SwaSan: Tu hi mera rab… Tu hi meri duniya (Part 17)

Part 17

SwaSan were still hugging each other tightly.

Swara (sobbing): He…he touc..touched me. I am feeling disgusted with my body. He..he said that…he will get me even if he has to ki..ll y..o..u or our fami..family.

Sanskar breaks the hug and cups her face. He looks at with moist eyes and he is seeing his brave swara like this.

Sanskar (cupping her face): Where my brave swara has gone? She used to fight with all the problems bravely.

Swara: Sleeping….that br..brave swara is tired of fighting… so she is in deep sleep now.

Sanskar was shocked listening to her. He thought that he has removed all the pain from swara’s heart but there is still pain left in her. Swara’s whole body was shivering.

Sanskar puts his lips on her soft and shivering ones. He kisses her softly yet passionately. He picks her in his arms, without breaking the kiss. He softly puts her on the bed and comes above her, still kissing her but swara wasn’t reciprocating. Sanskar bites her lower lip, making her come in senses.

Sanskar breaks the kiss and says near her lips, “kiss me back jaan”

She closes her eyes and reciprocates to the kiss. After few minutes, he broke the kiss. He sits on the bed and removes his shirt. He again comes on top of her. He caresses her hair and wipes her tears by kissing them. He then starts to kiss her neck and throat. Swara moans as he bites her soft skin. Sanskar slowly unpins her pallu. He looks at her arms. He kisses her arms making swara admire sanskar. He went to her stomach kisses her bare belly and her waist where ashok touched. Swara was totally lost in the pleasure forgetting about today and the fear. Sanskar came up and kisses her cheeks, nose tip, and her eyes. He kissed her forehead and laid down beside her.

He took her into his embrace and started stroking her hair.

Sanskar: Sleep.

Swara slowly closes her eyes and sleeps on his chest.

After few minutes, swara was in deep sleep. Sanskar slowly put her head on the pillow and covered her with the comforter till her neck as her pallu was not on her upper body. Sanskar wore his shirt and went to the gym which at the back of the mansion. He folded his sleeves till the elbow and opened first two buttons of his shirt.

He then wore the boxing gloves and starts punching the punching bag. As he remembering the CCTV footage he increased the intensity of his punch. He then remembered the broken state of swara and increased the force of his punch. He kept punching the bag as if he was punching ashok.

After about twenty minutes, arnav came and saw sanskar punching the bag with great force. He went towards sanskar and held him.

Sanskar was sweating profusely and was panting heavily but the anger was of great intensity, so great that if ashok would be here then he would have killed him.

Arnav: Are you going crazy sanskar?

Sanskar (shouts): Yes I am gone crazy. If something happens to my jaan (life) then I go mad. From last few months, I was keeping her happy and trying to make her forget those 3 years but that bastard… ashok khanna… he harassed her. He gave princess mental, emotional and physical pain. I will not leave that person.

Arnav (Angrily): What that ashok did now?

Sanskar tells him everything whatever he saw in the CCTV footage.

Arnav (angrily punches the wall): Damn, how dare he touch my sister again. That day she slapped her but he is still behind her. I will not leave him.

Sanskar (putting his hand on arnav’s shoulder): Don’t worry Arnav, I am not going to leave him. I never leave those people who even think to touch my wife but he tried to harass her…. I will not leave him. He will have to face hell.

Sanskar took his phone and called his pa, who worked with him Karma industries.

Sanskar: Hello Johan

Johan: Yes sir

Sanskar (bossy tone): I want every single information about Ashok Khanna, every single means every single… where he lives, what he eats, when he sleeps, his strengths, his weaknesses…everything damn thing. I want it at my desk tomorrow by sharp 11 am. If one minute late then you are free to resign.

Saying this cut the call.

Arnav smiles, “The devil SK is back”

Sanskar (devilish smirk???): You did a grave mistake, Mr. Ashok Khanna. Looks like you are very eager to get punishment. Don’t worry, now you will face ‘The SK’ and I will make sure that you suffer every moment. The countdown begins Mr. Ashok khanna.

Sanskar smirks evilly? while the arnav holds his shoulder. Both of them come out and going through the hall, just then shomi, sujata, khushi, and dida came to them.

Shomi: Sanskar, did you get to know why shona cried?

Sanskar: Yes ma, and you ladies don’t worry… the root of this problem will be gone forever.

Saying sanskar went to his room.

Sujata: I didn’t understand.

Arnav: I will make you guys understand.

Arnav tells them everything. The ladies get angry and start cursing ashok.


Sanskar entered his room and saw his cute wife sitting on the bed and rubbing her eyes cutely. She saw sanskar and smiled but then her face went pale after remembering how ashok harassed her and threatened her about her family and sanskar.

Sanskar understood what is going in her mind. He sat on the bed near her and cupped her cheeks.

Sanskar: Don’t worry jaan, till I am here nothing will happen to you and our family.

Swara: But sanskar he…

Sanskar keeps his finger on her lips, “First of all that ashok threatened you to make you scared, to break you so that later he can advantage. Secondly, I have hired bodyguards. There will be few bodyguards who are around our mansion, arnav’s mansion and our offices. I have allocated the strongest bodyguards for each of our family member who will be always protecting them. And all the bodyguards will be in their casuals, therefore our family members will also never know that they are being protected. I hired not just because of ashok but because there will be many rivals who will try to harm our family.

Swara smiles and hugs sanskar while sanskar hugs her by her bare waist as her pallu was still unpinned.

Swara: I don’t need any bodyguard because I know that you will always be there to protect me.

Swara kissed his chest over his shirt and sanskar kissed her hair. Swara nuzzled her face into his chest. They stayed in that position for few minutes. Swara straightens her back as she feels sanskar’s hand caressing her bare waist and belly romantically. She looks at sanskar who was smirking naughtily.  Then she looks down at her self and gets shocked. She widens her eyes as she realizes that she was only in blouse and skirt with saree hanging down her waist. And her cleavage was slightly visible.

Sanskar chuckles seeing her cute expressions. Swara immediately covers front with the blanket and blushes profusely.

Sanskar (teasingly): Awwww… my shy baby, no need to shy because (huskily) when I have seen your everything then there is no point in hiding from me.

Saying this he tightened his grip on her waist. Swara wriggles.

Swara: Leave me sanskar.

Sanskar traces his nose on her red heated cheeks.

Sanskar (smirking naughtily): How can a person leave his wife when his wife is such a pure soul, has the golden heart and is beautiful, cute, adorable, gorgeous, hot, s*xy…

Before he could speak further swara spoke, “Shut up sanskar. You are so shameless”

Sanskar (teasing smile): Arrey, I am speaking the truth. See how hot you are looking currently.

Swara while smiling and blushing, “Sanskar….leave me na.”

Sanskar made her lay down on the bed and came on top of her.

Sanskar (staring her intensely): no chance Mrs. Sanskar Kapoor.

He nuzzles his nose in the crook of her neck. just then they hear a knock.

Uttara: Bhai, bhabhi… dinner is ready.

Sanskar: We are coming in 10 minutes.

Uttara (teasingly): Bhai I know that you are doing romance with bhabhi, just do dinner first then you have whole night.

Saying she runs away.

Swara (blushing): Sanskar leave me…let’s go down for dinner.

Sanskar: Nope

Sanskar kisses her neck. An idea stroked in swara’s brain. She slowly puts her hand on his waist and starts tickling him

Sanskar loosened his grip on swara and starts laughing. Swara takes it as an opportunity, pushes him and runs into the washroom.

Sanskar: Swara! I will not leave you

Swara giggles from the washroom. Soon she pins her pallu back, sets her saree properly and comes out of the washroom. She sees sanskar taking his clothes out with a cute pout on his face. Swara smiles seeing his cute anger. She goes towards him. She holds his arm and tiptoes on her feet. She whispers in his ears.

Swara (whispers): I love you, Mr. Cutie Kapoor.

Saying this she kissed his cheek. A smiles forms on his lips. Indeed she knows how to make up his mood. Her cute antics always bring a smile on his face. Swara runs towards the door.

Sanskar: princess

Swara turned around.

Sanskar (lovingly): I love you too jaan and keep smiling as you look really beautiful

Swara blushes and goes downstairs. Sanskar chuckles seeing her blush.

Sanskar (monologue): Get ready Mr. Ashok Khanna… for your destruction. And I promise that you will beg for your death. And I also promise swara, that I will bring my brave swara back.

Precap: A truth that shocks sanskar

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