SwaSan: Tu hi mera rab… Tu hi meri duniya (Part 16)

Part 16

Swara reached her home and straightaway went into her room as she didn’t want anyone see her crying. Shomi saw her going into her room.

Shomi: Shona, came really early today. I should go and make lunch for her.

Shomi went into the kitchen to make lunch for swara.

In swasan’s room, swara went into her bathroom and sat under the running shower. She was crying and rubbing her arms and her waist vigorously to remove his disgusting touch from her body. After few minutes she changed into saree but her face was pale and eyes were red and puffy. Till then shomi and sujata came into her room. They were worried seeing her pale face.

Shomi (worriedly): Shona, are you okay… Your face looks so pale…

Sujata: And your eyes are so red and puffy.

Swara (fake smiles): Don’t worry ma, mom. J..Just a little headache… I will sleep then it will be okay.

Sujata: Wait let me bring medicine.

Swara: Mom, I will actually sleep then I will be okay. You both go and take rest.

Shomi: But at least have your lunch

Swara: M…Ma, I am not hungry

Sujata: Are you sure.

Swara nods. Sujata and shomi come out of her room. Swara lays down on the bed and tears make their way from her eyes.

Shomi: Sujataji, Something is fishy, I think that she is hiding something.

Sujata: Even I think because every day she comes to home with sanskar but today she came alone.

Shomi: Did she and sanskar fought?

Sujata: Maybe… we will talk to sanskar face to face when he will come back home.


Sanskar is doing work.. he checks the time and sees it is 2.30.

Sanskar: Why swara is taking so much time to come back?

Just then Priya comes into his cabin.

Priya: Sir, mam went to home straightaway.

Sanskar (surprised): What she went home without me? Is she okay?

Priya (stammers little): Ye..yes sir, woh…su..sujata aunty called her.

Sanskar: OK, you can go…thank you

Priya: Your welcome sir.

Priya (monologue): If mam would not have given her swear then I would have told sir

Sanskar started doing his work but his heart was feeling restless. He wanted to see swara once. He forgot to bring a file. So he thought that he will go home to bring the file and will check on swara once.

He departed from the office. He reached home and saw sujata and shomi sitting on the sofa.

Sujata: Sanskar, you came early.

Sanskar: Mom, I forgot to bring a file so I came.

Shomi: You could have called us then we could have sent someone.

Sanskar: It’s okay ma

Sujata: Acha sanskar, can I ask you something?

Sanskar: Mom, just order me.

Sujata: I know that it is between you and swara… but did you guys fought.

Sanskar: No…not at all… but why are you asking me?

Sujata: Because she came early today and when we saw her, her eyes were red and puffy, her face was also pale.

Sanskar (shocked): What…mom but Ms. Priya told me that you called her home.

Sujata: No, I never called swara today.

Shomi (worriedly): Sanskar, she didn’t tell anything to us. You go and ask her please…maybe she will tell you.

Sanskar nods and runs towards his room. He entered and saw swara lying and her back was facing towards sanskar. But she was crying holding the pillow tightly. She was scared, scared to lose sanskar and her family. She doesn’t know what to do. She just wants to hug sanskar and hide in his chest from the cruel world. She wants to tell about today but she scared as sanskar came out of the coma only a few months before and she does not want to give him any kind of tension. She is worried about his health.

When swara footsteps coming towards her, she quickly wiped her tears and closed her eyes

When swara footsteps coming towards her, she quickly wiped her tears and closed her eyes. Sanskar went to the otherwise, where swara was facing. He saw her sleeping. He went closer to her and observed her face. He saw some tear marks and her face was looking pale. He was hell worried seeing her dull face. He didn’t want to wake her up but he has to, to know what happened to her. He tapped her cheeks.

Sanskar (softly): Swara…wake up swara.

Swara, who was pretending to sleep slowly opened her red and puffy eyes. Swara sat on the bed and sanskar sat in front of her.

Sanskar (worriedly): What happened swara? Why your face looking so pale and why were you crying? Are you okay (he touches her forehead and neck) you don’t have fever also. Is it paining somewhere?

Swara: Sanskar, I am okay..I…I just had a little headache.

Sanskar was feeling as if she hiding something. He kissed her forehead and hugged her. Swara puts her head on his chest and closed her eyes.

 Swara puts her head on his chest and closed her eyes

Sanskar broke the hug and looked at her.

Sanskar: Are you hiding something from me?

Swara looked at him with moist eyes. Sanskar cupped her face.

Sanskar: Did something happened at the construction site?

Swara got little panicked, “N.n…no sanskar, nothing happened. I was having a severe headache so that’s why I came home early. And I was cry..crying due to a headache only. But why you came so early.

Sanskar: Woh, I forgot a file here but now I will not go back to the office. I will stay here and take care of you.

Swara: No sanskar, we were having an important meeting today and you have to attend it. Please don’t miss it.

Sanskar: But swara

Swara: Sanskar go, I am okay.

Sanskar: Are you sure?

Swara nods.

Sanskar kissed her forehead.

Sanskar: I am going only becaue you asked me

Sanskar: I am going only because you asked me. Take care and eat medicine

Swara nods. He made her lay down on the bed and covered her with the comforter.

Swara(monologue): I’m really sorry sanskar. But I can’t take any risk regarding your health. Just few months ago you came out of the coma. If you will take stress then your health…no no, I will not tell you. What if that Ashok gets to know then he could….I don’t want to lose you sanskar. You are my world, my everything.

He goes but not before turning around to take a last glance of her. He was having a feeling that she is hiding something. There is something else that made her cry.

Sanskar (monologue): In the office, Ms. Priya told me that mom called her and here swara is telling that she is having a headache. Swara’s eyes were saying a different story. Her eyes were showing fear but fear of what. I think something happened at the site and I need to confront Ms. Priya.

He reaches the hall.

Shomi: Sanskar, what happened? What did she say?

Sanskar: She didn’t tell me anything but you guys don’t worry. I will find out everything by tonight and that’s my promise.

Saying this he goes back to the office. He straight away went to Priya’s cabin

Priya stands up from her chair, “Sir, you could have called me.”

Sanskar (Sternly): Ms. Priya, I know you lied to me that mom called swara at home. Now tell me truthfully, what happened at the construction site?

Priya: S..i..r

Sanskar: Don’t dare to lie Ms. Priya especially when it is related to my swara.

Priya bows her head down, “Sorry sir but mam gave me her swear to not to tell you”

Sanskar glares at priya for few seconds and then punches the wall with full anger.

Priya (shouts): Sir

Sanskar: Damn it swara.

Priya (gulps): Sir, I can’t tell you but I can show you,

Sanskar turns and looks at her questioningly, “What do you mean?”

Priya: There is CCTV camera at the construction site.

Sanskar: Okay and don’t tell swara about it

Priya nods. Sanskar hurriedly sits in his car. He starts driving the car really fast to the site.

Sanskar (monologue): What would have happened there? Did Mr. Adarsh or Mrs. Adarsh Maheshwari come there? If they did then they did a big mistake. I am not going to leave them.

He reached the site and talked with the manager there. At first, manager does not agree to show the CCTV footage but then he gets to know that he is SK and also the owner so he takes sanskar into a small cabin.

Sanskar: I will the footage, you can go.

Manager: Ok sir

Sanskar starts seeing the CCTV footage. He sees a man grabbed swara and pinned her to the tree. Unfortunately, he could only see his back.His were eyes were getting red in anger as he sees the man harassing and touch his wife. He makes a tight fist that his knuckles crack could be heard, his nerves were clearly visible and his jaw clenched tightly.

Sanskar: Why swara? Why you didn’t tell me. Whoever this man is, his life is going to be hell.

Sanskar sees the whole footage and goes back to home to confront swara.


Sanskar entered the mansion and saw swara sitting on the sofa with dida, shomi, sujata, khushi, ayush and advay. He sees the emotion in her eyes which he never wanted to see, that was fear. He doesn’t like when he see the fear in her eyes. He loves his brave swara. Her face was pale. He came inside.

Sanskar (little angry): Swara, please come to the room.

Before swara could say something sanskar went into his room. Sanskar keeps his stuff on the table and removes his blazer. Till then swara came in and locked the door. She was just hoping that sanskar didn’t get to know about the happenings at the construction site.

Swara (low voice): Wh..what happened S..san..sanskar?

Sanskar (controlling his anger): I should ask that question swara, What happend at the construction site?

Swara’s face went pale listening to this. She was praying that sanskar does not know anything.

Swara: San..sanskar, nothing happened there.

Sanskar comes closer, “Don’t lie swara and tell me the truth.”

Swara: Sanskar, you must be mista…

Before she could complete her sentence, Sanskar angrily pins swara to the wall. Swara gets scared due to the intensity of the anger of sanskar.

Sanskar (shouting angrily with bloodshot eyes): I am not mistaken Mrs. Swara Sanskar Kapoor. I know everything as I have seen the CCTV footage but unfortunately, have not seen the face of that man. Tell me, who is that man? What is his name? And don’t.dare.to.lie.

Swara starts crying vigorously. Her body was shivering due to fear. Sanskar comes closer to her…such that their bodies are touching each other. Swara has bowed her head down.

Sanskar (dangerously): Don't test my patience swara

Sanskar (dangerously): Don’t test my patience swara. otherwise even I don’t what I will do in anger and you know about my anger…So tell me the name of that bastard.

Swara (shivering voice): As..ashok khanna

Sanskar: Since when this is happening.

Swara didn’t say anything. Sanskar closes his eyes to cool down a little as he does not wants to hurt swara.

Sanskar (sternly): Swara, I am asking something.

Swara: Two years ago he saw…saw me at a meeting. Since then he is saying to spend….

She couldn’t complete her sentence and cries.

Sanskar: Is he the same man about whom you wrote in the diary (remember sanskar read swara’s diary in which swara wrote about a man who asked to spend a night with swara)

Swara nods and starts crying more vigorously letting her pain out. Sanskar’s eyes soften seeing her teary eyes and vulnerable state. He hugs her tightly and rubs her back. Swara holds his shirt tightly and lets her pain out. Sanskar tightens his grip and hides her face in his chest.

Sanskar (softly): Why princess? Why didn’t you tell me? You were again carrying all the pain in your heart alone. Do you know how I felt when you didn’t tell me?

Swara (sobbing): S..s..orry San…sanskar. I..i was scared… yo..you just c..came out of co..coma and I di..didn’t want to give you ten..tension. I…I am sorry sanskar…please…do..don’t be angry with me.

Sanskar (rubbing her back): Shh…I am not angry jaan. I was angry first as you hidden the matter from me… And swara, I am totally ok now. Everything related to you can never give me tension.

Precap: hmmmm…

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