SWASAN ts – together forever (Episode 1)


Hello guys.. It’s Riya back with an ts probably.. Finally my exams are over and coming to my full name is Riya Malik as there are so many Riya’s on tu … Hope u like the episode and how do I know I like the comment … So for that u have to comment please!!!.. And yes don’t judge the story in beginning.. Do read till end and do tell me what did u think that the storyline is.. Guys it’s swasan ts

SANSKAAR, the heartthrob of the college entered.. All the eyes could not move their sight for them.. Sanskaar could feel all the warm gaze on him but he ignored it and moved .. It had become his daily routine.. All girls were infatuated by his charming looks except swara ( don’t know may be she liked him ?? ) ..

He went to meet his bestie aarav. They were really close friends.. But aarav and Sanskaar are two different poles of an object. . Aarav is short tempered but Sanskaar has a very cool temperament. Aarav hates Swara but sanskaar loves swara. Sanskaar cannot hate anyone neither does he develops any hard feelings for someone and nor does he believes in taking revenge and all sort of other wrong activities whereas , Aarav is very egoistic.. If someone rejects him in any case then he ought to take a stark revenge from that person..
( don’t know how this bad boy became our good boy’s bestie. ??)

Coming to Swara .. She is considered as the biggest nerd college.. She does not make any friends and is all time indulged in her books.. People even tease her by calling her ugly or nerdo.. She has a dark complexion with big swotty glasses and braces on her teeth…. She has good features but nobody can make out it because of her glasses and braces

( hmm.. People say that she is ugly .. Don’t know if she is really as depicted or not.. Don’t bash me for doing so.. ??)

Aarav was given a bet to be friends with Swara.. Aarav being impudent about his personality , was sure that a vile girl like Swara would have no problem in befriending a well favored man like him.. But Swara didn’t pay heed to him and spurned his friendship proposal in front of whole college, stating that books are her best friends.. After that day, Aarav swore to avenge the pay of his embarrassment from her by making her every single day hades ( hell ). Even ragini, a modern, pretty, fashionable girl was considered swara’s arch enemy

Sanskaar was unaware of aarav’s rivalry with Swara.. On the other hand .. Sanskaar loved Swara .. How come a boy like Sanskaar fell in love with the nerdy Swara.. Few days past that Swara had left her handkerchief and Sanskaar followed her to return her.. He was amazed to see her activities.. She visited a temple , distributed food to poor people and he was vexed to know that all there recognized her.. His heart felt immense happiness, he himself didn’t know why but a beautiful smile creeped on his face on seeing her.. He followed her further and saw that next she visited an orphanage.. As she entered some cute kids blindfolded her eyes and squalled her name calling sweetly ‘ Swara di! Swara Di!!!! ‘.. Sanskaar found the kids so cute . And Swara , she was playing with the kids just like she was one of them.. One of them brought a pink guitar and the Kids asked Swara to play guitar. Her voice was tremendously rattling.. Swara’s voice was so melodious even better than a nightingale’s. Her song made sanskaar believe that he had lost his heart to her, though she wasn’t pretty but she was beautiful.. One with a heart of gold.. She was the girl , He wished for… her girl. He love to say that .. After that, he everyday tried to talk to her, help her, impress her but she didn’t react or reply to any of her actions.

At the beginning of their last semester, Aarav planned to trap her. He decided to sent Swara to the pool.. Due to the wet area , near the pool, she would fall in it.. After that someone will go and save her. This incident would frighten her and then he would make her do, whatever he wants. As per his plan, Swara reached the pool and fell on it.. Sanskaar came to know about aarav’s plan. He broke his relation with aarav and reached their to save Swara. But there he saw something, which aghasted him with surprise
He froze on his position, lil far away from the pool… SWARA was swimming.. It looked as if she was an expert swimmer .. Her every stroke was so clean.. Do u think he was shocked by this?? Nope , he was appalled to see that swara was feigning her personally.. But how?? As she moved out of the pool.. She started coughing badly.. she removed her braces , glasses and leaned down to wash her face.. Sort of some brownish powder rolled down her face and revealed her beauty. She had creamy white skin, her hazel orbs were so beautiful that he seemed he may drown in it.. Her milky teeth and cherry lips were never looked at.. Her dress hugged her body exposing the beautiful curves of her body.. She was just so , so pretty , as if an angel stepped on earth straight from heaven.. Before he could analyse anything further.. Someone came running to swara.. The face seemed familiar to him.. It was .. It was ragini.. He stepped back.. He was so shocked. He went closer to listen their conservation..

R- swara !! U r okay na

S- are Meri maa!!! I am okay see nothing happened to me..see nothing.. U know na I know swimming

R- ha , I know that u r a national level swimmer. But first tell me how did it happen.. Did aarav..

S- yes…

R- swara.. What is this yaar. I’ll kill him today for sure .. How can he do this!! And u .. I have told u na .. Stop all this .. Pls.. See what has happened.. Swara u r the most beautiful girl in the city.. U have excellent skills.. U r a topper .. U sing beautifully.. U dance beautifully.. What not … And most importantly, u r swara Gadodia, the daughter of mr. Shekhar Gadodia … The hier of the vast Gadodia empire and most importantly u r the world’s leading business women..

S- ragini.. U know na .. My mom’s last wish .. She wanted me to become a doctor.. And I want to fulfill her wish at any cost.. I need to give my self such a look because it’s important… If media comes to know that I am studying here then it will become the breaking news .. Then security problems and then dad won’t allow me to study.. Then how will I fulfill my mother’s wish.. U tell me

R- accha . I am sorry.. U won’t cry na .. But this Aarav .. He is too much yaar.. Even though I am ur best friend, I act so mean to u .. So rude to u so that he may involve me I his plan , thinking me as ur enemy but this guy ..

Sanskaar eye’s grew wider and wider as she spoke.. He was proud on his choice.. He knew that his girl was good but the girl he was seeing before him was very very good.. Something beyond reality.. Something trapped in fairytale… His chain of thoughts were broken when ragini started speaking further…

R- leave all that.. U know what laksh was calling u .. After u didn’t pick up , he was calling me too.. Now call him fast..

S- what lucky called .. U should have told me first na ..

Swara called laksh and placed the phone on speaker so that he is also audible to ragini.. Both of them had too listen his complains together.

L- swaragini .. Why u both were not picking my calls

Swarigini in unison ” SHOLLY”

L- accha, ohkk .. Don’t be so sweet now .. Waise I am coming back tonight

S- I missed u so much lucky… I am so happy u r coming back . I love u .. I love u so so much .. Ummah..

R- good laksh.. U r coming .. U know this girl .. All day and all night , she talks about u , u and u

They ended the call.. All this while sanskaar was fuming with jealousy and next moment, he was shattered to listen that swara said I love u to someone .. But then he thought that may be laksh is swara’s brother.. Like in other stories, it usually happens.. His heart beamed with joy on his conclusion..

R- swara .. There is a party by maheshwaris.. And it’s a youngsters party .. No adults will come and the dress code is western .. We ought to get ready .. Let’s move to college dressing room.. In 1 hour , we need to reach her venue

S- ( saluting her) YES MAM!! And then both laughed at her convulsive act.
( oops .. People .. I know that’s practically impossible but this is riya ‘s ff and riya can do anything so a big SHOLLY.. I am very cute so pls forgive me ????)

Hearing ragini’s talk , sanskaar was reminded of the party in his home which his dad, durgaprasad maheshwari had organized to get him involved in business.. It was the same party where Swaragini had to go.. His trails of thought of admiration of swara continued and continued.. He didn’t even notice that the two girls had already left and even returned fully ready..

He looked up to see , swara in a new , killing look.. God anybody could fall for her in one go.. She wore a strapless black dress little above her knees and the latter part of her legs were covered with a net cloth.. Her dress was decorated with golden shimmer and sequences.. Her eyes were smoky black with long mascaras .. Her lips blood red and a tinge of pink colour on her cheeks.. The dress had a lil deep back but it was covered by her trendy long hairs which were loose curled and side- partitioned.. She wore no other accessory.. Ragini was also looking beautiful in a red dress.. In fact, both were looking absolutely stunning.. Sanskaar also hurried up.. Poor boy.. He completely forgot that his father was the host of the party and as it was a youth party , the responsibility of handling the guests immediately moved over to him..

Swaragini reached the venue.. Swara’s mouth made an ‘O’ seeing sanskaar.. He was looking breathtaking wearing black suit , white shirt and a golden tie
( matching- matching means something-something aww). Swara, like all other girls considered him handsome .. She liked him but love .. Never did she had such feelings for him, though she knew sanskaar loved him.. She respected him a lot and also considered him to be a good man .. Because who in this world would fall for an atrocious face like that of hers, but he claimed to do so.. Sanskaar warmly greeted the two ladies and went upon the mike to thank people for coming to his party., though Sanskaar was speaking , he could not remove his eyes from his Juliet aka swara…. People hooted to dance and sanskaar moved forward and catched swara’s hand and slides in between the dance floor ., many others had already occupied the space. He gently slid his arms through her waist.. they were dancing passionately yet smoothly..

Sw- sanskaar, what’s this .. Why did u drag me??

Sa- so, swara, I know about ur real identity… I know why do u defame ur self in college..

Swara was bewildered on listening this. Before sanskaar could continue , she interrupted.

Sw- oh., I see .. I thought u r not like others but no.. U are also like other boys who are after my external beauty.. Oh yes .. I should have understood before.. I thought u r a nice guy .. I respected u but no … No .. U all are same,,

Saying this she left the place, jerking his hands away.. Sanskaar was dismayed.. His love had misunderstood him so badly.. Sanskaar followed her car and reached to her mansion.. Swara had already gone inside.. He moved further and saw a boy sitting on his knees with a ring in his hand ..

S- lucky..,… Say

L- from the time , I have seen u, I fell for u .. I know u love me too but now I can’t live without you.. I want to make u my better half.. My life partner.. My wife… My first and last love .. Will u marry me???

Swara smiled and
S- yesss….

Sanskaar’s eyes were filled with tears.. He had lost his love ..

To be continued…

Credit to: Riya

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