Swasan TS: Yeh Ishq Hai (Epilogue)


“Shaurya Maheshwari come here right now and drink your milk” Shouted Swara. How her life has been changed form being separated from Sanskaar to being a happy family with 2 beautiful kids and wonderful loving husband.

“Mama I drank all of my milk and ate my cereals.” Suwarna said knowing now that brother will get into more trouble.

“Accha meri rajkumar. I knew you could drink all that milk and eat all of your cerals without me telling you to do so.” Swara then shouted a bit loudly so Shaurya could hear it.

“Kya Mom She is such a baby” Shaurya came out from hiding behind the couch and then realizing what he had done. He was about to run again when Swara caught him from his ears and twisted them.

“Really Suwarna is a baby then what you are at least she listens to me and not like running behind you for you to drink your milk and eat your cereals.” Swara said and twisted his ears more.

“Aah Mom I will drink all of it please leave my ears.” Shaurya groaned in pain.

“What is happening here? Someone shouted from behind. All turned back and saw Sanskaar standing there with his hands on his hips.

“Your ladla beta is not drinking his milk and eating his breakfast.” Swara complained like a child.

“Swara come on he is just a small child and he will drink it later. What say champ?” Sanskaar said and then winked to Shaurya.

“Jaise baap waisa beta” Swara murmured under her breath and left to the kitchen. Sanskaar went to champ and hugged him and then took Suwarna and hugged her it was like a happy family. All Maheshwari family were awed looking at them and then all went to their busy lives. Swara came with the breakfast and saw all of them hugging. She then pouted and said

“this is great the whole family is hugging and left me”

Sanskaar and the kids smiled and went to Swara and then hugged her tightly. It was like a family picture just made to capture it.

Not all blood relations are special sometimes the relation between heart to heart is so special that it doesn’t even matter much to the person if they are related from blood or not.

Hi Guys, my ts is finally finshed and i hope you all liked.I am also sorry if you didn’t like the epilogue I couldn’t actually think what to write and I am also sorry if i bored all of you with my story….Thanks….

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    Very good ending…. Loved last paragraph.

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