SwaSan TS : Love – Finds Its Own Way By Goldie ( Part 03 ) A


Hii Guyz…Bak wid da Nxt of da TS Love – Finds Its Own Way…Thnks fr the Amzing Response on da Last Part…I knw U all r Hell Angry wid Me fr KavHil Romance ?? n their Cheapness bt it was All Needed to Show da Story..Hope U all Understand..Chalo nw Will Stop My Bak Bak n will Strt the Last Shot..Hope U all will Like it..Do Leave ur Valuable Comments in the Comment Box Below at the End :)..


Recap : SwaSan Moments…Swara’s Mood Swings…KavHil Intentions Revealed to Swara..


Love – Finds Its Own Way

Three Shots ( Shot 3A )

The Part Strts wid both Kavita n Sahil Making Love n was Confessing thr Plan,Swara who was Listening ro them was all Shocked n Stumbles Bak Blankly wid Tears Rolling frm Her Eyes Continously making Her Back to Hit A Strong Chest making Her More Shocked n Scared wid Tears of Shockedness Flowing frm Her Eyes Continously n Non Stop..

Swara : ( Shocked n Closes Her Eyes in Fear ) Aahh ( Intrerupted )

Man : ( Closes Swara’s Mouth ) Shona..Sshhh..its Me Ur PAPA..Calm Down..Dnt Scream..

Swara : ( Shocked n Reliefs ) Uff..Papa ( Turns Towards Shekhar Holding Her Baby Bump ) U Scared Me.. ( Remembers abt KavHil n Panicks ) Papa..Woh Kavita..dat Man.. ( Feels Disgusted ) Chii..

Shekhar : ( Calms Swara Down ) Sshh..Relax..U First come wid Me..Come ( Holds Swara Protectively n Leabes ) U shudnt take Stress in this Month..U knw na..Stress n any other Burden things is Harmfull fr U n da Baby.Hmm ( Enters da Room Makes Swara Sit on Bed Comfortably )

Swara : ( Still in Shock ) bt Papa..Hw cud i nt take Tension Haa? U dnt knw wat I Saw.. ( Feels Shame ) Woh Kavita..n dat Man..Chii..main kaise bolu ( Feels Disgusted )

Shekhar : ( Sighs Sadly ) I knw Shona wat U saw..Jiss Aadmi ko U saw wid Kavita na is Jer Boy Frnd ( Closes His Eyes in Disgust) n they Usually infact Daily Spend Some time together..n Satisfy themselves.infact Nt only Me..bt RAM also knows abt it ( Teary Eyes ) bt still We r Helpess..We Feel Ashamed wen those 2 B**t**ds Cheat Sanskaar infront of His Eyes n He cnt even Knw Wats going infront Of Him..We Feel soo Low infront of Him fr nt Helping Sanskaar.. ( Cries )

Swara : ( Shocked ) What? N U both knw everything bt still U r Quite? Y dnt U tell all these to Sanskaar? ? Woh Bechara Kavita pe itna Blind Trust Karta hai n She…Chii..

Shekhar : Whatdo u think Shona? Me n Ram r Happy seeing Sanskaar being Cheated..No Shona..We do feel Bad..Really Bad bt We cnt do anything..We r Helpless.. ( Cries Bitterly )

Swara : ( Confused ) Bt Y Papa? Y cnt U n Ram Uncle do anything agnst Kavita n Her Cheap BF..?

Shekhar : ( Worried ) Thats coz Kavita has Half of the Property in Her Name..jabse Sanskaar went into Blind State..His Half of da Property is in Kavita’s Name m She Handles da Entire Business..n Other Half on Sanskaar’s Name..even If We Try to Reveal da Truth infront of Sanskaar abt Kavita..He wont Listen coz He is Blindly in Love wid Kavita..He Trusts Her more dan anyone in da World n Moreover Kavita is soo Powerful wid Sanskaar’s Half Property She will Deny da Proofs in Seconds n Proves dem Fake..n on dat She is Threatening Us fr SANSKAAR’S LIFE..abb nw U only Tell hw cn We Stake His Life..U knw Swara,Sanskaar is My Dear Frnd’s Son..n Wen U were in Delhi fr Ur Studies at Very Small Age eid Ur Aunt it was Sanskaar only Who never let Me Miss U..He Fullfilled Ur Place in My Heart..hw cn I Loose Him Swara..Hw cn I ? ( Brks Down )

Swara : ( Teary Eyes ) Papa..Plzz Control Urself..kuch nhi hoga Sanskaar ko..( Still Confused ) Bt Papa i still have some doubts.Y is Kavita still in this House wen She has Sanskaar’s Half of da Property..n If Sanskaar Trusts Kavita Blindly den Y dnt She Transfer da Other Half on Her Name by some Tricks..n ( Intrerupted )

Shekhar : Coz Shona Kavita cnt Transfer da Other Half On Her Name like this..coz Sanskaar is Dnt knw Y is Very Adamant on nt Transferring da Other Half on Her Name..i dnt knw Y bt He is Really Stubborn..n Kavita on da Other Hand No Matter hw much Kavita Tries to Manofy Sanskaar by Her Cheap Tricks Sanskaar never gets Trapped in Her Plan..i sometimes Wonder HE KNWS EVERYTHING bt den Shrugs My Thots coz Sanskaar ko Sacch pata hota toh He wud have Thrown Kavita Away long bak frm His Life..bt No..He is nt..so i conclude on the thinking dat He dnt knw anything..

Swara : Ok Papa nw Tell Me Sansmaar ki Eyes kaise gayi ? N abhi tak aayi kyoun nhi…Doesnt He get Treated fr His Blindness?

Shekhar : No Shona Sanskaar was nt Blind frm Childhood.n He is givrn Wrong Medicines by Kavita m dats Y He is nt getting His Eye Sight Bak..Woh toh Shukar hai Kavita is giving Low Dosage of Medicines to Sanskaar warna Sanskaar wid have Lost His Life too.. ( Teary Eyes ) n Swara He Lost His Eye Sight Few Yrs Bak in An Accident.U remember Shona Ur Maa had to go to A Important Fiction of Her Frnd Few Yrs Bak? ( Swara Nodes Yes ) Haa in that Function DP..AP Bhabhi n Sanskaar too Went wid Ur Maa..n wen they were coming bak frm da Function They Met an Accident while Returning n Died on da Spot bt Sanskaar got Saved bt LOST HIS EYES FOREVER…I was nt yjr thr due to some Emergency Case in Hospital..n on Enquiring We got to knw it was nt A Accident bt A PLANNED MURDER.. ( Cries Bitterly )

Swara : ( Shocked ) What? ( Teary Eyes ) MAA ka Accident was Planned? Bbtt Y Papa? ( Cries )

Shekhar : Ur Maa n Sanskaar was nt da Target of that Accident..Only DP n AP Bhabhi were da Target as da Planner wants their Property n after their Death the Whole Property wud go to Sanskaar n Sanskaar being Emotional Person they cud Emotionally Manipulate Him n Get The Entire Property..n See Today THE PLANNERS r The HALF da OWNER of da PROPERTY n R Enjoying their Life Openly.. ( Teary Eyes )

Swara : ( Shocked ) U mean KAVITA n ( Intrerupted )

Shekhar : Haa Beta..it was all Planned by Kavita Her BF Sahil..They only Killed Ur Maa n DP n AP Bhabhi..They made Sanskaar An Orphan n Made U Deprived frm Ur Maa’s Love.. ( Brks Down ) They KILLED UR MAA BETA..They ( Brks Down Bitterly )

As Shekhar told da Entire Truth to Swara While Crying Bitterly,Swara too who Heard the Entire Truth was Shocked n Heart Broken Listening da Truth making Shekhar to Realize n Worried fr Swara..

Shekhar : ( Cups Swara’s Face Concernly ) Sshoonnaa..Listen Shona..dnt Stress Urself..I shudnt have told U all these..I m soo Bad na..bt Shona i felt like to tell u.coz it was High Time to let u knw da Truth..bt den if I Hurted U toh M Sorry ( Intrerupted )

Swara : No Papa..U did Ryt by telling Me da Truth..I atleast got to knw Who Killed My Maa..nw I cn Punish da Real Culprit..Dnt Worry Papa..i will Punish dat Kavita n Her BF fr Killing My Maa..DP Uncle n AP Aunty..n fr Making Sanskaar soo Helples..They need to be Punished Papa..they Spoiled mny Lives jst coz fr their Evil Pans..i wont Spare them.. ( Determined )

Shekhar : ( Smiles ) I knew it..My Shona is da Only One who cn Correct Everything n dats Y I Gave Ur Name fr Surrogacy Purposely..( Teary Eyes ) Warna wich Father wants His One n Only Daughter to Surrogate Other’s Child..Wich Father wud Rent His Daughter’s Womb fr 9 Months..No Father wud do it.n wont Spoil His Daughter’s Life at such A Sall Age. ( Brks Down ) M Sorry Shona..widout Asking U i have Spoiled Ur Life..m really Sorry..i shud have asked U ( Hugs Swara n Cries Bitterly ) Maaf karde apne Papa ko plzz ( Teary Eyes )

Swara : ( Hugs Bak ) No Papa..U did Ryt thing..U did nt do anything Wrong Papa..U did all these to Set Everything ryt..n Trust Me Papa M Thnkfull to U fr Bringing SANSKAAR in My LIFE through this Surrogacy..Jis Prince ke Sapne i used to see in My Dreams na.i got Him in da Form of SANSKAAR ( Release da Hug n Blushes seeing Shekhar’s Expressions ) Yes PAPA..i LOVE SANSKAAR..Aajtak i did nt Realize My Feelings..Ya Jante hue bhi was Ignorong it thinking abt His n Kavita’s Marriage..bt nw wen I came to knw da Entire Truth i Realized My Feelings of Sanskaar..Nw i will Throw dat Kavita Out of My Sanskaar’s Life n Will Get My Sanskaar Fine..Promise ( Determined )

Shekhar : ( Happy ) Aww ( Cups Swara’s Face n Kisses Her Forehead ) Mera Baccha..M soo Happy Today..M Happy fr U..Sanskaar is Perfect fr Nw…He will Take Care n Love U more dan Me..I knw it n waise bhi Finally i wjll get Rid of ur Tantrums n Dramas..Sanskaar Handles U Correctly.. ( Giggles )

Swara : ( Fake Anger ) Haww Papa..U mean M Dramaebaaz haa..n I Throw soo much Trantrums Haa.. ( Pout Face ) Go i wont Talk to U ( Makes Faces )

Shekhar : ( Laughs ) Aw..Sorry..My Shona..i was Kidding..Maaf kardo apne Papa ko..Sorry na ( Holds His Ears Cutely )

Swara : ( Smiles n Melts ) Its Ok..Jao Maaf kiya ( Laughs )

Shekhar : ( Bows Down His Head Dramatically ) Shukriya Rajkumari ( Laughs too ) Pagaal ( Hugs Swara n wid Teary Eyes ) God Bless U Shona ( Kisses Swara’s Forehead Lovingly ) M soo Happy fr U ( Tightens His Grip Emotionally )

Swara : ( Hugs Bak ) Thnk U Papa..I Love U..U r da Best Papa in da World.. ( Kisses Shekhar’s Cheeks ).M sok Blessed to get U..Maa ke baad U r My Everything Papa..Thnk U ( Teary Eyes )

Shekhar : Love U too Shona ( Overwhelmed ) Misthi n Tumhare elawa kaun hai Mera Shona.n jabse.Mishti Left Me na U r da Only World to Me..My Life Strts wid U n Ends wid U only Shona.. ( Teary Eyes ) Love U.. ( Kisses Swara’s Forehead n Diverts da Topic ) Anywyz Chalo Sleep nw..its too late na..n Tumhara itne daer tak jagna is nt Good fr ur Health.. ( Makes Swara Lye on Bed Properly ) Close Ur Eyes n Sleep nw..n Dnt Stress.Ok?.. ( Caresses Swara’s Hairs wid Teary Eyes )

Swara : ( Overwhelmed ) Hmm ( Feels Shekhar’s Love n Sleeps Peacefully )

Soon Swara Dozes Off Peacefully coz of Her Papa’s Love while Shekhar Kisses Swara’s Forehead Lovingly wid Teary Eyes n Leaves fr His Room Covering Swara Properly n too Dozes Off Worriedly thinking abt Swara n Her Health wid Tears of Happiness n Worriedness Flowing frm His Eyes Continously Yet Silently..

Next Day

10am Dinning Table

Time Passes n its Another Morning n as Usual Swara was being Feeded by both Shekhar n Ram Pampering Her making Her Irritated while Sanskaar Laughed Sensing Her Funny Daces by Her Voices n Teased Swara Enjoying Swara’s Company..

Swara : ( Exhausted ) Papa..Plzz..M Full..Cnt Eat More..Hw much Will U make Me Eat in Brk Fast only..i alrdy had 4 Parathas..cnt Eat More Plz ( Pleads Cutely )

Shekhar : ( Feeds One More Bite ) No Shona..see.U Ate Only 4 Parathas..abhi toh U have to Eat 4 More Parathas Beta..Its Good fr Baby..Jitna tum Khaogi utna Baby will.Eat..Ok ? Chalo Eat this ( Feeds More )

Swara : ( Spits da Bite in Shock ) What?? ( Coughing ) 4 MORE?? ( Horrified Looks ) No Papa..Sorry..I cnt..M Human Papa..nt An Alien to Eat this much at a Time Plzz Spare Me ( Pout Face ) Plzz

Ram : No Beta..Eat na My Accha Baccha..Its all fr ur Good..See ( Points towards da Rice ) U have to Eat that Rice too..its Specially made fr U..nw chalo Eat it ( Feeds too )

Swara : ( Eats Cryingly ) Mumaa Bachao ( Hears Sanskaar’s Laughing n Gets Irritated ) Shut Up U Idiot..Laugbing at My State na..Huh..Agr tum hote mere Jagah Pregnant toh U wud have Understood My Situation..Idiot..Stop Laughing Nw ( Angry )

Sanskaar : ( Controls His Laugh ) Accha Sorry..Bt kya karu..Ur Voice looking soo Cute Yaar..I mean itna Ghusse main agr ur Voice is Soo Cute toh I Wonder Hw Cute U myt be Looking nw.Sacch kaho Ur Anger is also nt making any Effect on Me coz Ghusse main bhi Ur Voice damn Cute ( Laughs Agn )..

Swara : ( Angry ) Uuuu..I wont Leave U..Jst Wait..Nw m Helpless dats Y i cnt do anything..bt Once I Deliver da Baby na..Den U See..Huh ( Angry Pout )

Sanskaar : Accha Ok..Sorry..Nw Ghussa chodo n Eat ur Brk Fast ( Giggles )

Swara : ( Agn Angry ) Sanskaarrr..Runhe toh main ..Arghh ( To Shekhar ) Papa see na..Ur Princess is being Troubled by Someone n U r Giggling..Very Bad.. ( Makes Faces )

Shekhar : ( Chuckles ) Sorry Shona…Accha Wait ( To Sanskaar ) Sanskaar..Stop Troubling My Daughter Ok? Satana hai toh Thoda Lunch main Satao..Saara Teasing ke Tricks yehi Brk Fast main hi Khtm karoge kya ? ( Laughs )

Sanskaar/Ram : ( Shocked ).Uncle/Shekhar!!

Sanskaar : ( Laughs ) Ohh Haa Ryt Uncle..U r ryt..thoda Stock Lunch n Dinner ke liye rakhna hoga warna i will get Bored dat Time ( Giggles )

Swara : ( Cries ) Mummaa…I Miss U.. ( Cries Agn ) here all r Troubling Me.. ( Teary Eyes )

As Swara was Crying,Sanskaar n Shekhar who were Teasing Swara,Felt Bad Seeing/Hearing Swara Crying n Immediately Apologies Her n Consoled Swara Lovingly wid Guilt Leading Crying Swara to Burst Out Laugbing making both Sanskaar n Shekhar Confused..

Swara : ( Laughs ) Ohh God..Papa..Sanskaar..Look at Ur Face..aisa lagta hai ki More than Me U both r going to Cry ( Giggles ) Relax..I was jst Kidding..n Pulling Ur Legs..like U were doing of Myn ( Chuckles )

Shekhar : ( Shocked ) Shona…( Relieved ) Thnk God..Tumne toh Dara diya tha mujhe..Uff.. ( Hits Swara’s Head Playfully ) Pagaal..

Swara : ( Chuckles ) Sorry.. ( Chuckles Agn )

While The 4 were having Fun along wid their Brk Fast,Kavita n Sahil too Comes Down Hand in Hand Smirking Evilly Staring Blind Sanskaar while Swara n Shekhar n Ram Felt Disgusted seeing KavHil’s Shamelessness..

Sanskaar : ( Smiles Sensing Kavita ) Arrey Kavita..U came ?.. Hw was ur Meeting Last Night Haa? Sorry coz of Me u had to Sleep in Guest Room Last Night after Meeting..Pata nhi kab mujhe Neend laggayi n kab main Door ko Automatic Lock daldiya.. ( Sad )

Kavita : ( Smirks n Sees Sahil ) Its Ok Sanskaar..It happens sometimes. N Meeting Acchi thi Sanskaar..infact Awsum..Clients Loved My Presentation.. ( Winks at Sahil Winningly ) Kyoun hai na Sahil ?

Sanskaar : ( Confused ) Sahil? Sahil bhi tha kya tumhare saath Meeting main ?

Kavita : Haa Sanskaar..woh Sahil bhi Partner hai wid Our Business..Isiliye uska bhi hona Zaruri tha..

Sanskaar : ( Smiles ) Ohh Accha..Hii Sahil..Hw r u Yaar?

Sahil : ( Smirks ) Hii Dude..M Fine..Hw r u ?

Sanskaar : ( Smiles ) M toh Fine..U tell..Must be Enjoying Wrking wid Kavita na? After all U both r Good Frnds..

Sahil : ( Smirks Evilly ) Yes ( Sees Kavita Smirking Winningly ) Off Course ( Caresses Kavita’s Cheeks Sensuously ) Goon much Fun Yaar.. ( Winks Kavita )

Kavita : ( Smirks ) Accha Guyz..U Both Carry On..M going Out..Fr Important Wrk..will see ya later.My Frnd is Waiting fr Me…Bye ( Winks Bak n Leaves )

Sanskaar : ( Smiles ) Hmm Ok Kavita l..Bye .Take Care Kavita..

Sahil : Hm So Sanskaar..Hwz Ur Dyz going on?

Sanskaar : Amzing Sahil..its going Teally Good n coz of One n Only My New Frnd Come Let Me Introduce U to Her ( Holds Swara’s Hands ) See Meet My Frnd..Swara..Shekhar Uncle’s Daughter..She is ( Intrerupted )

Sahil : ( Mesmerised n Sees Swara’s Baby Bump n Smirks ) Urs n Kavita’s Child’s Surrogate Mother ryt? ( Sees Lustfully )

Sanskaar : ( Smiles ) Haa Sahjl..Ryt..bt She is My Frnd More..Really Sweet ( To Swara ) n Swara..This is Sahjl Sen Gupta..Myn n Kavita’s Frnds n Our Business Partner too..

Sahil : ( Shakes Hands ) Hii ( Caresses Swara’s Hands Lustfully )

Swara : ( Shakes Hands Unwillingly ) Hii.. ( Fake Smile n Feels Uncomfortable )

Sahil : ( Stares Lustly ) waise Sanskaar must say..She is Quite Young n BEAUTIFUL..Isnt? I mean itni kam Age main becoming A Surrogate Mother is a Big Deal..

Sanskaar : ( Smiles ) Nhi Yaar..Swara bhale dhikhne maim n Age main Kam ho bt Brain n Maturity wise She is More Clever dan Us..So dnt Underestimate Her Haa..( Giggles ) I Myself have Experienced it.. ( Chuckles )

Sahil : ( Stares Lustly ) Ohh I c..toh I have to Br carefull wid U Miss Gadodia ryt? ( Smirks Evilly n Sees Swara Lustly )

As Sahil was Continously Staring Swara Lustly making Swara Uncomfortable,Shekhar n Ram Sensed it felt More Disgusted n Immediately took Swara to Her Room giving an Excuse making Sanskaar Confused n Weird..

Ram : ( Diverts da Topic ) Ahmm Swara Beta.I Guess U r Tired na..Come Lets Go..U take ur Medicines n den Sleep..Hmm?

Swara : ( Smiles ) Haa Uncle..m really Feeling Tired..( To Sanskaar ) Bye Sanskaar..Sorry Haa i cnt cime wid U Today fr Morning Walk..pata nhi m feeling really Tired today (.Pout )

Sanskaar : ( Concerned ) No Swara..its ok..No need to be Sorry..U go n take rest..Kaka hai na..i will go wid Him..U jst go n take rest..ok?

Swara : ( Smiles ) Thnk U Sanskaar..Bye ( Leaves )

Sanskaar : ( Smiles Bak ) Bye..( To Sahil ) Ok Sahil..I gtg..Its My Morning Walk Time..( Giggles ) knw its quite Late bt i feel Comfortable at this Time only fr Walk..See Ya Later..

Sahil : Ohh its Alryt Sanskaar..Everyone has their Own Time..nthing to feel Odd..U go..m also Leaving.. ( Smirks Evilly )

Sanskaar : ( Smiles ) Thnks Yaar..Bye…( Leaves )

Sahil : Bye.. ( Sanskaar Leaves n Sahil Stares Swara Lustly ) Ohh Man..Wat a Beauty.. ( Makes Faces ) Uss Kavita se I was Totally Pissed n Bored Off..bt lagta hai New Time Pass Came..( Smirks Evilly ) Maaza aayega ( Laughs Evilly ) Thiiki ( Bold ) hai bt Mast Hai ( Smiles )

Soon Swara Left fr Her Room Holding Her Baby Bump wid Ram n Shekhar while Sanskaar too Left fr His Morning Walk Leaving Sahil to Stare Swara frm Top to Bottom in Her Baby Bump More Lustfully n Evilly..


3 Months Later

Dyz Passed..Weeks Passed n its been 3 More Months n Swara Entered Her 7th Month n wid da Passing of Dyz Swara’s Small Cute Baby Bump Turned into A Big Fat One Making Her Look More Cute n Chubby..As Dyz Passed Swara’s Attempts to Cure Sanskaar Strtd wid da Help of Sanskaar’s Doctor..Like anyother Night Swara as Usual Felt Hungry due to Her Regular Mood Swings Leading Her to go to Kitchen as Her Daily Routine making Her Feel More Hungry Yet Lazy.

Swara : ( Sleepy ) Heyy Bhagwaan Ji..Y does Every Pregnant Women feels Hungry at Night? ( Holding Her Baby Bump ) Baby..I knw U feel more Hungry bt Y r U Troubling Ur MUMM ( Realized n Teary Eyes ) Ii mean Ur ( Composes Herself ) Aunty Haa..U knw na I feel Lazy to go to Kitchen Every Night..bt still U make Me Walk Every Night.. ( Pout Face ) Nt Fair Haa..Ek toh I M Alone all Night in My Room..Har Wife ke sath She has Her Life Partner wid them fr Handling all Her Mood Swings at Every Night bt see Me I dnt have anyone..M all Alone.. ( Teary Eyes ) Once U r Out Of My Womb na U will be Taken Away frm Me n will go to ur Real Parents..Phir i will go frm U..frm UR PAPA.. ( Caresses Her Baby Bump while Walking ) U knw Baby Bhale U nt My Blood bt still I feel some Connection wid U..All These Months U made Me feel da Meaning of Mother..Thnk U Baby..bt Baby b4 Leaving I need to Fullfill My Promise i have Done to U..I Promised na I will Make Ur Papa Free da World n will Show Him da True Face of Ur Real Mother..Hw Bad n Cheap She is..Ddnntt think Me Wrong Baby ki I wanna Separate U frm Ur Mother..No i dnt want to.bt Baby Ur Papa dnt Deserve Ur Mother..She is really Bad..I knw U wont Believe Me nw..bt Soon U will come to knw My Baby..I will Make U n Ur Papa Free frm All da Evil Traps b4 Leaving U Both..coz U both r My World to Me.. ( Teary Eyes ) n Hw cn I leave My World in Trouble haa..I cnt na..so dnt worry ..i will Set Everything Alryt.its My Promise.. ( Determined )

As Swara was Takking to Herself Emotionally,She Composes Herself n Enters da Kitchen n Tip Toed Towards da Refrigerator n Opened da Freezer Excitedly n Strtd Eating Her Ice Cream Like A Kid Enoying Each n Every Bite of it da Ice Cream She All of A Sudden Feels A Strong Hands Around Her Waist Caressing it Making Swara to Drop da Ice Cream in Shock n Fear making da Person Holding Swara to Smirk n Enjoy Her Fear Winningly..

Swara : ( Shocked ) Kkkaauunn?? ( Sweats n Turns Around Immediately ) Ttuumm? ( Angry )

Person : Yes Baby ( Smirks Winningly ) its Me..Y u were Expecting someone else kya? ( Winks )

Swara : ( Angry ) WTH r u doing here? N Hw Dare U Touch Me? Jst Get Lost frm Here..Ainda se if U even Try to Come Near Me I Swear I will nt Leave U ( Stares Angrily )

Person : ( Comes Closer n Pulls By Waist ) den who is telling U to Leave Me Haa? ( Caresses Swara’s Cheeks Sensuously n Huskily ) Main toh chahta hoo yehi hu ki U dnt Leave Me ( Leans Towards Swara’s Lips ) Dnt u want da Same SHONA!! ( Kisses Swara’s Cheeks Sensuously )

Swara : ( Feels da Touch ) SSSANSKAARR ( Closes Her Eyes n Grips Sanskaar’s Shirt Tightly ) Kkooii aajayega..Plzz Leave Me ( Enjoys da Touch ) Uurr Wwwiffee will see Us ( Blushes )

Shocked Hue na? Yakeen nhi horaha its SANSKAAR?? Toh Believe Karlo coz its OUR SANSKAR ONLY Who is Rokqncing wid His SHONA ??????..Kaise? Will Reveal Soon ????..

Sanskaar : ( Pecks Swara’s Lips ) Dnt Worry..She wont..She Herself is Bzy Romancing wid Her Soo Called Boy Frnd..So dnt worry..She wont come..n let Us Enjoy Our Moments Together ( Kisses Swara’s Nape )

Swara : ( Moarns ) Umm..Sanskaar Plzz..Leave..Its Kitchen..nt OUR ROOM.. ( Blushes )

Sanskaar : ( Stops Kissing n Smirks Naughtily ) Offoo Our Room Haa..Nt Bad soon to be Mrs Maheshwari..Romance ki itni Jaldi..M Impressed ( Giggles )

Swara : ( Hits Sanskaar’s Chest Playfully ) Shut Up..Shameless..U knw We cnt Talk soo Freely like tbis wen Ur Cheater Wife n Jer Cheap BF is around..den Y did U come Here Haa?? Humara 2 Months ka PLAN Khrb hojayega if they see us.. ( Fake Anger )

Sanskaar : ( Makes Faces ) Offo Swara..M here to Romance wid U n Look at U..U r mor3 Interested abt Our Plan instead of ME ( Pout Face ) Nt Fair..Huh..( Turns His Face Other Side in Anger )

Swara : ( Smiles ) Aww..Accha Ok Sorry ( Makes Sanskaar’s Face Turn Towards Her ) U wanna Spend Time wid Me na..( Sanskaar Nodes ) Ok den Come lets Go to OUR ROOM..Thr We cn Spend Time together..Ok ?

Sanskaar : ( Smiles Sheepishly ) Super Ok ( Giggles )

Swara : ( Laughs ) Pagaal..nw come lets go.. ( Carries Swara in His Arms n Leaves )

While Sanskaar Lifted Swara in His Arms,Swara Blushes n Wrapped Her Hands Around Sanskaar’s Neck n Rested Her Head on His Chest making Sanskaar to Smile n Admire Swara’s Blushness n Shyness..


Swara’s Room

Soon both Reached da Room n Sanskaar made Swara Sit on Bed n Went to Close the Door while Swara Smiles n Admired Her To Be Husband making Sanskaar too Smile n Admire Swara wid Equal Love n Affection..

Sanskaar : ( Smiles ) What r u Staring at Swara Gadodia? ? Dnt U knw Staring is Bad ( Chuckles )

Swara : ( Giggles ) Yes I knw Staring is Bad bt Staring My Soon Wud Be Husband is nt Bad..n U r going to be My Husband..toh i dnt think Staring is Bad nw ( Blushes )

Sanskaar : Offoo..Swara ( Kneels Down infront of Swara ) Nt Bad..U r Soo Bold nw Compared to Ur Earlier Dyz Haa..Nt Bad.. ( Smiles Naughtily )

Swara : ( Blushes ) Obiviously abb kya kare Mr Maheshwari aapke saath rehte rehte I became soo Bold..To Handle U i have to be Bold warna i cnt Handle U ( Giggles )

Sanskaar : ( Teary Eyes ) Swara jo bhi ho..U r da Only Reason I m Fine Roday. I CN SEE..I SEE U..Thnk U soo much ( Kisses Swara’s Palms ) Swara fr Coming in My Life..

Swara : ( Overwhelmed ) Sanskaar..nt agn Plzz..Hw mny Times i said U..No need to Thnks..maine jo bhi kiya fr U..Fr Our Love…

Sanskaar : bt Phir bhi Swara..agr uss Din tumne Meri Medicines nhi Change kiya hota after I Left fr My Morning Walk toh I wudnt have got My Eyes Sight Bak 3 Months Bak..M Sorry fr thinking Wrong abt U wen U told Me abt Kavita..i behaved soo Badly wid U. SORRY.. ( Teary Eyes ) agr maine W Mahine pehle Kavita ke Birthday ke Din apne Aakhon se woh sab nhi dekha hota toh


2 Months Ago

Kavita’s Birthday Party

It was Kavita’s Birthday n as Like anyother Day or Yr Kavita got Ready in Her Most Expensive Dress n Welcomed all Her Frnds fr Her Birthday Party..As The Party was going On Sanskaar had Alrdy got His Eyes Sight 2 Houre Ago due to Swara’s Hard Work n was Plannong to Surprise Kavita After Her Birthday Party..While Party was going on Sanskaar was going to His Room fr Taking Rest wen He Heard Some Strange Noises of Kavita frm A Wall Near Guest Room Making Him Worried..Soon He Reached da Place n was Shocked seeing His Wife Kavita n Sahil Kissing n Romancing wid Eachother Happily All Laughing n Enjoying making Sanskaar more Shocked n Numb..

Kavita : ( Moarns ) Uff..Sahil..Slow Down Baby.Its My Birthday..Have Some Mercy atleast Today ( Winks at Sahil While Smirking )

Sahil : ( Laughs ) Its Ur Birthday thats Y only I m being soo Slow Today Baby warna U knw hw ( Huskily ) Harsh I m on U Every Night wen U Ur Soo Called Blind Husband is Fast Asleep due SLEEPING PILLS Effect ( Presses Himself on Kavita n Kisses Kavita’s Nape ) So Dnt U think Today i m Lil Softer On U .. ( Bzy Romancing )

Kavita : ( Moarns ) Haa U r Right..Accha Sahil..Lets Stop nw..Guests myt be Seaching fr Me..n more dan Guests dat Blind Sanskaar myt be Seaching fr Me..n U knw I have to be wid Him to Gain His More Confident fr getting His another Half of da Property ( Smirks Evilly )

Sahil : Ya Off Course Baby..bt Ek Baath toh Manni padegi..Sanskaar is Hell Mad behind U..I mean aisa kya Jaadu kardiya usspe ki He is Trusting U Blindly..U Even Killed His Parents widout His Knowledge n after that Widin 1 Month U got Married to Him..Amzing..

Kavita : ( Laughs ) Its coz of My Beauty n Brains Sahil..That Stupid Sanskaar was alrdy Mad fr Me n My Beauty frm College Dyz n After His Parents Death I Used My Brains n Took Him Under My Control by some Emotional Dialogues n got Married to Him..n den after Few Weeks I got His Half Property too ( Smirks Winningly )

Sahil : Amzing Baby..n thats I Love U..U r Beauty wid Brains ( Laughs Evilly )

Kavita : ( Laughs too ) Haa Woh toh I M..abb dekhna Sahil once dat Baby comes in thie World na I will Emotionally Manipulate Sanskaar more n Gets the Remaining Half of the Property too Transferred on dat Baby’s Name n den Later on Our Name..jst Few Months More n den Its Our Party Time ( Laughs Evilly )

Sahil : Sure Baby..n Once U Get Maheshwari Company on Ur Name We will Enjoy Our Lives More Amzingly wid Da Help of My Company n wid dat Maheshwari too..( Smirks Evilly ) Anywyz Chalo..Lets Go b4 Anyone gets Doubt on Us..I will Go Nw n den aftet 10 Mins U also come..So dat No One cn Doubt on Us..Ok? ( Kavita Nodes n Sahil Leaves )

Soon KavHil Leabes frm Thr Happily while Sanskaar who Heard their Convo was Totally Shattered n Broken wen Swara who saw Sanskaar Brking Down Consoled Him n Let Him Cry His Heart Out making Sanskaar to feel Guilty n Sad of His Deeds agnst Swara..Soon Sanskaar Composed Himself n Apologies n Confesses His Love towards Swara n Decided to Marry Her after Confronting Kavita eid Full Proves making Swara Happy n Overwhelmed..

*********FlashBack Ends*********

Sanskaar : ( Cries Bitterly ) M Sorry..M soo ( Intrerupted )

Swara : ( Keeps Her Palm on Sanskaar’s Moth ) Sshh
. Its Ok Sanskaar ( Wipes Sanskaar’s Tears ) tumne woh hi kiya jo tumhe Sahi laga..U Loved Kavita alot dat Time n Sacchi kahu agr tumhari jagah main hoti toh I wud have Reacted in da same way u did..So no need to be Sorry..mere Pass aaj tum mere saath ho..U came to knw da Truth that’s only Enough fr Me…aur kuch nhi chahiye ( Teary Eyes ) Mujhe..

Sanskaar : ( Teary Eyes ) M Alwyz wid U Shona..Anywyz..chalo nw Lets Sleep .its too Late….( Makes Swara Lye on Bed ) Chalo Sleep ( Caresses n Kisses Swara’s Forehead ) M going nw..ok? ( Abt to Go bt Stopped )

Swara : ( Holds Sanskaar’s Hands ) Sleep wid Me na Today..Wanna Sleep in Ur Embrace Tonight..Plzz ( Puppy Face )

Sanskaar : ( Smiles ) Accha Ok..Come.. ( Sleeps Beside Swara n Dozes Off wid Swara in His Arms )

Soon Sanskaar Lies beside Swara n Takes Her in His Embrace making Swara to Feel Protective n Fall Asleep While Sanskaar too Falls Fast Asleep by Holding Swara Protectively n Peacefully Showing all His Love n Affection towards Swara making dem Both Feel Eachother’s Warmth n Affection..


Next Day

Its Another Beautiful Day n Morning in MM whr Our 2 Love Birds were Still Sleeping Peacefully in Eachother’s Embrace all Lost in the Warmth n Affection of Eachother wen all of a Sudden Their Sleep got Distributed by a Sudden n A Harsh Hanging on their Door making both Swara n Sanskaar Scared n Shocked Respectively..

Kavita : ( Angry ) U B*t*h..B*oo*y Woman..Open da Door..Hw Dare U..Jst Open da Door Damn it ( Bangd Hardly )

Swara : ( Scared ) Ssanskaarr..Lagta hai Kavita saw Us together..abb kya hoga ? ( Hugs Sanskaar n Cries ) Sshhee will Sseepperaattee Us ( WSobs n Hugs Tightly )

Sanskaar : ( Calms Swara Down ) Ssh.. ( Hugs Bak Protectively ) Aisa kuch nhi hoga..M thr wid U na..No One cn Separate Us ( Release da Hug n Holds Swara’s Shoulders Protectively ) Jst Be Calm Ok..Dnt be Scared..Ok? ( Caresses Swara’s Hairs n Wipes Her Tears ) Everything will be Fine..m thr..U Trust Me na ? ( Assures )

Swara : ( Nodes ) More dan Myself.. ( Wipes Her Tears )

Sanskaar : Then So be Relax.. ( Makes Swara Presentable ) n Go n Open da Door..I will Hide in Washroom Ok?

Swara : ( Scared ) Bbt ( Intrerupted )

Sanskaar : Come On Shona..U have to..nw Go Fast..warna dat Dayan will Brk da Door ( Giggles )

Swara : ( Giggles ) Chup..Go nw..m Opening da Door.. ( Goes towards Door n Sanskaar Hides in Washroom )..

Soon Sanskaar Hides in Washroom Peeping inside da Room Secretly while Swara Opens da Door Nervously making Kavita to Storm Inside da Room like a Wind Angrily making Swara More Scared n Restless..

Kavita : ( Angry ) U Bl**d* Cheap Woman Hw Dare U Trap My Frnd Haa? Kya Soccha tumne U will Trap My Innocent Frnd in Ur Cheap Game n I wont Come to knw..( Points Fingers Angrily ) Dnt Forget U r jst A Servant fr Us fr 9 Months..U have Rented Ur Womb to Us n in dat Case U r Our Servant..Tum Mere aur Sanskaar ke Bacche ko Janam kya derahi ho U r thinking Urself as da Owner of this House? Hw Cheap..

Swara : ( Teary Eyes ) Nnoo Kkavviittaa..Aisa kuch nhi hai..U r Mistaken..Main aur Sahil.No Ways Kavita.. ( Scared )

Kavita: Oh Jst Shut Up..If U aren’t Trapping My Husband den wats this ( Throws Some Photos on Swara’s Face ) Haa?? Nw dnt tell Me this Photos r Fake n Its nt U in this Pic..( Angry )

Swara : ( Shocked n Stumbles Bak ) Kkaavvittaa jst Trust Me..I Swear its nt Me in da Pic..N Y wud I be wid Sahil in this Pic? I dnt knw Him..So Hw cn I be wid Him..I M alwyz at Home only..I Hardly Go Out toh Hw Cn I be wid Sahil Haa ? ( Cries ) Trust Me..Its nt Me..M nt dat Type of Girls..Belive Me ( Cries Bitterly )

Kavita : Coz of Money..I knw Girls like U..First U Pretend to be Innocent n then Win the Trust of Rich Ppl n den Once da Rich Ppl r Trapped in Ur Cheap Game U Lure them n Black Mail them by such Dirty Pics..Shame On U Swara..Haven’t U Thot abt Ur Father..n da abt the Baby U r Carrying in Ur Womb..agr Usse kuch hojata toh..Its nt UR CHILD to Harm Him..Its MY CHILD Understood..n If U even Try to Harm My Child I wont Spare U..Samjhi..Shameless Girl..God Knws Y did Ur Father Suggest Ur Name..n Y did We Agree fr U..Huh..Cheap Girl..( Angry )

As Swara was Crying Bitterly n Pkeading Kavita to Believe Her,Sanskaar on the Other Hand Fumed in Anger seeing Swara n was abt to Go Out n Confront Kavita wen All of a Sudden Sahil Emters da Room Smirking Evilly making Sanskaar More Angry n Frustrated..

Sahil : ( Pretends ) Kavita..Lagta hai She Wont Agree like this..U Go i will Make Her Accept Her Crime..U jst Go n Call da Police..( Smirks Evilly )

Kavita : Bbt Sahil..Its Of No Use..I knw such Girls..U wont be able to ( Intrerupted )

Sahil : Kavita..Trust Me I will..U jst Go n Call Police..Till den ( Sees Swara Lustly ) I will Make Her Accept Her Crime..Yaaqeen Karo Mera.. ( Assures )

Kavita : Hmm Ok ( Sees Swara Angrily ) abb iss Cheap Ladki se Iska Crime Accept Karwana is Ur Duty..Take Care Haa.. ( Sahil Nodes n Kavita Leaves )

Soon Kavita Leaves Angrily while Sahil Smirks Winningly n Closes da Door n Stares Swara Lustly Moving Closer towards Her by Baby Steps while Swara Moved Bak Holding n Sweating Her Baby Bump Making Sahil to Smirk n Enjoy Swara’s Scaredness n Fearness..

Swara : ( Shocked ) Wwhaatt r u doing? Ddnntt Come Near Me..Jjsstt Stay Away frm Me..(Moves Bak Sweatingly )

Sahil : ( Smirks Evilly ) Come On Baby.No need to get Afraid or Act infront of Me..I knw U too wanna Enjoy..den Lets Enjoy na..Y Acting? See thr is No One Here..No Kavita Nor dat Blind Sanskaar..aur waise bhi Sanskaar hota toh bhi kya karleta..Ntbing..Simply Nthing ( Laughs Evilly ) So Come Lets Enjoy..( Moves More Closer )

As Sahil was Moving Closer n Closer towards Swara,Swara on the Other Hand Kept on Loving Bakwards in Fear n While Moving She Finally Hits da Wardrobe n Seeing Swara At the End Sahil Smirked More Evilly n Blocked Swara frm both the Sides nt giving Her A Single Chance to Escape making Swara feel more Scared n Frightened..

Swara : ( Teary Eyes ) Ssahhill Pplzz Leave..See m nt the Girl U r thinking as..Plzz Leave Me..Wat did I do to U Do? Plzz Leave Me ( Pleads ) Lllookk at My State..Plzz atleast fr the Sake of the Baby Leave Me.. ( Cries Bitterly ) Plzz..

Sahil : ( Smirks Winningly ) Baby..dnt Plead like this Plz..( Caresses Swara’s Cheeks Sensuously ) U knw Wat Swara..Wen Girls Plead Me na..I jst Love it..coz it makes Me feel like s King whr da Ppl r Pleading Him..N Sacchi kahu Ur this ( Sees Swara’s Lips n Caresses It Lustly ) Wet Lips ( Huskily ) n Ur Pleading Me is making Me Crazy..i jst cnt Control Myself any longer..So lets Strt Baby n rahi baath iss baby ki toh Yeh mera Baccha thodi hai dat I shud Care fr Him..Jiska Baccha hai usse hi Farq nhi Padhta toh Y shud I Care Haa? Ryt na? ( Smirks Evilly n Leans Closer )

While Sahil was Leabing towards Swara,She Closes Her Eyes Tightly in Fear wid Tears of Shockedness n Helpless Flowing frm Her Eyes Continously n As Sahil was abt to Place His Rough Lips on Swara’s Lips,He Feels a Right Punch on His Face Leading Him to Fall on Floor in Shock making His Corner of da Lips to Bleed while Swara who saw da Scn was Shocked n Numb making da Person to Smile n Admire Swara Continously n Silently..

Person : ( Smiles ) I told U na Shona..M alwyz thr wid U..nthing cn happen to U..n see M Here…

Sahil : ( Shocked ) SANSKAAR..Tum?

Sanskaar : ( Angry ) Haa Me ( Holds Sahil’s Collar n makes Him Stand Angrily ) Hw Dare U Touch Swara Haa? ? My SHONA?? ( Hits Hardly ) Dnt U Dare to Touch Her Agn.. ( Jerks Harshly ) Warna I wont Spare U..( Dangerous Voice )

Sahil : ( Blank ) Uu cn Ssee? Bbt hhww? ( Confused )

Sanskaar : ( Smirks Winningly ) Yes Sahil I cn See..I cn see U n Hw Cheap U r too i cn see..( Holds Sahil’s Collar Agm Angrily ) kya soccha tha tumne mere Peet peeche U n My So Called Wife will Cheat Me..Will ( Feels Disgusted ) Romance wid Eachother n i will be Unaware of all these..After Maa n Papa i thot U 2 R My World..Who will never Cheat Me bt I was soo wrong..( Hits agn ) U Both Planned My Parents Death n along wid that ( Points Towards Swara ) U Killed Swara’s Mother too..jiska koi Naata nhi tha wid all Ur Cheap Plan..U Killed Shomi Aunty too.. ( Hits Agn ) Have U ever thot hw will A Child will Live widout their Parents..widout Their Mother…Tell Me have u thot of it ever..No na..( Punches ) Arrey soccho ke bhi kaise tum log..U both were all Blind in Getting My Money n My Place Haa..( Keeps on Beating )

As Sanskar was keeping on Beating Sahil Mercilessly,Swara who was Watching all these was Getting More Scared seeing Blood Ozzing frm Sahil’s Mouth n was Breathing Heavily Leading Her to go into A Very Severe Labor making Her to Scream in Pain Calling Sanskaar’s Name making Sanskaar Shocked n Numb..

Swara : ( Screams ) SANSKAARRR..Aaahh.. ( Holds Her Baby Bump n Cries ) Sanskaar Plzz Aahh..Iittsss Ppaaiinninngg..Aahh..( Cries )

Sanskaar : ( Shocked ) Swara… ( Jerks Sahil Immediately n Runs ) Swara..( Pats Swara’s Face ) Swara..Swara.Ddntt Worry..We r going Hospital nw..Ok? ( Carries Swara in Arms n Runs )

Soon Sanskaar Carries Swara in His Arms n Rushes towards da Hospital while Kavita who was Entering wid da Police in MM was Confused seeing Sanskaar in Hurry n as Kavita was Confused Seeing Sanskaar,She was even Shocked seeing Sahil in a Wounded State making Her More Confused n Scared…

Kavita : ( Shocked ) Sahil..kya hua tumhe? Hw did this Happen? N Yeh Swara ko kya hua? ( Confused )

Sahil : ( Winces in Pain ) Aahh..Kaaviitaa..Wwee r gone..Sssanskaarr came tttoo kknnww abt Us n Hhe ccnnSSEE ttoo.He knws da Entire Truth Kaavviittaa..Hhee wont Leeaavvee Uss nw .We r gone nw ( Faints )

As Sahil Blurted Out da Truth of Sanskaar Knwing da Truth,Kavita who Heard it was All Shocked n Fear Took in Her Heart thinking abt the Future Consequences making Her More Scared n Horrified wid Sweat Flowing frm Her Forehead Continously n Non Stop..


Precap : Shot 3B Last Part..


Uff..Pretty Long Part wid Full Draman shock..I knw its Boring.Bt still Hoping U all will Like it..Do Leave ur Valuable Comments in the Comment Box Below n Let Me knw hw u Liked Todayz Part :).


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