SwaSan TS : Mere Humdard Mere Dildar PART 01 by Goldie

Hello Guyz ..Here i m wid A Three Shots on SwaSan. .Hope U will Like it Do Leave ur Valuable Comments in the Comment Box Below n Let Me knw hw u Liked The TS by Me :)..

••••••••••Mere Humdard Mere Dildar PART 01••••••••••

Its A Big Mansion wid A Young Man of around 25 Yrs of Age is shown Sitting on A Chair in His Study in A Bossy Manner..He was Studying or Analysing His Work fr A Week wen He Gets A Call on His Phone…Seeing da Call The Man Picks Up da Call n Strts Answering da Call in a Bossy Way showing all His Arritude n Proud making da Person on the Other Hand Smile n Smirk Evilly Yet Happily..

Man : ( Bossy Tone ) Hello Who is it ??..

Other Person ( OP ) : Hello Mr SANSKAAR MAHESHWARI…The Don of Kolkata Speaking ??

Yes Guyz,The Attitude Man is None Other Than Our Hero Sanskaar Maheshwari,The World Famous Don of Kolkata wid Much Pride n Attitude of His Wrk…

Sanskaar : ( Smirks Proudly ) Yes..M Sanskaar The Don..Bt Who r U ?? N Wat Wrk U Have wid Me ??

OP : Well M Sahil Sen Gupta.The No 1 Business Man of Kolkata ..Y Wud A No 1 Business Man Call A No 1 Don ?? The Answer is Quite Simple I Guess..Ryt Sanskaar Maheshwari ??

Sanskaar : ( Laughs ) Well..Good Sense of Humour Mr Sahil ( Serious Tone Suddenly ) Bt Nw tell Me wat Wrk U have fr Me ?? Is thr anyone to be Killed ??

Sahil : ( Serious too ) Yes..Sanskaar…Guessed it Right..I have A Wrk fr U to Kill A Man Named Mr Ram Prasad Gadodia..Who Lives in A Chowl in West Kalibadi.Photo of da Man n Advance will be Send n Paid to U widin 1 Hour n Rest of the Money u will get after da Wrk..Is it ok ??

Sanskaar : ( Serious ) Yes Absolutely Fine..bt let me make U Sure..I need Full Amount of 2 Lakhs on My Wrk Done..Ok ??

Sahil : ( Smirks Evilly ) Ohh Ya..Sure..Absolutely..U will get ur Full Money on Time..bt Make Sure U Do ur Wrk On Time..

Sanskaar : Dont Worry abt that..Sanskaar Maheshwari Never Baks off frm His Wrk U jst be Ready wid My Money Mr Sahil..

Sahil : Good..Ok den Will be waiting fr A Good News frm U..Good Bye Sanskaar Maheshwari..

Sanskaar : Good Bye Sahil Sen Gupta..

Soon Both Sahil n Sanskaar after Having A Talk wid Eachother Hangs their Call n Sanskaar Calls His Men n Instructs His Men abt da Wrk They Got to Kill A Man..

Sanskaar : ( Bossy Tone ) Laksh..

Laksh : Yes Bhai..Any New Wrk ?

Sanskaar : Yes Laksh..We got A Deal to Kill A Man Named Ram Prasad Gadodia who Lives in Chowl somewhr Near West Kalibadi..So Prepare Our Men to Attack da Person..

Laksh Yes Bhai..As ur Command..bt the Photo ??

As Sanskaar n Laksh were Discussing abt their Plan to Kill Ram,Sanskaar gets a Msg on His Mob making Sanskaar to Smile on da Timing of the Msg He Got making Laksh Confused..

Laksh : ( Confused ) Kya Hua Bhai ?? Y r u Smiling ??

Sanskaar : ( Shows da Msg ) Look at the Timing Lucky..The Moment U asked abt the Photo of da Man to be Killed..I Got the Photo of dat Man..See da Photo Carefully n Make A Proper Plan to Commence Our Wrk..I want the Result at any Cost..Is it Clear ??

Laksh : Yes Bhai..Sure..Wrk will be Done..Dnt Worry..

Sanskaar : ( Smiles Evilly ) Good..Nw Go..

Soon Laksh after Reviewing Orders frm Sanskaar,Leaves da Room n Informs His Men abt The Wrk n Instructs n Orders Those Men abt The Plan making Sanskaar to Smile Evilly n Proudly..


2 Days Later

2 Days Passed n Sanskaar n His Men were Completely n Fully Ready to Complete their Wrk they got frm Sahil..They were All Set to Kill da Man Ram Prasad Gadodia as Per Sahil’s Order..Soon Sanskaar n His Men Reached da Chowl n Laksh n Other Men Got Down of the Car n Headed towards the Chowl while Sanskaar was Still in His Car Sitting in A Bossy Manner Eyeing Laksh n His Men frm A Distance in His Car..As Laksh n His Men were Approaching towards da Chowl in A Dangerous Style,Ppl Present thr were Scared n Frightened seeing Sanskaar’s Men Coming in their Chowl as da Entire Kolkata was Afraid n Feared of Sanskaar n His Ruthlessness..

Man 1 : ( Scared ) See Baba..Sanskaar’s Men r coming towards Our Chowl this Time.. ( Sweating ) God Knws whose Life is in Danger Today..Come lets go inside b4 thet Catch Us..

Man 2 : ( Scared too ) Haa Beta..Right..Lets Go..dnt wanna Mess in Don’s Matter..Better to go Inside..( Swearing )

Soon The 2 Men went inside due to Scardness while Laksh n His Men Came n Stood Near A Room in a Attitude n Stormed inside da Room n Dragged a Man Outside infront of whole Chowl n Pointed da Gun on da Man in Anger making the Entire Chowl Scared n Frightened..

Laksh : ( Angry n Points Gun at Man ) R u Ram Prasad Gadodia ??

Man : ( Scared ) Yyeess..M Ram Prasad Gadodia..bt Wat did i do ?? Y Sanskaae n U all wanna Kill Me ??

Laksh : ( Bossy Tone ) Coz Bhai got An Order to Kill U n in Return He wud be Paid 2 Lakhs fr ur Death..

Ram : ( Shocked ) bt who wanna Kkiill Me ?? ( Sweating )

Laksh : ( Frustrated ) Aaeyy..Chup..who Told Bhai to Kill U is nt ur Concern ..U jst tell Us ur Last Wish coz with in 5 Mins u r gonna Say Good Bye to this Word..Understand ??

As Laksh was Threatening Ram Badly,Ram was Sweating n Pleading fr His Life Miserably making The Entire Ppl Present thr Helpless infornt of Sanskaar n His Men..Seeing da Condition of the Ppl n Ram Presnt in Chowl,Sanskaar who was Watching all this frm A Distance was Smiling n Enjoying His Fear in Other’s Heart..While Enjoying His Fear in Other’s Eyes n Heart Sanskaar Suddenly saw A Beautiful Girl Coming Out of da Room in a Crying State Pleading to Laksh n His Men fr Ram’s Life making Sanskaar Mesmerized in da Girl’s Beauty..Seeing da Girl,Sanskaar was Completely Awstruck n was Lost in da Girl’s Beauty.Soon He Immediately Called Laksh n Orderd Him n His Men to Leave da Chowl Immediately widout Harming Ram even A Bit making Laksh n His Men Confused on Sanskaar’s Sudden Chng of Mind while Sanskaar Smirked Evilly on His Decision..

Sanskaar : ( Calls Laksh n Orders in Bossy Tone ) Hello Laksh..

Laksh : ( Picks da Calls ) Yes Bhai..dnt worry..m going to Kill da Man ..U … ( Intrerupted )

Sanskaar : ( Bossy Tone ) Laksh Listen..dnt Harm da Man..Jst Leave Him n da Chowl right nw n Meet in House in some time..Understood ?

Laksh : ( Shocked ) What ? Leave da Man ?? Bt Y Bhai ?? U only Ordered Us na to Kill Him..den suddenly Change in yr Decision ??

Sanskaar : ( Strictly ) I told U na Laksh..Jst Leave da Man n da Chowl Right nw n Meet Me in Our Home in some time..dnt u understand ?? ( Angry )

Laksh : ( Obeys ) Ok Fine Bhai..Relax..we won’t Harm da Man..Will Meet u in 10 Mins at Our Home..Dnt Be Angry..

Sanskaar : ( Calms Down ) Hmm Good..

Soon Laksh Hugs the Call n Infield His Men abt Sanskaar’s Sudden Change of Mind n Leaves frm da Chowl widout Harming Ram Leaving da Entire Chowl n da Girl n Ram Shocked n Surprised abt Sanskaar’s Sudden Change of Decision..


30 Minutes Later

Maheshwari Mansion

Its been almost Half n Hour Sansaar Reached MM n was seen Lost in His Own Thots A Girl He saw in Chowl n was Recalling Her Beauty n Her Innocence in Pleading wid A Smile on His Face Leaning On His Chair in A Lost World…

••••••••••Flash Back••••••••••

When Laksh n His Men was Threathrning n was abt to Shoot Ram,A Girl around 20 Yrs Came Outside the House in A Crying State n Strtd Pleading Laksh to Leave Ram in A Very Badly Pleading Way making No Effect on Laksh n His Men..

Girl : ( Crying n Pleading ) Sahab Plzz..Leave ..Plzz Leave My Uncle…Y do u wanna Kill Him ?? Plzz tell ur Sir to Leave My Uncle. .Plzz I Beg of U..I have no one other than My Uncle..Plzz Leave Him..Kill Me.if U want bt Leave My Uncle Plz.. ( Cries Badly )

Laksh : ( Angry ) Hey u Girl..Move frm Here..We did nt get any Order to Kill U..Soo Jst Go..bt if u Cross ur Limits den It wont take even a Second fr Me to Kill U too along wid Ur Old Uncle..So Jst Leave.. ( Pulls Trigger n Aims da Gun on Ram )

Swara : ( Shocked ) No.No..Plzz Leave My Uncle Plzz ( Holds Laksh’s Legs n Pleads )

As da Girl was Pleading Laksh,Sanskaar saw da Girl n was Mesmerized seeing Her Beauty n was Staring da Girl Kustfully frm Top to Bottom n seeing da Girl Pleading Badly Sanskar Smirked Evilly n Widin Seconds Sanskaar Dialed Laksh’s Number n Ordered Laksh to Leave Ram Un Harmed n To Meet Him in Some Time at MM Making Laksh n Other Present thr Shocked n Surprised on Sanskaar’s Sudden Chng of Mind..

••••••••••Flash Back Ends ••••••••••

As Sanskaar was Lost in His Own Thots of A Girl,Laksh comes thr n Disturbs Sanskaar’s making Him Come Out of His Dream of da Girl wid A Smile on His Face makjng Laksh More Confused n Shocked..

Laksh : ( Confused ) Bhai..wat was that ?? Y did U Stop Me n Our Men frm Shooting dat Old Man ?? U knw na we got an Amzing Payment fr this then y did u Stop Us ?? ( Irritated )

Sanskaar : ( Smiles Calmly ) RelaxMy Bro .Jst Calm Down.I will tell u Everything..jst have a Sit First. .

Laksh : ( Angry ) Relaxed ?? Have a Seat ?? Wat happening to u Bhai ?? U were da One who used to say Sanskaar Maheshwari never Backs Off frm His Wrk wich He has Taken..Den wat happened Today ??

Sanskaar : ( Gives A Serious Look ) I said na..will tell u Everything ..First U have a Seat..n Listen to Me Carefully..i have an Imp Wrk fr U ..

Laksh : ( Irritated n Obeys ) Ok Fine.. ( Sits ) Nw tell wats da Matter ? Y did U Stop Me frm Killing da Man ??

Sanskaar : ( Smiles Evilly ) Listen Laksh. I did all this fr a Reason..Nw i want u to do One Wrk fr Me..Will U ??

Laksh : Off Course Bhai..Tell Me wat Wrk ??

Sanskaar : ( Smiles ) Ok den Listen..The Girl who came to Save da Man..i want all Her Details ..Like Her Name ..Her Wrk..Her Relationship wid dat Man n Y Sahil dat Business Man wanna Kill da Man..Each n Every Single Detail of dat Girl n Her Family i rant on My Table wid in An Hour..is it Clear ?? ( Serious )

Laksh : ( Confused bt Keeps Quite ) Ok Fine Bhai.. ( Irritated n Slowly Murmurs ) Pata nhi kya hogaya hai Bhai ko ? I guess He is Gone Mad..Accha khaasa we cud get 2 Lakhs fr Killing dat Old Man nt God knws wat happened to My Moody Bhai..Huuhh.. ( Makes Faces )

Sanskaar : ( Smiles ) I Heard it Lucky…Nw Stop Murmering Agnst Me n Go n Bring Me da Details u want..

Listening to Sanskaar’s Words Laksh Composed Himself n Goes frm there in a Scary n A Irritated Manner Leaving Sanskaar agn Lost in His Own Thots of dat Girl wid a Smile on His Face..


1 Hour Later

1 Hour Passed n It was Time fr Laksh to come up da Full.Details of da Girl n Her Family n Sanskaar was Eagerly Waiting fr da Details in His Study..Soon Laksh Comes n Keeps da File on Sanskaar’s Table n Strts Telling da Details abt the Girl One By One He got frm His Sources making Sanskaar Both Happy n Angry at the Same Time..

Laksh : ( Smiles ) Here u r Bhai … ( Keeps da File on Table ) The Full Details of da Girl n Her Family ..

Sanskaar : ( Happy ) Good My Bro..nw Speak Up..wat all u got to knw.. ( Serious )

Laksh : ( Serious too ) Bhai da Girl u were asking abt is SWARA GADODIA…She is 20 Yrs Old n Studies in a Near By College in Scholarship..Her Parents Died in An Accident n since then She is Living wid Her Uncle Ram Prasad Gadodia..Younger Brother of Her Father..Along wid Studies She Helps Her Uncle n Aunt in House Wrk n Earn Money fr their Daily Routine..She Wrks in a Well Knwn n Reputated Hotel as Waitress after Her College Hours….( Keeps on Telling abt Swara n Her Family )

Sanskaar : ( Smiles ) Hmm Impressive..accha did u come to knw Y Sahil wants to Kill Her Uncle ?? Any Enmity ??

Laksh : Yes Bhai.. ( Muted Talk )

Sanskaar who was Listening to Laksh abt the Reason of Killing Ram was Fuming in Anger bt soon Composed Himself n Smirked Evilly n Ordered Laksh something making Laksh Happy n Exicted fr His Brother…Soon Laksh Left the Study Leaving Sanskaar Alone in His Study Lost in His Thots Yet Agn wid A Evil Smirk on His Face in a Bossy Manner..


Precap : Sansksar Following n Kidnapping Swara..


So guyz this is da Part 1 of My TS..Hope U will Like it..Do Leave ur Valuable Comments in the Comment Box Below n Let Me knw hw u Liked Todayz Part 01

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