SwaSan TS : All I need is your love Episode 3 ( No!! U cant leave me!! ) )


Hello frnds.. Thank u so much fr ur comments.. M very happy seeing ur gr8 response.. I never imagined that I’ll get this much response to my TS.. Even my ff get less response than this.. anyways.. thanks once again & lets start-


Sanskaar closes door on swara’s face & collapsed on floor crying miserably.. Swara bangs door several times.. She cried.. She pleaded to him.. bt He dint listen.. He was shattered.. He get up from there & goes to his room.. He was walking like lifeless body..

Tadap tadap ke iss dil se aah nikalti rahi
Muzko saza di pyar ki aisa kya gunah kiya
Toh lut gaye.. haan lut gaye..
Toh lut gaye hum teri mohabbat mein..

Swara’s condition was worse than this.. She was also walking on road aimlessly.. Sanskaar drags out whisky bottle frm cupbrd.. He started to drink while remembering all moments spent wid swara..

Ajab hain ishq yaara pal do pal ki khushiyan
Ghum ke khazane milte phir, milti hai tanhaiyaan
Kabhi aansoo kabhi aahe kabhi shikwe kabhi nale
Tera chehra nazar aaye..

He looks at mirror & sees swara’s smiling face.. He breaks mirror & screams loudly..


Tera chehra nazar aaye muze din ke ujalon mein teri yaadein tadpaayein..
Raaton ke andheron mein tera chehra nazar aaye..
Machal machal ke iss dil se aah nikalti rahi
Muzko saza di pyar ki aisa kya gunah kiya
Toh lut gaye.. haan lut gaye..
Toh lut gaye hum teri mohabbat mein..

Sanskaar messed everything in room.. Maria saw this & called Lucky..

Lucky : Hello..

Maria : Hello.. Laksh sir.. Maria speaking.. vo.. vo sanskar sir & swara mam..

Lucky : Maria?? At this time?? What happened?? Tell me clearly..

Maria tells him everything.. Laksh got shock..

Lucky : Ok.. We r cmng there..

It was 4:30 AM.. He woke up Ragini & tells her everything.. Ragini too gets shocked & worried as well..

Ragini : Lucky.. nw what will happen?? Hw will we search Swaru?? She’s innocent lucky.. ( cries )

Lucky : ( in assuring tone ) I knw Ragu.. I knw.. Dont wry.. will tell truth to sanky.. Cm.. lets go..

( Ragini had told laksh everything.. both leaves fr MM )

Here swara got tired of walking.. She again felt dizzy & sits on a bench near one park.. Her tears got dried nw.. She’s like statue.. Like sm1 snatched her soul frm her..

At MM-

RagLak reaches MM & rushed to Sanky’s room.. Both gets shocked seeing vulnerable condition of sanky & messy room.. Lucky runs to him..

Lucky : ( wake him up ) Sanky.. Sanky.. wake up.. Sanky..

Sanky : ( smhw managed to open eyes ) Luckyy.. ( tears roll down frm his eyes )

Lucky : Sankyy.. what u did to urself haa?? & u consumed alcohol??

Sanky : ( hugs him ) Lucky! Everything is finished.. Everything!! She betrayed me lucky.. She cheated me.. ( cries )

Lucky : ( consoles ) Sanky.. plz.. calm down.. tell me, where is bhabhi??

Sanky : I donno.. I threw her out of my house..

Ragini : Whatt?? Jiju?? Hw can u do that?? Do u hv any idea what u did??

Sanky : She deserve that ragini.. She’s cheater..

Lucky : No sanky.. She’s not cheater nor she cheated u.. Its Aditya who cheated u!!

Sanky : ( shocked ) Whattt??

Ragini : Yes jiju.. That blo*dy beast.. He is not her brother jiju.. He’s a womanizer.. He cheated swaru.. He faked that he loves her & after dat he… ( closes her eyes ) raped her..

Sanky is hell shocked..

Ragini : Not only dis.. He made vdo of dat & showed it to her Maa.. Aunty couldnt bear it & she slept in coma.. ( cries )

Sanky : ( shocked ) bt y didnt she tell me b4?? & y she’s helping Adi to snatch my property..??

Ragini : Bcz He threatened her dat if she wont do what he said, he’ll stop aunty’s treatment & also leak that vdo on social media.. & she dint tell u bcz.. she was scared.. She dont wanna loose u.. bt..

Sanskaar couldnt blv his ears.. Tears started to flow frm his eyes.. He sits on floor with a thud!!

Sanky : ( cries ) What I did lucky!! She was innocent.. she was begging me to listen to her bt me.. M very bad hubby lucky.. M very bad.. I gave her unbearable pain..

Lucky : Sanky.. This isnt time to say all this.. we hv to search bhabhi..

Sanky : Haa… haa lucky.. will search her.. I hope she’s safe.. Plz God dont let any harm cm to her.. plz protect her..

Suddenly they heard ring .. it was swara’s phone.. Sanky takes it & seeing caller id he got furious..

Adi : Swara!!! Where d hell u r!! Hv u done ur wrk or not?? Dont frgt what I told u.. I’ll tell sanky ur blo*dy truth.. then u..

Sanky : ( cuts him ) just shut up!! Shut up u bastard!! Hw dare u to threat my swara.. I’ll kill u..

Adi : Sanskaar!” Ohh.. so u knw everything??

Sanky : ( angry ) Yess.. I got to knw ur true face.. ur cheap deeds!! Bcz of u.. I hurted my swara &..

Adi : & threw her out of ur house, ryt?

Sanky : ( shocked ) Hw do u knw??

Adi : ( laughs loudly ) bcz ur poor swara is infront of me ryt nw.. Sitting on road like a statue..

Sanky : ( shocked & tears welled up in his eyes ) where?? Where is my swara?? Where r u?? Hw is she?? Is she fine?? Spk up damn it!!

Adi : ( laughs like a mad ) Sanky, do u really think dat I’ll tell u where she is?? No ways.. ryt nw she seems to be fine bt in sm tym her state will be worse to watch.. hahaha..

Sanky : ( shocked & furious ) U bastard!!! Dont u dare to touch my wife.. I’ll kill u.. ( yells at him )

Adi : Aa aa aa.. lower ur voice sanky.. or else.. It will be bad fr ur wife.. ( tells his men ) Bring that girl..

Sanky : Nooo!! Aditya!! M warning u.. dont touch her.. ( suddenly he heard swara’s scream & got shock ) Swaraa..!!

Aditya : ( laughs ) dont wry sanky, ryt nw my man only slapped her.. she’s unconscious nw.. bt if u want her to be safe then u hv to listen to me..

Sanky : ( teary eyes bt confidently ) Tell me.. what do u want?? I’ll give u.. just leave my swara..

Adi : Haha.. Gr8!! Then listen.. I want ur whole property.. WHOLE PROPERTY on my name.. I’ll send u address.. cm there alone wd a property papers.. I’ll bring swara.. bt! Dont be smart!! If u call cops then u’ll loose ur wife forever..

Sanky : No.. I wont call cops.. I’ll cm wid property papers bt plz.. dont harm my swara!!

Adi : Good!! I’ll be waiting fr u along wid ur dear wife.. hahaha.. ( laughs & cuts d call )

Sanky : ( angry ) U.. ( call cuts.. he throws phone angrily on bed ) hw dare he!! He kidnapped my swara!! If he touch my swara na I’ll burn him alive..( teary eyes ) Its all bcz of me.. bcz of me her life is in danger.. I hate myself lucky!!! ( bangs his fist on wall )

Lucky : Sanky.. calm down.. we shd think abt bhabhi ryt nw.. Be strong! Nothing will happen to her..

Sanky : yes lucky.. Nothing will happen to her.. I wont let anything happen to her.. I hv a plan.. he’ll send me address.. when I’ll reach there will call u.. I’ll make him bzy in talks.. U both cm there with cops.. & den he’ll get arrested..

Lucky : Ok.. done.. bt be carefull.. He’s dangerous..

Sanky : Dont wry.. m more dangerous dan him..

After smtym Adi msgd him address.. Sanky takes everything with him & reached at that place.. He slowly gets inside.. He calls swara..

Sanky : Swaraa!! Swaraa!!! ( worried )

Adi : Arre!! U came.. woww!! B4 d tym.. not bad!! Well, wanna see ur love..??

Sanky nods with teary eyes..

Adi : Cm here.. ( adi takes him to one window & shows swara.. sanky gets shocked )

Swara was tied to the chair.. she was not in her sense.. Her lips were bleeding.. her face has slap marks like sm1 slapped her several times.. Her hand has dried blood stains.. Sanky’s blood boils seeing his love.. his life in this state.. He Slaps adi hard..

Sanky : ( slaps adi ) Hw dare u beast!! Hw dare u to touch my swara?? I warned u not to touch her..

Adi : ( angry ) its her punishment.. after cmng in her senses she started to badmouth abt me.. & started praising u.. Which I hated.. so I lost my temper.. & u.. dont frgt!! She’s in my custody.. hw dare u slap me?? Shd I kill her??

Sanky : No.. no.. m sry.. I brought what u want.. bt plz leave her..

Adi : Give it to me.. ( sanky gives )

When they were talking swara slowly gainsher consciousness.. She saw sanky & gets happy..

Swara : ( faintly ) Ssan..san..skaa..rr..

Sanskar listen her voice & turns.. He gets happy..

Sanky : ( happy ) Swaraa!!! Swaraa, dont wry! M here.. nothing will happen to u.. see.. m here na.. ( cries )

Swara cries & nods happily..

Adi : ( after reading papers ) Hmm.. ok.. u can take her now.. bt listen! Dont u dare to double cross..

Suddenly police cms there & arrest Adi!! Adi gets shocked..

Police : Mr. Aditya.. u r under arrest..

Meanwhile Sanky goes to swara & frees her from ropes.. Both hugs each others tightly & cries..

Tum bhi tanha the
Hum bhi tanha the
Milke rone lage
Ek jaise the
Dono ke ghum daga hone lage
Tuzme muskurate hain..
Tuzme gungunate hain..
Khudko tere paas hi
Chhod aate hain..
Tere hi khayalon mein
Doobe doobe jate hain..
Khudko tere paas hi
Chood aate hain..

Adi got furious.. suddenly he snatches gun frm police & shoots sanky.. Swara saw this& shouts & pushes him.. Swara gets shot!

Swara : ( shouts ) Sanskaaarrrr!! ( pushes him & got shot by gun )

Sanky : ( shocked ) SWARAA!!

He holds her in his arms.. Police catches Adi & takes him frm there.. Sanky cries holding swara..

Sanky : ( cries ) Swara.. swara.. open ur eyes.. look at me.. nothing will happen to u.. m here na.. ha.. swara.. dont close ur eyes..

Swara : ( smiles faintly ) Noo.. san..skar.. I.. dont..hv..much..time.. I.. ( hardly spks ) want..to..tell..u.. I .. I… really.. loved.. u.. I.. dont need… ur.. ur… money… ALL I.. NEED…IS.. UR..LOVE.. which.. I.. got.. nw.. m… happy.. happy .. to .. die..in ur arms..

Sanky : ( cries holds her hand ) no.. no swara.. u cant do this.. U cant cant leave me swara.. nothing will haappen to u.. suna tumne??

Swara : ( smiles ) I… love.. u… san..skar.. ( her hand slips from his hand.. all gets shocked )

Sanky : ( shakes her ) Swaraa.. Swaraa.. Dont joke swara.. swara.. open ur eyes.. see m sry.. I wont ever leave u.. ha.. plz.. open ur eyes.. swara..

Bt she didnt move a bit..

Sanky : ( cried out loudly ) SWARAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!


Is this an end of their love story??
Or want epilogue??

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      O over acting ki dukaan.. stop it ok.. Kya meri swara meri swara laga ke rakha hai?? Haa?? Bol toh aisi rahi hai jaise khud sanskar hai aur maine vakai main usko maar daala hai.. huhh!!

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