Swasan ts aashiquie by samaira (last part a)

Hey guyss! Back again with the last part thanks a lot for ur comments it means a lot to me!! Iam really sorry for posting late as I had written 2 times and it didn’t get posted IAM really sorry for tht
Let’s start:-
Story continues from swara breaking the hug and looks at sanskar ( sanskar is still holding swara)
Swara:(still sobbing) laksh where is laksh he
might be very upset na he wouldnt be able to
handle himself he loves me a lot he can’t see me like this laksh where is laksh call him ( says while looking near the glass ) call him
Sanskar- (lies) he is here only don’t take tension

he might went out to bring medicines for u don’t take tension rest now…
Swara- my family might not be knowing right they would be very tensed
Sanskar( keeps hand on her shoulder) no we
didn’t inform and till u don’t say we won’t inform it’s a promise

Swara-(teary eyes) dance…. Will I be able to dance now
Sanskar- Haan Haan why won’t u be able to laksh is there na he will help u…I promise u u will dance Chalo now rest (he helps her sleep on bed)
Swara- thankyou….
Screen changes to collage practice room where laksh is practicing with ragini
Just then Sanskar enters the room and sees them…
Sanskar-(furiously)what is happening here laksh
ur partner is swara right wht r u doing with this

Wht is she doing here(looks towards her)
Laksh- arey I forgot to tell u she s ragini my new dance partner and new girlfriend
Just then ragini comes and keeps hand on laksh shoulder shamefully and gives a dirty smile to sanskaar
Sanskar(sarcastically ) dance partner ur dance
partner is swara right she is dying for u there and just calling u she sended u so many msgs nd u r here ignoring here
While all the time ragini is making bad faces and

laksh is just giving not interested look
Sanskar(teared eye now) she loves u a lot and u r here doing…..
Laksh just ignores his talks and keeps his hands on sanskar s shoulder
Laksh- look sanskar dance is my life and I’m not going to leave it at any cost tht too for a girl
Note : guys I have said tht the selection
competition will be after 2 weeks and swara can’t get well and won’t be able to dance in such a short span so IAM extending it to 2 months ok

Laksh- only 2 months r left for the competition
swara is well but she won’t be able to dance ..
Sanskar ( now very angry)- dance dance dance !! U just care for tht (now emotional) she is
suffering from a lot of pain and she needs u she loves u alot dammit she needs u….
While ragini is just busy in making faces and laksh too…
Laksh( laughs a bit) y r u getting so emotional
dude if u care for her so much u only go and dance with her do (2) mahine mein mera competition hai so let me rehearsal now….

He and ragini moves and starts practicing while
sanskaar just starts moving toward the door just then laksh stops
Laksh- (takes a letter out of his pocket) sanskar wait a min give this to swara and tell her that u
have to understand
Sanskar( now really frustrated and damn angry) u know what u don’t deserve her nor her love nd also tells tht she lost her leg
And then he moves out of the room…… While
raglak just looks on… Nd aren’t interested…

Screen shifts to hospital

Swara s room:
She just wakes up and sits on the bed and looks
here and there…just then Sanskar enters with food tray in his hand
Sanskar- accha hua u woke up now have this ( showing food tray)… I have brought hot hot
soup for u Chalo drink fast
He adjusts the tray near her bed and takes a seat there

Swara- (smilingly) last night laksh was there
with me right I felt tht laksh was there..while sanskaar just gives a sad smile
Swara- y is he not meeting me then?(excitedly) maybe he planned a surprise for me he knows
tht I love surprises ya it’s possible that y he is not picking up my calls I wanna meet him..
Sanskar was abt to say something just then nurse enters bringing a glucose bottle
Nurse- swara how r u feeling now
Swara- hmm I’m good now.
Nurse while adjusting the bottle speaks…

Nurse( looking toward sanskar) u r very lucky to
get such a loving boyfriend u know he was sitting near u whole night nd taking care of u.
While swara looks towards sanskar a bit shockingly and confused nd sanskar just bows his head down
Nurse- he didn’t slept for a second too ok now as ur feeling better I will come after sometime and she leaves.
While all the time swara just looks towards

Sanskar-(trying to avoid and hurriedly) I will just come in 5 mins (gets up)
Swara stops him- wait a min (looks at her still
standing) says softly y didn’t u say me tht u we’re there with me whole night and not laksh.
( Bit hurted) nd I thought ki laksh huu… Iam so
stupid na I thought he cares for me loves me a lot nd would be taking care of me whole night
but..( hurted and hatred towards laksh) truthfully I think that he didn’t came for me once also right..( angrily now) where is he now
Sanskar- (stammers as he didn’t wanted to hurt her) woh woh
Swara- tell me now
Sanskar- woh he is in collage practicing for the dance competition
Swara- but kis ke saath
Sanskar- woh uss ki new dance partner hai na ragini with her ….
Swara( feels little devasted but doesn’t cry or
isn’t teared eye) how can he do this to me?

Sanskar just remembers abt the letter
Sanskar(taking out from pocket) actually he gave a letter for u…u read it maybe u would no
Swara takes it hurriedly from his hands and opens it
Swara-(reads it and is having hurtful expression)
Then says: likha hai na likha hai ke( reads theletter aloud now)

Baby I’m sorry u know right dance is my first love dance is my priority nd can sacrifice
anything for it nd this time u too I want to win this competition at any cost and that is why I have to leave ur support I want to pursue my dreams so participating with someone else
( She is teary eyed and laughs a bit) iam really sorry get well soon…
Says sarcastically- love laksh .ends the letter

Throws the letter angrily and cries sanskar
comes near her and sits there nd supports her
Sanskar- swara don’t cry swara for him his dance is important I know and he dosent know that he is very lucky as he has u in his life u go and talk to him

Swara( wipes her tear and angrily) nahi I won’t talk to him infact Jo hua accha hua at least got to know the reality of him I don’t know tht this laksh is so selfish
Sanskar(consoles) it’s ok
Swara- ( angrily yet tears r there) I hope ke uss ka dance itna ganda ho itna ganda ho ke stage tutjaye ( his dance should be very bad that the stage should brake)

While sanskaar just supresses his lips for not to laugh at her talks….
Swara(rubbing her nose) yeah stage should break… Nd then noticed sanskar nd get irritated
Swara- Tum hass rahe ho ( u r laughing huhh)
Sanskar- no no swara ur so cute na(pulls her cheeks) nd ur lines r also very cute ur looking like geet jab we met wali.
While swara gives an irritated expression nd then both laughs a bit..
Swara ( holds sanskar s hand) (smilingly) thank you u are very sweet I am happy to get s frnd like u I mean u stayed with me whole night … U know mujhe ek min ke liye bhi nahi laga ke Meri family mere paas nahi hai( I didn’t feel that my family isnt with me now..) thank you so much u r really sweet

( Guys I know u might be thinking in intro I said they r besties nd not having tht type of conversation sorry for tht mistake they r just frnds ok due to being in a same team of dance members swasan knew each other but not closely ok)
Sanskar smiles – pleasure is all mine… Chalo ab ye emotional drama band Karo and soup piyo
( Now stop doing emotional drama and drink the soup
Swara gets very happy being with him..sanskar takes the soup…

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