SwaSan TS : All I need is your love Episode 4 ( epilogue )


Hello frnds.. My God! Today must be flood had come.. Hw much u all cried.. M really sry my frnds.. bt what to do! It was necessary.. Nw see.. fr u all m giving an epilogue.. Enjoy it guys.. u all wanted happy ending, ryt?? Bt m giving a naughty ending.. so plz frgive me… & dont bash me!


1 month later…

A Mansion was shown.. It was beautifully decorated like a newly wedded bride.. All guests are shown.. In a room, a man was sitting & writing in a diary..

Dear Diary,

It has been 1 month since that incident happened.. bt still it’s nt going out of my mind.. That day, was d worst day of my life where I thought I lost my life.. My wife.. My swara..

******************* flashback******************

Swara closes her eyes & all gets shocked… Sanskaar was all numb.. His heart stopped beating.. He cried out loudly..


He holds her tightly near his chest.. Like he doesnt want anyone to snatch her frm him.. He was holding her tightly & not letting RagLak even touch her..

Ragini : Jiju.. ( tries to touch swara ) Swaraa.. ( jerks her hand )

Sanskaar : Nooo.. noo.. dont touch my swara.. she’s sleeping.. see.. she’s in deep sleep.. dont.. dont disturb her.. I wont leave her.. ( talks like a mad )

Lucky : ( teary eyes ) Sankyy!! Come in ur senses.. look at her.. she’s nt sleeping sanky.. She’s no more.. She got shot by bullet..

Sanky : Nooo.. noo.. u all r liar.. u r lieing.. nothing happened to my swara.. see.. nw she’ll wake up.. wait.. I’ll call her.. ( shakes her ) swara.. swara.. wake up dear.. tell them.. tell them that u r fine.. nothing happened to u.. wake up my love.. swara.. ( pats her cheeks ) hey, swara.. wake up na.. see.. ur sanskar is pleading u.. wont u listen to him ha??

No response..


Suddenly Lucky sees her slight movement of hands.. he rushes to sanky..

Lucky : Sanky.. 1 min.. ( he takes her hand & checks pulse ) sanky.. I can feel her pulses.. she’s alive sanky.. hurry up.. we shd take her to hospital.. ( happy )

Sanky : ( happy ) Wat r u saying lucky?? ( hugs swara again ) Dont worry swara.. nothing will happen to u.. We r going to hospital nw.. haa.. ( he picks her up in bridal style & left for hospital )

They reached hospital.. Swara was shifted to ICU.. Though she’s alive bt was in critical condition.. she lost so much blood.. Sanky was happy as well as scared…

After 3 hrs

Doctor came out of ICU.. Sanky rushes to him..

Sanky : ( extremely worried ) Doctor, hw’s she?? She’s fine na?? Nothing happened to her na?? Y ru silent ha?? Spk up damn it!!

Doctor : Relax Mr. Maheshwari.. calm down.. Ur wife is absolutely fine.. Its like a miracle.. bt she’s very weak due to lot of blood loss.. She needs cmplt bed rest… take care of her..

Sanky : ( overjoyed ) Thank u so much doctor.. Can I meet her??

Doc : Sure.. ( leaves )

Sanky enters in ICU.. He saw his life was lieing there with so many wires attached to her body.. He went near her & sits beside her.. He holds her hand in his hand & cries silently.. Swara slowly opens her eyes..

Swara : ( faintly ) San..s..kaar.. ( tries to touch his face )

Sanky : ( gets happy hearing his name & seeing her conscious ) Swaraa!! ( hugs her ) R u fine?? Haa?? U knw.. U scared me to the hell.. Dont do this again swara.. plz.. I cant live widout u.. ( kisses her hand & cries )

Swara : ( tears in her eyes ) Ssshh.. San..skar.. plz… dont.. dont..cry..see.. m.. fine.. & I prpmise.. I wont leave u again till my last breath..

Sanky : Ur last breath will be my last breath swara.. I love u..

Swara : I love u too..

********************* flasback ends **********************

Man stops writing and sighs.. sm1 put hand on his shoulder from behind..

Person : Sanskaar.. What’s this?? Look at the time.. all r waiting for us downstairs.. & u r writing diary..??

Sanskar : ( smiles ) Sorry princess.. Come lets go..

Both goes downstairs.. RagLak saw them & tells everyone..

Lucky : So here is the most awaited couple of this evening.. Mr. Sanskaar & Mrs. Swara Sanskaar Maheshwari.. Give a big hand.. ( all claps )

Ragini : This party is specially arranged for my bestie swara.. As she recovered frm a dreadful accident.. So come on.. lets start party.. Switch on the music plz..

Raglak sends swasan on dancefloor.. Music starts..

Mere haath mein tera haath ho
Saari jannatein mere saath ho
Tu jo paas ho phir kya ye jahan
Tere pyaar mein ho jaun fanaa..

SwaSan dances romantically on this song.. sanskar remembers that horrible day & tears came out frm his eyes.. Swara wipes his tears..

Rone de aaj humko do aankhen suzane de
Baahon mein lene de aur khud ko bheeg jaane de
Hain jo seene mein qaid dariya vo toot jayega
Hain itna dard ki tera daaman bheeg jayega..

Swara looks at him & gestures him throgh eyes to stop crying & start dancing..

Jitne paas paas dhadkan ke hai raaz
Jitne paas boondon ke baadal..
Jaise saath saath chanda ke hai raat
Jitne paas naino ke kaajal
Jitne paas paas sagar ke lehar
Utne paas tu rehna humsafar..
Tu jo paas ho phir kya yeh jahan
Tere pyar mein ho jau fanaa..
Mere haath mein..

While dancing Sanskar twirls swara & swara landed in his arms.. They had long eyelock..

Adhoori saans thi.. Dhadkan adhoori thi.. Adhoorein hum..
Magar ab chand poora hai falak par aur ab pure hai hum..

Everyone claps for them.. Swasan smiles at each other.. RagLak were also happy.. They wish them fr happy married life & leaves..

After party-

Swasan comes to their room.. Swara were taking off her jewellery.. Sanky saw this & went towards her.. He slowly takes out her earrings.. Swara feels his touch & closes her eyes.. He removes her neck piece.. & nuzzles his head in her neck.. Swara gasps.. He kisses her neck sensously.. Swara felt shy & runs..

Sanky : Swara.. if u r nt cmfrtabl with it.. then its ok.. I already told u.. take ur own time.. ( he starts to leave )

Swara : ( holds his hand ) No sanskaar.. M all yours.. Make me urs completely today plz.. dont leave now.. I dont need any more time.. ALL I NEED IS YOUR LOVE!!! plz mark me as urs..

Listening swara’s talk, sanskaar, within a fraction of seconds, pulls her towrds him & captured her sweet rosey lips with his.. It was a long passionate kiss.. Swara too respond with a same passion.. Sanskar bites her lower lip.. Swara moans in pleasure.. Sanskar was showering all his love, care towrds her.. After sm time due to the lack of oxygen dey broke kiss.. Swara was too shy to look at him.. Sanskar hugs her frm her back & keeps one hand on her belly caressing it sensously.. Swara got breathless..

Ang laga de re, mohe rang laga de re
Main to teri joganiya tu jog laga de re..

Sanskar started to give wet kisses to all over her neck.. He kisses her beauty bone & gave love bite.. Swara moans in pleasure making sanskar more wild & uncontrolable..

Jog laga de re prem ka rog laga de re
Main to teri joganiya tu jog laga de re..

Sanskaar takes her in his arms & places her on bed.. He take out his saree & started to give kisses all over her body..

Ram ratan dhan lagan magan man
Tan mora chandan re..
Ujli kori preet piya satrang laga de re..

Later sanskar move towars her nake again & nuzzles his head their.. Swara caresses his hairs.. He cms to her boss*ms.. & starts kissing their.. & sucks it to soothe.. Sanskar unties her blouse & kisses her milky back…

Ang laga de re mohe rang laga de re
Main to teri joganiya tu jog laga de re..

Sanskaar finally unbuttons himself.. Both are fully naked.. Sanskar come over swara & they consumate their marriage..

Sanky whispers : I love u swara..

Swara : I love u too…

The moon, stars witnessed their love.. Pious, pure love..

The end.. 🙂

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