Swasan TS (Now FS) – Made for each other (Part 5)

hey my readers, don’t misunderstand my sanskar about car scene.  He did that in sleep, he didn’t even know that… My poor innocent sanku…
There is a function in my house tomorrow.. So may be I won’t get a time to write anything thing..  So thought to give a small update..

San:(mind)  Aman’s house… Why?

Sw: come sanskar..

San: who’s house is this princess.

Swara didn’t say anything and ring the calling bell.  Aman opens the door.. He welcomes them. Sanskar hugs Aman..

Am: so swara what help you want?

Sw: today night I’d our reception party..

Am: ya I also got an invitation .. (swara looks at him confused)  I am also a businessman.. So what can I do for you..

Swara then tells him everything, whatever happened last night…

Sw: you know Aman, I don’t get any positive vibes from Badepapa.. He also didn’t still accept ragini.. I am feeling restless, that if he do anything to my sanskar in that party..( both sanskar and Aman noticed she is saying my sanskar) I want that laksh will see that who is my sanskar.. I mean he always says I won’t get anything from sanskar..  I have to  show them, if this sanskar do anything for me, after becoming normal what will he do for me?

Sanskar looks at her proudly..

Am: (mind) thank you for coming in his life swara… Hope you will understand him…

Sw: will u help me?

Am: Ofcourse swara.. I will help u.. But will he do that?

sw: of course Aman, may be his mind is 10 year old boy but an obedient boy..

After that Aman and swara starts to teach him. They taught him how to walk, talk and behave with everyone.. Aman then starts to teach him how to dance.. He did a demo with swara.. But out of jealousy sanskar separated them.. After sometimes Aman sends swara to kitchen for taking snacks…

Am: sanskar u r very lucky to have her in ur life.. She is really an angel for you..

San: and ur boss started to fall for this angel.

Am:(happily)  what? Is it true? (sanskar smiles) when will you tell her everything?

San: I will tell her everything tomorrow. …

Aman smiles. After sometimes swara also joins them.. Swara and Aman are talking each other.. Aman is calling swara with name and laughing.. Sanskar is looking at them in jealousy. Aman is secretly looking at him and smiles..suddenly their talk was disturbed by a voice, that’s none another than sanskar..

San: princess… (swaman looks at him)  u know when daddy’s friends came in our house, they were calling mommy as bhabhi… Why were they calling like that?..

Aman looks at him with narrow eyes.. Swara is looking at him confused

Sw: because they r dad’s friends and they love him as a brother… But why r u  asking now?

San: Aman is also my friend na.. Then why didn’t he call u bhabhi… (looking at them with most innocent eyes)

Am:(thinks in mind)  jealous boss???

Swara couldn’t hold her laugh seeing her baby husband’s cute jealousy.. She went towards him and pinched his cheek…

Sw: Aww u r looking so cute sanskar… (kissed his cheek)

am: ahem ahem…. (Aman clears throat)

Swara realises what did she do now..  She ran from there.. Sanskar looks at her smilingly.. Soon winced feeling a smack on his arms

san: ouchh… What’s this Aman…

Am: how much jealous u r sanskar? U want me to call her bhabhi…

San: then u always call her swara swara swara…  And always do everything to irritate me.. .

Am: oh God.. U r so much possessive…

San:  of course she is MY WIFE…

after sometimes they went from there waving bye to Aman..  Swasan are going in car. Suddenly sanskar shouts…

San: stop….

Sw: what happened sanskar.

San: is this place we get this na… (pointing to his chain)

Swara looks at the place. It’s a jewelry. She nodes…

San: then come na…(he drags her to there)

Sw: arre sanskar what r u… (she couldn’t complete, they get into the jewelry)

Sales girl : what can I do for you sir….

San: where is sweetie …

Sw(gets angry hearing this) : who is sweetie ?

“I am sweetie ” a voice came from behind.  Swasan looks behind.  A girl is standing there. Seeing her sanskar goes and hugs her.  Swara’s eyes become wider.  She gritted her teeth and break their hug…

Sw: what are you doing sanskar?  Who is she?

San:(scared)  she is sweetie Di.. My friend..

Sw: oh sweetie is ur name…

Swee: ha my name… (controls her laugh)  sanskar u got a possessive wife…

Everyone laughs hearing this. Swara didn’t look anyone.. Sanskar smiles seeing this…

San: (childishly) sweetie Di payal…. I want payal…

Swee: come this way dear…

Everyone looks at him in sympathy  seeing his antics.  But swara is smiling seeing this antics..  He sat on the stool.. Swara also sat there…

Sw: sanskar, don’t throw it here and there, (sanskar looks at her confused)  it’s small na, it’s difficult to find…

San: OK..

Then he starts to search payal.  Then he found it..

San: (claps and jumps in happiness) I got it I got it..

Everyone smiles seeing him.  He takes it..

San: how is this princess?

Sw: loved it..  Pack this (give it to sweetie)

San: no sweetie.  (take it from sweetie.

Then sit in front of swara.. Then ties the payal on her leg with cute cute antics… Everyone smiles seeing his efforts.. Atlast he succeeded).

Sw: Can we go now? My doll will kill me if we didn’t buy anything for her.. (to sweetie) I want that.  (pointing to wrist)

Swee: bangles? (sanskar nodes negatively)

Sw: bracelet

San: yes yes… That one… Brace…that one..

sweetie shows him the bracelets..

After sometimes he likes one.

San: this one…

Sw: wow sanskar this is beautiful… Uttara will like it so much…

San: thanku princess… (just then his eyes spot a chain)  sweetie sweetie… I want that…

Swee:(takes it) this one na sanskar.  (he nodes his head vertically) but for whom..?

San: mommy…… (then he move towards something)

Swara and sweetie look at him confused.. He stopped near watches. Then takes a watch…

San: princess is this good for daddy… (tears formed in swara’s eyes in happiness) will he like it na?

Sw: he will love it sanskar (thinks in mind) dad ur son is coming back to you.

Then they went from there…

Meanwhile in Maheshwari mansion…
Ram and Dp are talking each other in hall.. All family members are there…  Laksh is continuously looking at the entrance..

Lak: chachi where is this swara.? She didn’t come till now?

Rag: ha chachi she became more irresponsible…

Suj: why u both are worrying about her?  She went with her husband? She knows how to handle her husband.

Rag: but chachi today is reception party..

Suj: you don’t need to worry… My daughter won’t take so much time to makeup.. Also the party is at night only. They will come before that..
Their talking is interrupted by a chill chill sound. They looks towards the source. It came from entrance.. Swasan walking to inside hand in hand…

Utt: why this sound is coming when you are walking?(swara smiles)  wait wait.  She bends down and up heaved a little, her eyes become wider)  oh my God what a lovely payal?  From where did u buy this bhabhi?

Ragini also looks at it.  She got jealous.

Lak: who bought this swara? Ur new found love?

Suj: laksh?? (sanskar clenches his fist)

Sw: yes Mr. Laksh Maheshwari my new found love only bought this… My new found love.. My husband.. Mr. SANSKAR MAHESHWARI… (SHOUTS)

laksh looks at her shocked.. Sanskar is looking at her lovingly because only 4 words are ringing around his heart.. “MY NEW FOUND LOVE “…
ragini is looking at her in jealousy.. RamTa looks at laksh angrily.  To divert this topic uttara talk with Sanskar in fake anger…

Utt: bhai u bought a beautiful payal for bhabhi, but u didn’t buy anything for me… Go I won’t talk to you.. (turned other side..)

Sanskar went towards her.  Stood behind her..

San: my doll won’t talk to me. Look na princess.. What will I do this? Can I give this to laksh’s ki dosth?
Hearing this uttara turned towards him.. He is looking at her with an innocent smile… She takes the packet from him.

Utt: is this for me bha?

San: yesh…. Else how will I give this to laksh’s dost.. My princess will kill me.. That day also she scared me.

Swara opens her mouth..RamTa control their laugh.. Uttara starts to laugh.. Then she opened the packet..

Utt: oh God bhai…

San: (become sad)  don’t u like it doll..

Utt: oh I loved it bhai.. You know yesterday only I saw in on magazine.. Thank you so much bhai… Love you… Ummhaaa (gives a tight kiss on his cheek.. Sanskar become so happy)

San: can I tie it.. (he tried but it has a small hook, he couldn’t do it so swara helped him)  yayy I did it… (claps)

Swara and RamTa is looking at the siblings happily.. After that he went to sujatha she is standing beside Them.

San: mommy I bought this for you.

Suj: I loved it sanskar… Won’t you tie it..

San: OK OK.  (now also swara helped him.  Then sujatha  kisses his forehead and hugged him tightly.. Uttara and swara also joins them)

Now ap is also jealoused seeing them.. Dp is also getting angry seeing their love. But he is little bit happy, because ram is not there.. After sanskar came he always keep a distance from Ram like childhood..

Ram is happy seeing his love even if his son is not normal.  But he is hurt seeing his behavior towards him… But he knows he is wrong now, in childhood also he didn’t gave much care or love to sanskar.  That doesn’t mean he didn’t love his son. He loves his son. But because of responsibility and blind trust on his bhai, he couldn’t express it..  Because of that he did very wrong with him in past… Even if he doesn’t remember anything he keeps a distance from him.. His son’s this behavior is hurting him so much.  Now he understands that how much sanskar suffered.. His thoughts broke by a voice…

san: daddy….

Ram immediately looks at him.  He couldn’t believe that his son has called him daddy and us standing so close to him..

San: I… I…  I bought this for you… (forward the watch)

Ram looks at him and then watch simultaneously..

Ram: u bought for me..

San :hmm..  Do u like it daddy…

Ram hugs tightly and kisses his face all over. Then again hugs him.. They sanskar is controlling his tears.. Try to hold his innocent face.. They broke the hug..

Ram: u called me daddy(to sujatha) sujatha look he called me daddy (SujUttSwara looking at them in happy tears) .. U bought me this gift… I love you …i love you mera bacha.. (kissed his forehead) won’t u tie it to me  .

San:(acts innocently) : OK.. (Tried to tie it..  But couldn’t, so he calls swara.  She came tied)

The ram hugs both of them sujatha and uttara also joins them. Dp and laksh went from there furiously.  Ap and ragini went from there jealously…  After that sanskar went to room.. He directly went towards washroom.. He stood there under shower.. He cried till his mind become calmed…  Then he went outside and slept. After sometimes swara came there.. She saw sanskar is sleeping.. She went to freshup and slept hugging him..  When she hugged him he felt so light… He also slept hugging her…

To be continued..

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