SwaSan TS : I Won’t Leave You ( part 1 )


It was a beautiful morning.. birds are chirping.. The girl was sleeping in her room cuddling her teddy.. sunrays falls on her beautiful angelic face & she turned her face in annoyance.  A man was standing there & seeing her antics & smiling… He goes near her & sat beside her caressing her hairs.

Man : ( lovingly ) Princess… wake up my dear.. Look what's the timing. Don't u wanna go to clg? It's ur 1st day na..

Girl : ( get up quickly ) Omg! Darling! Y didn't u wake up me earlier?  I hv to get ready fast. Its my 1st day m soooo excited.

Saying this she ran to washroom..

Man : ( smiles ) Princess .. cm down soon.. m waiting for breakfast… ( leaves )

Soon girl get ready fr clg & cm downstairs.

Girl : ( in hurry  ) Darling.. m leaving..

Man : Princess!  No! 1st cmplt ur breakfast. . Cmon!

Girl : ( pleading eyes ) Darling plz na.. not today.. M late na.. I'll do tmrw pakka.. ok 1 min.. ( takes juice ) I'll take this juice.. ( gulped down quickly ) happy now?

Man : Swaraa.. y don't u listen to me bachcha? If u skip ur meals like dis then it will affect ur health na..

Yes.. the girl is our swara.. & that man is shekhar.

Swara : Offo darling!! Nothing will happen!  See.. m ekdam fit n fine.. Dont take tension.. ok bye.. ( while leaving shouts ) take ur lunch n medicine on time.. love u.. ( left )

Shekhar : Huhh.. she's like a storm.. bt to calm this storm sm1 has to cm.. Then I'll ready to die happily.  I want my swara marry to the guy who'll never leave her in any situation. He'll love her soo much.. He'll take care of my swara & will not let out any single drop of tear frm her eyes.. ( smiles )

@ college campus –

A girl was pleading a boy & crying..

Girl : Don't  do this to me plz.. plz.. I love u.. y? Y u did this? What I had done to u? Y u played with my feelings? Plz.. dont leave me.. plz.. ? ( falls in his feet )

Boy : ( Giving irritated look ) Hey u.. r u deaf?? Dint u hear what I said? I dont love u.. u were jst a toy fr me nthing else.. got it? Now just get lost frm here.. ( jerks her )

She was abt to fall when sm1 cm & hold her..

Girl : Don't u hv manners Mr ? Hw u r behaving with a girl? Oh yes! I frgt! Hw will u hv manners? U are a spoilt brat of dis clg.. useless! Who thinks that girls are only fr use & throw.. Disgusting!

Guessed ryt guys! That girl is our sherni swara..

Swara : ( to girl ) & u.. u r begging to him who has no care of u.. who dont love u.. ( made her stand ) U r nt weak! U r strong.. & This cheap dont deserve u.. cm.. lets go.. ( starts to leave )

Boy : Hey.. whoever u r.. u insulted me infront of whole clg.. u'll pay fr it sure.. mind it! ( angry )

Swara : ( sternly ) will see.. ( leaves )

Boy was fuming in anger. ..

1 friend : Yaar.. What a girl! Till now no one dare to talk like this with you.. bt she! Patakha hai yaar..

Boy : Shut up!! She doesn't know me.. I'm SAHIL SEN GUPTA! I always keep my words.. & u jst wait n watch.. This girl will surely regret fr messing with me! ( smirked )!

( hahaha! Shocked guys?? Kitne volt ka shock laga?? You r expecting the guy to be sanky bt its Sahil.. & How can u guys think that I’ll make my cuteee sanky such a betrayer? Na baba na.. not even in my dreams.. ?? )

Later in classroom –

Swara was sitting on bench alone.. suddenly sm1 calls her..

Boy : Excuse me..

Swara : Yes..

Boy : Can I sit here??

Swara : Sure..

Boy : Thanks.. ☺ well, myself SANSKAAR!  SANSKAR MAHESHWARI! ( forwards hand )

Swara : ( shakes hand smilingly ) Swara Gadodia.. ☺

Sanky : Nice to meet u swara..

Swara : Thank u Sanskar.. & same here..?

Sanky : Aa aa.. not sanskaar.. call me sanky! As all my friends call me by dat name only.. & now toh u r too my frnd..

Swara : Me? Friend ? Urs? Who told u??

Sanky : Kyu?? Nahi ho? ?

Swara : Hahaha.. sanky! ? just look at ur face.. I was just kidding.. yes we r friends.. ?

Sanky : ( smiles ) Swara! Tumne to muze dara hi diya.. ?

Swara : Chill Sanky! U knw u r my 1st frnd in this clg.. Thank god u came.. varna I'll be bore alone.. ?

Sanky : Arre Swara! Dont worry!  Now we r frnds na.. will enjoy alot.. ??

Swara smiles..

Class gets over.. Both swasan cm out..

Sanky : So.. Hw r u going home?  Should I drop u?

Swara : Arre no.. I brought my car.. will go by it.. bye.. see u..

Sanky : Bye.. ?

Both leaves..

Like this every passing days their frndship get close.. Their bond bcm strong.. They r nw best frnds.. or may be more than that.. Yes.. Both started liking each other.. They were falling in love unknowingly. One day –

Swara was walking towards library. Suddenly sahil came & blocked her way..

Swara : ( Angry ) What the hell?? Y r u blocking my way..? Let me go..

Sahil : ( Smiles evilly ) Aa aa aa.. not so easy Miss Swara! Btw, u r looking too hot & s*xy in this dress.. ummah.. ( gives flying kiss & winks )

Swara : ( feels disgusted ) U blo*dy bastard.. just leave my way.. ( hell angry )

Sahil : ( angry ) u.. what did u call me? Hw dare u abuse me.. ( raises his hand to slap her )

Bt b4 he could slap sm1 cm in middle & hold his hand. Of course it was our Sanky.. ( Aa gaya mera hero.. ????)

Sanky : ( jerks his hand ) Don’t u dare to touch her again.. or else u’ll see worst of me.. ( in super dangerous tone )

Sahil : ( glares angrily at both ) You guys didnt do ryt! I won’t leave u.. ( leaves angrily )

Sanky : ( to swara ) Swara.. r u ok??

Swara : ( nods & hugged him ) Thank u Sanky.. ( teary eyes )

Sanky : Hey.. when this thank u came btwn our frndship? Haa? If u say it again I wont talk to you. .

Swara : ( smiles ) ok baba.. nahi bolungi.. Happy nw??

Sanky : very happy.. ???

Like this their closeness was increasing day by day.. Sanky cares for swara very much.. He was too possessive abt swara. He realised his feelings fr swara & decided to propose her in clg infront of everyone..

Sanky : Swaraa.. I wanna talk to u..

Swara : Haa sanky tell..

He kneels down infront of her holding red rose in his hand..

Sanky : Swara.. I donno all that cheesy lines to propose u so I’ll ask u straightly.. SWARA! I LOVE YOU. . I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. WILL YOU BE MINE FOREVER?

Swara was shocked ! Happy.. emotional & what not bt she thought to tease him.. She takes rose frm his hand and says..

Swara : ( teases ) What?? Sanky?? R u serious?? U love me?? But I consider u as my friend only.. I dont love you. Aur ye sab pyaar vyaar.. I mean we even dont knw each other fully.. in short tym hw cn u love me?? Bt m taking this rose fr our frndship. M sorry..

Sanky : Swara.. Pyaar hone ke liye samay nahi lagta.. vo toh bas ho jata hai.. kab, kaha, kaise, kyu ye to nahi pata.. bt it happens..

Swara : ( teasingly ) I dont blv.. ( turns bt stop hearing his voice )

Ek Nazar Mein Bhi Pyaar Hota Hai, Maine Suna Hai… (2)
Do Baaton Mein Bhi Ikraar Hota Hai, Maine Suna Hai
Sama Rangeen Sa Hone Lagta Hai
Jahaan Haseen Sa Lagne Lagta Hai
Koyi Dil Pe Chhaa Jaaye To Aisa Hota Hai, Maine Suna Hai
Ek Nazar Mein Bhi Pyaar Hota Hai, Maine Suna Hai
Do Baaton Mein Bhi Ikraar Hota Hai, Maine Suna Hai

Swara walks past him.. He keeps on singing & convincing her.. She was enjoying..

Chamakte Hain Chehre, Chamakti Hai Duniya
Behekti Hai Saansein Mere Liye

Nazar Se Nazar Jo Mila Loon Agar To
Phirakti Hai Dhadkan Bhi Mere Liye

Nasha Kuch Nigahon Mein Bhi Aisa Hota Hai, Maine Suna Hai
Ek Nazar Mein Bhi Pyaar Hota Hai, Maine Suna Hai
Do Baaton Mein Bhi Ikraar Hota Hai, Maine Suna Hai

Hawa Pe Jahan Dekhne Ko Chale Hain
Bani Badalon Se Hai Apni Zameen

Jo Udne Lage Aasmaan Tak Hai Jaana
Na Khushiyon Mein Apni Hai Koyi Kami

Pasand Kuch Hawaon Ka Bhi Aisa Hota Hai, Maine Suna Hai

Ek Nazar Mein Bhi Pyaar Hota Hai, Maine Suna Hai
Do Baaton Mein Bhi Ikraar Hota Hai, Maine Suna Hai..

Bt still swara was sticked to her decision..

Sanky’s face falls down.. Swara supressed her laugh.. Sanky was going to say smthng bt he saw swara smiling naughtily.. He understands that she’s teasing him so he decided to play back.. ?

Sanky : so swara u don’t love me. Ryt?

Swara : Yess..

Sanky : Think once again swara..

Swara : M damn sure sanky.. ( controlling her laugh )

Sanky : ( smirks ) Ok.. Fine.. I wont force u.. M leaving frm ur life.. I wont show u my face ever.. Good bye.. ( he leaves )

Swara turns & doesnt see sanky.. Tears started to brimm in her eyes.. All students were witnessing the scene. Suddenly she saw Sanky hiding behind the pillar & enjoying her situation. She got to knw his plan.. She decided to convince him & confess her feelings.. She started to sing..

O Bekhabar, O Bekadar, Betaabiyon Ko Na Badah
Dekh Le Hai Pyaar Ka Kaisa Nasha Mujhpe Chadha
O Bekhabar, O Bekadar, Betaabiyon Ko Na Badah
Aa Dekh Le Hai Pyaar Ka Kaisa Nasha Mujhpe Chadha
Kaisa Nasha Mujhpe Chadha

Sanky looked at her hiding behind pillar & smiles.. he adores his love..

O Bekhabar, O Bekadar, Betaabiyon, Bechainiyan Hai Jawan
Meri Nazar Dhoonde Tujhe Tu Kahan
Haan Tujhko Main Aankhon Ka Kaajal Bana Loon
O Bekhabar, O Bekadar, Betaabiyon, Bechainiyan Hai Jawan

Chaahungi Main Yuhin Tujhe Bepanha
Haan Tujhko Khushi Sa Labho Pe Saja Loon
O Bekhabar, O Bekadar, Betaabiyon Ko Na Badah
Aa Dekh Le Hai Pyaar Ka Kaisa Nasha Mujhpe Chadha
Kaisa Nasha Mujhpe Chadha ..

Swara sings & dances too.. She was roaming nearer to sanky teasingly while singing & dancing..

Roop Hoon Teri Dhoop Hoon
Tu Suraj Hai Mann Ka Mere
Ya Ghani Main Hoon Roshni
Ab Chalte Hoon Dhalte Hoon Tujhko Hi

Haan Mere Ik Pehar, Tu Kahe Thehar
Toh Jaaon Nagar Se Tere
Har Ghadi Mushkilon Bari

Kyun Lagti Hai Jo Bhi Badalti Hai Bin Tere
Tu Mile Toh Silsile, Ho Ho Shuru Jo Hai Khuda Ki Raza
Tere Bina Hai Zindagi Bemaza

Tu Mil Jaaye Toh Main Jahan Se Chhupa Loon
O Bekhabar, O Bekadar, Betaabiyon, Bechainiyan Hai Jawan
Meri Nazar Dhoonde Tujhe Tu Kahan
Haan Tujhko Main Aankhon Ka Kaajal Bana Loon
O Bekhabar

She went near him & drags him out of there.. He gets shocked.. She winks at him & continued..

O Pyaar Bhi Yun Kabhi Kabhi
Kar Deta Pareshaaniyan
Har Jagah Wohi Woh Lagey
Woh Aashiq Anari Jo Dil De Ke Leta
Ya Paas Bhi Ho Woh Door Bhi
Yeh Kyun Ho Woh Batlaaye Na
Dil Darre Minnate Kare
Ab Usko Yeh Bolo Ke Aaye Toh Jaaye Na

Bewajah, Agar Ho Pata, Kya Hai Yahi Dil Ki Khata Ki Saza
Khud Mein Hi Main, Hoti Hoon Kyun Laapata
Main Janu Na Iss Dil Ko Kaise Sambhalun
O Bekhabar…

Swara cm infront of him & holds his hand..



Sanky : so madam were teasing me haa??

Swara : haa toh? U r also not less.. u too teased me.. very bad.. ( pouts )

Sanky : haha.. swara.. u looks so cute when u get angry.. btw.. we’ll go today eve on beach & later dinner.. whats say??

Swara : Woww.. a perfect date.. will go..

After sm tym at unkwn place –

Person : Hw much more tym u’ll take ha? I wanna ruin her.. I can’t see her happy..

Another person : Don’t worry SAHIL! That day is not soo far.. She dared to mess up with u.. My bestie.. She’ll be ruined..

Sahil : But Sanky when?? I can’t wait more.

( again shock?? Yes guys another guy is our sanky )

Sanky : chill dude.. aage aage dekho hota hai kya.. ( laughs & gives hi- fi to sahil )

Episode ends..

Precap : Attack.. shocking revealation.. breakdown.. & … nahi bataungi.. ?????

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