Swasan TS! Twisted Destiny (Part 1)

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“Call the bride”,the priest instructed.
The bride’s father nodded his head and signalled his wife to call their daughter. She went upstairs to fetch their daughter. After few minutes she came back with a worried face.
“Suniye ji our daughter is not in her room”,she almost cried.
“Search the entire house”,he instructed all his men.
“I cannot run more”,a girl aaid out of her breath. Her hands were on her knees.
“Don’t you want to marry your love? We have almost reached. Run fast”, the guy said.
“Mohit”,the girl ran into a man’s arms.
Mohit reciprocated the hug and kissed her forehead.
“Thanks Sanskar for bringing Kavita here”,Mohit said hugging Sanskar.
“Don’t say thanks yaar. Tujhe meri 2 conditions toh yaad hai na?” Sanskar asked.
“Which conditions?” Kavita was puzzled.
“1st is that we ll click a selfie with him and hang that frame in our room and 2nd is that we will keep our child’s name matching to him”, Mohit said.
“Sure”,Kavita smiled.
“Let’s finish the marriage first”, Sanskar said.
Mohit and Kavita sat for the marriage rituals. They took seven pheras and mohit tied mangalsutra in her neck and applied vermilion in her hairline. The priest declared them as husband and wife.
“Smile” ,Sanskar said as he clicsked selfie with them.
“Sanskar run. Kavita’s father have sent goons”,Omi shouted from back.
Sanskar made kavita nd mohit sit in a car and ran in the opposite direction so that the goon’s attention will be diverted from mohit and kavita.
“Sanskar don’t come with me and run in opposite direction”,Omi pleaded.
Sanskar gave a wicked smile and followed omi. Soon they reached the station and omi got on train.
“Forward your hand”,Sanskar said while running.
Omi forwarded his hands and Sanskar pulled him off the train taking his place.
“Kamina hai tu”,Omi cursed Sanskar.

Sanskar basically a boy from Mumbai is everyone’s favorite. He can do anything for his friends. He has 2 principles in his life. 1st is that wait till you get a girl of your choice and 2nd is that when you find her, even die for her.
Sanskar was sitting in his place when an astrologer came nd sat infront of him.
“Wear a white kameez today and serve milk to a cat,your day will be very good” ,the astrologer said to someone over phone.
“Do people believe in all these shit?” A fellow passenger asked.
“Beta today vayu will not be in your support”,the astrologer said and smiled.
‘Let’s see,the man said.
“Ticket ticket” ,the TTE exclaimed.
The fellow passenger took out his ticket from his pocket and was about to give the ticket but it flew in the air out of the window.
“Sir you are great”, Sanskar said.
“But you are very precarious”,the astrologer frowned
“Sir please say something about my life”,Sanskar said.
“The one you are following and the one who is following you will meet you today”,the astrologer said.
“Yeh to bouncer gaya”,Sanskar said scratching his head.
“The one you are following means your dream girl and the one who is following you means your enemy”,the astrologer said.
The trai stopped at a station. Sanskar got up to leave.
“Where are you going?” the astrologer asked.
“To smoke”,Sanskar said.
“Don’t go”,the astrologer said.
“Bhaiya ek cigarette dena”,Sanskar asked the shopkeeper.
The shopkeeper gave him a cigarette as he was about to light it someone snatched his lighter.
“Wo mera lighter hai” ,Sanskar said.
“Don’t you know who he is”,one of the goon said.
“Even I don’t want to know”,Sanskar said twisting his hands.
He beat all their mens including their sardar too.
“You are messing with a wrong person”,their head said.
“Mat batana tu koun hai. Kyunki jab v tu mere khayal mei aayega tab tab aakar mei tujhe marunga”, Sanskar said while going.
Strange people are living here . Just for one lighter I had to break bones”,Sanskar said.
“Mene mana kiya tha jane se”,the astrologer said.
“But how will I know”,Sanskar said innocently.
“Best of luck. I will get off the next station”,the astrologer said with a smile.
The train was passing through some farm and Sanskar was standing near the door.
“I love you” a female voice came from background. Sanskar was mesmerized by the voice and saw a girl in a red gown running looking at him.
“I love you! I will die for you! Please love me!’ The girl said while running.
Sanskar was mesmerized by that girl. It was love at first sight for him.

“Wow you acted so well. Agar tune kaal v isi tarah ka performance diya na toh definitely you will win”,uttara said.
“Thank you”,the girl said.
“You performed so well,have u seen anyone in the train?” Uttara asked.
“Yes that boy”,the girl said.
Sanskar’s worda echoed in his ears- Apne pasand ka ladki milne tak wait karo and jab wo mil jaye uske liye mar mito.
Sanskar had an amazing spark in his eyes and he jumped of the train.

“OMG! He jumped off the train. Bhag uttara”,the girl said.
“If you will say I love you then obviously he will run after you”,uttara said.
“Hey wait”,Sanskar said running after their scooty.
Sanskar gave her a flying kiss as she went out of sight.

Tu tu hai wahi
Dil ne jise apna kahan
Tu hai jahaan
Main hoon wahan
Toh yeh jeena
Tere bin hai saza

Mil jaye iss tarah
Do lehrein jis tarah
Mil jaye iss tarah
Do lehrein jis tarah
Phir ho na judaa
Haan yeh vaada raha

Main awaaz hoon tu
Tu hai geet mera
Jahaan se nirala
Mann meet mera

Ho mil jaye is tarah
Do lehrein jis tarah..

Phir ho na judaa
Haan yeh vaada raha

Kabhi khaab mein bhi tu
Mujhse na roote
Mere pyar ki koi
Khushiyan na lutte

Ho mil jaye is tarah
Do lehrein jis tarah
Phir ho na judaa
Haan yeh vaada raha
“Who was he?” , a man in 60’s roared
“Bhaiyaji we don’t know know him”,one man said.
“But why he faught with my son?” He asked.
“For lighter”,Shankar said.
“For a small lighter he broke boned?” Bhaiyaji asked.
“Yes he was looking like a mad feelow”,shankar said.
“I don’t care who he is. I want him alive. I will kill him infront of the villagers so that their fear comes back”, bhaiyaji roared.
Bhaiyaji is the head of the village . He wants to see fear for him in the eyes of the villagers. He considers himself as the god of the village. Initially everyone used to fear him but after Sanskar beat his son,the villagers’s fear evaporated. Bhaiyaji wanted to bring back their fear by killing Sanskar.
“I love you”,the same girl said.
She was giving a performance in one auditorium. A toy train was there in which the girl’s partner was standing. Sanskar pulled him and took his place.
“I love you too”,Sanskar said.
“This is not your dialogue. Your dlg is I ll die for u too”,the girl whispered.
“But I ll not die for u instead I can kill anyone for you”,Sanskar said.
The girl looked up.
“You?”,she said.
“I came here to give the reply of your proposal”,Sanskar said.
“Mene wo tumhe nahi train ko kaha tha. I don’t love you”,the girl said and walked off the stage.
“what is her name?’ Sanskar asked her partner.
“Swara”,he said.
“Swara!! Such a beautiful name”,Sanskar said with love.
“Go and tell her that I am waiting for her in the coffee shop”,Sanskar said him.

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