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It was again a blissful morning, birds are chirping.,suddenly the alarm rang which woke swara.

Where is idiot, arrogant maheswari hass gone who always pierce my heart into pieces? .He knows na my day doesn’t starts seeing his but still , he is missing(pout face).By the way where he has early in this morning.

She went and got ready and something triggered her, and started thinking how to convince her angry man. She was thinking but got disturbed by the knock on the door.

Swara: now who is here to disturb me?.THIS MUST BE THAT MONSTER, WAMOIRE AND ATLAST SANSKAR MAHESWARI who always disturb me but why he is not coming inside huh!?

Ragini:jaldi karo, badi maa and chachi ji are waiting to give us sargai in auspicious time
Swara nodded and went with her, forgetting about sanskar
Swara went and took blessings .
Ap and sujata: live long life beta and your, saubhagvati bhav.

They gave their sargai and everyone started having their sargai.

Suddenly everyone noticed that sanskar was coming to them.

Sanskar: Ma, I’m hungry, is there is something to eat.
He started eating with swara after this
Sujata: are chore itni jaldi kaise uth gaya, tarhe tabiyat toh thik hai

(sanskar(monologue): what should I tell them? and this swara is also looking at me with a suspicious look like “ I have came after doing any theft”. I have eat her one paratha only and desert,still she is giving me a serial killer look.

Sanskar: woh! Mom I woke up early today.

After that he went to his room and started doing his work I mean reading that boring stupid files with different colours.

Swara: where were you sanskar?
He turned to me with same emotionless face.
Sanskar: why it matters to you swara.
Swara: it matters to me because you are my husband. I know you don’t accep this relation but this a pious relationship.
Sanskar didn’t said anything and went away from their

Thank god I escaped from their or else swara would have been starting throwing daggers at me and I would be helpless.This is high time to give your punishment swara and to see how much you love me .tomorrow is going to be the worst day of your life, which will prove you have changed or not.

Swara engaged herself in work to avoid thinking about hunger and sanskar was feeling very hungry, he was moving to and fro on he room.

He was thinking about the moments when he avoided to take food in whole day, when everyone asked him,

Everyone was having lunch, when sankar came back from office.

Sujata: chore, come and have food. Look I have made your favourite food.
Two persons were continuously making fun of him i.e brain and heart.

Brain: keep these type of vrats daily, so that your mom should not ask you about.
HEART:shutup! When wife can starve for their husbands, then husbands should also do vrats. To get them in their every life.
SANSKAR: Who mom I ate in office
Saying that he went hurriedly to avoid questions
He was lost in her thoughs when swara told him to get ready as moon has come, listening to her he smiled brightly.

SWARA: why are you smiling like that huh! Its looking like you have kept the vrat whole day not me

Listening to him sanskar got scared and immediately made an angry face,
Sanskar: its none of your matter
After saying this he went away.

SWARA:its my matter, I know something is fishy with you from morning, I will find it out.

Sanskar came after getting ready and swara , he was mesmerized to see her. A naughty idea came in his mind

Swara starts combing her hair she moves her hairs to front and try setting it up. Sanskar also comes there and acts like he is searching something important. He pushes her here and there and bends towards the dressing table by pushing her too.
By that act, intentionally he made his chain stick to her dori knot. When he moves back the dori knot gets unties and Swara is surprised and shocked seeing Sanskar behind her and holding the dori cum chain in his hands.

Sanskar slowly moves towards her and keeps his hands on the dori and slightly touches her bare back. Swara gets nervous and looks him lovingly through the mirror.

Sanskar moves more closer and slide towards her neck. She feels the hot breathe on her neck and tightly folds her fist to control her emotions.

Swara also moves little back to be more closer to him. Now her bare back touches his chest and there is no inch gap between them. Sanskar loses his control and tries to lean on her neck and and both gets jerks away by hearing the knock on the door.

After that both got ready and went in hall for the rituals



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