Swasan TS (Now FS) – Made for each other (Part 16)

sanskar is not acting 

San: my doll…hai (claps) then that Cinderella girl (laksh frowns) she is like a prinshess naa.. Who is she…
Lak:(smirks) she… SHE IS MY WIFE….
“ki sister and she is ur wife sanskar bhai” a voice came from door.. Sanskar and laksh looks at the door. Uttara is standing there, angrily looking at laksh.. Laksh gritted his teeth.
San: doll, u mean Cinderella is my prinshess? Like mommy daddy?
Uttara smiles hearing this, may be his mind forgot her but his heart always recognize his princess… Laksh gritted teeth
Utt: haan bhau, she is ur princess only.. Only urs not anyone else
San (excitedly claps): hai hai hai… I want to see her doll.. Where is she? Don’t she want to meet me? ??

Utt: no bhai, she is just upset, first u got accident then u don’t remember her.
san: I’ll say sorry plz bring her here… Plz plz plz doll..
Utt: I will go but after mom dad came…
San: but lucky is here naa doll… (laksh smirks)
Utt: but I want to talk to mom and dad. I will go after they came (looks at laksh angrily.. Laksh leaves from there furiously).
After sometimes
San: when will this mommy daddy come.. (he is looking at door desperately. Uttara smiles seeing his antics)
” we r here sanskar. Why are you so impatient ” (SanUtt looks at door and find SujRam there. Sanskar be so happy)
San: mommy ? daddy ? Doll look they came now u go… (uttara looks at him with open mouth. SujRam looks confused)

Utt: uff bhai I will go.. Give me a minute, I will talk to mom dad then I will go.. (sanskar nods and looks at the clocks hanging on the wall)
suj: what happened uttara?
Utt: what happened… Are u asking me.. Why did you leave him alone.. I went to console bhabhi.. And u both leave him with that laksh… Do u what happened when I came here?
Ram: what happened uttara say clearly
Utt: that laksh, he is saying that swara bhabhi is his wife, to sanskar bhai.. (SujRam shocked) Thanks to I came on time. I corrected him.. I let sanskar bhai to know that She is his wife…
San: DOLL…. (SujRamUtt looks at him horrified) u take more than one minute.. Now go and bring my prinshess here… Go..
Suj: now what happened to him

Utt : oh god this bhai, u know mom from the time he got to know bhabhi is his wife, he is instigating me to bring her.
San: doll if u don’t go now, I will go myshelf..
Suj: No no sanskar, u be with ur daddy as a good boy, I and uttara will go and bring here.
San: OK I am a good boy.. Bow go and bring her here.. (SujRamutt shook head seeing his antics. Sujutt went from there).
Ram looks at sanskar who is sitting at bed and playing with fingers.. He had a small hope that after the accident when he will become conscious, he would be back as a normal guy, and his daughter swara get a peaceful and real married life.. But no, god doesn’t want to see them happy.. Thinking these things a lone tear escaped from his eyes… That tear directly fell on sanskar’s hand.. He looks upward and and shocked seeing his daddy crying

San: (wipes his Tears) why r u crying dad? Don’t cry when prinshess come, we will play OK.. (ram hugs him)
Ram: god please give me my old sanskar.. Plz don’t test us again.. (at that time Dr came there to check him)
Dr: sorry to disturb dad-son moments…
San: OK I folgive you now.. But not nest time.. Bcoz it will prinsh-prinshess time..
Dr: Aaha who is this princess..
San: my wife, like mommy daddy..

Dr: acha, what’s her name?
Sanskar gets silent as he don’t know her name.. He looks down sadly.. Ram smiles
Ram: swara, Swara Sanskar Maheshwari… (sanskar and Dr looks at him confused) his wife’s name..
San: ammo this much long name.. I will call her prinshess only… (Ram, Dr and nurse laughs)…
Meanwhile outside, near reception area, uttara and sujatha is searching swara.. They couldn’t find her, get tensed… Uttara went towards receptionist..
Utt: where is my bhabhi? I told you naa if she went from here, inform me (worried)
Rece:(smiles) she is there ma’am.. (points to small temple in hospital. Sujutt went towards the temple.. She is sitting infront of Durga Maa)

Sw:????why did you do this to me Durga maa.. What did I do, why do you always punishing me.. When I got to know my sanskar is normal, I thought my miserable life ends and my happy life starts. But u again snatched naaa maa.. Why did you do this to me..(at that time sujutt came there.. They didn’t hear her talk) when I met with aman bhai and bhabhi, I thought I got a new family.. But u again snatched.. And my sanskar… ???? sanskar why did you forget me. You promised me naa u won’t leave me.. U will be always with me.. Then why did you leave me…
Utt: no bhabhi (swara looks upward and saw sujutt) my bhai didn’t leave you.. He didn’t forget you (she looks at her confused) I know u r a Dr, more than us u can understand.. But bhabhi May be his mind forgot u but not his heart.. U know what happened there when I came back to room.. (she told her what laksh told to sanskar)
Sw:(panicked) what… How can he do that? Now what will sanskar think about me.. I have to clear… (started to get, somehow sujutt holds)

Utt: bhabhi wait nothing happened.. How can you think that anything will happen like that if ur family is with you… (swara looks at her tearful eyes) haa bhabhi I went there on time and corrected everything… We won’t let anything happens to you bhabhi.. We won’t let that animal overpower you… (swara hugged her tightly and cried vigorously, even her own family won’t protect her like that… )
Sujatha break their hug and cup swara’s face and wipes her tears…
Suj: ha beta we won’t let anything happens to you… About sanskar, if he promised he will be with u, then he will be always with you… Whatever happens he will be with u.. No one can separate you not even a devil.. Because God is with you always and that God knows that YOU ARE FOR HIM, HE IS FOR YOU BECAUSE YOU BOTH ARE MADE FOR EACH OTHER…. (swara looks at her with a smile in tears)

utt: now leave all that and come with us.. U know from the time I told him about u, he is so adamant to meet you… He was irritating me.. When mom dad came, he literally pushed me out to bring you… So come fast… (sujatha smiles.. just then they heard a nurse’s call)
Nur: excuse me, is there any princess? (everyone looks at her confused) oops sorry Swara Sanskar Maheshwari… (swara’s eyes get widen. Uttara looks at her like see I told you)
Utt: here (nurse looks at them)
Nur: oh so u are Swara Sanskar Maheshwari… Plz plz come with us ??? else ur husband will turn this hospital upside down.. Plz plz ???(sujutt laughs seeing this)
swasujutt went to sanskar’s room and shocked to see a group of people infront of the room.. When they get in, their eyes become wider… Sanskar is struggling to escape, guards, and ram are trying to hold him..

San: where is this doll and mommy. I told them to come fast.. But these two ???. Daddy ur wife and daughter is not punctual.. Teach them (ram nodes and sujutt shocked)(to guards) I want to see my prinshess will plz leave me. Oy Dr ask them to leave me else… else I will bite them…
Sw: sanskar… (he is struggling to get out of the guards control, stopped hearing this melodious voice.. He looks at her without blinking eyes)

San: prinshess… Are you my prinshess (swara smiles) then come to me na… OK I will come there (he is about to get down, Dr stops him) Dr I told you already don’t come in between me and my princess..
Dr: u will feel dizzy (ignoring her words, he started to walk and about to fall, but swara ran towards him and hold him and make him sit on bed)
sw: why don’t you listen to Dr. Sanskar. She said u will fall, then also…. ?? why are you hurting me like this sanskar..
San(wipes her tears and holds his ear) : sorry princess.. I just want to come to u. U take so much time to come back to me. I know, doll told u r angry with me because I didn’t remember you.. Sorry (she hugged him tightly and cried vigorously. Sanskar became scared, he broke the hug) I’m sorry princess don’t cry princess… If u cry then I will also cry.. Plz(swara nodes) no not like this, plz smile na princess (she smiles.. He also smiles and hugs her.. Others get relieved)
San:(breaks the hug) come princess we will play.. Look so many puppets.. Doctor gave me… (??????)
Dr: what is this sanskar.. Why r u arranging like this…
San: this is my family .. I will introduce you.. Come everyone sit here (pulls swara to his lap) princess u sit here.
Utt: look bhabhi, I told u naa he won’t change.. He won’t leave a chance to romance with you before accident or after accident… ???

Sw(in mind) : before accident he knows what us he doing… But now…. ?(before any one see it she composes)
San: OK listen.. ? this is Mom dad… ? this is me and princess.. ?? this is doll ? this is. …??
Sw: my bhai and bhabhi (he smiles hearing this)
San:? ? ? ? ? ???these are. ???
Dr: who are they..
San: I forgot.. Wait I will remember… ???
Sw: they are not our fam…(interrupted by sanskar)

San : I got it .. Dr I will introduce you from first OK… Look ? this is my and princess’s dadi, ? this is Mom dad… ?this princess’s Ma papa (? this is me and princess.. ? this is princess’s bhai bhabhi, ? this is my bhai bhabhi, ? this is Mom dad… ? this is me and princess.. ?? this is doll ?? this is Doll’s husband (hearing this uttara looks at him with wide eyes.. SwasujRam laughs seeing her face) Dr look at my doll, she is looking so cute.. (pinched her cheeks)
Utt: bhai (shyly) now tell me who is this babies
San: ? this is my bhai’s son my champ no. 1(SujRamutt’s eyes become moist thinking something) ? this princess’s bhai’s son my champ no. 2 (swara’s eyes become moist) and ? this is my angel, mine and princess’s daughter ( ABD this time swara became beetroot red. Uttara looks at her teasing smile.. All others starts to laugh. Swara stand up from his lap and looks here and there.. )how is my family

Dr: ???? amazing… and u r so cute sanskar(she pinched his cheeks… Seeing this swara became jealous…)
Sw: (takes Dr.’s hand from his cheek) I know he is cute, because he is my HUSBAND…
Seeing her jealousy everyone starts to laugh .
Ram: swara beta, she has a son in his age… ?????(swara became embarrassed).
After sometimes swara went to meet anjali and Aman.. They are lying on ICU lifelessly..
Sw: plz bhai, I can’t handle this things alone.. U r my bhai, my strength. Plz come back… Plz.. ?????
She came outside and met john…
Joh: ma’am we have to inform in Mumbai,.
Sw: who’s there?
Joh: Anand sir, an..

sw: no, don’t inform Anand papa, he will become worried. Give me sometime first I will tell everything to mom dad then we will inform him and go from here.. Sanskar’s health is important… John do you know anything about the proof against laksh..
Joh: no ma’am, only sanskar sir and aman sir know…
Sw: OK now u can go now..
After that swara went to sanskar’s room.. As he hasn’t so much wound., they discharged him.. They went to mm.. At that time ramu kaka came there with a man..
kaka : badi malik .. ( everyone looks at him. He standing there with a man)
Swara looks at them confused..
Dp : what happened ramu..
Kaka : my hand is burned so much.. He is my son in law Gopal.. Would you please accommodate him to help me
Sanskar went to kaka and holds his hand..

San: kaka ? are you OK now… Is it paining… (Swasujuttram adores their bond)
Kaka: no sanskar baba I’m OK… (Dp allows him)
Swasan went to their room… Swara make him sit on bed..
Sw: sanskar will you give me a promise (he nodes) don’t listen anyone other than me, dad, mom, uttu and ramu kaka .. Don’t listen any one else here..
San: OK princess promise…
Sw: now I will go downstairs and bring our dinner OK.. (he nodes and she went from there. )
She came downstairs and went to kitchen.. This has seen by laksh who was sitting at hall.. He smirks evilly and slowly went towards Swasan’s room.. Swara went to kitchen and saw ramu kaka and his SIL is talking…
Sw: John what is this ? Why r u here? (looks at ramu kaka) what is this Drama?
Joh: ma’am I can’t leave u alone here.. Till u say everything to sanskar sir’s dad, I will be here.. U r sanskar sir’s LIFE and it’s my duty to protect you…
Swara smile and thanks him. Then takes their dinner and went to her room.. Meanwhile in their room, laksh came inside. Sanskar is playing with toys. Mm

Lak: bhai I want to talk to you.(sanskar looks at him. Laksh turns and looks outside if anyone coming there.. After that turns towards sanskar) bhai I know swara says that she is ur wife. But it’s not true she is acting.. Because you are mad and she is acting like that as per dr.’s advice.. She is not ur wi….(interrupted by swara who came there with dinner)
Sw:LAKSHHHH.???? how dare you to come inside our room(to sanskar) I told u naa don’t listen to him.. Then why (interrupted by sanskar who stopped her by showing his hand. Laksh smirks evilly)
Sanskar stopped swara from talking and removes cotton from his ears… Swara smiles seeing this and laksh became pale…
San: u told me naa don’t listen to him… I’m sorry princess, when he says he want to talk to me I listened it. But after that I didn’t listen anything because I put this cotton inside my ears ????
Laksh went from there furiously… Swara smiles widely and kissed his cheeks tightly…
Sw: I love you sanskar…

San: I love you prinshess …
Then both of them are their dinner and slept hugging each other unaware of the storm coming towars their life….

To Be Continued..

As I told you this is a special part because next will be a bomb ???

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