Swasan TS: Yeh Ishq Hai (Part 1)


Why You Come Back

‘Why did you come back’ were the thoughts of Sanskaar when he saw Swara happily talking to Ap.

Sanskaar POV

‘In all these 6 months she never wore sindoor or wore her mangulsutra but yet she comes back into my life declaring she is my wife.Why? She tells me she loves but she can’t figure out my feelings. She can’t trust me, then why come back tom me. Does she even know what I went through all these 6 months. Every single day, every minute, every single second all I thought how is she? Is she ok? Is she eating her meals on time? But look at her, she doesn’t even notice that I am standing here. Why? that is literally the question in my head.

Like just look at Laksh and Ragini, they both were seperated too but look they are just in so much love. You could see the longing in their eyes. Why do I I even try? I guess it’s my fault that I fell for that girl. But even though I still have hatred fill inside me but I still love her from the bottom of my heart. I can’t hate even though if i wanted. But for some reason inside me is saying that she is doing on purpose. It’s like she hiding some truth. If knowing that truth will bring us back together then I will find out that truth no matter what.

Swara POV,

I am sorry Sanskaar I know you are hating me but what can I do. I am doing just so you could be happy and for you to be safe you have to hate me, then I am ready to face that. I know you must be thinking I left you because I didn’t trust me. Trust me I trust you the most but when I have a shocking truth that I can’t tell you. And I can never tell you that because that truth will destroy you. I am sorry Sanskaar but you have to hate me. I will never let you know about this truth. Sorry.

This is a continuation track when Swara comes back into Maheshwari house after Lakshya is found and all are happy. We all wanted to see Sanskaar’s punishment to Swara but that never happened.

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