Heya fellas.. So sweet people I am back with the next update though very late.. I tried to post the chapter yesterday but it didn’t get posted so got more late then thank you for your enormous prayers for my friend. She’s much better. So now zipping my mouth. Hope you like the twists in this last chapter.

RAJA- tick tock.. Tick tock.. This bomb will explode in sometime and then BOOM.. Aha and don’t think of running because the explosives have been planted everywhere.. If you put your one single step and then it would blast..

[pls do read the a/n and the above part at the end.. Please.. Not to forget]

He gave an evil laugh and died, while all were shocked and looked on helplessly.. Small lights started to appear from the ground indicating that timer has started. All were baffled.

SWARA- sanskaar If we diffuse the main bomb then I am sure we can stop all these too.

SANSKAAR- is it possible swara?

SWARA- yes Sanskaar.. We have to stop this timer .. Look at these wires .. We just need to cut the correct wire and then all will be saved. But someone needs to do it fast.

SANSKAAR- Swara.. You are from ST. LAWRENS.. You have done engineering .. Only you are the one who can do this .. We all trust you.. You are our only hope.. Only you can save us from this disaster..

SWARA- sanskaar .. Me… I’ll not be able to do this sanskaar..

SANSKAAR- swara please.. I trust you.. We all trust you.. You can do this..


She took a deep breath and then carefully looked at the bomb.. With slight hesitation, she cut a wire and then the timer stopped but again it started with lesser time.. All panicked.. SWARA dreaded .. From back, sanskaar gently placed her hand on her shoulder and said ..

SANSKAAR- I know you can do it..

This time SWARA exhaled audibly..

SWARA- help me kanha Ji and clutching her pendant, she cut another wire..

And yes, all the bombs diffused but there was something strange and a tear dropped from Swara’s eyes .. At that time LAKSH also came with police force.. All squealed with happiness and the team helped them to leave the place on assistance of laksh.. Here SANSKAAR looked at SWARA proudly but she stood lifeless.. Even after all left SWARA stood there sitting, holding the wire..

SANSKAAR- SWARA come.. All have gone..

SWARA- no SANSKAAR you go.. I won’t be able to come.. I’ll leave on my own..

SANSKAAR- SWARA.. Don’t argue .. Come with me .. It’s my duty to make sure that all are saved.. Each and every person..

SWARA- SANSKAAR.. Go from here.

SANSKAAR- SWARA what’s the matter.. Why aren’t you coming with us?

She didn’t reply.. Infuriated, SANSKAAR held her wrist and tried to remove that hand from the wire but SWARA pushed him..

SWARA- don’t do this SANSKAAR otherwise the bomb will blast.. Go from here SANSKAAR only then I’ll be able to leave this wire..

SANSKAAR froze at his position.. SWARA hollered and cried.. He couldn’t think anything.. His heart started crying with pain.. How was he supposed to save her? He left .. He left everything in the hands of God.. He left everything on destiny..

He paced towards her.. Sanskar grabbed her face and kissed her. The wire swara was clutching was now laying on the ground forgotten. Sanskar’s hands shifted from her face towards her waist and he pulled her towards himself. Their mouth were fused together. Sanskar was kissing her as though his life depended on that kiss. SANSKAAR left her but she was shocked.. Shocked by this sudden moment of pleasure.. SANSKAAR tucked a strand of her hair and then leaned towards her ears..

SANSKAAR : I love you SWARA ;

SWARA- I love you too SANSKAAR

SANSKAAR pushed SWARA away and then B.O.O.M ..

SWARA (shouted with pain)- SANSKAARRRR..


A girl stood near the window looking at the brewing storm outside.. Same was the intensity of range and pain inside her.. These few days of her life had been extremely painful for her.. As she closed her eyes , what she saw was just sanskaar’s smiling face and then the blast around him.. Tears dropped from her eyes but she didn’t care to wipe them away.. She felt a gush of warmth in her.. A hand held her from waist and the soothing touch calmed her ..

SWARA- SANSKAAR… ( shocked.. I am not so bad to give a sad sad ending.. I am a too good girl.. You know)

He placed his head on her shoulder and she moved back , getting into his arms, into the warm solace of their happiness.. He planted soft kisses on her shoulder and turned her towards him and gently wiped away her tears.

SANSKAAR- SWARA You are again thinking about the incident.. It’s over SWARA.. It’s over.. Look.. I am perfectly fine

SWARA hugged him tight..

SWARA- how can I forget it SANSKAAR.. How can I forget that dreadful day.. How can I forget that for saving me you almost lost your life.. How Can I forget that because of me from past two months you were in coma.. How can I forget that if that day laksh didn’t came at right time ….. I would have lost you .. Lost you forever..

She weeped hard…

SANSKAAR (cupped her face and made her look into her eyes)- SWARA.. Look here SWARA.. What are you thinking this junk swara.. I am fine and all that matters is that we are together and we love each other.. I love you SWARA and I can do anything for you .. Anything..

He dropped a kiss on her forehead and joined his head with hers..

SWARA- I love you.. Never think of doing such stunts again..

The kissed under the blissful rays of moonlight, marking the journey of their new beautiful beginning..

WE ARE DESTINED TO BE TOGETHER WILL ALSO BE POSTED IN SOME HOURS.. Frankly I am very thoughtful of my ss’s future.. I won’t end it but I have many upcoming seminars.. I don’t know how I’ll manage time but I’ll try my best to post once a week.. It would be very good if someone who has liking for writing can pair up with me so the chapters can be updated more fast.. One chapter by her and one chapter by me..


How many of you think i rushed up with the track.. Truly saying, This time my focus wasn’t on swasan.. My focus was on girl power.. The infinite power of woman and I hope I am able to express it through my work..

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      Thank u so much SWARA.. Wish I’ll be able to write more.. And dear about your suggestion.. I highly respect it but personally I am not comfortable with writing such scenes but nevertheless I’ll try my best to entertain you all

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      Arey don’t say like this yaar.. Ok I’ll just tell you about my completed works.. Read and enjoy.. Just know I am writing a SS “SWASAN SS BY ANU – we are destined to be together”.. My first os “SWASAN OS BY ANU- I LOVE YOU”.. It is has some mushy mushy stuffs as you requested to write .. Not too much but still it may reach to your expectations.. Then “SWASAN OS BY ANU- KIDNAPPED “.. This one is a 3 shot but don’t know know why it was posted as os.. And then “SWASAN OS SERIES BY ANU- MY VEILED PRINCESS”.. Hope my works may entertain you..

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      Yes sweetu everything’s ok and my friend is much better.. And thank u for your lovely words.. Have to attend a set of seminars from next week.. And what about your ff.. You posted the next chapter or not? Seriously I have no idea about it..

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    Sorrie u knw my prblm… ok coming to this part.. it ws fantabulous one.. u literally gave me shock nd i thought sanskar is dead bt u made a different one.. wah wah lovely tremendous one… really girl power wins nd she should rule.. love this feminine power ts.. and praku thnk u for suggesting dis idea to my sweeto (anu) different nd suprb…
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      No sorries.. Why to say sorry.. I don’t mind if you are late or something.. Thank u thank u.. Yup praku is a real sweetheart.. She asked me to post something and she ask so nicely.. It was few days back only that I was talking with praku about human trafficking and that when this idea hit me.. This has become seriously such a big issue but I belue every girl can fight for her and will do..??

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  15. Good ending,must say.the girl will power is the one which can never be able to determine/define.it just rocks.

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  17. Generally I do not read article on blogs, but I wish to say that this write-up very forced me to try and do it! Your writing style has been surprised me. Thanks, very nice post.


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