SwaSan TS : I Won’t Leave You ( part 3 )

Recap : SwaSan Romance.. failed Attempt of Sahil to kill swara.. JiaSan plan..

Next day morning @ clg –

Swara was going to her class when Sahil blocks her way.. Swara gets angry..

Swara : What d hell is dis Sahil? Leave my way.. ???

Sahil : What's so hurry babes? Lets talk fr smtym.. spend sm tym wid me too.. y always dat cheap sanky..

Swara : Mind ur tongue Sahil! Not a word against my Sanky! Got it? Now get lost.. ( started to leave )

Sahil : Bahut pyaar karti ho na usse?? Chchchchch!! Bt alas! Vo nahi karta..

Swara froze at there.. She turned to sahil & asked..

Swara : What do u mean? ?

Sahil : Haha.. poor girl.. I mean he used u.. & nw gonna throw u on my sayings.. he dont love u.. He did all this fake love drama fr me.. cz I told him to do so.. & he did.. I wanted to make u cry.. I wanted to destroy u & look.. I did it!! ( laughs madly )

Meanwhile Sanky & Jia to reached there & listened everything.. Sahil smirked while tears were continuously flowing from swara's eyes.

Sanky : ( cms near swara ) Swara.. look.. Its not like dat.. let me explain.. I..

Swara : ( teary eyes ) Is he saying truth, Sanskaar??

Listening name sanskaar frm her mouth his heart skipped a beat.

Sanky : Swara.. main..

Swara : Yes or no?

Sanky bows down his head.. & tear escaped from his eyes.

Swara : ( smiles ) I got my answer..

Sanky & Sahil was standing beside each other.. Swara moves towards sanky.. Sahil smirked & the next moment…



Sahil felt burning sensation on his cheek. He looks up angrily.. Yes! Our Sherni slapped him hard.. He was abt to say smthng bt she again slapped him hard .. She was all shivering due to anger..  Sanky was also shocked bt Jia smiled..

Swara : You blo*dy bastard!  What do u think?  I'll blv u? I'll break down & will cry fr betrayal? I'll accuse my Sanky fr d crime which he didnt do?

Sanky gets shocked as well as Sahil..

Swara : Shocked ya? Then listen.. My Sanky did this fr me only.. He truly loves me.. he knew ur cheap deeds so to protect me frm u he fooled u..

Sahil : What?

Sanky looked towards Jia.. She smiled at him & assurres him through eyes. Sanky gets happy..

Swara : Yes.. u heard ryt.. & u stupid thought that I'll leave him.. I will get destroyed.. huhh! Cm out of ur dreamworld Mr. Sahil Saket Sengupta..

Sahil : So u knw everything. & u ( to sanky ) cheater..

Swara : Enough! Dare not to say anything to him..

Meanwhile police cm there..

Jia : Inspector, I called u here.. Here is the person who tried to kill swara & also tried to ruin her.. we hv proofs.. arrest him..

Inspector : You r under arrest Mr. Sahil..

Police takes Sahil with them.. Swara looked at sanky with paiful eyes & started to leave. Sanky runs to her..

Sanky : Swara. . Swara.. plz listen to me.. m going to tell u.. bt..

Swara : Ohh really? When? After that Sahil would hv changed my mind? After I misunderstood u? After I left u? Bolo?  Bolo na? ( cries ) Thank God Jia told me everything yesterday only.. or I donno.. ( couldn't spk further )

Sanky : ( hugs her ) Shh! Jaan.. m sorry plz.. dont cry.. plz plz.. M sorry na.. see ur nose.. it got red like joker.. ( pulls it )

Swara : Hey.. M not joker ok? ??

Sanky : Yes. U r.. ( laughs ) ???

Swara : Sankyyyyyyy… ???

Sanky : Ok ok.. m sry.. by d way, If u didnt get to knw everything, u would hv left me?

Swara : Noo..

Sanky : Den?

Swara : I would hv left this world..

Sanky : ( shouts in anger ) SWARAAA!

Swara : ( smiles )

Sanky : God damn it! Hansi kis bat par aa rahi hai tumhe? Haa? ( holds her shoulder and shakes her )

Swara : Seeing ur love.. U cant even imagine my death na..

Sanky : ( hugs her ) No.. not even in my worst dreams.. & dont u dare to talk this rubbish again.. ( cups her face ) I cant imagine my life widout u.. Don't leave me ever.. plz.. ( teary eyes )

Swara : ( overwhelmed ) Never ever.. I WON'T LEAVE YOU! 

SwaSan hugged each other tightly.

Sanky : I love you.. ???

Swara : I love you too ???

The end!


I knw its boring bt still I tried my best.. thanks to you all fr ur cmnts..

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  1. Cutiie


  2. Hey dont say so its loving and amazing its not boring at all

    1. Swarmayi

      Thank u so much dear.

  3. Awesome di

    1. Swarmayi

      Thanks shagun

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  5. Yashasvi

    ohhhhh how can u say itzz boring…..
    no dont even dare……
    plzzzzz cont. for ur new sissie…….
    it’s fantaabulous yrrrrrrrrrr
    plzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzzz
    dekho itta please bolaa…..
    toh will wait fr nest epi………….

    Love u shoooo much…………

    1. Swarmayi

      Awww.. shooo shweet of u my new sissie. & n thank u soo much fr cmnting on my TS.. m glad u like it.. bt my cute sissy, I can’t continue it as it was TS means three shots.. so its completed.. so sorry dear.. m feeling very guilty as u pleaded me very much bt still I cant give u next epi.. sry.. bt ya.. If u like my writings then do read my ffs.. M currently writing two ffs.. Ishq wala love & swasan : Happy Ending. U’ll enjoy it fr sure.. Thank u..

      & love u too Yashu! ???

      1. Yashasvi

        then pkka i’ll love to read Ishq wala love………
        haye waiting fr it………..

        love u meri Swamu dii ( hope this nick name is ok )
        or my partner………….?????????

      2. No Yashu.. no swamu di! Call me Shalu di.. as my real name is shalmali.. not swarmayi.. ?

  6. Rabia

    nice 🙂

  7. Kakali

    Swarmayii !!! u call it boring !!! awwww then it is… !!! it’s too boring with SWASAN’s endless love … huhhhh !!! though i love it … love it four much …
    hahahaha now think. … . think whatever u want …

    thnk u dear
    . ;-*

    1. Swarmayi

      Thanks Kakali.. u guys only encourages me to write good episodes.. so all credit goes to all my readers, cmntrs & silent readers too.. Thanks again..

  8. nice ending..

  9. Mica

    oohhhhh.. my God.. so happy endiiing.. i love it,, i mlove it ty

    1. Thanks mica

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  11. Rabia0032

    Aweeee it was Amazing to read

  12. Khushiii

    It was Awesome

  13. Nice

  14. wow it was soooooooo amazing i loved swara’s dialogues do pls write more

    1. Swarmayi

      Thanks dear..

  15. Hey dear u r totally saying wrong..it ws nt boring..it ws amazing…nd swaras dialogue ws rlly aweaome…nd rlly vry nice ending….
    Come soon wth nxt story of swasan…

  16. Arshaanya

    Aaaww it was superb
    Loved it

  17. Jai mata Shalmali ki jai…
    Jai ho aapki…
    Asha krti hu ki aap jald se jald post krengi…apna ff…
    Aur ye atiuttam tha…
    Jaanti hoon Hindi ka effect hai….
    Bye bye…love u?

    1. Swarmayi

      Dhanyawaad maate.. Aur main aapki ichcha avashya hi shighra ati shighra hi puri karungi.. Tathastuu.. ????

  18. Wonderful

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