Swasan Ts: Mr. Boss (Chapter 3)

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Swara today is the interview for Laksh’s P.A and I want u to assist me because u can handle a girl better than me.’

Interview time
Knock knock
‘May I come in Sir?’
‘Come in’ Laksh was flabbergasted hearing such a euphonious voice and went into a dreamland, where his dream girl will have same harmonious power of speech.
‘Lucky if u r done with dreaming than please concentrate on the interview.’
Swara who was till now noting the merits and demerits of the previous girl, listening a familiar voice lifted her head and was astonished seeing Ragini standing their in an official attire. ‘Gini’ she whispered in almost an inaudible whisper but the one sitting next to her was a long-eared man(Sanskar) and he heard that unheard whisper as well.
‘So miss Ragini Arora are u ready?’
‘Yes Sir.’
Ragini was almost eating her lips due to nervousness and Swara could easily imagine how terrified she’ll be if she is rejected again.
After an hour of interrogation Ragini was selected as Laksh’s P.A and listening this trio i.e SwaRagLak had a widest grin on their faces which was confusing Sanskar to the core.

@ Lunch time
Swaragini were sitting together because Sanskar told Swara to inform Ragini about Laksh’s schedule.
‘Gini what’s this u didn’t even told that u r called for an interview in my… I mean in the company where I work.’
‘Sorry Swara but I wanted to surprise u. Sachchi i was not having any other intentions.’ Said Ragini making a puppy face.
‘Nautanki’ was the only name Swara could give to the expressions Ragini was giving.

‘Swara do u know Ms. Arora?’
‘I mean when u saw her entering the cabin at interview time ur facial features changed as if u were already familiar to her?’ Sanskar explained.
‘Yeah. Sanskar actually Ragini is my neighbour and is more than a bestfriend to me.’
‘Oh! Swara I know u r very dedicated to ur work so I hope u will not combine ur professional and personal life. U know what I mean.’
‘Han han u don’t worry about that ‘
‘Ok than.’
After one month.
In this one month Swaragini showed full dedication to their work and both SanLak were happy with their enthusiasm. Swaragini’s and SanLak’s bond grew stronger and they were now best of friends.

@ Malhotra Enterprises
‘Swara this is the file of a very significant project and I want u to handle it. And this time I want u to present it at any cost this time I won’t let Ragini come to the rescue.’
‘Ok. But whose project is this and why it’s so important.’
‘This is the project of Gadodia industry and as u know its the second largest industry of India, this project will be a very huge profit for Malhotra Enterprises.’
Swara just hummed a ‘hmm’ and went into a flashback which was threatening to tear her apart.

‘Nikhil please don’t do this. Please I beg u. What will Shona think. Please atleast for the sake of that innocent girl. Please..’
‘Nikhil Bhaiyya why r u making my Di cry. Di di aap kyun ro rhe ho? Kisi ne aap se kuch kaha kya? Mujhe batao main uski dhulai karoon gi.(Di di why r u crying? Someone scolded u? Tell me the name I’ll scold him too.) Asked a 9 year old Swara almost on the verge of crying seeing her Di in such condition.
‘Shona baby u go from here. Go into ur room I m coming. Go run run run.’ Her Di managed to say between her sobs.
‘But Di u.’ “Chatak” Swara felt her cheek burning and she started crying vigorously. ‘Di see Nikhil Bhaiyaa slapped me.
My cheek is paining so much Di. Look na.’
‘NIKHIL!! How dare u. Do what u want, but with me. Ok. But please don’t do anything to my Shona. Let her go she is so innocent.’
‘Good baby u understood urself warna pata nahi mujhe kya kya karna parta. Abb ye yahan se jaayegi ya poori picture ke liye popcorn laake dun.’
‘Shona go. See if u go I’ll give u sooooo many chocos. Now go.’ Saying this she pushed Swara out of the room.
‘Di don’t worry I’ll call mamu he’ll punish Nikhil Bhaiya. Han. U don’t worry I’ll call mamu.’
Sge ran away but soon she realized that her Uncle and Aunt are gone to Shimla for their friend’s daughter’s marriage. She was about to enter the room again but the scene in front of her made her shocked and she kept standing at the point and watched the whole scene with uncontrollable tears rolling down her cheeks.
Flashback ends
‘Swara. Swara. Where r u lost? I’m calling u since the last 5 minutes u aren’t even answering.’
‘Woh nothing Sanskar I was just thinking about something.’ (Monologue: No Swara this must be some other Gadodia Industry. Mamu’s company’s name was Gadodia Agency.)
‘Oho Swara is there any problem u can share it with me. Why r u so lost.’
‘Oh nothing Sanskar I was thinking what to cook in dinner. I m so tired I don’t want to cook anything.’ Swara said trying to divert his mind.
‘U girls na. U all r out of world. Idiots. Ok now take this file and start working I want this project at any cost.’
‘Yeah sure.’
‘What happened to her she didn’t even responded when i called her an idiot. Huh! These girls naa..’

@Leaving time
‘Knock knock’
‘Come in.’
‘Oh Sanskar. U here at this time. And why did u knock u can come without knocking.’ Swara said passing a genuine smile.
‘Woh Swara I came here to take u.’
‘Me where?’
‘For dinner.’
‘Dinner why?’
‘So that you don’t get lost thinking what u should cook in the dinner. Now common we’ll get late. Hurry up..’
‘Sanskar u don’t worry I’ll order something.’
‘Arey. If u r gonna order than u can join me. Waise bhi I’ll make u eat from a restaurant I m not cooking for u.??’

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