Hi everyone actually I am new here. I am a silent reader and I love to write stories.
If there is a need to improve story. You can tell me freely.

Swasan were in their room. Swara was very happy because after six months ,she was back to her sanskar

All the memories were coming in front of her eyes which she have spent with him. She was getting emotional, she was loosing hope but we never know what destiny has planned for us. When Swara was thinking all this, she noticed that after getting fresh , sanskar was getting ready to sleep on couch.
She asked him “sanskar why are you sleeping on couch?” . she got scared because sanskar didn’t replied and got layed on couch. She asked him again and this time with a expressionless face ,he asked “who I’m to you swara, that you are asking this type of questions to me?”.” Our relation got finished when you broke our relation.”
Listening to him tears started flowing out from swara’s eyes and she asked with a choked voice “then,wh.. why you accepted me?”. Listening to her he smirked and said “did you forgot your punishment mrs maheswari your punishment is that in front of the world you will be wife,but I will not accept you .

After saying this, he went to the couch and slept and ears started flowing from his eyes, which he was controlling from long back. Here swara’s condition was not better , she was like a lifless body and after getting freshup, she went to bed but sleep was away from her eyes but after sometime she slept.
After she slept sanskar went to her and kissed her forehead and said “I’m sorry swara but I am helpless , you always stake our relation for others, I will make sure that you must understand the value of our relation, you know na whenever you are hurt, I got hurt more. This will be difficult for me and for you but we will pass this situation very well, I love you and will always love you.
Saying this he went and slept on couch.

There is again a blissful morning ,birds are chirping. Sun rays come and fall on our swasan . Both open their eyes and went to fresh up.after getting freshen up swara was getting ready but was having difficulty to tie her blouse and in the meanwhile sanskar came out and swara immediately turned back covering her back from sanskar but her back was visible in mirror and sanskar was getting attracted towards and was staring it continuously but suddenly hecame into sense by hearing a knock on the door.
He immediately opened the door, Laksh was there, he said “come fast, every is waiting for you both for arthi.”saying this he left.
Again he went towards the room and got ready, After this he said to swara in cold voice “get ready and come fast soon” and she nodded.
After that he went downstairs and started waiting for swara but to her disappointment swara didn’t showed up, so he went upstairs to his room and a smile curved into his lips because swara was cursing him and was saying that” donkey/monster maheswari , what does he think of himself ha and this dori is not getting tied huh! What a bad day.”She was saying this with a cute pout, which was making sanskar unrestitable but somehow he composed himself and went towards her. He went towards her and turned her to his side such that her back was facing towards him. He took the the dori from her hands and started caressing her back slowly , while he was doing this he noticed that swara was breathing heavily.After that he tied the dori and went away.
Sanskar was happy by seeing that he have the same effect on her ,which he was having earlier.
He went downstairs and was waiting for swara and after sometime she came. She was looking like a angel descending from the stairs. Sanskar was staring her continuously, by which swara started blushing and a eyelock tookplace between them.
As swara was descending the stairs, her leg got slipped .She fell down from stairs.
Seeing her slipping ,he ran to her and said”swara, are you fine did you got hurt. How many times, I have to tell you, take care of yourself but meri sunta kaun hai . Lag gaye na. While he was saying this, swara saw the old sanskar in him , who used to love and care for her lot.
She was lost in her thoughts but she noticed that she was in her room and on the bed. She was going to ask him, why he carried her to the room but he suddenly started appling ointment on her leg which got swelled.
She was feeling pain but didn’t showed it to him but she noticed that sanskar was hissing in pain seeing him.
After applying ointment ,she said “thank you “to him but he replied coldly “its ok, if someone else was there in you place, I would have done the same thing”
He left the room saying this but swara was smiling brightly because she got to know that his sanskar has not changed, he loved her like he used to do like before. His hatred has love hidden in it but she have to do a little effort to get him back.
Now she was determined that he will bring her back again.
After that he brought her breakfast in their room and started feeding her because she was not ready to eat and was making faces but sanskar started feeding her, she was eating this with a angry pout but was admiring her handsome hubby every minute.
Both were admiring each other and a eyelock took place between them because swara bitted her finger and was laughing. Sanskar was mesmerized seeing her but soon composed himself and made an angry look.
He started going from there but swara held her hands and made him sit.
She kissed his hand where she bitted,after that she came closer to his face and kissed his both cheeks tightly and sensuously, she came to his lips and placed his soft lips on his roughed one.She started kissing him passionately. Sanskar was loosing his control but somehow , he controlled himself and didn’t participate in the kiss.
When she broke the kiss , she looked at him angrily but he was having no emotion on his face. He went away from theirand swara started cursing him “donkey, monster, monkey maheswari didn’t respond to my kiss na , I will take revenge later.you are stubborn na, then I am your wife. I will melt you for sure and I will get you back again.
Another side sanskar who was standing near the door started laughing and was smiling inwardly.
Actually, he was enjoying his wife’s bold shade.

Screen splits with sanskar’s (monologue): let’s see swara what you will do to get me back again.



  1. Mahavir


    |Registered Member

    sanju u know what i was *blushing*blushing……how naughty they both are….wowwwwwwww hilarious dear….plzzzzzzz next one soon i cant wait…..tc

  2. sindhura

    awsm..go ahead
    i also miseed swasan perfect ending in SR
    now i missing swasan badly
    i really miss swara,sanskar,laksh,shemish,ramta,ap,dp,adri,dia and daiiiiiiiiiiiiii
    missing everyone..stopped watching colors

  3. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    First of all,welcome to tu as a writer dear.. About storyline,it’s awsm.. Plz continue..
    Take care
    Keep smiling😀

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