Swasan Ts: Mr. Boss (Chapter 4)

‘Me where?’
‘For dinner.’
‘Dinner why?’
‘So that you don’t get lost thinking what u shoul cook in tge dinner. Now common we’ll get late. Hurry up..’
‘Sanskar u don’t worry I’ll order something.’
‘Arey. If u r gonna order than u can join me. Waise bhi I’ll make u eat from a restaurant I m not cooking for u.??’
With this they left for the restaurant!

@ Restaurant
As soon as they reached the restaurant Swara jumped out of the car and our hero was shocked to see his heroine-to-be’s ?? newly discovered shade…
‘Swara, Swara listen.. Relax why are u running yrrr…???’ Sanskar said not able to understand the excitement on Swara’s face… (Huh buddhu Malhotra dikhta nai Swara khush hai buhat!!??)
‘Sanskar I don’t know how to thank u.. Thank u, Thank u, Thank u sooooooooo much.’
‘Relax Swara… N why are u thanking me I just thought to bring u here as this is my friend’s place..’
‘I m thanking u because this is my favourite place but Sanskar why your friend owns this place means u r a businessman n ur friends will also be rich n young..’
‘Oho Swara leave that now come..’
As Sanskar started moving towards the restaurant holding Swara’s hand he felt that someone is trying to snatch it. He turned and saw Swara going in different direction.
‘Hey Swara where r u going.. Ur favourite restaurant is here…’
‘Uff Sanskar u r such a buddhu.. I m not talking about the restaurant I m talking about this dhaba u know I love kaka’s handmade food it’s so tasty u don’t know come with me I’ll make u eat..’
Sanskar was dumb seeing the stall because being a businessman he never experienced eating in dhabas and tapris because according to him their food was unhygienic… (Huh Dumbheaded Malhotra.. Bandar kya jaane adrak ka maza.. ???)
‘Swara.. Wait.. How can we eat over there..?’ He asked making wierd faces..
‘What do u mean by how can we eat obviously by our hands and stop making those weird faces’ Swara said very innocently (Haye meri maasum aur bholi Shona ??)
‘Swara u don’t know this is so unhygienic.. We should’nt eat alk these and I tou never ever visited them.. U want me to eat there. NEVER!’
‘Ok if u don’t want to come than don’t go to that Very hygienic restaurant.. Huh hygienic my foot!!’ Swara mocked. N with this Swara started going towards the dhaba leaving Sanskar.
His monologue (No I can’t let Swara go alone there are so many men sitting what if they….) (Confession se pehle hi possessiveness.. Not bad Mr. Malhotra ???)
Thinking this he too left behind her
After half n hour
‘Kaka bring two more.’ Sanskar ordered the waiter who was already shocked taking the 11th order of chapati just 3 minutes before fron the same table.
After finishing their dinner
‘See I told u. U will like it…’
‘Like!! Hell no.. I loved the food.’ (Han tou khane se pehle ajeeb see shaklein banaoge tou kese pata chale gaa??)
After paying the bill they sat in the car and drove off.
They were half hour away from Swara’s place when suddenly she shouted.
‘Sanskar stop the car.. Right now.’
Sanskar jerked listening her and immediately stopped the car.
‘Swara what happened? Are u fine?..’ Sanskar asked being worried but Swara was not in a mood to hear anything.. She just jumped out of the car and started running towards a direction and Sanskar started following her. After Sanskar reached the seen infront of him curved his lips widely. There Swara bought some candyfloss and distributed them to the childeren playing there. (Har bar ice cream khaane ke liye nhi rukte. People like me prefer Candyfloss more than Ice-cream not that I don’t love it but just like so??)

After that they rode off and reached Swara’s building
When Swsra was about to step out of the car Sanskar suddenly held her hand.
‘Swara I don’t know how to thank u. I didn’t knew that eating in an – according to my thinking – unhygienic place would be so nuch fun. And the way u distributed candyfloss amongst the childeren was just unbelievable.. I think u are teaching me to live the life to the fullest.. N i m very thankful to u for that..’ He confessed honestly.
‘Sanskar u don’t it feels so good foing all this. After all choti choti cheezon main tou badi badi khishiyan hain.. (There is so much happiness in these small things).’
And after exchanging night wishes Sanskar went away.
Phew finally done. N this chapter is especially for the one’s who wanted it early and they commented and I love u all…
Thank u for reading….

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