Swasan TS: Yeh Ishq Hai (Part 3)


Happily Ever After

Its been 2 months since Swara and Sanskaar got together. Even though Swara still feels that she isn’t worth for Sanskaar but she knows that if she leaves Sanskaar will be very sad. Swara is finally happy in her world with Sankaar but you do know that happiness only lasts for a few time.

In Maheshwari family there was a party going on. For Ragini and Laksh baby shower (god barri). Swara was serving drinks to the guests when she heard some comments from the guests.

“Look at this Ragini gives heir to the family before Swara and look at her she doesn’t even care about that.”

“I feel very bad for Sujata ji, knowing she got this type of DIL.

“I think there is problem in Swara.”

“BAS. No one will say one thing about my daughter-in-law” shouted Sujata. (Kyun laga jathka. You all thought it was Sanskaar but no it was Sujatha.)

Swara turned around and saw her MIL and hugged her tightly while crying.

“Shut up do you all have no shame. How would you feel if I talk the same about your daughter or DIL. She is not my DIL she is my daughter like Uttara.” Sujata shouted.

Sujata took Swara and brought her to Sanskaar.

“Ye le Chore and bring he to your room. She needs rest.” Sujata said. Sanskaar nodded and carried Swara upstairs. As they entered the room Swara bursted crying and hugged Sanksaar tightly. Nobody said a word. Sankaar knew that she needs to let it all out. He was just whispering sooth words into her ears.

After a while Sanskaar saw that Swara slept and made her sleep on the bed and slept beside her with a plan in his mind.

Next moring in breakfast table,

“Bade papa, i have decided something and i need all the family suppport.

Everyone encourage him to tell. “I have decided to adopt a baby with Swara if that is all fine with you. Swara looked at him shocked.

“What happened yesterday was bad and i don’t want anyone to bad mouth something bad about my wife.” Sanskaar said wishing in his head that everyone agrees.

Everyone started whooping in happiness and Swara smiled in happineess. She saw everyone started making plans on what room colour the baby would get and how many clothes they would get for the baby. Sanksaar went near Swara and hugged her.

The nest day Swara and Sanksaar adopted twins that were left in the oprhanage. They named baby boy as Shauraya Maheshwari and baby girl as Swarna Maheshwari.

This is YEH ISHQ HAI. Best punishment that any couple could get.

Hi Guys this story is finished. I hoped you all liked it.

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    ohho sujata supported swara that was unique i loved it dear awesome

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    Awesome.. And yes, this is different from that story. Nice work dear.

  5. loved that sujju supported swara

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    it was a really cute story

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    So sweet! Loved suju’s character…

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