Swasan ts part 2 aashiquie by samaira

Iam very sorry guys for making this in parts but I had written the story abt 5 times but it got deleted hats off to all the writers I don’t know how u guys write IAM really sorry for not posting
Let’s continue;
Next day:
Again in principal s room ( this is the last time he s scence is gonna be here )
Swsanlak and other team members r standing
Principal- today IAM going to announce something really very important that can change ur life India s best collage excell collage is keeping an international dance competition and they have invited Mumbai s top 10 collages as we r one in the top 10 collages of Mumbai so they r gonna select one best dance pair if it was in my hands I would directly send swalak ( both swara and laksh are damn happy nd HiFi each other while our hero is busy staring them) but
the judges r personally gonna select and there r going to be 5 performances so best of luck guyss!

In canteen:
Sanskar is sitting in a corner table and making notes and eating some chips just then swalak enters and they both go towards him
Swara- hi sanky wht r u doing ( she sits beside him while laksh sits in front of them)
Sanskaar- nuthing was just making notes perfomance ke chakkar mein I had missed a class
Swara( surprised)- ek class miss ki ho ya pura saal top toh Tum hi karne wale ho
Sanskar just smiles
Laksh- ye sab chodo sankaar r u taking part in this competition
Sanskar- nahi yaar
Laksh- y dude aise chances baar baar nahi aate and u know this time me and swara r going to give the best performance
Swara- (moves from her place and side hugs laksh) yeah and y don’t u participate ur such a gud dancer …
Sanskar- actually yaar I dont have any dance partner
Swara- seriously sanskaar just say yes u will get a line of girls IAM sure
Sanskar- hmm but whom I wanted to dance she is dancing with someone else ( says indirectly to swara) so I just backed out..
Laksh- that’s ok better luck next time yaar
Swara-hmm but agar Tum chaho so u can tell me who is tht girl while sanskaar just let out a small laugh
Laksh (interrupted) baby we r getting late Bhai will catch u after rehearsals
Swara- bye but we will talk about this later and if u don’t get tht girl find someone other
Sanskar- hmm bye (thinks) how easily u said na ke kisi aur ko dhoond lo I really love u swara…

In rehearsal room:
Laksh and swara r participating but swara was making mistake in one step
Laksh: swara yaar how many times r u going to do this mistake
Swara- sorry let’s try again
Laksh hmm k
And they again do that steps twice swara does mistakes two times also but first time laksh ignores 2nd time he gets frustrated
Laksh- wht yaar swara we r going to perform on international stage this mistakes won’t work there
Swara sadly looks at him…..
Laksh- IAM not doing this for me right IAM doing this for both of us
Swara- I don’t know laksh IAM already very tired and don’t know what happend to me iam not able to do tht step
Laksh- fine u rest we will rehearse tommorow
He gets angry and goes
While swara stands teared eye and she mumbles – I am sorry I was really tired
Sanskar sees all this standing near door and he gets sad seeing swara sad
Next day rehearsal room
Just as swara enters she sees laksh dancing with ragini
New character:
Ragini gadodia- jealous of swara she is also a gud dancer but not more than swara she always try to become like her
Swara gets angry seeing them both and starts giving a challenge to ragini and they both dance and swara does much better than ragini and ragini gets emberassed and walks out from there
Swara gets angry on laksh while laksh makes a silly excuse by saying that he was just teaching her
And they again continue to dance on song meherbaan… While swara does mistakes several times as she was having pain in her knee but still she was doing for laksh .

At one step she falls down and her ankle gets sprained and laksh was just standing there – wht happened now swara
Swara( crying)- my anke got twisted pls help me iam in pain but laksh doesn’t give her any heed and walks out from there whole she sits crying holding her ankle…just then Sanskar enters
Sanskar got to know the problem he explains her that laksh was just upset and helps her in standing he holds her hand and keeps other hand on waist and they reach the girls hostel on bike :
Sankar – r u ok now?
SwarA- yeah
Sanskar- sure
Swara- yep u know what u are a very gud frnd and hugs sanskaar happily he gets numb and hugs her back slowly
Next day at rehearsal room laksh is waiting for swara
Laksh( talks to himself) – this girl is very irresponsible how r we going to win the competition huhhh
Just then he gets a call of swara
Laksh- hello yaar swara where r u and starts scolding her just than
Swara s phone but a man speaks – do u know swara
Laksh – yes who is it and where is swara?
Op- she has met with an accident and is admitted in city hospital!!!
Laksh- (shockingly ) swara s accident !!
As sanskar was passing by he hears this and gets shocked and runs after him
City hospital:
Laksh is in front of the op theatre and waiting for the doctor just then doctor comes
Laksh- doctor swara is ok right will she be able to dance? ( He doesn’t care abt swara huh)
Doctor: dance wht r u talking Mr she won’t be able to walk also sorry to say she had a blood clot in her right leg and it was going to spread in her body for which she could die and we had to cut her right leg but we can fix a plastic leg( sorry guys I don’t know what we say that) but she needs family support can u call her family?

* Note- selection is after 3 weeks
Laksh- doctor her family went to USA for a business trip it will take time for them to come
Doctor- ok till that time take care of her right now she is unconscious …
Laksh is very shocked and he talks to himself- sorry swara but dance is more important to me…
After 12 hrs swara get conscious while all the time sanskar was sitting on a couch near swara and talking with her…..
Just as swara gets up she gets shocked seeing sanskar (sanky is also awake only ok)
As she was expecting laksh to be there
Swara checks her surrounding …
Swara- sanskar what am I doing here how all this happen
Sanskar- swara u had an accident yesterday
Swara- what (shockingly)
Sanskar- don’t worry u will get well soon
Just then she keeps hands on her legs and she wasn’t able to feel her leg
Swara- sanskar I’m not able to feel my right leg wht happened to me?
Sanskar( trying to make her relax and hide the matter) nuthing swara wait
Swara- say sanskar ( just then she removes the bedsheet covering her legs)
She gets extremely shocked and tears started to flow from her eyes and she doesn’t has her right leg seeing her condition sanskar s tears also started flowing continuously but he had to to be brave for HIS swara ….
Swara was crying loudly and miserably
Swara- holds him y this happend to me sanskar I can’t dance I just can’t dance and she was crying very badly
Sanskar trying to console her- it’s ok swara u get fine then we will think abt dance…
Swara- just cries I can’t dance with one leg and cries…
Sankar- I promise u swara u will dance I promise don’t worry
Swara- hugs him tightly and he caress her hair she was feeling very relaxed in his arms just then reality strucks her
She breaks the hug s
#will continue sorry guys I can’t write it as an option cause it’s too long sorry so I made it a ta tommorow u will get the last part

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