Swara’s heart sank and sank but she didn’t want to lose and she knew God would be with her. She mustered all her courage and spoke..

SWARA- girls.. Why are you all so silent? Why aren’t you fighting back? Please say something.. It looks as if you all are dead..

A girl gave reply..

GIRL- yes.. We all are dead.. Though our bodies are there but our soul is log lost dead.. I am speaking , no one else will speak here… All are victims of this cruel world.. Fighting back.. You mean to say escaping from here (she gave a sarcastic laugh).. Nobody has been able to escape from this hell, whoever tried to , has escaped from this world.. The leader, raja kills him.. All these men are like robots to him.. Whatever he says they will do.. And same we are becoming like them and slowly you will also become one of us..

SWARA- no never.. What will one man can do to us? If all stay together then will the 1 man be able to overpower all of us.. Impossible..

GIRL- don’t keep your hopes so high.. May be they never get true..

SWARA- may be they get true..

GIRL- you have never faced the miseries, the real hell of this place that’s why you are so confident..

SWARA- but you have seen the problems here then why are you so diffident? You should try more hard to leave the place.. To be away from here.. To be safe from here.. I have a plan but I need your all’s help

GIRL- ok.. Even if you are right then who will assist you at your plan.. These girls who are not even talking to you..

SWARA grew mum.. The girl was right at her place.. The others were not even responding.. Her hopes were shattering but then there were given wings to fly.. All girls stood up and we’re giving their help to her..

GIRL2- we will help you.. You are right..

GIRL3 – yes …may be we can escape from here..

SWARA hesitantly yet with pleaful eyes looked at the first girl (the one who was replying to her)..

GIRL- if all are ok with this then I will also help..

The girls smiled , cheered nd shared a group hug..

Meanwhile, SANSKAAR reached asla mandi in disguise of a famous man who has come here to buy girls. He came to know that their leader is just now missing from the place and he would come little later. The men showed him the way where the girls were kept..

Don’t know why but suddenly sanskaar’s heartbeats started to plunge faster and faster.. He felt a strange sensation in him.. He didn’t knew why suddenly he was getting eager to see the girl’s face with a Krishna idol pendant.. He felt a strange attraction budding inside him.. He wanted to save every girl but this girl …….. Unknowingly, His mind grew more fervid to see her..

He silently gazed at every face in the cell where the goons took him.. Meanwhile, SWARA was explaining her strategy to all the girls.. SANSKAAR reached SWARA’S cell but her back was facing him.. Sanskaar looked at all the girl’s neck but he didn’t find any of then wearing a pendant.. He looked at SWARA from back and the piercing attraction grew wider and wider and he mouthed some words which made himself shocked..

SANSKAAR- I want her..

SWARA listening to the voice turned to face him.. SHE was shocked to see him.. Tears dropped from her eyes..

SWARA(monologue)- chii.. I thought, he is a very good man.. An honest officer but no, he is also same like others.. He is a womaniser and look he has come here to …….. Chii…

SANSKAAR was mesmerised to see her and then noticed the pendant in her neck..

SANSKAAR(monologue)- She is so pretty.. Selfless and kind hearted … She didn’t care for herself and saved those girls and now she is trapped here.. Her inner beauty is being reflected at her face making her look different from others here .. Her dark eyes are so soothing which could calm anyone but wait, why is she crying.. why is she crying?? O fish SANSKAAR.. What did you say?? Arghh.. What must she be thinking about me?? Koi baat NAHI.. I’ll talk to her now..

SANSKAAR (to the man)- I’ll pay the amount but I need a room here.. Get me now..

SWARA looked at him in disbelief.. She couldn’t believe her ears.. She couldn’t believe her eyes that this is the same man whom she admired and unexpectedly even loved before.. (:p.. Heheh.. Shocked na.. SWARA loves sanskaar par kaise, Kahan, read further.. Ho sakta hai pata chal jaye)

Some men dragged her to the room and after few minutes, sanskaar came in..

SWARA- look.. I am saying stay away from me..

SANSKAAR- listen..

SWARA- don’t try to come close to me..

SANSKAAR (advancing his steps towards her)- listen to me ..

SWARA – I am saying stay away from me…

SANSKAAR was irritated by her for not listening to him.. Her constant shouts would evoke attention towards them and he knew he wouldn’t be able to save any one of them so he rushed towards her and pinned her arms with his one hand and with another closed her mouth..

SANSKAAR- PLS listen to me and stop shouting… (Swara furrowed her burrows).. I am SANSKAAR MAHESHWARI.. I am a raw Agent and I have gone undercover to save you all and stop this racket.. Please don’t shout and cooperate .. I really need your help.. Will you help me?

He again asked and SWARA signaled him to remove his hand..

SANSKAAR- o.. M sorry..

SWARA- I know who you are .. I am really sorry.. I thought………

SWARA was really happy that her love was not what she thought.. But she was guilty for misunderstanding him and his good deeds.

SANSKAAR- it’s ok .. I understand.. Anyone will actually think that only.. Your name?

SWARA- SWARA.. SWARA gadodia.. How can I help you?

SANSKAAR- I have a plan.. First of all, we need to take out all the girls from that cell.. For That we need to distract the guards.. Then slowly we will take them to exit way and from there, our force will handle..

SWARA- but how will you distract the guards..

SANSKAAR- that only I am thinking..

SWARA- that I can do..


SWARA shared her plan but SANSKAAR wasn’t permitting her to do so.. But after many attempts of SWARA, though not heartedly but sanskaar allowed her.. Suddenly, they heard the clicking of the Door knob and in fraction of seconds, SANSKAAR pulled SWARA over him and kissed her.. SWARA was shocked by his actions but then noticed the man peeping from the Door and she immediately knew why he did this..

SANSKAAR- did the man go?

SWARA- yes he went..

SANSKAAR- I am sorry.. Wo

SWARA (chuckling)- This time I understand.. So no sorry.. Are you ready for the plan? (He nodded). Don’t take tension.. We will do it..

SANSKAAR- hmm .. You pull over the veil..

SANSKAAR stared at SWARA.. He placed his hand over his lips.. He could feel her flavour.. So sweet .. So enticing..

SANSKAAR- SWARA.. You said you know me from before .. How do you know me??

SWARA- umm.. I’ll tell you.. Actually …………

#PRECAP- SANSKAAR : I love you SWARA ; SWARA- I love you too SANSKAAR and then B.O.O.M and blast..

What is this? Boom and blast??¿¿.. Guess guess.. Right guess would get a virtual chocolate ??????
I know this one was too a lot boring because I am in not a mood to write and when I have no good mood to write, I really write junk.. So please, a big sorry.. Really sorry

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