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Hey guys it’s Aru back with another os.my first is was swasan…..do dil ki dastaan
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So let’s start d os

Both swara n sanskaar are in a relationship
One day sanskaar didn’t come to school so swara called him n asked the reason n sanskaar said dat he had an appointment with Dr swara asks him is everything f9 then he says dat he just went for daily checkup n asks swara how much she loves him den swara said dat she loves him more Dan herself but why dis sudden question den sanskaar asked her how much she care for him now swara became hell serious n said dat she cares for him d most in dis world den sanskaar asked can she die for him n swara said dat she will die any moment for him……she will take bullet for him den sanskaar disconnets d call after saying will meet u tomorrow in school
Next day again sanskaar didn’t come so swara called him n asked abt him sanskaar said dat he had another appointment with the doctor now swara was hell worried she asked abt his health but he again disconnected d call after saying dat him mother is calling him
After 15 mins sanskaar called swara dat they should breakup now dis was it fr swara she burst out crying n said why he betrayed her why he left her like other boys but swara didn’t fit any reply

Sanskaar didn’t come to school n didn’t call her
Few days after her breakup
Swara’s friend asked her abt her ex
But swara said that she haven’t called him since after dere breakup
Den swara’s friend gave her a number n asked her to call dere

After school
Swara called dat number n it said said dat it was frm a hospital den swara asked dem abt sanskaar n asked dem is he dere den d receptionist said dat she can meet him tomorrow
Next day swara went to dat hospital n what she saw was horrible
Sanskaar was lying on the hospital bed n he was on life supporting system swara went to him n hugged him hard n asked what happened to him den sanskaar said dat he is suffering from cancer last stage n asks her not to be sad as he will always be with hr
Ab phir se jb baarish hoti plays in the bg
That night swara took a bullet with a note in her hand saying
finally ended with it plz do comment n tell me how is it n plz tolerate my English

Credit to: Aru

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  1. i think i hv read it before where sanskar took a bullet for swara

  2. Crazy

    I read d same n twinj ff ..
    Anyway it was good one too for reading it with swasan

  3. sanjana (daddy's little princess)

    Nice one …
    Keep writting ….

  4. Superb aarushi loved it air han jaldu online as

  5. Superb aarushi loved it aur han jaldi online aa

  6. Aaluchi boot acha likha babu loved it ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????love you loads……?

  7. isn’t it something like the whole world to one bullet

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