SwaSan TS – Mine n only Mine – by ZuZu (Part-2)



Recap of precious part -” SwaSsn meets after 6 months in a frnd wedding.. Their Feelings and emotions for each other, Sanskaar getting jls as a lady asked Swara’s hand for her son.. He calls her in the hotel room.. Their argument.. Swara breaks down..Making Sanskaar kiss her. Which leads to Their a hot Romantic passionate make out after the separation of six months.. Next morning he finds a note of her Confession, he goes badi to fetch her back.. Here he gets a shock listening swara Saying Ragini that she will not leave her.. He angrily leaves. ”


They day passed slowly, she thinking about him, she really wanted to go back to love of her life but, seeing the condition of Ragini, seeing her sister’s pain she couldn’t.

‘If my sister is so sad, in such trauma of loosing her love.. How can I go back to my love n live happily, No I can’t see her pain. I love Sanskaar more than my life, but I can’t let Ragini bear this pain all alone., and I definitely believe God will soon bring back Laksh, that day we will be back to Our real home.’ She said to herself, wiping the tears off her face..

She was right at her own place, they were sisters, they can’t leave each other in tough times.. They shared a bond not only in good times but also in bad times. Like it was a truth., other truth was also that she loved him madly, each passing day seemed a decade to her without him., she was crazily waiting for thay they will be again one.. And last night seemed like the movement she was waiting have finally knocked the door of her life, but the Brightness of new day again took all the happiness away with in a second.. On the other hand she was totally oblivious about his anger for her, which again heated up in morning..

They felt completed last night, yet new day again made them void., They wanted each other, they were so near to it, so happy. But again misunderstanding made split up their ways..

BG -‘Tere Liye’ From Movie ‘Veer Zaara’.

She closed her eyes remembering their night, tears began to form up behind her close eye lids, where as lips were curved still into a smile, remembering there special movements…

His eyes snapped open, sitting in his office, remembering their movements gave him peace, but the movement he remembered her words to Ragini, the movement turned to hatrate from piece.

His eyes clearly reflecting his anger, pain. All which he held in himself for her, he loved her and felt cheated.. He could not digest her words which she fed to Ragini.

He grabbed the iPhone placed on table on his front.. He tapped out someone’s number furiously.

-“Hello Mr Thakur ? ” asked he.

-“Yeah, Mr Maheshwari. ” voice ranged in his ears from other end..

-“I want u to prepare a u document”. Smirked he continuing the details of documents…

After a few minutes of discussion -“Ok Then I want the papers on my table in a Hour !! ” he literally ordered..

-“Don’t worry !! Work will be done. ” answered his lawyer with sincerity.

His eyes blazing with anger, as he disconnected the call a sham smile occupied her lips tilting them in a small smirk.

-“You ventured to double cross me Mrs Maheshwari. Ur own husband..” He said to himself -“But u have to face the consequences darling to cheat on me ” grinding his teeths as he continued.. His voice promising of unannounced war.

His expressions determined as he stared her picture in his phone. He felt cheated, broken. But anger over took everything turning him monster Sanskaar Maheshwari..


Swara was back to normal. Does she really ? Or still pretending ?? Naah she was missing him, He was her smile. And that was missing from her, but she still chooses to mask her emotions,Feelings just for her Family, Her Sister, Everyone else, but in alone she was same swara whose eyes clearly how much she missed him, who loves him endlessly..

But she had to smile, With Ragini so that she stays strong, she had to smile with her best frnd nikhil just to showcase she is happy… She had to smile for her parents just to make sure they don’t take stress n tension for her !!

-“Hey nikhil its wrong, give it back to me ” she ran hurriedly back of nikhil who was running taking her phone.

-“Arey let us also see na what is in it, that u were staring at it without paying any heed to my words ” said nikhil still running in the hall. He just arrived two days back from Canada, totally unaware about the mess going in his best friends life.

-“Nothing is there in it, just return it back to me “. she jumped off sofa trying to snatch her phone back from him, so that he could not see Sanskaar’s and her pic together when they were happily married. It wasn’t that she was hiding it from nikhil but if he would come to know, she will have to answer number of questions and he will worry about her. She just didn’t want to answer those questions and make others worry n tensed for her.

-“Arey wait na, I’ll see and return to u, what’s the problem then ? ” The words left his mouth before he slipped on floor cz of Centre table..

The next movement swara lost her balance jumping off from sofa, landing on him on his chest .. Nikhil laughed.. While Swara glared at him..

This scene was watched by a pair of brown eyes, raged anger in them.. And pure jealousy.. A scene flashed behind her eyes, where she once fallen on him, when he was sleeping on couch..

‘Memories’ the ‘Good Memories’ played behind him with a chain, turning his eyes soft, but not anymore when the reality him him.
Not anymore when he visualised the scene in front of his eyes.. His eyes were again dark..

Nikhil was still laughing, holding her hands as she was still on him.

Swara could feel Him, him near her staring her, as she was hyper aware of his penetrating gaze.

She looked around to see him, and there he was standing staring in her eyes with his raged ones. Black bored into brown..

Her heart did a Summersault at sight of his, but soon realising his heated gaze she lost her smile, which was just flickered on her face, just cz of him, just cz of his sight.

She could clearly see the anger, pain, hurt on his face, but the thing that made her confuse was y he was angry, after what all happened btwn them last night after 6 months.

‘Did It meant nothing to him ?? ‘ she thought !! She felt broken, heart broken by his expressions which contained Anger and Hatred.

‘Breaking My Heart Again, She is enjoying here ? But but how long miss Swara, for how long, u have to face the hell now, and I’ll make sure u Don’t have any escape’ he thought..

While she was just staring at him, thinking about past, her eyes glassy with unshed tears..

-“Excuse me Miss Swara, can I have a word with you ? If.u.are.free. ?? ” she was pulled out of her chain of thoughts, by his voice which sent the million of chilled shivers down to her body.

-“If. U. Are. Free ? ” he spoke again, stretching the words and his eyes tracing the position, and posture of her and Nikhil.

Nikhil too looked at him, Swara getting his words tried to get up from Nikhil, but due to miss balance she again landed on him. Nikhil laughed, -“Still u are the same Swara like childhood.”

Sanskaar’s hands turned in to fists shivering with anger, which was building inside him seeing Swara with someone, other than him.. Swara caught his expressions and fury, and quietly get up without falling again and making him angry..

They got up, Nikhil still holding her hand, Sanskaar’s eyes fixated on it..

-“Swara By the way who is he ? ” Nikhil asked looking at Sanskaar.

Swara stared at Sanskaar, -“Give him answer, Swara. ” Sanskaar said when Swara stayed silent.

Swara looked back at Nikhil -“Who are u man ? Disturbing me n my best frnd ” Nikhil shooted to Sanskaar in joke, as it was his nature. To which Sanskaar glared at swara

-“Nikhil you go I’ll come, ” Swara said as she understood if Nikhil will stay there his anger will be at its peak, and she didn’t want anyone to listen them.

-“But Swara ?? ” Nikhil tried to say..

-“Can I Talk with u Miss Swara ” he snapped again.. Drawing Swara n Nikhil’s attention to him again..

-“Nikhil please tu Ander jaa, I’ll see u later” Swara said to Nikhil in a pleading voice. Nikhil understood and left not before nodding to her.

-“Bolo Sanskaar, kyu chilla rahe ho yaha ” [Say Sanskaar, y are u shouting over here] Swara glared at him.

-“Oh I See, so now now u don’t even like to see my face too right..” He marched inside continuing -“Of course y u will, especially when u are enjoying life without me “. Making her look at him in disgust.

-” That’s not the answer to my question. ” she said crossing her arms on her chest. And the very next movement she was pinned to wall.

Her eyes widened..he was were close. Her breathing was high… Their eyes speaking the unspoken words from them…she closed the eyes at tingling sensation which caused through on her neck, As His hot breath fanning her skin..

-“What He was doing with u, huh ?… Who the hell he is.” he hissed..
Her eyed snapped open to stare into his heated once.. She turned her gaze not looking more in them and loosing herself in its Intensity.

-“None of Ur business !! ” she spoke .. -“It is My…. ” he started to speak but soon was shut by her -“What was Ur purpose of coming ? ” she glared..

He was hurt, she hurted him.. He moved away leaving her, -“Hmm yes, y am here? am here for a contract..” His voice a bit calmed down to keep himself together.

-“What contract ?? ” she asked, confused..

-“Contract of a marriage, u are A wedding planner right ?” He said taunting her in a way -“Am here to give u contract of my Sister’s wedding, So sign this. And Arrange best wedding for her. ” he continued with a smirk..

She looked shocked.. -“What ? ” she almost shouted..

-“Shall I repeat it again ? ” he smirked. She hated that smirk.

-“No, am not going to do that.. Never.” She said, a tear slid down from her eyes.

-“No. No. No my darling u have to do that.. And I’ll make sure u will.. ” he said smiling, while she was shooting him out with death glare..

-“Its my Wish Mr Maheshwari, u cannot force me. ” Swara said with a determination in her voice..

-“Will see ” he said..

-“Y are you doing this Sanskaar ?? ” she asked, her voice chocked, as pressure built inside her.

-“Are u asking me this Swara ? Seriously ?.. U are asking me this ? Ask Ur self.. That what u did.. U cheated on me again.” He was hurt..

Her expressions changed listening the word ‘cheating’.. From person she loves the most.

-“Cheating? That word suits u the best Sanskaar, after all what happened u didn’t changed.. ” she said..

-“Is that word for me ? Oh really ?? I have not changed.. U still care for others more than our relationship.. U never cared fr us ” he said in a slow dangerous voice. -“I thought in morning, after what all happened yesterday u will be back to me cz u still care for me, love me. But I was wrong..” He continued brokenly.. His eyes loosing the darkness.

Swara stared at him confused..while he looked at her with hurt expressions.. -“Matlab ? ” she asked, her voice a whisper.

-“Matlab ye Swara, I came for you in morning to take u with me, I was happy, I thought u will come with me but noooo… No.. How dumb I was to think also that I matter, i matter u least.. U hurted me again.. Again and again.. Ragini and her Relation matter u more than ours.. ” he Roared.. A lone tear escaped from his eyes, which was not unnoticed by her..

She felt some stabbed in her heart.
Tears made their own ways from her eyes, seeing how much pain he is going through.. And learning the truth that he came to take her, but in return he was hurt again.. But she Also cannot show him that she is also missing him badly, ragini needs her, she needs her sister Swara with her..

-“But not more Miss Swara u are going to face hell.. U are going to sign this contract. ” his voice was authoritative… As he kept the file of contract on table..

-“N…” Before she could answer, he shut her down stating -“Do what ever u want, but I’ll make sure u get the same pain which u gave me may be even more.. I’ll make u sign it miss Swara by hook, or.. by crook. ” he left with this words.. Breaking Swara, she sat on floor with a ‘Thud!!!’ All things ringing in her mind at a time..

She cried out her heart, she was hurting him and herself.. She was right at her own place..

‘I cannot sign the contract, no I’ll not, if I do seeing him in front of me all time, I’ll loose myself. I will not be able to be strong enough to stay away from him, no matter how much he will hurt me.’ She said to herself, tears were Never ending flow from her eyes..

She was sitting near window, lost in deep thoughts, her phone rang to its loudest ring cz of silent spread in the room.

Her gaze shifted to her phone in her lap, She smiled sadly and lifted up the call.

-“Hii ” she said trying best to hide the mixtures of emotions in her voice.

-“Bhabhi, Hii how are you ? ” came the voice filled with happiness from other side.

She sadly smiled at her question, ‘Painful, hurt, lonely’ her inner voice answered automatically.. -“Am Fine uttra, how are you ? ” she answered to uttra, wiping off the tears from pretty cheeks of hers.

-“Am missing u soooo much ” said uttra. “Well Bhabhi am so happy that u are going to plan my wedding.. Am so happy that my own Bhabhi cum best frnd is going to plan out my wedding arrangements.” Her voice contained Enthusiasm, as she continued.

-“But….” Swara tried to say. -“And I know it will be the best, as my Bhabhi is best.. ” Uttra took over her.. Making her think Before denying her sweetest Sister – In – Law.

-“Hmm ” she replied trying to stop tears behind her close eye lids..

-“Are u ok ? ” uttra’s voice filled with concerned sensing difference in her (Swara’s) voice.

Swara composed herself before speaking further.. -“Haan uttra, am totally Fine. ”

-“Aren’t u happy ? ” uttra asked innocently.

-“No, y shouldn’t I be happy ? My only Sister – In – law is going to get married, and I’ve got to opportunity to make whole preparations., am so happy..” She said, Sanskaar’s words echoing in her ears.. But she could see uttra’s excitement n happy face, she couldn’t deny her.

-“Love u Bhabhi, will see u soon.. Mom is calling I need to go, bye take care ” uttra replied happily.

-“Bye ” swara replied and cut the call very next second before bursting into flood of tears..

‘I dunno what to do, I cannot face him, I will definitely loose myself. At the same point I cannot deny uttra how much happy she was, how can I make her sad. God u have put me in such a dilemma.’ She cried out..

Time passed with every passing second, welcoming the night. She was still sitting there numb.. Ragini visited her before leaving for a wedding which she was handling. Nikhil was out roaming in city, he insisted her a lot but she denied saying she is not well.. Indeed she was.

The room was Encrusted under darkness and soothing silence. And she lost in her own world. Thinking, her eyes closed, head relaxing on headboard of bed.

Her shoulders raised to the uneven sound of door, while her eyes snapped open to find the Intruder., she looked the shadow, her shoulders sagging down in relief.

-“Why are u so swara ? Eat something please ” said the person sitting beside her palming her knees.

-“I am not hungry, Mom. ” she said.

-“Y are u punishing urself ? ” Shomi asked, concerned for her daughter..

She gazed at her mom and smiled sadly with sullen face.. -“Mom I hurt him a lot.. How will I be able to face him, when he will be around me, on other hand I couldn’t deny, uttra is so exited for it.. How can I disappoint her. ” listening to her daughter, she cupped Swara’s face -“Shona I know beta, u are feeling guilty, but he is ur husband beta. One Day u have to go to him, and he is Angry at u, he loves u a lot and u very well know that, place the things on right place, still nothing is off from our hands, and I know my daughter very well, she never accepts the defeat. Now its up to u..” Shomi patted her cheek in end getting herself off bed, making Swara confident..

After A While,

Swara thought for a while staring the glass of milk on side table, she took her phone to call him.

On the other end he was sitting on couch in his room with glass half filled with Rum !!

His gaze transfixed on The bottle half filled with rum on the table placed in front of him., soon the phone placed beside him ranged flashing the name on screen..

He glanced at the device, still holding the glass. His eyes shinned like a winner seeing the name of caller, and lips tilted upwards in a evil smirk.

“Hello ” he said in a low yet cold tone.

“Hello I…. ” The voice came from other end but soon he cut down the flow of words from other side.. -“So Finally, As I Said u will Accept it..” He chuckled, specially to irritate her..

-“Don’t think Mr. Maheswari am doing this cz of ur fear, am doing it just for Uttra, No need to get so happy ” she said angrily listening him chuckling.

His eyes gained their darkness again listening to her this tone.. -“Oh Shut Up Miss Swara, Don’t teach me how to feel, when u urself made me feel worst of all…” He almost barked at her.

-“Correction Mr Maheshwari, u are responsible for ur feelings, u always do things out of anger abs then Blame others…” She said taunting him..

His grip on the glass tightened as he pressed it hard, crushing it into millions of pieces, blood oozed out of his palm as the pieces of glass teared his skin.. “Just Shut up… ” he began to speak but soon got interrupted by her.

-“Kyu Ego hurt hua ?? Sach sun kar ?? U know what, the big problem of u Is ur EGO. !! ” her voce filled with venom.. Which did the work if Fuel in Fire.

-“Meet Me tomorrow in my Office at 11 ..” He said in a dangerous voice -” N yes Don’t be late.” He continued in voice.

-“Good Bye ” she disconnected the call as she couldn’t control her tears more.. She never dreamed that she will hurt her own love, and the person who loves her more than anyone Else can do !!

On the other hand he started drinking Pecks After pecks in anger.. Remembering how they were happy together and used to fight with everyone who hurt him, that was one time and this was one time where she herself was hurting him..

His eyes were red, anger coursing through them.. -” How Dare You Swara, you will pay for it.. U will pay for it ” he said, dangerously, His voice having element of Venom !!


Next day Swara woke up and dressed herself, her face was pale and eyes swollen due to lack of sleep and over night crying..

She got ready, and marched out of room not forgetting to wear a Fake Smile on her face..

Shomi knew her state but stayed quite as Ragini and Nikhil were already on Dinning table having the break fast..

Swara passed a smile to shomi, this hurted Shomi the most, ‘Being In So many problems she never complains nor share, handles everything alone and still smiles.. ‘ she thought.. Her heart twisted seeing Swara like.. But not make her more worry shomi Smiled at her..

-“Arey Swara ?? Itni subah subah ready ho gayi ?? Kaha Jaa Rahi ho ?? Let’s have Breakfast together.. ” said Nikhil as he saw Swara Standing at a distance.. -“Aunty prepared Yummy Aalu parotha… Ummm ” he continued eating the paratha closing his eyes..

-” Am not hungry, I’ll eat later.. ” she said looking at the watch on her wrist -“Its already 10.. I’ve to go..” She turned to leave..

Nikhil ran to her -“Where are u going ?? ” he asked still holding the paratha roll in his hands.. Such a Bhukkhad ??

-“Client.. We have got the order of marriage.. For that he called me to his office.. ” she answered..

-“Tum Akele Jaaogi ??.. Am also coming..” He said..

-“But what will u do?? I’ll talk with him.. ” Swara tried to avoid taking him to Sanskaar’s Office..

-“What Will I do means ?? Am here to learn about event management.. I need to come na.. If not how I will get everything perfect like u ?? ” he said with baby look..

-“But am not going to venue just to meet the Client am going there..” She tried to argue..

Shomi was about to say something but before that Nikhil spoke -“So?? I need to learn about this also na.. To know about the requirement of client..”

Swara signed as it was now impossible to stop him coming with her.. -“OK Get ready we will b late.. To reach there we will need 45 minutes..” She said..

Nikhil sprang as he ran to room to get ready after finishing the last bite..

They reacked office at 10:50.. The receptionist asked them to have a seat till sir let them in..

They sat there, Nikhil looked at Swara, Her face clearly reflecting how much sad she was.. But Nikhil was unaware of the reason..

-“Swara any problem ” he asked keeping his hand on his shoulder.. Swara again tried to smile.. But this time her fake smile didn’t supported her.. He tried out his best wake to light up her mood without asking questions..

Swara smiled a bit on his antics.. This was all seen by a pair orbs… While they were unaware..

Soon receptionist came -“Mam sir have called u in.. ” they both got up to go in cabin but soon she continued -“Actually mam sir said let only go in.. No one else.. ”

Swara understood about it.. But Nikhil asked -“Y ?? Y only she should go in.. Am with her.. Is ur sir PM or what that only one can meet him at once.. ”

-“Am sorry sir, but am just following the orders.. ” receptionist said and left.

-“Swara what’s this..?? ” Nikhil asked.

-“You be Here.. I’ll talk n meet u outside.. ” she left..

Nikhil was all alone thinking what’s going on…


Swara Stormed in the cabin angrily at this act of him.

Sanskaar looked at her -“Welcome Mrs Maheshwari., oops sorry Miss Gadodia ” He Smirked with ‘tsk’ -“Have A seat ” he continued calmly pointing to the chair in front of him..

Her anger knew no bounds -“What the hell Sanskaar, Nikhil is helping me in Marriage and you…..” She couldn’t complete as he interrupted in her -“Correction ‘Mr Maheshwari’ for You ” he said relaxing his back on his bossy chair..

-“And yes keep this help out of that door..Its me who will decide whom to let in my cabin n whom to not.. U are not one to dictate.. And show me the designs..” He ordered..

Swara choose to be quite n do her work.. She sat on chair n began to explain the designs..

But He was lost somewhere.. Or we can say in someone, he was Looking at her intensely with dark eyes.. She was wearing his Favourite color.. He still remembered how he complimented her when she wore his favourite color..

The flashes of past began to play in front of his eyes in form of Imagination.. She caught him starting at her.. She so much wanted him but couldn’t let it happen.. With lots of courage she was suppressing her emotions.. She was feeling her self getting heated up under his scrutinising gaze.. Only his gaze was enough to heat her up., he had such impact on her.

He was pulled out of his trance, as he heard a sound.. He looked down and saw the paper weight was on floor.. Swara in order to bring him back from his dream world did it..

She bent down in order to take the paper weight and so did he.. Their hands touched.. His hand was on hers.. They stared at each other being in same position.. Swara realised something and broke the eye lock..

He took his hand off her.. As she placed the thing back to its place, ‘Kaash Swara Iss paper weight ki tarah tum hamara rista bhi usi tarah vapas rakh deti uski sahi jagah par’ he wished [I wish Swara like this paper weight u could keep our relation properly to Its own place]

But soon he remembered how she blamed him for everything.. And love got replaced by Fury..

He concentrated on designs.. She was explaining him every single thing but he was not leaving a point to taunt her, to disagree with her..

-“Here the Mandap will be decorated with Red n Golden decorative cloths.. ” she said showing the sketch..

-“No Red n Golden, I don’t think will be good.. Change it ” he ordered..

Swara knew he was doing it to irritate her.. She kept quite and agreed.. She further began to explain him..

-“And yes this entrance with be decorated with roses with Shimmer cloth and lighting on it..” She said..

But he again taunted her -“What’s ur choice , it will spoil the whole wedding.. Roses are so common change it to Lilly and Lavender.. ” he said again this time making her annoyed..

She took a deep breath and said -“Leave it to me Mr Maheshwari I’ll do it by my own.. Am signing the contract Papers.. ” she said taking out the file which he gave her yesterday.. While he he had a winning smile playing on his lips..

As soon as she signed the contract papers she got up and began to make her way out of cabin..

-“Pack Your Stuff, Driver will pick you at evening.” his words forced her to stop straight in her tracks..

She turned back to find him smirking at her, oh God she so much hated that smirk..

-“What Pack, What Stuff ” she asked, her eyes narrowed..

He got up from chair, and slowly walked few steps to reach the corner of table.. -“Check Clause 42B ” he said while she waited for him to continue..-“States that You are Staying in Maheshwari Mansion.. Till the contract date lasts.. ” he finished with a Sham smile..

Her expressions changed to shocked one’s.. As she rushed to file in which the contract papers were filed…

She flipped btwn pages to get to particular clause… She looked at Sanskaar with disgust on her face after reading the Info provided in clause..

-“No ways ” she said before stomping the file on table..

-“Of course Yes, You can’t deny ‘Laws’ ” he said with a smirk tracing the last word.. -“Or Else I’ll sue You ” he continued shocking her..

She passed a glare to him before replying him -“Sorry, Mr Maheshwari. I don’t believe in the contract shit, am leaving..” She turned to leave..

He pulled her angrily, pinned her to the wall.. -“You have to believe it Swara, you have to ” he said ferociously.. -“This is legal contract not my heart that you can break anytime you want., like you did six months back and again yesterday..” He hissed as he continued..

Swara who was frightened had closed her eyes due to his actions, slowly opened her eyes only to find pain in his black intense eyes.. He was so close to him.. Her both hands were pinned above her head by him..

He nuzzles in her neck before continuing in his same cold yet furious tone -“You have to come to Maheshwari Mansion Swara, you have to, you don’t have any choice, Nor I’ll give you any ” he said as he pressed his nose in the crook of her neck.. Making her tremble in his hold.. She closed the eyes in fear.. Her breathing turned shallow as she felt his hot breath on his soft spot..

BG -“Only Music of Chahat Song by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan.. from Movie Blood Money ”

-“get ready to face another hell Mrs Maheshwari, get ready your worst time starts now ” he said before taking her soft skin in between his teeths..

Swara was shocked to see his anger.. His voice contained both Pain and Anger, his words venom filled.. She has never seen him so..she sayed there not moving an Inch thinking how the time changed, the person who hurted others for her, those who gave her pain, and today the same person she loves to core said this words to him..

She came back to her sense when he bit her again after licking her soft area.. Tears welled up in her eyes.. She struggled out of his unyielding grip.. And ran straight to the door..

While he shouted in anger -“Bhaag kar Kahan jaaogi Swara ?? [Where u will run Swara] you have to come here, To me, To Your hell..”

She was in her deep thoughts.. She reached home with Nikhil.. As always hiding her pain from all.. She said shomi about contract.. Shomi agreed as she said.. Nikhil was supposed to leave to Maheshwari Mansion with Swara at evening..

Ragini was happy for her sister, she thought now Swara and Sanskaar will be one again not knowing about the actual matter behind the contract.. He made contract to make her life hell not to take her back in his life..

On the other side it was also a truth he was hurting himself more by hurting him, and y not he would be hurt, she is his life, his love, his better half… But anger, ego, pain took over love..

Time passed, it was evening and driver came to pick up Swara and Nikhil.. They both left for MM..

The whole Family was happy to see Swara.. Sanskaar already informed that Swara is the wedding planner for Uttra’s marriage..

They were happy, they hoped Swara and Sanskaar will come closer staying under same roof, their difference will be souted out..they though SwaSan will become one again..

Sujata enveloped her in a tight hug.. While Nikhil stood confused.. They had tears in eyes..

But they could sense the tensions between them.. But still they hoped..

The preparations were on full swing.. Swara herself was helping workers in the work.. While Nikhil was every time with her helping her.. He was her best friend and also her helping hand.. She felt blessed to have such best friend.. Being childhood frnds they really shared a Awesome bounding..

This all was seen by Sanskaar who was quite jealous rather than angry.. Swara n Nikhil closeness hurted him a lot, he remembered their fake marriage time when he was her best frnd.. How she used to be with him, freely… Their masti in tent.. Her care for him.. His confession in drunken state.. She saving him from false accusations of Ragini on him.. The memory of past again came to him to haunt him to his worst..he was staring at Swara who was standing on the edge of Stool trying to fix the lighting on its place..

She was too short to reach over there but She being stubborn moved further to reach over there.. Which eventually lead to misbalancing.. She closed her eyes in fear of falling..

But to her surprised she wasn’t on ground but in someone’s strong hold.. She slowly opened her eyes to find him staring at her.. Holding her close to him..

Their eyes got bored in each others.. ‘Brown to Black’ conveying the emotions through them, which words couldn’t do..

She was staring him with baby eyes.. Which he wished to kiss.. He slowly bend further still holding her him his protective arms.. They were so close to each other.. She closed her eyes which his nose came in contact with her nose.. He slowly pecked her eyes… Her eye lids feeling the softeness of his lips on them fluttered open.. They were Lost in movement, or we can say lost in each other..

They gained their senses as Uttra called out Swara for some help.. He made her stand errect on floor.. She regretted again for letting him come close to her again.. She every time got lost in his touch.. While she bonded herself not to let his closeness effect him.. She couldn’t allow it..

Sanskaar brushed his Hand harshly in his hairs out in frustration.. He brought her here to hurt her the way she did to him and even more, but he wasn’t able to see him hurt.. -“f**k” he swore out of anger and frustration.. ‘No No I can’t let this happen, she accused me for the thing which I haven’t done.. No I’ll not let her effect me.. Not this time’ he said to himself rubbing his thumb at the back of his neck to release the tension over there..

Next day it was Mehndi, Swara without caring about her was working without any break.. It was evening and she hasn’t took her lunch yet.. But Nikhil really cared for His best frnd..

-“Arey where are you taking me, I’ve to still check the arrangements at entrance.. And catering ” Swara said as Nikhil was dragging her to the couch holding her hand..

-“You Have not done ur Lunch yet, first do it, or else u will spoil ur health..” He said making her sit on couch..

-“But am not feeling hungry Nikhil.. I’ll take later.. ” she tried to get up reasoning him out.. But Nikhil was Nikhil.. He made her sit again.. And sat beside her..

-“No later, I said now means now.. ” he said.. -“Eat this ” he ordered giving her the first bite with his hands.. Swara smiled at her BFF and took the first bite.. They were laughing as he was cracking jokes after Jokes..

Sanskaar who was cutting the apple, continuously staring them.. By mistake cuts off his finger.. Blood oozed out of the cut.. Swara saw it.. But he was still staring them unaware of that he cut his own finger.. His eyes were red due to bulging anger seeing then close..

Swara saw him and rushed towards him.. She immediately took his wounded hand in hers and glared at him.. -“Can’t you see and do ur things.. ” she said cleaning the wound with her kerchief..

Soon she Called Uttra and asked her to bring the first aid box.. Nikhil was shocked seeing her concern for him.. She slowly cleaned hissing.. As if it was her wound.. While he was quite all time staring him.. The family members.. Were gathered there, but none of them spoke anything, but happy seeing Swara’s care for him.. They smiled listening her scoldings to him..

She bandaged up the wound.. And saw him staring her, his gaze, Unwavering.. But she in order to avoid him turned to other side and left from there -“I’ve to chk Caterers ” she reasoned out.. And rushed out of entrance in ground and cried.. There was something which was stopping her to come close to him..

The Mehndi function finished successfully.. Swara arranged everything so well, all were complimenting about the decorations and arrangement !!

She was looking ravishing in a Neon green lenga and purple blouse.. While he was looking the Hot hunk in Green Coloured Sherwani..

It was almost 11 at night.. The function wrapped up long ago at 9 o’clock..

He was going to his room..he stopped in his track listening the laughing sound.. He soon found the souce of voice.. he saw Nikhil in Swara’s room, he was giggling her.. While she was laughing like hell.. -“Oh God Nikhil leave me..please.. Hahaha ” they were running out in whole room.. He stood their seeing them clenching his hands in fists.. Gritting his teeths.. Oh god he was damn jealous again.. He gone mad seeing them together at this time..

He left from there.. To his room..

Knock on Door made Swara stop laughing and Nikhil was on bed jumping..

-“yes Kaka ?? ” she asked..

-“Sanskaar Sir have Called u, in her room..” The servant said..

Swara understood it.. And got irritated as she knew again he will do drama.. -“OK I’ll be coming ” she said and servant left..

Swara said to Nikhil that she will be coming soon..

-“What Mr Maheshwari, its 11 o’clock , tell fast ” she said as she entered in his room .. She sounded Irrigated.. Crossing her hands on her chest..

He turned to face her, -“O, Acha so u can continue Romance with ur best friend at 11 o’clock ?? ” he said gritting his teeths..

Swara got furious listening such disgusting words from him.. -“Enough is Enough Sanskaar !!! Are u in ur senses !!! Kya bolna hai, kya nahin Sab bhul chuke ho kya ?? ” [Did You forgot what to say and what not] she shouted on him.. -“You are Gone Crazy ” she said furiously..

It was it for Him, he held her hands from Shoulders, digging his fingers in her skin.. Making her wince in pain.. -” yes I am crazy first was crazy in your love, and now in your hatred ” he said angrily.. -“I hate You Swara, Yes I Hate You ” he continued while she looked in his eyes, she could sense the hot waves of anger and pain coursing out of them..

He left her shoulders saying -” You know what, yes u should marry that Nikhil, I will get u married to him kya kehti ho ?? ” he said..

Swara was bound out of anger listening it and She slapped him hard.. Sanskaar looked at her furiously.. He was beyond shock at this act of hers.. !!

sanskar gets insane and touches his cheeks while she had tears in her eyes

-“Is Thappad ki kimat, toh tumhe chukani padegi Swara.” [you have to pay for this act of yours] he said angrily in his most dangerous voice.. Saying this he smashed his lips on hers..

Biting her lips vigorously.. While Swara was shocked and couldn’t respond.. While he continued to bite her lips mercilessly, rather than kissing them..

He broke the kiss and looked at her.. -“Kyu kya hua ?? ” he said -“Not liking ur Husband’s touch ?? ” he said glaring her.

She stepped towards him and pulled him holding his collar and kissed him hardly, making him all shock.. He was completely numb.. While she continued to kiss him hard.. Pouring every emotion Anger, Pain, And all above ‘Love’.. Her strawberry lips moved in a rhythm against him kissing him Hard…

She broke the kiss, tears were never ending flow from pretty eyes of hers.. She slapped him again and ran out of room crying Miserably…

She closed her room and sat on floor with ‘thud’ crying badly.

While he was suffering from same feeling.. He drank pecks after pecks remembering everything.. The feelings on both sides were ‘Equivalent’ !!

The whole night passed, while both hearts remained in deep sorrow.. They were crying on their faith.. Loving each other a lot, being under the same roof they were not together…

It was next morning… Sangeet day !! Swara was as usual engrossed in preparation as a loyal worker.. Few guests were going to arrive today for them she was seeing the arrangements..

Sanskaar was looking very happy today she got up and got ready before his usual wakeup time.. Swara noticed all this but ignored

Where as a ravishing smile playing all time on his lips.. She just listened the guests are family frnds of Maheshwari Family and going to visit them after a long.. All were happy.. The atmosphere of house was totally cheerful..

She was arranging the guest rooms when a two cars arrived.. She came out and to her surprise she saw Sanskaar hugging a girl tightly.. And having smile on his face.. She couldn’t see the girls face..

-“Oh Sanky, You turned so young and Hot haan ?? ” said the girl as he broke the hug..

-“Oh Please Naina don’t pull my legs.. Instead u are turned so beautiful ” he complimented her.. She blushed..

-“so are you happy We met really after a very long time.. How much happy the old days were.. ” she said.. Holding his hand as they marched inside the house.. While elders were busy with the guests arrived.. Naina’s parents

Swara got angry seeing Sanskaar so close with other girl.. But she choose to stay quite.. His anger, was sensed by Sanskaar who was all time looking at her from coebwe of his eyes..

-“Don’t worry Nainu we will be like first.. U and me roaming in whole city.. Enjoying.. ” he said adding more to her jealousy..

Swara was burning in pure jealousy..

-“Sanky we will watch movies together like first.. ” she said Clinging on him.. Sanskaar wasn’t liking it.. But to take revenge from Swara he carried on..

-“Oh Darling, definitely we will go.. Dinner ?? ” he asked pulling naina’s cheeks..

-“Of course yes !! ” Naina said hugging him..

-“He never took me out for any movie and dinner date after marriage and taking this chipkali.. Huh ” she murmured in anger and left from there..

Whole day passed !! Sanskaar made Swara full on jealous using Naina !! As he knew Naina has teenage crush on him..

It was finally evening and by this time Swara was red in anger but controlled it.. She got ready..

It was when Uttra called her In room and insisted her to sing her song for her.. As its her sangeet and she wants her bhabhi to sing for her. Cz she is best singer.. Swara tried to denied but Uttra was adamant.. Finally Swara gave up and agreed..

Swara brought Uttra out after making her ready.. She was looking like a doll.. Sanskaar was transfixed seeing her.. But his trance was broke by Naina beside him.. By now he was irked of Naina..

The function was on full swing all danced.. Uttra and chirag were sitting.. When Uttra announced that Swara will sing a song..

All gazes were shifted to her.. Nikhil cheered for Swara,

Swara looked at Sanskaar before starting.. She conveyed her feelings in form of song to him..

“Tu hota hai sine Mein
Jab jab saanse leti hun

He felt her feelings and had tears in his eyes.. But song ended soon as she just sang few lines.. Her voice chocked..

It was when Naina dragged Sanskaar for dance..

Naina -” Sanskaar let’s dance na ?? ”

Sanskaar smiled and looked Swara if she seeing.. -“Yeah Y not let’s go..”

And they went to dance..

They danced closely.. But his eyes were only and only fixed on Swara.. Who was glaring fire through her gaze towards Naina.. He smiled a bit seeing her jealous.. He so much wanted her but couldn’t..

Swara asked Nikhil to dance with her.. Nikhil happily agreed.. Swara and Nikhil danced closely.. On son ” Hua hai aaj Pehli Baar “.. Her each step with him was making Sanskaar go angry.. Nikhil kept hand on Swara’s waist and pulled her close.. This added fuel to fire..

While one guest said seeing them..-” How cute they are looking together “.. Sanskaar anger knew no boundaries.. He damn wanted to pull her towards himself.. He was making her jealous but instead he got more jealous.. Nikhil hand on her bare waist.. He was gazing it killingly as if he will break his hand for his this act..

Finally dance came to an end.. Swara was going to her room to make a call to Ragini but to her surprise.. Her legs were no more on floor.. It took seconds for her to realise that she was no more on ground and some one has lifted her.. But who.. She tried to shout.. As she was half bend on shoulder of the person who swap her from ground to his shoulders..

But it was quite late.. She person throw her on bed and closed the door.. It happed so hastily that she couldn’t even realise anything till the person turned..

Now it didn’t took much time for her to register the surroundings around..

-” What’s this ?? ” she blurted out angrily.

-“This is Our room and am Ur Husband.. ” He said shooting her with a glare..

Swara looked at him disgusted.. -“Naina must be waiting for you ” Swara said Sarcastically..

He came so close to her and came on bed staring in her eyes.. -“oh so u Are caring for Naina ?? Or trying to go to Nikhil..” He said angrily..

-“He touched u here right..” He said touching her belly.. Siding her dupatta.. She was lying on bed as he has thrown her..

She closed Her eyes feeling his touch… -“Did it feel this way ?? ” he asked nuzzling her neck.. She tried a lot to suppress her moan but it escaped past her lips..as his hands were caressing her belly sensuously..He chuckled..

-“Agree, The way I can make you feel no one else can do.. ” he said throwing her dupatta on floor while giving trail of wet kisses on her silky soft neck..

He smiled looking at her and smashed his lips on her.. Kissing, biting n sucking her lips.. She responded with same aggression..

He again kissed her neck..

-“And I hate it, that only u can make me feeling like this..” She managed to say in between her moans.. -“Aahh ” she based as he bit her neck..

-“And I love to do what u hate ” he said before licking the bitten area.. While her hands were pressing her belly caressing it as of trying to remove others touch off from her..

She turned over and now he was beneath her.. -“Did you like holding her ?? ” said she pulling him holding his collar.. Which eventually broke the buttons of his Sherwani.. -“Did u liked when she was clinging on u..” She whispered on in his ear, before biting the ear lobe..

He rolled over her.. Taking her beneath him and kissed her lips passionately..

He broke..
While he took the earnings off her ears and threw them else where..

-“You were liking her!! don’t you ?? Kya Usme Vo baat hai Jo mujme nahin ? ” she spoke when he looked at her..

He smirked.. And placed His lips on hers again.. But this time Kissing her possessively.. She smiled.. She really loved his possessiveness.. She replied him back with same potential..

They broke when they were out of breath.. -“Here Is ur answer ” he said.. She smiled.. She pulled him.. They kissed each other madly again.. He pinned her hands on top her head on bed.. While Kissing her hungrily..

Sleep took over them while they were still smooching each other wildly.. The bed sheet was crumpled..

She was first to get up in morning.. It was when he was sleeping peacefully beside her.. She caressed his hairs.. And blushed seeing their position, his hand was on her Waist.. His first buttons were broken.. While her jewellery was on floor.. Her hairs and dress was messy..

She cupped his cheek..and murmured.. -” I know I am doing wrong to u, but this is necessary sanskar, I have to go away from u… we can never be together..we r not meant to be maybe, today after the shaadi I will leave Kolkata for ever and ever..I was just trying to stay away from u by my harsh behaviour but I can’t.., so it’s better I go away ” tears made there own ways..

She slowly removed his hand off her waist and went out..

Precap -” Why Swara is behaving so ?? What’s the reason will Sanskaar be able to stop her ?. ”

*******To Be Continued******

A/N – Here uttras in laws aren’t conservative n Nikhil is not an antagonist !!

So guys finally I wrote !! This update is almost about 8000+ words!!
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