nothing.
Sw(giving kav a frndly hug): kavita I’m so happy I’ve seen u after years so sorry I didn’t recognize u.
Kav: it’s wrong swara u know we missed u so much.
Sw: we?
Kab(held sanky’s arm): ya me nd sanky.
Swara again went to angry mode seeing them but was trying to act normal.
Sw(thinking): God! Can I kill this girl? See na how she is behaving. But y is sanky not resisting? I think he also likes her? but y I’m sad? I knew he’ll never be mine. But these days y was he giving me hope tht he also likes me. Anyways swara behave normally with them u can’t just make your fool in front of kavita.
Sw: oh… I met sanky but y are u late.
Kav: actually veer was had some work I told him tht I can with sanky but u know na brother’s nature he didn’t let me come but now I’m here with you’ll so let’s have fun.
San(murmuring): how can I have fun u are with me.
Kav: did u something sanky.
San: me?.. no
Swara was not listening to them only one thing was going on in her head ‘with sanky’.
Sanky noticed her nd shook her.
San: hey shona wht happened?
Sw: no response.
San(cuping her face): hey shona wht happened?
Sw(realized): vo..vo..nothing. I..I was just thinking about..
San: about?
Sw: about…veer! About veer kavita where is veer.
Kab: vo he’s down meeting pia nd abhi.
San(holding swara’s hand): accha u go we’ll come.
Kav: we?
San: shona nd I.
Kab: oh accha you’ll come bye.
San: bye.
As soon as kavita left swara jerked sanky’s hand.
San: hey wht happened?
Sw(angry): tht u should ask her.
San: I didn’t understand.
Sw: ya you’re a baby na tht u didn’t understand like seriously she was holding your hand all the time nd u didn’t even resisted.
San(smiled naughtily): accha so you’re jealous?
Sw(shocked): wht? No way I’m not jealous. I just don’t care wht u do.
San: really?
Sw: ya do whatever u want I don’t care.
San: look I’m asking u last time then don’t regret ha?
Sw: y will I regret u just go to your….(be4 she could complete sanky hugged her)
Sw: sanky wht are u doing? Leave me.
San: u only said na do whatever u want so I’m doing whatever I want now just shut up.
Sw: u idiot leave me nd go to kavita she’ll be happy seeing ‘her’ sanky.
San(pulled back): arre yaar y you’re being jealous? I told u na tht I don’t like her.
Sw: who told tht I’m jealous? I’m not jealous.
San: say it one more time.
Sw: I’m not jealous.
San: OK shona I’m going to kavita.
Sw(shocked): wht?
San(teasingly): ha u wanted this only na?
Sw: ha I..I wanted this only now just go.
San(holding her hand): arre at least come with me we have to meet veer.
Sw: oh ya I just forgot about veer(murmuring) bcoz of tht chipkali.
San(acting as if he didn’t hear anything): shona did u say something?
Sw: n…no I didn’t say anything now come let’s go down.
San: ha come. They were still holding hands nd didn’t notice it.
They came down kavita saw them holding hands nd fumed in anger.
Kav(thinking): this swara she’ll never change. Tht is the reason I didn’t wanted to come late bcoz I knew tht this swara will try coming close nd now she has succeeded. But no swara I’ll not leave u. Sanskar is only mine nd he can never be yours (smirks)
Sw: hi veer. She was about to go but then she noticed tht they were still holding hands nd now everyone noticed this nd were smiling.
Sw: sanky.
San: ha shona. Swara signalled him towards their hands.
San: wht happened?
Swara again signalled him.
San: arre wht happened?
Veer: sanky I think u should leave her hand.
Sanky realized tht he was holding her hands nd immediately released it. Every1 started laughing while swasan were embarrassed nd two people were fuming in anger.
Veer: hi shona seeing u after a long time must say ha at such a young age you’ve achieved so much.
Sw: thnku veer nd I really missed all of u.
Veer: BTW can I have your autograph madam?
Sw: now stop embarrassing me veer here I’m not Swara Mathur here I’m only Shona understood?
Veer(pulling her cheeks): yes shona.
San(thinking): yes sanky this is the right time to talk to tht chipkali (kavita? sorry guys no offense) then you’ll get to see your shona’s jealous nd angry side. Wow Sankar wow sometimes I think tht how can a person be so intelligent? but u are. Accha now stop praising myself nd concentrate on operation ‘Making Swara Jealous’
Sanky went towards kavita nd Swara noticed this.
Sw(thinking): wht is this sanky doing? Going to tht chipkali again! I swear I’ll kill this sanky now he knows tht I didn’t like him talking to her but then also. I’m not going to talk with this idiot.
San: hi kavita how are u?
Kav(sarcastically): oh so now u notice me?
San: nhi vo kavita actually we met shona after so many years that is the reason but I really like spending time with u.
Kav(happy): really sanky?
San: ha actually I wanted u to come with me so tht we could hang around but it’s okay the remaining days we’ll have fun.
Kav: thnku sanky I’m so happy tht u also like spending time with me.
San: ya kavita if u don’t mind we could spend some more time after this marriage.
Kav: sure sanky.
Swara who was listening all this was jealous nd hurt.
Sanky noticed this.
San (thinking): this is enough now I should stop.
San: ok kavita see u later bye.
Kav: bye sanky.
Kav (thinking): wow I think sanky also likes me tht’s y he was talking so sweetly.
Swara was going to her room suddenly some1 pulled her.
Sw: aahh….
San(closing her mouth): sshh it’s me sanky.
Sw(angry): wht are u doing here? Go to your chipkali.
San: chipkali?
Sw(realized wht she said): I…I mean
San: u mean kavita.
Sw: how do u know? No I mean not kavita.
San: oh please shona accept tht u are jealous of her.
Sw: y will I be jealous of her u are happy with her nd that’s all I want tht my frnds should be happy (teary eyed nd does not show her face)
Sanky lifts her face by chin nd wipes her tears.
San(worried): shona are u mad? Why are u crying?!
Sw: I’m not crying.
San: cmmon I’m not blind I can see.
Sw: no u can’t I’m not crying now I’m going.
San: I’m sorry shona I was just joking. Please don’t take it seriously.
Sw: u should think this before doing anything now leave me.
San(pulling her towards him): no you’re not going I’m sorry shona I was not serious.
Sw: it’s okay I forgave u.
San: no u didn’t u are still angry.
Sw: I’m no one to get angry from u.
San: shona please na.
Sw: sanky bye.
San(holding her hand): shona please.
Suddenly pia entered.
Pia: sanky come for dinner arre shona you’re also here come with me. She took swara with her.
San(thinking): u have to do something.
While having dinner sanky sat besides swara.
San(whispering): shona I’m sorry.
Sw: no response..
He pulled her right hand under the table nd held it without anyone noticing it.
Sw(whispering): leave my hand u donkey.
San(whispering): shona first forgive me.
Sw: never.
Rit: arre di y aren’t eating?
San(teasingly): ha shona why happened?
Sw: vo ritik
San: wht ritik?
Sw: u just shut up. Vo ritzz I got hurt in my right hand so I’m trying to eat with my left hand but leave it I’m done (looking at sanky angrily) I’m leaving.
She got up but sanky held her hand nd made her sit again.
San: I’ll feed u.
Sw(shocked nd shouted): wht?!!
Every1 looked at her.
Sw(embarrassed): sorry.
San: now don’t create a scene nd eat.
Sw: u are the one who always makes a small issue big one nd you’re telling me. Wht was the need to hold my hand huh? Bcoz of u I’d to lie nd now I can’t eat.
San: u have only two options 1. I’ll feed u nd 2. You’ll eat with your left hand nd I’m sure you’re going to take the 1st option so..(before he could complete)
Sw: I’ll take the 2nd option.
San: wht?
Sw: it’s better to eat with my left hand then to eat with your hand Mr. Maheshwari.
San: OK let’s see till how much time you’ll stick to your stubbornness.
Swara tried eating but it was not easy nd she was fed up nd she couldn’t eat with her right hand also bcoz she had lied. Swara gave up nd stood up from the table when sanky grabbed her hand nd made her sit. Before she could speak he stuffed a bite in her mouth.
San(fake anger): now no talking enough with your drama nd I’m gonna feed u.
Swara nodded like an obedient child nd sat there. Sanky smiled at her antics but hid it. Sanky was feeding her nd at the same time he himself was eating. Swara was only looking into his eyes with lots of love nd forgot tht she was angry. Kavita was fuming seeing all this.
Kav(thinking): 15 mins ago he was saying tht he wanted to spend time with me nd now he’s just seeing this swara nd not noticing me also. I thought he had moved on but no still he likes this girl but I swear sanky you’ll be only mine(smirks)
Sw: OK sanky I’m full please u also eat na.
San: shona I’m also done I was also eating but weren’t only one bite please
Sw: no sanky really I’m done please.
Ishu(teasingly): bhai stop acting like her mother.
Every1 started laughing. Swasan were embarrassed. Swara was giving sanky a deathly glare while sanky was looking at her with a- ‘what did I do’ ? ? look.
Veer: cmmon guys we are back after so many years let’s have fun all night no one will be allowed to sleep.
Pia: done everyone come to my room after freshening up ok?
Everyone: OK.
In pia’s room.
Abhi: so wht should we play.
Lak: truth nd dare.
Rags: awesome!
Pia: OK guys let’s start.
The bottle was spun nd it stopped at pia.
Kav: Pia wht will u choose?
Pia: truth.
Sanlak: tell your love story with abhi/bhai!!
Both looked at eo but this time they were not angry they were a bit emotional.
Rags: oho bff bond.
Abhi(changing the topic): ha so honey tell them about our love story.
Pia (blushing): stop it.
Sw: hey bridegroom stop your romance we are also here.
Rv: ha pia tell your story na.
Pia: accha ok I’ll tell u. Do u remember in bw abhi had a minor accident causing a fracture in his hand.
Lak: ha bhabhi u daily used to come.
Sw: oho so coming daily was an excuse u wanted to meet abhi ha wow.
Lak: bhai tht is y you recovered early bhabhi’s love ha.
Abhi (blushes): oh hello stop it nd now spin the bottle.
The bottle was spun nd now it stopped at sanky.
Rit: wow sanky wht will u choose?
Every1 looked at him.
Rit (scared): woh you’ll call him sanky na tht’s y.
Veer: hey it’s ok ritzz no need to worry we are your buddies the only difference is tht you’re new to us but we promise when u go back na you’ll definitely become my best buddy.
Rit: I’m sure nd sanky u tell.
San: truth with dare.
Ishu: wah bhai now tell me who is the most beautiful girl here except pia nd me. So who is tht most beautiful girl bw shona, rags nd kavita.
Sw (thinking): of course to tease me he’ll take kavita’s name so shona stop taking your hopes high.
San: no offence girls but for me the most beautiful girl is…..
Kavita was curiously waiting for him to tell her name nd swara was not looking at him bcoz she had expected his answer.
Karan (guys karan nd rohit are also playing with them): arre sanky tell the name here everyone is dying bcoz of curiosity.
San: ha ha karan i’m telling swara.
Sw(confused): ha wht happened?
San: swara.
Ishu(understood nd smiled): bhai?
San(smiled): ha for me swara is the most beautiful girl in the world.
Swara looked at sanky nd blushed a little which was only noticed by sanky.
Rv(teasingly): but sanky we only told the beautiful girl out of these three not in the world.
Sanky was embarrassed while swara was shying.
San(realized wht he said): ha.. Vo I meant tht she is beautiful nothing else.
Pia: really
San: shut up.
Pia: ok
San: nd ishu wht’s the dare?
Ishu: Dance with her.
Sw: wht?
Ishu: sry shona you also have to dance it’s OK na?
Sw: arre ha it’s OK.
Ishu(excited nd hugged her): thnku.
Sw(smiled): welcome.
Sanky extended his hand nd swara held it.
They started dancing. It was a slow dance like waltz.

? Itni mohabbat karo na
Main doob na jaaun kahin
Waapas kinaare pe aana
Main bhool na jaaun kahin
Dekha jabse chehra tera
Main toh hafton se soya nahin
Bol do na zara
Dil mein jo hai chhipa
Main kisi se kahunga nahi
Main kisi se kahunga nahi?
(Sanky pulled swara through her waist. Both were looking in eo’s eyes. Sanky twirled swara)

? Hamari kami tumko mehsoos hogi
Bhiga dengi jab baarishein
Main bhar kar ke laaya hoon
Aankhon mein apni
Adhuri si kuch khwahishein
Rooh se chahne wale aashiq
Baatein jismon ki karte nahin
Bol do na zara
Dil mein jo hai chhipa
Main kisi se kahunga nahi
Bol do na zara
Dil mein jo hai chhipa
Main kisi se kahunga nahi
Main kisi se kahunga nahi?
(Swara tried to go but sanky pulled her crushing her back against his chest. He placed his hand on her shoulders nd started moving them towards her palms nd she closed her eyes feeling his touch. They did some steps of waltz – I don’t know much steps. Swara turned towards sanky nd smiled at him nd sanky was also smiling at her. On the other hand kavita was fuming in anger.
Epi ends at their smiling faces nd kavita’s angry face.

Precap: No Precap?

I tried to describe some Dance steps but I know that they were waste? do comment about the dance I really don’t know how to write Dance steps

Credit to: Tvisha on behalf of Kavya

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