SwaSan TS – Mine n only Mine – by ZuZu (Part–1)



Hey folks, This Two shot is based on current track.. Well am gonna change few things.. According to my wish to set the plot.. Hope u ppl will enjoy.. The story continues after leap of 6 months.. Here am directly starting after 6 months so don’t get confused.. Just remember swara left MM n came to Badi with ragini… N they both are Wedding planners.. Sanskaar has changed that’s it.. Ok .. Now let’s start !!


-“please check about the starters n main course.. N yes serve drinks over their… ” she said hurriedly.. Marching to the other end of the hall.. To check the other Arrangements…

Dressed up in a long black gown.. With stone embedded on the neck line.. Her eyes filled with enthusiasm towards her work.. A delightful smile playing on her lips.. Making her look, Ravishing..

Doing her work with full sincerity & enthusiasm, totally oblivious of a pair of orbs fixated on her.. She felt a familiar shiver travelled down her fragile body.. Sensing something or someone around.. ‘Sanskaar’ she mumbled under her breath.. And turned round.. Her sight ran every corner.. To find everything thing but him., she jerked the thoughts and concentrated on her work.. Managing the food department..

As she turned to walk other side.. Her pretty smile faded away, making her stop in her tracks.., her eyes widened as they found the brown pair staring at them..

And there he was standing in red Lenin shirt., black Levis jeans with a black Raymond blazer.. Making him look sinfully s*xy.

‘Black staring Brown’ after all they found each other after a long painful period of 6 months.. The day exact before six months began to play back in her mind same like his.. The ‘Day’ when she ‘Left’ him in all pain.. The say she made her own love so weak.., The day which they never had in their worst dreams.. His painful eyes, her sinful words, everything began to play as they stared at each other..

Nothing changed in this six months between them.. His eyes, reflection of ‘Pain’ He went through in this long period of his life without her, pain which was given by her.. Pain from the person whom he loved the most and stood beside her when the whole world was against her..

His eyes reflection of ‘Anger’ which he have for her.. With the element of ‘Revenge’ which he wanted to take from her., by giving her the pain as much as she gave him or even more than that.., The Revenge for accusing him for the ‘crime’ which he has never done., The Revenge of making him helpless.., The Revenge of Making him alone without her.

And all above they were the Reflection of ‘Love’ which he had for her, n only her.. Everything could change but his pure love for her couldn’t be even a lil less.. He loved her.., & will love her Unconditionally no matter what.. No matter how much he hates her at present.. But his love is more than his Hate.

She trembled, and shuffled on her legs.. She sifted her gaze down as she couldn’t stay her gaze more in his heated eyes.. She felt her body warming up in his penetrating gaze..

She turned other side.. Though her eyes were everywhere else but not him. But it was a fact.. He has all her attention though she was trying a hard.

-“Hey, Sanky so finally u came.. Welcome. ” a man dressed up in a cream coloured sherwani welcomed him.

-“Congratulations bro” he congratulated him..

Her heart hammered against her rib cage, listening his voice after six months..She was listening all this.. He was watching her from corner of his eyes.. She realised.. It was his friend Where she was appointed as wedding planner of the functions of married, n today was the last day of her over there, as it was the final reception function.

-“Arey where is Bhabhi yaar ? ” his frnd Ankush asked..

Sanskaar looked at her now with straight eyes.. Swara turned and was caught by his painful eyes..

-“Kya bataun, Teri bhabhi ko sab ki fikr h bas Usk pati ko chor kr.. Islie toh vo mere sath nahi.. Sab riste phle, aur humara badme.. ” [What to say, ur bhabhi cares about everyone but me, that’s y she is not with me., every relation comes first for her than our own] his piercing words hurt her to the core of her heart.. A lone tear escaped her eyes.. She walked away from there, wiping it away.

-“What are you Saying ” asked Ankush.. Confused.

Sanskaar gaze shifted from Swara’s retreating back to Ankush again..-“Nothing yaar, she is a bit busy so she dint came.. ” he lied.

-“Oh, its ok. ” Ankush said..

Swara kept her self busy.. Shomi was also present over there in reception helping her as it was really a big project.. Where as Ragini was busy somewhere else in other corner of city handling other project..

Sanskaar was in function.. His gaze fixated on her.. Following every way of her.. Her body was hyper aware of his gaze.. Making her hard to concentrate on her work.. She wanted to look at her Handsome hubby.. She was craving for his look, his touch.. It was also a truth she hurt him badly.. Beside, she was the one who loved him madly..

She carried on her work trying hard to control all the emotions which were flowing off her heart..

-“Arey beta Listen ” Her movement was halted by a lady.. She turned n smiled..

-“Yes ” she answered softly..

-“U are a Bengali na ? ” she asked smilingly.. While she nodded in agreement..

-“Actually I really like u beta, I’ve a son, there he is ” she said pointing to a particular place, where a guy was standing with average Looks.. -“I wanted to talk about Marriage.. Are u married.. ?? ” lady asked -“No I don’t think so,.. There is no sindoor or mangalsutra.. ” she answered her own question before swara could answer..

This was all seen by Sanskaar., who was drinking, his eyes red with anger.. His face furious.. He drank without even giving a break.. One peck after other.

-“Aunty m…” Before she could complete the despo Aunty again said -“Don’t worry beta, I’ll talk with ur mother.. Actually my son likes you from first day in this wedding.. ” the lady smiled.. Thinking swara will blush or feel shy.. Poor she.

Swara glanced at the direction of the guy and not to her surprise.. He was staring her smilingly.. She turned her gaze to lady standing next to him..

Sanskaar grinded his teeth as he saw swara looking that way n listening their whole conversation his blood was boiling with a heat called ‘Anger ‘ .

-“Aunty.. Aap su…” Not letting her chance she spoke again.. -“I know u are Daughter of Sharmishtha.. She is my frnd beta.. I’ll talk her today itself.. ” she said again..

It was ‘It” for Sanskaar.. He stomped the last empty glass on counter getting himself drunken.. He stormed out of the hall gate which let him in Hotel garden..not listening the whole convo., he marched out.

-“Aunty, Listen am Married and I love my husband a lot.. Please stop this all nonsense. ” finally she shouted at the lady loosing her patience.. Lady looked her in shock.. She walked away.. As the function was now at its end.. She asked Shomi to go home she will come after wrapping up everything.. As Ayush was with shekhar.. Shomi agreed and went..

Here her eyes were finding him., with a wish that she could see him once again.. While her phone beeped flashing ‘One Message From Sanskaar’ on it..

She immediately clicked on it, without wasting the other second..

-“Room No – 408, in 5 minutes” it stated.. Her heart hammered In her chest as it was the first time in 6 months they were going to talk.. But again she remembered all past incidents..ego took over love..

But she couldn’t stop herself and after wrapping her work, she directly went to the floor and room which she was asked to..

She opened the door, only a night lamp giving dim glow to the luxurious room.. Her eyes caught him standing a few feet away from her.. He was facing the wall.. With a glass of wine in his hand.

-“Y did you called me here. ” Her voice containing Attitude.

-“So u are getting married Haan ?? ” he said still facing his back to her..

Swara was taken a back by his statement.. Tears began to flow down her pink cheeks.. She felt someone stabbed her heart., cutting it into million of pieces..

Soon she composed and Answered with attitude.. -“Tumse Matlab ? .. Well why am talking to a drunken like u ” Saying this in the most rude tone of hers., she turned to leave.., but before she could step out of door.. He hastily held her hands from arms.. Pushing the door with his leg shutting it down..

Her eyes widened., as he plastered her to wall coming so close to her.. His body touching hers.. She gulped as she stared in his dark eyes filled with, anger, jealousy, pain, and all above ‘love’.. She shivered in his hold.. And winced in pain.. As he was held her hands roughly.. Darting his fingers in his skin above her long sleeves..

-“Wow swara, so fast u are haan.. I must say.. Now u are a not even liking ur Husband.. ” he said -“oops a correction.. ‘Ex- Husband’ u are not even liking sight of mine right.. ” he continued, his voice cold, furious, with element of pain in it.

She felt disgusted by his words.. She tried to push him.. But Sanskaar was Sanskaar, he overpowered her.. This time holding her even more tightly, and plastering his body to hers, and grinding her between his manly Physique and wall..

-“Answer me damn. ” he groaned in a slow yet furious tone..

-“Leave me Sanskaar.. It’s hurting..” She said struggling in his hold, her eyes tightly closed..

-“You are hurting me more damn.. Answer me swara ” he snapped again..

Swara couldn’t take it more.. She looked in his eyes, Containing fury..
-“Mana kr dia Maine ” [I rejected] she finally broke down crying in his hold.. -“Yes I rejected.. I don’t have place for anyone in my life.. Specially the place which is only for u.. N only you.. Damn I only love you… I can’t let anyone take that place.. Cz I love you only you.. ” she cried miserably..

-“You did not doubted me Sanskaar, you doubted my Love.. My love for you.. I hate u for that Sanskaar.. Yes I hate you ” she shouted while crying.. He has never seen her Like this.. So broken, so hurt..

He became shocked.. His hands automatically found her cheeks cupping them.. -“Swara listen to me ” he said..

But she was continuously speaking.. Crying badly.. -“Swara.. Listen” he tried again.. But she did not listen..

He smashed his rough lips on her soft trembling ones.. He kissed her with all his love.. It was a passionate kiss.. His body plastered on hers.. He sucked and nibbled her lips roughly yet passionately showing how much he missed her in this six months.. Her hands found her broad shoulders.. As she held on them tightly for her dear ‘Life’.. She kissed him back.. Yes, she wanted it, after all she too missed him badly in this 6 months of separation.. Her tears making his cheeks wet as she kissed him back..

He traced his tongue on her her lips.. And pressed it on to them.. Demanding her to open her mouth.. He needed her badly.. Without waiting for anything she opened her mouth.. Welcoming him after a long time.. They were longing for this from decades, they felt.

He kissed her mouth hungrily.. As if he was starving for it from a long time.. And finally got his reason to live.. He kissed her like his life depended on that one single kiss..

He could feel her going limp n finally calming in his arms.. He felt her sagging down.. While she still kissed him back with Her trembling lips which were not ready to leave his.. Same like him..

His hands travelled down to her hips as he pulled her up still kissing her madly.. And made her legs wrapped around his waist.. Her fragile body stopped shivering as it found his warmth..

BG -” ‘Love Me Like You’ Do from ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’.. By Ellie Goulding ”

He walked to bed holding her from hips while her s*xy legs were wrapped round his waist.. They were still kissing each other..

They fall on bed.. Sanskaar on top of him.. Smooching her hungrily.. Her legs wrapped tight on his waist.. His palms held her hips possessively in them.. Her hands tightly enveloping his neck.. His one hand moved to her stole and pulled it out from her neck, throwing it somewhere In the room.. She didn’t care.. Only she cared was he touching her..she was starving for his touch from long six months..

His hands moved up and pressed side ways of her curvy belly.. She moaned in his mouth.. As he enclosed his lips round her tongue and sucked it, in & out.. He loved to this… After a decade of wait he again got to taste the sweet tongue of hers..

They broke when they were out of breath.. But soon he captured her lips again wanting more n more.. She loved it.. His hands went down on either sides of her resting on bed, not to put his huge wait on her delicate body.. But she moaned in protest at the lost of his touch… She unwrapped her arms from his neck.. Holding his hands which were on either side of her on bed.. She placed them again on her waist.. Pressing them on her sides .. She didn’t want him to stop touching her.. She wanted his hands on her.. Worshiping every part of her body.. She hated when he took them off her.. He pressed her sides perfectly just like she wanted him to.

He groaned in her mouth when she sucked his tongue like he did before.. Tasting him after six months was a treasure for her.. He lifted her a bit unzipping her gown.. She gasped as his cold fingers lingered on her back while zipping it down.. She felt herself getting wet in middle of her legs.. As she felt his lower abdomen on hers getting hard against her.. Through she had layers of cloths on her, she felt him going hard as rock.

He was a bit intoxicated by the drink.. But she was intoxicated without even touching them.. His one touch n she was senseless.. His magic got never diminished on her .. Infact it increased eveb more n more..

She wanted him badly to feast on her.. He was hers and she needed him..

They broke the kiss.. The fire of Desire & love for each other ignited in both pairs of Orbs., making them shine with its Spark.

He gave open mouth kisses on her jawline followed by her cute chin.. Down to her neck… He Nuzzled in the crook of her neck.. Inhaling the sweet sent of her.. Which he missed every day.. He licked her collar bone.. And gave her open mouth kisses there.. She moaned in pleasure which was given by her husband..

Her body was on ‘Fire’, which only he can set it on.

He nibbled her skin sucking it.. Leaving red spots over der showing that she belonged.. Belonged to him.. Her hands travelled all way from his back to his silky hairs.. Clutching them in her fists.. Pushing him more on her.. She closed her eyes.. Her back arched when he took her soft supple skin between her teeths and pulled bit… -“Aahh.. sans..sk.. kaarrr ” she moaned his name softly.. As her head hit back to the mattress

while his hand played a havoc on her milky back.. While his lips savouring every inch of her neck.. When he reached down to her neckline.. His hands work on the edges of her shoulders and pulled the gown down.. He showered a line of wet kisses on the strap of her inner.. She made her grip more tight on him..

Her milky smooth shoulders looked so white in black gown which was no more covering them.. He took the strap of her inner in between his sharp teeths and pulled it.. She wanted him to make her his again.. And this act of his aroused her even more.. He very well knew how to turn his lady love on.

He lifted her a bit from her hips and in friction of seconds he slid her gown down her cylinder body.. He looked at her.. Her eyes bored in to him filled with so much of love, desire , and longing for him in them.. They shared equal emotions.. She was no more shy of him.. After all he was her Handsome Husband..

He looked down.. She was bare to him till her belly.. Only her netted inner confiding her beauty from him.. He leaned down and placed a lingering kiss In her belly button.. Making her go crazy.. He smiled at her.. As he knew how much sensitive was her this spot is.. He placed a infinite kisses in her belly Button.. His hot and wet lips lingering there.. She was moaning his name continuously as simple act of his, threw her in the other world.. She pushed him there on her wanting more.. But he had other plans..

He came up and licked the cleavage which was visible from her naked barrier.. She arched on her back throwing herself more in him.. Her soft br*asts touched his soft stubble as she arched.. Which made him go crazy.. He wanted to feel their softness.. He was longing for it..

He naughtily bite them above from the last cloth.. Before setting them free from the grip of her inner.. In matter of seconds he unhooked it from back.. He took the material between his teeth’s and pulled it out from front.. As the hooks were undone the it easily left her skin.. After keeping it beside on bed.. He took his time to admire her beautiful wife.. ‘beautiful’ he mumbled ‘Nothing changed in this 6 months.. Nothing’ he thought as he drank her from his eyes.. He smiled wickedly at his own thought..

Without wasting more time he Feasted on them.. Showering plenty of kisses on them.. She was receiving an Undescribable pleasure.. When his lips found the peak of one of his soft curves.. His lips done a great job on them by sucking.. Nibbling.. And other hand played with the softness of other one.. Giving the equal importance..as he caressed the other tip with his thumb circling its peak.. Making them hard and raised.

His teeths slightly scratching her soft tip.. “sans..kaarr. “She moaned again.. Which provoke him to go more n more wilder.. He loved to hear his name from her while she moaned it specially when he makes love to her..

He took her again in a kiss.. After loving her soft curves.. His kissing reflecting all his love for her.. Which was only for her..

While he was kissing her she wrapped her legs round his hips.. And tried to remove his blazer..her hands going fast.. He smiled -” Easy ” he mumbled in kiss.. She got angry on his teasing and stopped kissing him back.. He frowned while sucking her lower lip..

He understood and removed his blazer and shirt while kissing her.. He took her hands and put on his bare chest.. -“Am all Urs ” he said in between kiss and continued to kiss her.. While she smiled and explored the sinfully deliciously s*xy body of her husband..

She was longing to play with his abs under her fingers.. She sighed in contentment.. While he smiled breaking the kiss.. He hugged her tightly.. -“I missed u Jaan.. I missed u a lot ” he said..

A current passed through her as their bare bodies were moulded perfectly against each other.. And y won’t they.. They were made only for each other..

He felt her so small n fragile under his huge, manly torso.. -“Make me Yours Sanskaar ” she whispered.. He broke the hug listening her.. She stared in his eyes as she continued -“Make Me urs, Am longing for it.. Ple…” He kissed her lips lovingly not letting her beg for what was hers.. And meant to he hers..

He broke and went down.. Pulling off her slacks.. Only the last barrier was confiding her from him.. He caressed her bare tights and legs with his lips.. Not leaving single inch of it empty.. He teased her caressing her from above her last barrier.. Which made her cry out it his name -“Sanssskaaarrrr ” he giggled.. But soon unzipped his bottom after removing the last cloth from her white snowy body..

He settled himself there.. And without making her wait more.. He entered in her.. Making her cry at the pain with first Thirst.. He leaned and cupped her face -“I love you ” he whispered before smashing his lips on hers.. He kissed her.. While she kissed him back.. He made love to her.. His every thirst made her feel complete.. He rested in her.. Thirsting her slowly and deeply..he came out slow n softly while slammed in hard and fast.. She moaned with his every movement of his in her… It Gave her the ultimate pleasure, which made her feel complete, which she missed from so long.. Only he can give it to her..her walls greedily clenched him inside her.. He was again claiming her as his.. -“Faster ” she demanded..in between sucking his upper lip.

He kept the pace up holding her hips..thirsting her harder and faster..

He smiled at how greedy she was getting for him, after many hard thirsts of satisfaction,He thirsted her for final time as they both reached the climax together.. He groaned in her mouth kissing her slowly.. As he exploded in her while she milked him at same time.. They were kissing each other.. They were feeling complete now than void.. Which they were feeling from so long without each other..

He broke n smiled at her.. She stared at him with his eyes, drowsy.. She was really tired.. She smiled back.. He kissed her forehead..as he came off her.. She whimpered in protest as he took himself out of her.. He chuckled and whispered -“Sleep love, you are tired “.. He said as lay down beside her.. And pulled her in his embrace.. Cuddling her possessively.. She turned to his side n snuggled in him.. He smiled at her act n pulled her more to his body.. And covered them with comforter.. And she slept peacefully drawing circles on his taut skin.. He sighed as he knew about her this habit of drawing patterns on his chest and falling sleep with that…

The slept peacefully after a long.. A smile crept on both of their faces.. After all they were sleeping together peacefully after a long 6 gap months.. Sleep soon took over them.. Making them rest in peace.. Hugging each other.

The time passed with every tic of the clock.. Finally the darkness changing to brightness.. Filling the room and lives with new light..

She smiled..when she found him sleeping peacefully on her. Resting his head in her naked chest.. She caressed his hairs..then his bare back.. She sighed in contentment as she remembered their night before.. He was in deep sleep still..

She took her own time to admire her husband. She finally shifted him slowly on pillow making sure that she is not disturbing his sleep.. She still stayed beside him, staring his sleeping form.. She smiled at his cute morning face..

She got up, her body aching but with pain.. ‘good pain’ she smiled at her own thought ..The pain Which she loved..

She saw the room totally messy.. Their clothes on floor.. And bed sheet clumsy.. A shy smile made its own way on her lips..

She wore his shirt which was at her side, after inhaling his manly fragrance from it.. She immediately collected her cloths which were messed in room few on bed and rest on floor..

She changed in washroom.. The sweet smile which appeared on her face after long decades never wanted to leave her enchanting face.. She came out after putting on her clothes to find Sanskaar Still sleeping peacefully..

She smiled and took a tissue paper.. With a pen and wrote -“I Love You ” on it.. She kissed his forehead and covered him with duvet after keeping the letter on side table..

She marched out from hotel, taking a taxi to badi.. Meanwhile Sanskaar changed her position, his hand finding her on bed in sleep, when his hand made contact with only empty mattress beside him.. He got up, sitting on bed he saw around room to find everything but her..

Soon his gaze was caught by the tissue paper on his side table.. He took n read the note stating.. -“I Love You -Ur Swara ” his lips automatically tilted upwards in a breathtaking smile.

He ran his hand in his messy hairs.. And got up putting on his cloths.. With a determined look -“I’ll bring you back my love ” he said to himself.

Swara reached badi with happy smile.. After what all happened last night she wanted to go back to him.. She was happy.. She got him back. Well what was coming up no one was aware..

As soon she stepped in.. She saw her sister Ragini sitting on Indian sitter crying with Laksh ji’s photo.. Swara’s heart ached at the lost of her sister..

She ran to her and sat beside her hugging her.. -“What happened Ragini ?? ” in a concerned filled voice.

-“Swara..Swara Hume Laksh ji ki bht yaad aaraha h ?? ” Ragini cried hugging Swara.. -“He left me alone Swara.. ” she continued breaking in her sister’s arms..

-“Shhh Ragini no you aren’t alone, he will come back.. And am here with u na ?. I’ll not leave u.. ” Swara consoled caressing her hairs.

Ragini cried her heart out.. While this was seen n heard by Sanskaar who was standing at entrance of house.. Her smile n happiness replaced by Anger and Hate.. A chilled wave passed through him listening Swara’s words.. ‘She always cares for others.. But not me.. I was here to take u home Swara, I thought u will be back to me, but no.. U always hurted me.. So fine Mrs Swara Sanskaar Maheshwari.. Get ready to feel the pain n face the hell.. ‘ he said to himself grinding his teeth and left from there without any word..

Where as Swara was totally oblivious about his arrival..

Precap :- “Sanskaar Appointing Swara as Uttu’s wedding planner.. SwaSan Tashan with ?? and a jhtaka ”

******To Be Continued******

So Comment if u want part 2 past.. :p .. N yes FY3 you have to wait.. I’ll be posting soon..
Sorry if romance jyada hogaya Toh ?? .. Pls do long Comments..


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