Swasan Ts: Mr. Boss Teaser

Scene 1
A girl: Sanskar believe me we will loose the project like this. I heard her saying that I can’t let Sanskar win this project.
Sanskar: KAVITA don’t you dare point a finger on my Swara. She knows what this project means to me. She will never do this.

Scene 2
A girl’s point of view
No I can’t cheat him. It’s his dream project. I’ll do my best. I have to win this project at any cost, even after winning this project I have to lose my own self….

Scene 3
A boy: See I am not a fan of SRK or Hrithik Roshan, so I don’t know those cheesy lines n that filmy proposals. So the simple thing that I want to tell, for which I wasted so much of ur imp. time is that I LOVE U…
Girl: But I don’t…. After saying this a tear escaped her eye.

Scene 4
Another Boy: Sign this.
The first boy: What is it?
Boy 2: A deal.
Boy 1: What deal?
Boy 2: As long as I know… This is ur dream project. Isn’t it? So to win this contract u can do anything right?
Boy 1: Yeah but it should ve proffessional. IYKWIM(if u know what I mean.. Sorry I m addicted to abbreviations??)
Boy 2: Of course it’s professional. It says that if u want the project u have to give _____ to me! N ___ is ur mere employee. I want ___ at any cost. Or u may loose the project or precisely ur dream project.


Hufffff… Finally after so many yes and no’s  I decided to give a teaser. Thank u for ur precious time. If u like it than please vote and comment. It’s a humble request ??)
And my request # 2 was that I wanted a suggestion for the cover pic of my ff. Anyone?

Thank u for reading…

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    Hey sunshine just read all the parts of your ff and all were awesome and this teaser is very interesting plz post asap

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