SwaSan TS : Love – Finds Its Own Way By Goldie Shot 3B

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Recap : SwaSan Bond..KavHil’s Truth Revealed..Swara’s Labour Oain..


Love – Finds Its Own Way

Three Shots ( Shot 3B )

10 Yrs Later

Maheshwari Mansion

Time Flew n its 10 Yrs since KavHil got Exposed n Swara gave Birth to the Baby Boy of Kav San..Everything seemed Perfect frm Out,Swara was Happy wid HER 2 KIDS…Shaurya Maheshwari ( 10 Yrs ) n Shanaya Maheshwari ( 5 Yrs ) bt Was Everything Ryt in Real? Probably No…Swara as Usual was Sitting in Her Dark Room Holding A Pic Talking to da Photo Telling All Her Lonliness n Pain wid All Her Sufferings Flowing Down frm Her Eyes in da Form Of Tears making Her Feel more Lonely n Weak..

Swara : ( Teary Eyes n Caressing da Photo ) Kaha ho tum SANSKAAR? Whr did U Go Leaving Us All Alon Suddenly? Hw cn U Leave Me all alone like this Haa? Its been 5 YRS U Left Us All..Hw cn U? ( Cries Bitterly ) Plzz Come Bak Sanskaar..Plzz..Swara is Nthing Wiodut Her Sanskaar..Plzz Come Bak ( Hugs da Photo n Cries Bitterly ) See U havent Met Our DAUGHTER Also…Our Symbol of Love Sanskaar.. ( Sees da Phone agn wid Teary Eyes ) U knw She is Same Like U..Very Naughty..Sometime I feel She is A Exact Shadow of Urs..She needs Her Papa Sanskaar. Plzz Come Bak n U knw Aryaan..He is also Missing His Papa alot..Plzz come bak..We NEED U..We r Incomplete wid Out U ( Cries Bitterly )

Ye Dil Tanha Kyun Rahe
Kyun Hum Tukdon Mein Jiye
Ye Dil Tanha Kyun Rahe
Kyun Hum Tukdon Mein Jiyein
Kyun Rooh Meri Ye Sahe
Main Adhoora Jee Raha Hoon
Hardum Ye Keh Raha Hoon
Mujhe Teri Zaroorat Hai
Mujhe Teri Zaroorat Hai…

As Swara was Crying Remembering Sanskaar,She Felt A Pair A Pair of Eyes Gazing Her,Feeling da Gaze She Immediately Wiped Her Tears while da Person Watching Her Comes Near Her n Consoles Her Making Swara Lil Relaxed n Comfortable wid Tears of Overwhelmness Flowing frm Her Eyes Continously Yet Silently…

Person : ( Wipes Swara’s Tears ) MUMAA..U r agn Crying Seeing Papa’s Photo? Hw mny Times I have told U nt to Cry Remembering Papa..Papa is Fine Mumma..n dekhna where ever He is He myt Be too Remembering Us…U knw Papa na He cnt Stay wjdout U ( Swara Nodes Innocently ) Toh Phir..He will be Bak soon..dekhna..Jst Have Patience n see Wen Papa comes bak na Nt Only Shanaya bt WE 2 will also Scold Him Badly..Ok? ( Teary Eyes ) Aisa Koi Jaata hai kya apni Family chodke all of a Sudden..No Na..We will take a Good Class of Him ( Giggles wid Teary Eyes )

Swara : ( Overwhelmed n Hugged da Peroson ) Aww Mera Baccha..Haa ARYAAN..We will Surely Scold Ur Papa..Hw cn He Leave Us all of a Sudden..He has to Pay fr His Mistake.. ( Release da Hug ) n I Knw Wen U n Shanaya r thr wid Me I cn Handle Ur Papa more Efficiently..( Teary Eyes )

Aryaan : Haa Mumma We r alwyz thr wid U..nw Stop Crying ( Wipes Swara’s Tears ) Papa ko pata chala toh He will nt feel Good..coz of Him U r Crying..Chalo Compose Urself n Come Down Fr Lunch..Nana n Dadu r Waiting fr U.. ( Diverts da Topic )

Swara : ( Composes Herself ) Haa Ok..U Go. M Coning ( Wipes Her Tears )

Aryaan : ( Smiles ) Ok.. ( Leaves )

Swara : ( Smiles n Talks wid Sanskaar’s Photo ) Dekha Sanskaar ( Teary Eyes ) Ur Son ARYAAN MAHESHWARI is soo Grown Up..10 Saal hogaye usse Humari Life Main aage n He has Grown soo Matured ki at this Small Age itself He is Handling Me n His Small Sister jst Like U used to do..He is also A Carbon Copy of Urs Sanskaar..Humare dono Bacche Went on U Sanskaar ( Teary Eyes ) Ek hai Our Daughter SHANAYA jo apne Harkaato se sabko Hasati hai n is Very Naughty n Dusra hai Our Son ARYAAN He is Soo Responsible n Matured like U..Bt still they r Incomplete widout U..Plzz Come Bak ( Hugs da Photo Agn n Cries )

Mujhe Teri Zaroorat Hai
Mujhe Teri Zaroorat Hai…
Mujhe Teri Zaroorat Hai
Mujhe Teri Zaroorat Hai…

Soon Swara Composed Herself n Got Herself Preentable n Headed towards da Dining Table wid A Sincere Smile Yet wid A Sadness n Lonliness in Her Heart Making Others to Understand n Feel Sad..


3 Hour Later

SwaSan Room.

Its Almost Evening n Swara after Winding Up all Her Office n House Wrk was in Her Room All Lost in Her Own Thots Thinking abt the Unpredictable n Unexpected Changes took in Her Life 5 Yrs Ago wid Silent Tears Flowing frm Her Eyes wen all of a Sudden She felt A
A Strong Yet A Familiar Grip on Her Shoulder making Her Smile Fakely n Sadly..

Swara : ( Feels da Grip ) PAPA!!

Shekhar : ( Smiles n Sits Infront of Swara ) Haa Baccha..Its Me Ur Papa.. ( Wipes Swara’s Tears ) Sanskaar ke baare main socchrahi hai na?

Swara : ( Brk Down n Hugs Shekhar Tightly ) Haa Papa..M thinking abt Sanskaar Only..Pata nhi kaha chalegaya Sanskaar all of a Sudden Leaving Me n Kids ( Cries Bitterly ) I Miss Him Papa..I really Miss Him ( Brks Down )

Shekhar : ( Teary Eyes bt still Consoles ) Bas Mera Baccha Bas ( Caresses Swara’s Bak ) Everything will be Fine soon..Have Patience..( Consoles ) I knw its nt soo Easy fr U to Handle da Situations..bt U have No Other Option Swara ( Release da Hug n Cups Swara’s Face ) U have to be Strong fr Aryaan n Shanaya..Agr tum iss tarah Kamzoor padogi toh Who will Console Aryaan n Shanaya..Aryaan phir bhi Bada hai He will Understand bt wat abt Our Lil Innocent Priness Shanaya Haa? Uss Bechari ko yeh tak nhi pata ki She has A Father too..She think Her Father is ( Intrerupted )

Swara : ( Keeps Hands on Shekhar’s Mouth ) No Papa..No ( Teary Eyes ) This cnt be True..Sanskaar Cannot DIE Like this..He is Alive..I Knw..My HEART is telling this..n U Plzz dnt Tell such things Agn n Agn..I knw He is Alive..He is somewhere Here only..I Cn Feel Him Papa bt kaha i dnt knw ( Brks Down )

Shekhar : ( Consoles ) Sorry Shona..I did nt mean to Brk Ur Hopes..i was jst Trying to Make U Understand n to make U More Strong..If Ur Love is True then jiss Tarrah Ur Love FOUND Ur WAY 10 Yrs Bak even in Most Difficult n Awkward Situations this Time also Ur LOVE WILL FINDS ITS OWN WAY..Bas thoda Patience rakh Shona ( Assures n Consoles )

Swara : ( Hugs Agn ) Patience rakho toh Aur kitna Papa? Its been 5 Yrs Since He Left Us..Hw Happy We were after Aryaan’s Birth..Kavita n Sahil were Punished fr their Deeds..n da Custody of Aryaan wqs Given to Us..Sanskaar was Free frm His Blindness.Sanskaar had Joined Business n was doing Extremely Good.Everything was jst soo Perfect 10 Yrs Ago..bt den all of A Sudden after 5 Yrs of Our Happiness dat ONE Day has Snatched All Our Happiness ( Thinks abt Past )

☆☆☆☆FlashBack Begins☆☆☆☆


Maheshwari Mansion

SwaSan Room

Time Flew n its been 5 Yrs after Kav San’s Child Aryaan’s Birth..Kav Hil were Punished fr their Deeds n were Sentenced to Life Time Prison..Sanskaar was Free frm His Blindness..SwaSan were Happily Married n Aryaan was Grown Up to 5 Yrs Child n was Happy wid Swara n Sanskaar..They Lived A Happy Family Life..Everything was Jst Soo Perfect infact Beyond Perfect wen all of A Sudden Sanskaar had to go fr A Business Meeting to Out Skirts of Kolkata fr A Day to Finalize A Land Deal making Swara All Restless n Worried..

Swara : ( While Packing Sanskaar’s Clothes ) Sanskaar.. ( Restless ) Sanskaar suno na.. ( Worried )

Sanskaar : ( Chking Files ) Haa Swara..bolo..m Listening..U Speak.. ( Bzy in Files )

Swara : ( Sighs n Goes Near Sanskaar ) Woh Actually..Sanskaar..woh ( Fumbles )

Sanskaar : ( Senses Swara’s Tension n Closes da File n Cups Swara’s Palms ) Abb bolo kya hua hai? Y r u Soo Tensed? Hmm?

Swara : ( Hugs Sanskaar Tightly ) Pata nhi Sanskaar ( Teary Eyes ) m feeling sop Restless.Today..jabse tumhari jaane ke baath suni hai M feeling soo Restless.. (.Tightens da Grip ) Plzz Dnt Go Na..M Very Scared..aisa lagta hai My Somethings Precious thing is going to Go Away frm Me.. ( Teary Eyes ) Plzz Dnt Go..Kal.chale jaana bt aaj be wid Me na Plzz ( Worried )

Sanskaar : ( Sighs n Release da Hug ) Shona..First Sshh..U Calm Down ( Makes Swara Drink Water ) n Secondly ( Cups Swara’s Face ) Shona..U knw Hw Important this Meeting is fr Me n fr Our Future..its da Best Land fr Our Own House Swara..Aaj bhale dat Place is nthing bt in Future it will be da Best Area of Kolkata..hai na? (Swara Nodes Yes While Weeping ) den phir? Aur yeh jo main karraha hu its fr Our Better Future na? So Calm Down Swara ( Side Hugs Swara Protectively ) Kuch nhi hoga mujhe..its jst a Matter of 1 Day..uske baad toh I will be Bak na..Dnt Worry ( Assures )

Swara : ( Not Agreeing ) Nhi Sanskaar..Nhi Chahiye aisa Better Future jisme Ur Life is at Stake..M telling U na Sanskaar M feeling really Bad ( Release da Hug ) Plzz Dnt Go..Plzz ( Pleads Badly ) Agr tumhe kuch hogaya toh Hw will I n Aryaan Live Widout U..Plzz dnt go ( Cries n Hugs Agn Tightly )

Sanskaar : ( Teary Eyes n Hugs Bak Unknowingly ) Sshh.Calm Down na Swara..aisa kuch nhi hoga..Trust Me..Dekhna i will be Bak..Accha Ok ( Release da Hug ) U r feeling abt My Safety na? ( Swara Nodes ) den Ok U keep Me Calling after Each 1 Hour..n i will keep Updating U abt My Whereabouts Ok? In this Way Ir Restlessness will also Go..n I will be also Happy seeing U Satisfied..Ok? ( Assures ) ..

Swara : ( Agrees Finally ) Hmm..

Sanskaar : ( Happy ) Thnk God..U Agreed Finally ( Cups Swara’s Face ) Accha Chalo nw I Gtg.. ( Kisses Swara’s Forehead Lovingly ) Take Care Haa..aur Aryaan jab School se aaye toh kehna Papa will be Bak Soon..Hmm

Swara : ( Fake Smile ) Hmm..U also Take Care of Urself n Keep Mw Updating..n Take Ur Medicines on Time..Dnt Skip ur Lunch n Brk Fast..n ( Intrerupted )

Sanskaar : ( Shocked ) Uff..Calm Down Meri Chinta Queen..M going only fr A Day or maybe less dan that..Dnt Worry..I will take care of Myself..u jst take care of Urself n Aryaan Haa?

As Sanskaar was Cosoling Swara wid An Unknown Fear in His Heart too was Shocked n Surprised Feeling Swara’s Rosy Lips on His Kissing Him Passionately Filled wid All Her Love n Pain towards Him making Shocked Sanskaar too to Respond n Kiss Bak wid Equal Love n Passion towards Swara Leading the Kiss to Turn into a Passionate One..Soon Both Broke da Kiss n were Panting Heavily Staring Eachother Restlessly..

Sanskaar : ( Teary Eyes ) Take Care Ok? ( Cups Swara’s Face ) Kuch nhi hoga mujhe..I will be Bak soon..Ur LOVE will wont Let Me Happen anything.. ( Assures )

Swara : ( Hugs Tightly wid Teary Eyes ) Bt Will Miss U..Plzz Come Bak Soon ( Restless )

Sanskaar : ( Hugs Bak ) Will Miss U too Shona. ( Release da Hug ) Chalo abb Bye Haa..Its getting Late ( Kisses Swara’s Forehead Lovingly ) Take Care of Urself n Aryaan Hmm..

Swara : ( Restlese ) U also Take Care of Urself…

Sanskaar : ( Smiles Haa Meri Maa..I will ( Giggles ) Love U.. ( Waves Swara Bye )

Swara : ( Teary Eyes ) Love U Too .. ( Waves Bak Sanskaar Bye )

Soon Sanskaar Left fr His Destination wid An Unknown Fear in His Heart too wich He was Suppressing infront of Swara to Avoid any Further Emotional Scns while Swara too on the Other Hand Felt More Restless n Worried wid Tears of Restlessness Flowing frm Her Eyes Continously Yet Silently Showing all Her Fear n Restlessness..


2 Hours Later

2 Hours Passed since Sanskaar Left fr His Destination n Swara who was Alrdy Restless n Worried fr Sanskaar was even more Worried as Sanskaar’s Phone was Not Reachable since Past 1 Hour n was Pacing in da Hall Worriedly n Restlessly making Shekhar n Ram to Sigh n Giggle at Swara’s Unnecessary Tension n Restless..

Swara : ( Worried ) Heyy Bhagwaan yeh Sanskaar..Kaha rehgaya yeh? Iska Call kyoun nhi aaya abhi tak..I hope He is Fine..Kaha tha maine to Keep Updating Me..bt abhi tak nhi aaya iska Call..Ohh God.. ( Restless )

Ram : ( Giggles ) Bas Karo Beta..Stop Worrying..Sanskaar ka Call aajayega..Kuch kaam main Bzy hoga ya Network nhi hoga..Calm Down ( Consoles )

Swara : ( Restlese ) Calm Down bt kaise Uncle..Pata nhi m feeling soo Restless.. ( Worried ) Khabraha Mera Mann..Plzz U Call n See Sanskaar na..Plzz ( Teary Eyes )

Ram : Arrey Ok..Tum toh Ro padhi..Ok calm Down Beta..Wait Let Me Call Sanskaar n See.. ( Consoles )

Swara : ( Smiles wid Teary Eyes ) Thnk U Uncle..

After Consoling Swara,Ram who was abt to Call Sanskaar on His Mobile Recieves A Call on His Mobile itself.Seeing da Caller Name Flashed on da Screen Ram felt Happy n Kept da Phone on Speaker Happily..

Ram : ( Happy ) Arrey Wah Beta..See jiske liye U were Tensed since this Time has Only Called..Le..Talk to Him..ya ruk Let Me Keep it on Speaker..

Swara : ( Happy ) Thnk God..Jaldi Uncle..Acche se Khabae lungi main Sabskaar ki abb..hw cn He be soo careles..n Irresponsible.. ( Angry )

Ram : ( Laughs ) Haa Beta.lelena..Pehle baath toh Karo..Lo ( Keeps da Call on Speaker )

Soon Ram Kept da Phone on Speaker n was abt to Talk wen They Hear Another Voice frm Other Side makinf dem Confused n Shocked..

Other Side : Hello..Is This Mr Sanskaar Maheswari’s House?

Swara : ( Confused ) Yes..This is Sanskaar Maheswari’s House..bt Who r U? N Where is Sanskaar? ( Worried )

Other Side : Actually Ma’am Thr is A Horrible Accident Occured in da Highway of Outskirts of Kolkata..n Jiss Insaan ka Accident hua unke Paas se yeh Mobile mila n ..n in da Recent Dial We Found this Number.So We thot to inform His Family Members.Aaplog Plzz jaldi Aajaiye.

Swara : ( Angry ) What Rubbish are U Talking? U myt be Mistaken.. ( Teary Eyes )

Other Side : No Ma’am..Its True..Bahut bada Bhaiyanak Accident hua hai..n By Looking da Condition of da Car it seems da Person Travelling in it has Not been Found bt We cn Predict there is No Chance At all fr the Person to be Alive..aap plzz aajaiye..

Swara : ( Shocked ) SANSKAARRR.. No..No..U r Lying..Aisa nhi hosakta..Sanskaar U cnt Leave Me like this..NOo….( Numb )

As soon as da Informs abt da Accident,Swara who Heard it was All Shocked n Numb n Fainted on da Spot in Shock Making Shekhar n Ram both Shocked n Blank..

☆☆☆☆FlashBack Ends☆☆☆☆

Swara : ( Release da Hug ) Papa..Uss Waqt hume Ek Buri Khabar mili thi n Ek Khush Khabri.. ( Teary Eyes ) Ek Taraf My Sanskaar Gone Missing n One Another Hand I got da Biggest News of My Life…Mmyynn n Ssanskaarr’s Love Symbol was Revealed in My Womb..Y Destiny had Played such A Worse Game wid Me Papa..Y ? Sanskaar kaha chalegaya Papa? Where did He Leave? ( Hugs Shekhar n Cries Bitterly )

As Swara was Totally Broken n Shatteted Shekhar Consoled Her n Soon Swara while Crying Drifted in Shekhar’s Arms due to Stress n Tension Making Shekhar to Make Swara Lye on Bed Properly n Stare Swara Lovingly wid Teary Eyes Filled wid Love n Affection..

Shekhar : ( Teary Eyes ) Shona..kya Haalat banali hai tune apni? Wat have U Done to Urself? Hw Bubbly n Naughty U used to be Few Yrs Bak bt Nw..U have Changed alot..I knw Beta U r Worried abt Sanskaar..U r nt Ready to Accept da Truth..i jst Hope Ue Believe Come True..( Caresses Swara’s Hairs ) U get Ur Sanskaar n Aryaan n Shanaya their Father Bak.. ( Teary Eyes n Covers Swara wid Blanket n Kisses Swara’s Forehead n Leaves )

Soon Shekhar Cover Swara Properly n Leaves frm thr wid Teary Eyes seeing His Daughter in Such State Leaving Sleepy Swara Teary n Shattered

Ye Dil Tanha Kyun Rahe
Kyun Hum Tukdon Mein Jiyein
Kyun Rooh Meri Ye Sahe
Main Adhoora Jee Raha Hoon
Hardum Ye Keh Raha Hoon
Mujhe Teri Zaroorat Hai
Mujhe Teri Zaroorat Hai..


Next Day



Time Passed n its Another Dull Day fr Swara..Though She Looked Fit n Fine Physically bt in Reality She was Extremely Broken n Shatteted Mentally All Lost in Her Own Deep Thots Yet Agn Cutting Vegetables wen She felt A Sudden Pain in Her Fingers making Shanaya n Aryaan Shocked n Freezed..

Aryaan/Shanya : ( Shocked ) MUMMAA.. ( Runs towards Swara n Holds Her Fingers )

Aryaan : ( Angry ) What The Hell Mumma? Wat r u thinking Haa? ( Cleans da Finger ) U r soo Careless Mumma..see U Cut Ur Finger too ( To Shanya ) Shanaya Go Fast n Bring First Aid Box Quickly..Go..

Shanaya : ( Nods Worriedly ) Haa Bhaiyyu..i will Bring nw.. ( Runs )

As Shanaya Left the Kitchen,Aryaan Strtd Cleaning da Blood frm Swara’s finger Carefully Scolding Her like A True Son while Swara Stared Him Lovingly Remembering Sanskaar making Her Overwhelmed n Teary..

Swara : ( Overwhelmed ) U knw wat Aryaan? ( Smiles wid Teary Eyes ) Ur Papa also Used to Scold Me like this only wen i did any Mistake or any Carelessness..( Teary Eyes ) I stjll remember Aryaan wen U were jst 1 Yr Old na U were tok Naughty n in Taking Care of U I used to Skip My Meals jiske wajeh se I Strtd Feeling Weak n Dizzy..dat Time Sanskaar Took Care of Me n Scolded Me Badly Showing all His Love Care towards Me..n Today after these Mny Yrs I cn feel Ur Papa wid Me in da Form of U ( Hugs Aryaan Cries while Aryaan Jigs bak ) Thnk U Beta fr Being My Strength..Agr Tum aur Shanaya nhi hote mere Life Main aaj toh I Swear I wud have ( Intrerupted )

Aryaan : ( Release da Hug Angrily ) Bas Mumma..Dnt Dare tell anything Further.. ( Teary Eyes ) After Papa U r Our Strength..agr app aisa kahoge toh What Will Me n Shanaya do Ha? ( Hugs Swara Cryingly ) Plzz Aisa Dubara mat Kehna..Plzz ( Teary Eyes )

Swara : ( Hugs Bak ) SorryBeta.. ( Teary Eyes ) I wont tell such things agn..bt kya karu Aryaan..M Missing Yr Papa alot..( Release da Hug ) Pata nhi kaha chalegaye Achanak Leaving Us Alone..jabse woh Haadsa hua hai 5 saal Pehle Ur Papa is Missing..Ppl say He is DEAD bt ( Sees Aryaan wid Teary Eyes ) U knw na Aryaan wen He is MISSING since 5 Yrs den Hw cn they Declare Sansmaar Dead Haa? Hw cn They? I knw Ur Papa is Alive..Somewhere Near to Us n He will be Bak Soon..Dekhna ( Teary Eyes )

Aryaan : ( Release da Hug ) Haa Mumma..Papa will be Bak. Fikar mat karo aap..Papa aayege humare paas..n He has to Come fr U..fr Me..n fr Shanaya n Most Importantly FOR US..( Assures )

Swara : ( Smiles Slightly ) Hope So Beta . ( Teary Eyes )

While both Swara n Aryaan where Talking Emotionally,Shanya came bak wid First Aid Box n Handed it to Aryaan Worriedly n Cutely making both Swara n Aryaan Admire their Little Princess Lovingly n Smilingly..

Shanaya : ( Cutely ) Yeh Lo Bhaiyyu..( Trying to Pronounce ) Ffiirrstt Aaiidd Bbooxx..

Aryaan : ( Laughs ) Aww Le Meri Princes..Dnt Stress Ur Tomgue soo much warna Ur this Small Chotu Motu sa Tongue will get Twisted n den U will take this Entire Mansion on Ur Head ( Giggles )

Shanaya : ( Pout Face ) Bhaiyyu..Katti..Go ( Crying Cutely )

As Aryaan was Teasing Shanaya Swara on seeing Shanaya Crying Immediately Took Her in Her Lap n Holded Aryaan’s Ears Faking Her Anger n Scolded Aryaan fr His Naughtiness making Both Aryaan n Shanaya Wince in Pain n Giggle Innocent Respectively..

Swara : ( Makes Shanaya Sit On Her Lap ) Hw dare U Aryaan ( Holds Aryaan’sEars Faking Her Anger ) Tease My Princess Haa? Dnt Forget B4 Ur Sis She is My Lovely Daughter Haa? ( Sees Shanaya Smilingly ) Kyoun Hai Na Princess ?

Shanaya : ( Nodes Childishly ) Haa Mumma..U r Ryt..M Ur Loving Daughter Only b4 Bhaiyyu’ Sis..( Kisses Swara’s Cheeks Cutely n Innocently n Shows Tongue Childishly to Aryaan )

Swara : ( Laughs ) Aww My ( Pulls Shanay’s Cheeks Smilingly ) Cute Princess. U knw Ur Papa also Teased Me alot like Ue Bhaiyyu Twaees U ( Giggles )

Shanaya : ( Excited ) Wow..Mumma Papa was also A Jolly Type Person?

Swara : ( Smiles ) Haa Beta..Bt U knw Wen i First Time saw Ur Papa wen Ur Bhaiyyu was inside Me He is Serious n Matured Type of Person bt as I Strtd Staying wid Him I Realized He is Actually A Jolly Person too..Bas His Situations n Surrounding Around Him Made Him Lil Serious Type..

Shanaya : ( Innocently ) Mumma Wen Bhaiyyu came in this World Papa was thr wid U all na? Was He Happy seeing Bhaiyyu?

Swara : ( Chuckles ) Happy? ? Shanaya Happy is A V Small Word to Describe His Happiness..He was Literally gone MAD wen Ur Bhaiyyu came in this World..He Had kept A Grand Naming Ceremony fr Him..

Shanaya : Ohh..Aur wat all He used to do? I wanna knw abt Papa..I never saw Him bt i wanna knw abt Him..Plzz Me abt Him na..Plzz ( Pleads Cutely )

Swara : ( Smiles ) Oh so My Princess wanna knw abt Her Papa Haa?

Shanaya : ( Nodes Cutely ) Haa..

Swara : ( Sighs ) Ok Fine..Come Lets go to My Room..Thr i wjll tell U Everything abt ur Papa..Ok?

Shanaya : ( Happy ) Yaayy.. ( Runs to Swara’s Room First )

Soon as Shanaya Left fr Swara’s Room,Swara n Aryaan too Leaves fr the Room n Laughs seeing their Princess’s Excitement n Admired Her wid Love n Overwhelmness Remembering Sanskaar n His Habits..


SwaSan Room

As Shanaya Reached da Room,Swara n Aryaan too Reached da Room n Sat on Bed wid Swara Taking Shanaya in Her Arms Protectively n Strtd telling abt Sanskaar n His Habits wid Teary Eyes Showing All Her Love n Pain fr Him wich She is Suffering frm Past 5 Yrs making Aryaan to Hug Swara Tightly n Cry Silently Remembering His Papa n His Care while Swara who was Bzy Telling abt Sanskaar to Shanaya Understood Aryaan’s State n Hugged Him Bak Consoling n Assuring Him by Embracing Him More Tightly Filled wid Love Making Shanaya Confused..

Shanaya : Mumma.Ek baath Puchu?

Swara : ( Smiles ) Haa Princess Ask na.. ( Wiping Her Tears )

Shanaya : ( Confused ) Why PAPA LEFT US?? By Hearing U abt Papa all these Time itna toh I came to knw ki Papa Loved U n Bhaiyyu alot..bt den Suddenly Whr He went wen it was My Time to come? ( Teary Eyes ) Papa did nt Love Me kya? ( Sad )

Swara : ( Shocked ) What Rubbish r U Talking Princess? Aisa nhi hai..Papa Loved U soo much..Infact He was Desperately wanted a ( Holds Shanaya’s Chin ) Cute Princess like U.. ( Smiles )

Shanaya : Den Y He didnt He come to Meet Me Once..Since da Day I was Born i never saw Papa..Only His Photo.. ( Teary Eyes ) U knw in School All My Frnd’s Papa comes to Drop n Pick them..They Bring Ice Creams fr them wen they come to Pick dem..They Play wid them while going bak..they Kiss their Cheeks..n wat nt..bt ME..I feel Lonely..Only Driver Uncle Comes to Pick Me..I feel soo Sad wen i see My Fends wid their Papa.I feel Our Family is An Incomplete Family wen I see My Frnds wid Their Full Family..( Cries n Hugs Swara )

Tere Dil Ka Mere Dil Se
Rishta Purana Hain
In Aankho Se Har Aansu
Mujhko Churana Hain
Mujhko Churana Hain
Mujhko Churana Hain )
Tere Dil Ka Mere Dil Se
Rishta Purana Hain…

As Shanaya told Her Heart Out in Her Cute Crying Tone,Both Swara n Aryaan who were alrdy Teary were more Sad n Emotional Hearing Shanaya n Hugged Her Tightly in Their Protective Embrace n Consoled Her Assuring Her Leading Her to Fall Asleep wid A Cute Angelic Face making both Swara n Aryaan more Emotional n Shatteted..

Swara : ( Teary Eyes ) Aryaan..We were soo Engrossed in Our Pain only dat We cud nt feel ( Sees Shanaya wid Teary Eyes ) Our ( Kisses Shanaya’s Hairs ) Priness Pain..itni si Bacchi is Suffering frm this Big Depression n We cud nt feel also..Hw Careless I was towards Her.. ( Crying ) Sorry Mr Princess..I knw Mumma was soo Careless tilk nw fr U bt Nw Princess I Promise Ur Mumma will nt let u go Down nw..U want ur Papa na..n His Love..den I Promise I will Bring Ur Papa bak.. ( Determined )

Aryaan : ( Determined too ) n in this M wid U Mumma..We will Make Our Family A COMPLETE FAMILY Soon..

Swara : ( Smiles ) Thnk U Beta..U r wid Me tabhi M soo Strong till nw warna main Kabki tooth jaati ( Kisses Aryaan’s Forehead ) Thnk U fr Being My Strength jst Like Ur Papa was.. ( Hugs Both Shanaya n Aryaan Tightly ) U Both r My Power..Dnt Leave Me Like Ur Papa did ( Teary Eyes )

Aryaan : ( Wipes Swara’s Tears ) No Mumma..We Wont..n Papa will also Come Bak..God will never Let Us Down..I knw Papa is here only Somewhere..He will be Bak soon.. ( Sssures )

Swara : ( Smiles ) Haa I knw..He HAS to come Bak fr US..He cnt Leave Us like this in Middle of Our Life wen Out Family Needs Him.. ( Teary Eyes )

While both Aryaan n Swara n were Determined abt their Feelings,2 Pairs of Eyes who were Watching dem frm da Door Hiding were Overwhelmed n Proud of dem n their Bond wid Tears of Overwhelmness Flowing frm their Eyes Continously Yet Silently Showing all their Love n Proudness.

Tere Dil Ka Mere Dil Se Rishta Purana Hain
In Aankho Se Har Aansu
Mujhko Churana Hain
Mujhko Churana Hain
Mujhko Churana Hain…


Precap : Swara’s Struggle to Find Sanskaar n A Shocking Revelation..


Finally Done wid da Nxt Part n I knw U all myt be Vashing Me fr the New Twist ??.I Told it as A Last Part b thot to End in tbis Part too Bt then this Idea came in My Mind jst Few Dyz B4 n thot to Pen it Down to Show SwaSan’s Love n Hw their Love Will Find its Way Yet Agn..Hope U will Like the Twist..n will Enjoy it..Do Leave Ur Valuable Comments in the Comment Box Below n Let Me knw hw u Liked Todayz Part :).


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