Swasan TS: Yeh Ishq Hai (Part 2)


The Moment of Truth

Swara came into the room and as she took a step inside memories flooded into her mind. She wanted to fall down on the floor and make a tantrum saying this is not fair but she can’t. Why do only bad things happen to good people? She wanted to live happily with her Sanskaar but when her own destiny is against her what can she do??
“Swara”Sanskaar shouted.
Swara quickly wiped her tears and turned around with a fake smile on her face.
‘Haa Sanskaar do you want anything?
“Do you love me?” Sanksaar bluntly asked.
“Haa Sanskaar, why are you asking?” Swara said while looking at bit confused on why he asked that question.
“Do you trust me?”
“Sanskaar are you ok?” Swara asked a bit concerned now.
“Answer the question Swara, do you trust me ” Sanskaar asked.
“Yes I do trust you” Swara said.
Sanskaar nodded and went outside the room.
Swara looked confused on what had happened.
Swara’s phone rang and Swara went to pick it up.
“Yes doctor I know it’s important for me to come today is hospital but I can’t. I am sorry.
I can’t tell my husband the truth aswell. Doc
He will be destroyed.
Thank you Doc for understanding me.”
Swara cut the phone and she sat on the bed crying. Why did this happen to me’Swara thought to herself. Wiping her face Swara went to the bathroom and left her phone on the bed.

Sanskaar came into the room and saw Swara wasn’t there. He was about to leave again when he heard a ting sound from Swara’s phone which indicated that she got a message.

Sanskaar picked Swara’s phone up and read the message. He stood their frozen. Swara came outiside from the bathroom and saw Sanskaar holding her phone frozen. Swara got scared and went to Sanskaar and snatched the phone off Sanskaar.

“How dare you Sanskaar? Why you touched my phone without my permission?” Swara shouted.

“You tell me that you love me and trust me but you can’t tell me the truth.” Sanskaar asked furious.

Swara fell down crying. “What should I tell you hah. That I can never give you the happiness of being a father. That there will be no one shouting papa for you. What should I tell you.” Swara shouted pouring all her feelings out.

Sanskaar bend down and hugged Swara hard. “I love you Swara and I don’t want anything but you. So what if we can’t have a child. We are together and that’s all that matters.

Swara hugged him back so hard. “Waise bhi you’re punishment is still left.” Sanskaar said with a smirk.

“What?” Swara asked. “You have to spend your whole life with me. Tell me are you ready to bear a life long punishment.”Sanskaar asked mischievously. Swara nodded and hugged him back.

Hi Guys I hope you all liked this part

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  1. Neptune

    aww poor swasan sanskaar’s love for swara is beyond all these things loved it dear upload soon

  2. AIRA

    Nice yaar… But is this the end if so then pls give an epilogue

  3. Phoniex

    nice dear

  4. Pramudi

    Nice dear. But i have read a ts of zuzu which is similar to this concept.

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