Swasan—Tujhe Bhula Diya Hai..(prologue)


hello guys ! how are u all? hope you’re all doing well….i thought to write a ff on Swasan.
let’s start..

A couple is shown sitting on a bench,with their fingers interwined,the girls head is resting on boys shoulder…they’re revealed as swasan.
swara:sanky you’re sure na,,your family will accept me na?
sanskar:yes shona they will(says with a determined face)don’t you trust me?(swara nods positively)
swara:i lovee uuu soooo much sanky(sanskar smiles and kisses her forehead)
sanskar:love you more..
swara:(stands)now i should leave..byee(kisses on his cheeks)

Scene changes…
@maheshwari mansion..
a lady is shown running here and there,instructing the workers..
Lady:make arrangements fast!! put these flowers!
Another Lady:arey kaveri!calm down…why are you doing everything?where is ragini?(guys the lady is kaveri)
kaveri:what should i tell you jiji?that girl can’t do anything,she’s good for nothing..(another lady is annapurna)
annapurna:don’t worry kaveri,anyways..he’s coming..in 1 hour.(says with a happy face)

Scene changes..
@xyz mall..
A man in his thirties is seen whistling..he saw a girl standing nearby him..sh’s revealed as swara!
swara: finally you came kavu..i was waiting for you about half an hour..(kavya is swara’s best friend)
kavya:arey..sorry shona,,actually yaar traffic was jam na..
swara:it’s ok–(interrupted)
kavya:Shoot!i forgot my purse in the auto!!shona you wait here..i’ll be back in 5mins..
swara:ok you go fast!!
(this whole scenery was seen by the man,he smirks evily)
he puts his hand on swara’s shoulder,as she turns she got shocked,scared,angry at the same time..
he pulls her closer to him..
man:hi swara baby!!i’m back!!……

episode ends..

guys this was it..plz do comment..it will encourage me..many questions are unsaid…who was the man?why swara got scared seeing him?about whom annapurna was talking about?to get the answers,stay tuned to Swasan—Tujhe bhula diya hai..and do tell me how’s it..

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    Interesting…. Continue it and update soon

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    Wow .. mind blowing

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    whoo hoo Zoyaa… many suspense soo tempting

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