Swasan TS! Twisted Destiny (Part 2)

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“What is her name?” Sanskar asked her partner.
“Swara”,he replied.
“Swara! Such a beautiful name”,Sanskar said with love.
“Go and tell her that I am waiting for her in the coffee shop”,Sanskar ordered him.
“This Sanskar is so annoying”,Swara said.
“Jab tak tu pategi nahi he will keep on trying to woo you”,Uttara said.
“Wese where does he live?” Swara asked.
“He is waiting for you in the coffee shop”,Bunty said while running.
“Don’t you dare to come infront of me again”,Swara said slapping him.
“See Sanskar I am not interested in you. Maine I love you train se kaha tha tumhe nahi. So please stop following me and let me live peacefully”,Swara said out of frustration.
“Over?”Sanskar asked.
“Nahi……. Haan over”,Swara said.
“The moment I saw you I feel in love with you”,Sanskar said.
“But I don’t love you”,Swara said while getting up.
“Till my last breath I will keep on saying I LOVE YOU TOO”,Sanskar said.

Jab tak tujhe pyar se
Beinteha main bhar na dun
Jab tak main duaaoon sa
Sau dafa tujhe pad na loon
Haan mere paas tum raho
Jaane ki baat na karo
Mere sath tum raho
Jaane ki baat na karo
Tum aa gaye baazuon mein mere
Sau sawere liye
Sau sawere liye
Haan baadalon se utaara gaya
Tumko mere liye sirf mere liye
Jab tak meri ungliyan
Tere baalon se kuch kehna le
Jab tak teri lehar mein
Khwaahishein meri behna le
Haan mere paas tum raho
Jaane ki baat na karo
Mere sath tum raho
Jaane ki baat na karo

“You are omi right?” Sahil asked
“Yes! How do you know me?” Omi asked.
“Where is Sanskar?”Sahil asked.
“Kya wo apka dusmaan hai?”Omi asked.
“No! Actually I am searching for someone and only knows the address”,Sahil said.
“He is in kolkata”,Omi said.
Sahil gave a wickef smile.
“Swara just say it clearly. Do yoy love me or not. I feel bad following you without knowing your opinion. Do you love me?” Sanskar asked.
Swara looked at her astonishing and turned her head.
“So you don’t love me?” Sanskar asked.
Swara turned back her head and looked at Sanskar lovingly.
Swara was confused about her own feelings. Somewhere she was smitten by Sanskar. Her heart has fallen for him.
Being comfused she decided to go from there instead of replying him.
“Agar tum mujhse pyar kartr ho then uss age wale mod pe mud kar zarror dekhna. And if you won’t turn I will understand that you don’t love me and I will never show you my face again”,Sanskar said.

At that time bhaiyaji’s goon came to take Sanskar. Shankar went to him.
“Look back”,he said.
Sanskar looked back and saw bhaiyaji’s men standing there with wooden logs in their hand.
“I am waiting for that girl to turn back. If she turns back it means she loves me. And her swear if she turns back I will beat all your men very bad”,Sanskar said.
“2minutes”,Shankar said to his men.
At that same time Sahil too came there. He was standing in one opposite direction.
“Sir! Sanskar is there”,Omi said pointing towards Sanskar.
Sahil looked at Sanskar and followed his gaze which were on Swara.
“I got her”,Sahil said looking at Swara.
“But sir Sanskar is here not there”,Omi said.
“I don’t want him. I want this girl”,Sahil said and followed Swara.
Meanwhile bhaiyaji’s son came and hit on Sanskar’s head with a log. Sanskar fell down uncounsious.
There Sahil forcibly took Swara with him.
“I won’t ask who you are because I know I am brought here by mistake”,Swara said.
“Not by mistake. You are the girl whom I was searching”,Sahil said.
“But I don’t know you”,Swara said.
“You are my luck and I can go any extend to keep my luck with me”,Sahil said.
“Luck?” Swara asked confusingly.
“Yes! First I saw you in a fair. That was my sole enemy’s area. Situation was very critical. Either of us had to die. He had aimed gun point on me. Luckily at that time you pushed me and I got saved”,Sahil said.
“That was by mistake. I did not push you intentionally”,Swara said.
“That does not matter. You saved me. Again one day I was going to court for one judgment. There were 99% chances of judgment against me. But I saw you on the way. I stopped the car and tried to find you but I could not get you. But again you proved yourself to be lucky for me. The opponent took back the case and I was freed”,Sahil said.
Swara looked at Sahil in disbelief.

“Again one day I was traveling in a train. I heard you saying I love you. I looked at you and got to know that it was not for me. It was for someone else. He jumped off the train for you. I too jumped. But I got hit by a pillar and was hospitalized”,Sahil said.
“Mujhe dekhto ho toh kuch accha hota hai but iss baar to bura ho gaya”,Swara said.
“I jumped for you that’s why I am alive. When I saw Sanskar, there was amazing spark in his eyes. I knew he will definitely find you that’swhy I followed him in order to get you. We are marrying tomorrow”,Sahil said.
Bhaiyaji’s men placed Sanskar in a truck and were going to kill him infront of the villagers. They stopped near a tea stall. All the men got off the truck. Shankar was about to get off but Bhaiyaji’s elder son stopped him.
“where are you going?” he asked.
“To drink tea with you all”,Shankar replied.

“If you will also come then who will keep an eye on him. You be there”,he ordered.
“What do they think of me. They all will enjoy there and I will sit here alone. Unka kismat accha hai ki uss ladki ne mud kar dekha tha but iss ladke ne nahi dekha warna sab ko maar dalta ye”,Shankar said.
“Had she turned back?” Sanskar got up and asked.
“Yes”,Shankar replied.
“It means she loves me”,Sanskar said romantically.
Sanskar did as he had said. He beat all the men excluding shankar and fled away from there.
“Where is that boy”,Bhaiyaji shouted.
“He went away”,Shankar answered.
“But how?” Bhaiyaji shouted
Meanwhile Shankar’s phone ringed.
“Helllooo”,Shankar said.
“Hii shankar”,Sanskar said.
“Sanskar?”Shanakr said shockingly.
“I will kill him”,Bhaiyaji shouted.
“To kill me first you need to catch me and you know that is impossible. Someone have kidnapped my gf and I am going there to bring my gf. If she would had been with you,I would have automatically came to yoy”,Sanskar said and disconnected the call.
“Sir I have a plan”,Shankar said.
“what?” Bhaiyaji asked.
“someone have kidnapped his gf. If we bring his gf here he will automatically come here”,Shankar said.
“Good idea”,bhaiyaji said.
Sahil and swara were going in a car to a temple. Sanskar came in his bike from the opposite direction. Bhaiyaji’s henchmen came from behind. Sahil thought that they are I Sanskar’s team and instructed his men to beat them. Soon there was a fight in between two parties and in this chaos Sanskar took Swara and fled away from there.

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One more part is remaining. I will try to post the last part tonight.
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