Swasan TS (Now FS) – Made for each other (Part 14)

Next morning Maheshwari family are sleeping peacefully… But next moment they woke up hearing a large scream….

At swasan room, swara is the first one to wake up.. Sanskar also got up…

Sw: what was that ????

San: yesterday’s after effects…

Swara looks at him confused. Then reality struck  her..

Sw: ragini ??????????

Sanskar also laughs with her. Then they went outside.. Whole Maheshwari family is outside looking at laksh’s room.. No one is not going inside.. Swara comes near sujatha..

Sw: why ragini is screaming like this? Why doesn’t anyone go to the room and see.

Ap(hearing this) : because swara, they are not like u both.  They are couple.. We can’t enter like that…

” you can enter there maa.. I’m not there” a voice came from behind.. Everyone looks at him and shocked seeing laksh who came from guest room..

Lak: and maa u can enter my room even if I was present there.. There is nothing between us like that to embarrass you. We r living like roommates only..

Ap and Dp became embarrassed and ashamed… Swasan and family get disgusted hearing him.

Lak:  yesterday she had seen some bad dream and whispering that don’t take it, don’t take it.   When I about to wake her, she pushed me forcely and I fell down on the floor..  So I went and slept in guest room…

Everyone become shocked hearing this.. They come back to sense hearing someone’s laughing.. They looks around. That’s our Cute hero and his cute heroine.. Seeing them uttara also joined.. SujRam and servants suppressed their laugh.   Ap, Dp and laksh burning like hell in embarrassment and anger..

Ap: sujatha..

Suj: so.. Sorry jiji.. Uttu, Swaru, sanku stop (suppressing her laugh)

San: but mommy lucky fell down from bed ?????????????

Suj: OK OK now stop…

Somehow he stopped for a while… Ap went towards laksh’s room.. Ragini is still on bed throwing hands in air and talking something.. Ap went towards her and tries to wake her up.. But she pushed her also… If laksh didn’t hold her, she’ll also fall on the floor.. Ap’s anger reached in peak.

Ap:(yelled)  Ragini….

She woke up with a jerk… She looks confused seeing everyone in her room.. Swara smirks at her..

Ap: what is this ragini? U threw my son out of the room?

Rag: no maa I didn’t do anything

Ap: u pushed me infront of everyone and u r saying this.. Now get ready and come to kitchen…

she went from there with everyone except swasan and laksh.. Then laksh went to washroom… Swara came near ragini… She became scared and move back…

Sw: I think you got a peaceful sleep yesterday night… So go and get ready else ur sasuma  … .??

San: princess here is the nail plucker…

Ragini scared and fell down screaming a little..

Rag: do. …don’t do plz.. ???

Sw: Arre ragini why r u sitting in floor? What are you saying? (to sanskar) and sanskar, it’s not nail plucker, it’s nail cutter (looks at ragini with corner eyes and suppressed laugh) come I will cut ur nails… (looks at ragini) it grew so long… (she smirks and went outside)

After sometimes ragini get ready and come downstairs.. But Ap scolds her small mistakes.. Even laksh and Dp scolded her. Today is Sunday so all the family members are there.. Ragini is highly humiliated… Swasan and family didn’t pay any heed to these problems. They all enjoy with themselves… Ragini is highly pissed off.. She steathly went towards her room…

Rag(monologue): swara u r enjoying when I am getting humiliated. Now all of the Maheshwari members will humiliate ur maa.. That too infront of u… May be ur MIL will humiliate her more …(smirks)

She then calls shekhar and asked him to come there to lunch with sharmishta… But she didn’t know someone else also heard her conversation.. After talking to shekhar ragini went to washroom.. That person went downstairs…

Pers: badimaa…

Ap: ha uttara…

Yes it’s uttara who heard ragini’s planning… Swara told everything to SujRamutt about shomi and about dadi too

Utt: today is Sunday na.. Can we call shomi aunty, shekhar uncle and dadi for lunch…??

Ap: that’s a good idea… I will call kakisa now…

She called her and informed… Ragini didn’t know about it…. Swasan and SujRam also didn’t get to know about it.. As they are in their room.. At Lunch time swara and sanskar are playing in hall..


Hearing this swara and sanskar turned and surprised see shomi and shekhar…

Sw: maa u r here? I’m very happy to see you.. Where’s dadi?

Sho: she has some Pooja in temple. So she said that she will come after sometimes…

She: where is my ragini? Ragini…. (he called)

Rag: I’m here baba…how are you?

Sw: (avoids shekhar and ragini)  how’s my chotu? Is he fine? (touch her stomach)

San: no princess. It’s choti… Tell me maa… How’s my choti?

Sw: no sanskar it’s chotu…

san: no princess it’s choti…

Sw: chotu…

San: choti…

Sw: cho….(interrupted by Ap who came there with everyone else )

Ap: arre you both came? And instead of welcoming them u both are arguing… BTW who is this choti and chotu…

Rag:(smirking)  wo maa shomi maa is pregnant…

Ap: what?? Sharmishta ji u r pregnant and that too in this age..

Lak: maa, I didn’t expect this from u..u could have think about ur daughter’s relationship…

Shomi is looking at him thinking how sanskar reacted to this news.. She silently thank God for giving sanskar to her shona… World’s best husband…

Ap: and u r going to accept it.. U could have abort it…

Sw: badimaa… How could you think to kill an unborn child…

San: no badimaa don’t kill choti (hugs shomi… Whispers shomi’s ear) don’t worry maa I won’t let anyone to do that.. (shomi smiles hearing this)

Ap: then what about ur reputation swara? If anyone knows about it then what will they think? She is pregnant before her daughters.. She could have aborted it when he got to know about it…

“how dare you to say that Mrs Annapurna Maheshwari ” a voice startled them.. They all look at the source and gasped seeing Mrs Parvathi Gagodia.. She came towards them..

Dadi: how dare you to say to abort my grandchild. Who gave u that right? I didn’t expect it from you Annapurna.. I expected that sujatha will say this.. But I didn’t expect from you… (disappointed) for this did you invite us here..

Suj: how can you say that kakisa? I’m not that much cruel to kill a baby in her mother’s womb.. It’s there problem I don’t have any right to interfere in between them.. If anything happens to my dil, I have the right to interfere, not with her parents… Uttu, swara come with me to kitchen.. So all of u sit there I will come with water..

Dadi: no sujatha I don’t want have anything from here.. Who knows u all do something with that food to harm my grandchild…

Su: may be u can doubt ur laado.. But not my shona.. Her mother can eat anything without any hesitation..

Swasujutt went from there…

Rag: how can you say that chachiji ..(fake crying) look baba…

Dadi: what’s her mistakes ragini.

Rag/she (shocked): dadi/maa…

Dadi(to shekhar): u stop right there.. When ur wife get humiliated, u didn’t say anything.. (turns to ragini) I didn’t expect from you both too.. Ur MIL humiliating ur mother and siblings and u didn’t say anything and ur husband is supporting his maa..

Ragini stood there helplessly bearing all these. She didn’t even think like that her dadi will scold her like this.. After that ap and ragini went to kitchen.. After lunch everyone is sitting at hall.. Swasujutt went to kitchen to prepare sweets.. Ap is sitting with them as Dp instructed her. Ragini is also there. Sanskar is sitting with shomi and acting childishly.. After sometimes ragini also went to kitchen

meanwhile in kitchen…

Suj: uttara what’s the need invite them here? U know about jiji na.. Then also..

Utt: no mom.. It’s not like that.. Ragini bhabhi already called shekhar uncle and asked him to come here with shomi aunty.. So that she can humiliate shomi aunty and bhabhi.. So I thought to call dadi with them.. So I told badimaa like that and.. (she interrupted by a hug)  bhabhi…

Sw: thank you doll… Thank you so much

” so u think u can save ur sibling and ur mother from me” they all turned around and shocked to see ragini..

Rag : u know what now I will send ur ma to my mausi’s house. There my urvashi mausi will do whatever I want.. She didn’t like ur maa.. If she get to know about this child.. And even dadi can’t protect her because she can’t go with them because she has a Pooja at temple this week..

Sw: ragini don’t do anything… It’s ur sibling too..

Rag: I don’t mind.. Because I got humiliated by my in-laws and by my dadi too.. Now u will see the worst… first I just threatened her only.. But now It will do it truly..

Then she went towards hall.. Swasujutt also came behind her worriedly

Rag: baba… (all looks towards her)  Nani maa’s call came.. She want to meet maa and baba.. I think u both have to visit her tomorrow only.. Dadi maa can’t come with u naa as she has a Pooja at Temple.. So will you both go tomorrow…

Shekhar nodes. Swara is about to deny but sanskar holds her hand. She looks at him confused… He assured her without anyone’s notice. Just then dadi came there..

Dadi: ragini is correct shekhar. If Janaki’s maa wanted to see u both u have to go..(ragini smirked evilly) And it’s true I have a pooja at Temple… But I can do it next week too.. (ragini’s face became pale)  so I also come with u two… Do ji and Rp ji I want to talk with swara and ragini personally..

Rp: they are ur grand daughters kakisa.. U don’t have to seek our permission..

Dp: yes..

All went outside with shekhar and shomi…. Swara assures sanskar so he also went with them.. Now it is swara, dadi and ragini only…

Dadi: u threatened shomi to kill her child? (ragini and swara became Shocked) how can you became this much cruel.. That child is ur sibling too and u r trying to kill him.. U and ur mausi’s planning won’t be done.. I will be there with her..  U r not my laado.. U know that I always taunt swara that her upbringing is not good.. U proved my upbringing is wrong..

Rag: I’m sorry dadi maa..

Dadi: shut up.. Now u  don’t have any right to call me dadi.. (to swara) I’m sorry swara.. I always taunt you and called u characterless but u proved me wrong.. Please forgive me..

Sw: no dadi u r elder to me.. Don’t ask d forgiveness from me..

Dadi: (hugs her)  swara… (hesitate)  I know she did wrong with you and Shomi..  If u can plz forgive her.. Plz. ??

Sw:(holds Dadi’s hand) I told you that don’t do this.. OK I will forgive her but u have to make sure that my maa’s safety..

Dadi: OK I will do it (kissed her forehead) thank you… (to ragini) don’t do anything like this

She warns her and left from there with swara leaving an furious ragini alone there..

To be Continued….

Precap: Accident….

I don’t know it’s good.. As all are asking me to update, I thought to give a shot update … I also not satisfied with this.. I think something is missing.. But I don’t know what is it.. I will try to update next part soon dears… I want to finish it soon but I’m not getting any time to write.. Be patience dears… Plz ignore typing mistakes.. ??????

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