A girl is standing beside a wrecked car, all alone, at an isolated road..

SWARA (holding her pendant which had a small idol of Krishna Ji)- Kanha Ji.. What is this? Now, how will I return home. Is car KO bhi abhi hi kharab hona tha.. All strayed at a lonely place..

She heard some sound and looked up to see some lantern light coming from the mid of the forested area..

SWARA- Seems that there is some village inside. I can seek help from there.

She went towards the area and slightly peeping moved in. She continued moving inside and further inside.

Looking at the view, she stepped back in horror. She was highly shocked. Never in her life she had witnessed something like these.

Many girls were tied to a rope and were kept in a cage as if birds and animals for sale. Some seemed to be 19 years of age, some 15 years and some hardly of 10 or 12 years. All were shouting for help. A group of men were standing near them. One of the men spoke..

MAN 1- Shout how much you want.. Ask for help but you won’t get any and in sometime we will take you to our boss and there along with other girls you will be sold.

MAN 2- boss would reward us highly, afterall we have collected so many girls for him.

The whole group laughed and enjoyed. The goons moved a little far from the place and involved themselves in playing cards and sleeping.

SWARA looked at the girls and her eyes filled with tears. The looked so pale, so impeccant then how did they fall in this grave trap. SWARA wanted to help them. She had always been a social worker. That’s what her parents taught her. Though belonging from a very high class social family, she never felt indignant to land on the floor and eat her meal with the poors.. She was a lovable, kind heart and her so pure heart didn’t allow her to let the girls suffer.

As she noticed that the men were sufficiently far away, she reached out to the girls and carefully opened the lock. All the girls passed her a huge, warm smile. Slowly, slowly, she freed them and the girls ran from there. When SWARA was saving the last girl, the men came towards them. Both of them shook with fear.

SWARA- baccha run.. Go run fast..

Fortunately, the girl was saved and she Hid herself behind a bush but the men got hold of SWARA.

MAN1- you girl.. You made all other run away. Now boss won’t leave us because of you , he will kill us today.

MAN2 – hold this girl and take her to asla mandi. She saved others and no would be able to save her from us.

Two men held swara and tied her with chains dragging her somewhere to their leader.
SWARA- leave me you all.. Leave me..

The girl whom SWARA saved , saw all this. She ran at the roads and shouted. There was a vehicle coming towards her and the driver seeing the girl at the middle of the road applied sudden breaks giving a jerk to the car.

SANSKAAR- what happened laksh? Why did you stop the car?

LAKSH- sanskaar.. There’s someone out infront of the car..

They both came out and the girl fell on their fight.

THE GIRL- sahab Pls save that didi.. That angel. Those people won’t leave her. Pls save our angel.

LAKSH- beta.. Stand up first..

SANSKAAR- now tell… Who are you? What happened?

THE GIRL- sahab.. My name is shruti. I am from a nearby village. Some goons had come to our village and kidnapped all the girls. I was also one of them. They had kept us nearby then angel came and she saved us from them but those bad men took her. They must be taking her to asla mandi. Sahab Pls save her, otherwise they will sell her there. That’s a very bad place.


SANSKAAR- laksh .. You take her to a safe place.. I’ll save the girl and RAW’s next mission was to capture these asla mandi’ people only who are selling the girls. I need to leave now .. You be ready with the force and come soon.

LAKSH- thik hai bhai.. But how will you recognise the girl?

(Yup sanlak are RAW AGENTS)

THE GIRL- didi wore a pendant of Kanha Ji..

SANSKAAR- thik hai beta.. Now you go with this uncle. I will save your angel..

THE GIRL(cutely) -pucca promise..

SANSKAAR (smiling)- pucca promise

Otherside, SWARA was brought to asla mandi. She clutched her pendant tight. The scene which she saw was worse than the previous scene she witnessed. There girls were only tied but here the girls were being sold and bargained. Not 1, not 2, not 5, not 10, it seemed the whole girls of the city were being tortured here. She was made to go in a prison type room where many other girls were there. She was determined to fight back and save herself and sis he tried to talk to the girls, but none of them replied back. It was said they have been carved out of an alabaster stone and placed them to be seated there. Not a single girl replied to her or talk to her. She believed in making her own destiny but here, it was as if the girls accepted their situation. They didn’t want to fight for their respect. They didn’t want to struggle. They just believed simply that they were the next to be sold and bought. Her heart grew with fear. What was she supposed to do. A tear escaped her eye and she firmly held her pendant.

#PRECAP- Will sanskaar be able to save SWARA?

How will he do that all alone?

Will swara be able to save herself?

Will she be able to continue being brave or some disaster would happen.

The story starts from next shot and then the last. You are gonna see Swasan moments. This chappy was sort of a promo and lil boring too but If I get good good comments then the next chapter may be posted today itself. Lol. I am selfish ..I know. Par kya karun. If less comments then no motivation. If more comments then I may tamper a little with my schedule and post the chapter soon

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  1. AnuAnn

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    1. Anu_M

      No worries rupa.. I am good .. Just was too stressed out so didn’t get time to write .. Moreover we all are busy in the annual exhibition practices…. Thank you for appreciating my ts and SS, give me sometime.. I’ll analyse and tell..

      Rupa.. Love u so so so much.. Yaar, you are loaded with extra cuteness and goodness.. Send me your pic.. I’ll squeeze your cheeks virtually only..

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    Love u till infinity…

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      Koi baat nahi my baccha.. Happy independence and enjoy your holiday.. Love you more than infinity( if possible)..??

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      No di.. Why would I mind if you say something.. If you all won’t say then who would say.. Di you are missing my SS.. I am so pleased di but di I didn’t post because I wasn’t getting a single good moment to write.. If I wrote long chapters then I would take atleast 5 good episodes to complete it .. But then prakriti messaged ME and expressed her wish.. I just couldn’t disappoint the little heart and so I wrote this.. First I thought to write an os but unfortunately I couldn’t complete it so I made it a TS which I can complete with small episodes too

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