SANSKAAR- SWARA.. You said you know me from before .. How do you know me??

SWARA- umm.. I’ll tell you.. Actually .. Do you remember ST. LAWREN’S ENGINEERING COLLEGE? 15th August, 2015…

SANSKAAR- don’t tell me that you were a student of the college?

SWARA (nodded her head cutely)- yup.. You are right.. You know I was so amazed to see you.. When those terrorists arrived at our college, they demanded for you.. They wanted to take revenge from you for getting arrested their leader.. We all were so shocked.. Somewhere I thought that we will die because you won’t come.. Afterall, why would you put your life in danger for unknown people.. But you came.. They hurted you but you didn’t care and saved all of us and at that instance only, I fell in love with you..


SWARA suddenly realised what she said and immediately closed her mouth with her hand.. Unknowingly, she had confessed her love to him.. She closed her eye and then opened her one eye to see his reaction.. He stood there shocked , not able to react what to do.. Was he confused or was he happy.. He himself didn’t know.. He just admired SWARA.. Her cute actions and antics she did..

SWARA- umm.. I am going out SANSKAAR.. We need to execute our plan..

SANSKAAR held her wrist..

SANSKAAR- don’t do this SWARA.. We will take out some other alternative.. You don’t need to do this..

SWARA- SANSKAAR trust me .. Nothing will happen to me.. Now you go and save the girls..

SWARA gently removed his hand from her wrist and covered her face with a veil and moved out, passing a smile to SANSKAAR.. SANSKAAR felt as if some part of him was going away from him.. Something missing, something really important got missing…

SWARA came near the men and started dancing sultry, gazing the attention of all the men.. The men who were standing near the door of the cell also came towards her.. Some men tried to touch her but very cunningly, she moved away from them.. SANSKAAR saw all this .. He wished to chop away the men into peices for looking at SWARA lustily .. If eyes had powers, men would have burnt away in the rage of sanskaar’s eye.. His anger brewed more and more but he knew that being an officer , he had to do his duties.. He just couldn’t back off.. And now when the plan had been put into the shoes, it was extremely dangerous for the girl as well as swara’s life for leaving the plan in mid.. He went inside the locked areas and saved the girls and was taking them away silently.. He signaled SWARA also to move from there.. As SWARA received the signal, she quickly moved to the sides and was about to run away but someone banged her body against him.. When she looked up to see, it was the most grievous man, the leader of this clan.. The raja.. SANSKAAR was aghasted.. He knew that swara’s life was in danger and he seriously needed to do something.. Raja pulled swara and placed a knife on her neck..

RAJA- SANSKAAR and all the other girls.. Come here now otherwise I will kill her…

SWARA (shouted)- no SANSKAAR.. Don’t come .. Take everyone from here.. Take them to a safe place.. Even if I die let me die.. I will be happy that my last breaths were taken by saving someone..

RAJA- if no one is coming then let me first take a little fun of you and then you can die..

Tears dropped from swara’s eyes.. Raja leaned towards her but her received a huge blow from a stick on his head.. It wasn’t SANSKAAR.. It was all the trapped girls.. They all came forward and started beating him.. They let out all their long preserved anger , range and their fight for their respect.. Swara’s word echoed in their minds, “What will one man can do to us? If all stay together then will the 1 man be able to overpower all of us.. Impossible.. ” Meanwhile SWARA ran and melted in sanskaar’s arm.. After sometime, she left him and looked back to see that all girls had finally spared the raja.. All raja’s men had ran from there.. Raja laid down on the ground.. She went and gave a final slap to raja who was almost about to die..

RAJA- don’t think you all won.. You lost and you all will die along with me..

He took out a bomb from his jacket and pressed a button..

RAJA- tick tock.. Tick tock.. This bomb will explode in sometime and then BOOM.. Aha and don’t think of running because the explosives have been planted everywhere.. If you put your one single step and then it would blast..

He gave an evil laugh and died, while all were shocked and looked on helplessly..


#PRECAP- SANSKAAR : I love you SWARA ; SWARA- I love you too SANSKAAR and then B.O.O.M and blast..

#i know guys that it’s the third shot but I won’t be able to complete it today so I will write one more part that it is part 3a is being posted and part 3b will be posted later.. I am not posting “we are destined to be together” today.. I thought that I’ll be able to complete it today but no.. My friend was suffering from fever from 2 days and today she literally fainted while shivering.. She got a stroke of brain fever and then a straight hammorhage.. She is in an extremely critical condition..We all are leaving for hospital only.. She is not at all well.. We all are extremely tensed so I can’t post.. I don’t know if I’ll be able to post tomorrow or not.. Pls pray for my friend.. She is very close to me..


  1. JANVI

    hi di…
    dont worry ur frnd will recover soon… n i will definately pray to god for her….
    nd thanks fr d updates…
    nd stay strong di nothing would go wrong…
    luv u…
    take care…

    • Anu_M



      Thank you dear and my friend is much better but her condition is still not very stable.. Yup, we will continue praying.. Love you too

  2. Pramudi

    Awesome part dear..but don’t kill them plz.
    Don’t worry your friend will be fine. Will pray for her…

  3. Scooby


    |Registered Member

    Wow wat a twist in story.. girls turned brave ws suprb part.. ok dr.. tc..
    ur frnd wil get wel soon.. wil pray for ur frnd..

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.