SwaSan TS : Love – Finds Its Own Way By Goldie ( Part 02 )


Hii Guyz..Thnks fr the Good Response on da Intro of TS…I knw mny of U r Angry on Me fr KavHil Romance..Hehehe ??..bt it was all needed to Proceed wid da Further Story..Hope U will Understand it..So nw here is da Nxt Part…Do Read n Leave Ur Valuable Comments in the Comment Box Below at the End :).


Recap : KavHil Romance..Swara Introduction n Sanskaar Blind Revealed..


Love – Finds Its Own Way

Part 02

Same Day


Maheshwari Mansion

Soon after Talking wid Swara,Shekhar got Ready n Left fr Maheshwari Mansion n as Soon as He Reached da Mansion to Meet Ram,He Heard some Noises of Sanskaar n Kavita frm Upstairs Arguing on Some Matter.Hearing da Noises Shekhar immediately Rushed Upstairs n was Shocked seeing Sanskaar Pleading n Begging Kavita while Ram Stood the Helpless n Numb wid Tears of Helplessness Flowing frm His Eyes Continously n Silently making Shekhar Confused..

Kavita : ( Irritated ) Ohh Plzz Sanskaar..U knw na I dnt Like Babies n all..then Y r u compelling Me to Deliver this Child..U V Well Knw I cnt Compromise wid My Figure n Daily Routine..den hw cn U Expect Me to Carry this Baby whole 9 Months.. ( Sweats ) Noo Way.. ( Makes Faces ) Huh..

Sanskar : ( Pleads ) Bt Kavi.Y nt..Its Our 3rd Baby U r Aborting..Hw cn U be soo Cruel towards Our Own Baby Haa ?

Kavita : ( Angry bt Controls ) No Jaan..( Acts ) U knw na My Hectic Schedule..Frm the Time I Get Up till da Time I come Home M Full Bzy in Office n Other Meetings..n jabse I Stopped Coming Office the Entire Wrk Burden is on Me..U knw I cnt Afford to Loose Our Business..After all its all Ur Hard Work..n nw u Only say in this State if I Agree fr Our Babby then who will take care of Business Haa ? ( Buttering )

Sanskaar : ( Hesitates ) Bt Jaan..If Business is da Matter then We cn Hand Over da Business to Ram Uncle Ryt till Ur Pregnancy..He will Handled the Business V Well..He is An Experience Perosn Jaan..

Kavita : ( Frustrated ) NOO ( Composes Herself ) I Sanky Baby See Ram Uncle is alrdy Soo Weak..Unki Age hogayi hai..its His Time to Rest at Home.nt fr Working n all..If in Case He Handles da Business Efficiently also it will Effect His Health n We cnt Stake His Health jst fr Our Happiness Ryt ? ( Smirks Evilly )

Sanskaar : ( Melts ) Haa Jaan U r Ryt..( Sad ) Bt I really wanted Our Symbol of Love to come in this World bt ( Teary Eyes ) Wat U r telling is also ryt..its all Coz of Me all r Suffering..Jst coz of My Blindness My Wife is Bzy in Handling My Business n Ram Uncle is Helplessly Taking Care of Me jab ki Its Me who shud take care of Him at this Age.. ( Guilty ) M A Burden on all of U.. ( Teary Eyes bt Composes Himself ) Bt its Ok..Kavita U Go n Abort ( Fumbles ) Oouurr Baby..It seems We dnt have Happiness of Babies in Our Live.. ( Sad )

Kavita : ( Happy ) Wow ( Realized ) Ii mean Ohh Baby..Sorry bt its fr all Our Happiness na ( Fake Concern )

Sanskaar : ( Composes Himself ) Its Ok..U Go ..Warna Appointment nhi milega ( Teary Eyes )

As Sanskaar was Controlling His Pain n Tears,Kavita on the Other Hand was Really Happy n was Enoying Her Win Over Sanskaar’s Foolishness n was abt to Leaveda Room Happily wen Shekhar all of a Sudden who was Examining da Situation Stopped Kavita n Suggested His Advice to Sanskaar n Kavita Making Sanskaar Shocked n Numb..

Shekhar : Ahmm Sanskaar waise toh I dnt have any Right to Intrefete in Any of Yr Family or Personal Matters bt since M A Doctor n A Family Frnd I have A Suggestiom fr Urs n Kavita’s Prblm..

Sanskaar : ( Confused ) Wat Suggestion Uncle ?

Shekhar : SURROGACY Sanskaar..

Kavita : ( Shocked ) Surrogacy? ? Whats that ?

Shekhar : Haa Kavita..( To Sanskaar ) Beta its a Procedure jisme U Surrogate Ur Womb to Some other Lady fr 9 Months n in Return U Pay Her..

Sanskaar : ( Hesitates ) Bt Uncle Dnt u think it will jst Spoil someone else Life..i mean Who will Agree fr such a Big Step..n Plus da One whom We Choose shud be Trust Worthy..

Shekhar : bt Beta this is da Only Way to Both Ur Prblm..I mean U want da Child na n Kavita dnt wanna Ruin Her Responsibilities so according to Me this is da Only way..Think abt it Beta..n dnt worry abt the Girl..I knw One Girl who will be Ready to Help U n dat too widout any Money or Any Motive..

Sanskaar : ( Hesitates ) Bt Uncle ( Intrerupted )

Kavita : Ohh Come On Sanky..Its a Nyc Idea..Aur waise Sanky U wanted A Baby na so U r getting it..Y r u Denying it wen such an amzing offer is in infront of U..

Shekhar : Haa Beta..Maanjao..Trust Me da Girl whom I Suggestion is Trust Worthy n She wont Cheat at all..Its My Promise ( Assures )

Sanskaar : ( Agrees Unwillingly ) Ok Fine Uncle..If U n Kavita r Fine wid it den m also Ok..bt waise who is da Girl whom U r Suggesting soo much..


Sanskaar : ( Shocked ) What ?? Ur Daughter? Bt Y? I mean Uncle She myt be in Jst 20s na..U said One Day..den Y r u Spoiling Jer Life?? No Jncle..I dnt ( Intrerupted )

Shekhar : No Sanskaar..I took My Decision..Swara will Surrogate Urs n Kavita’s Child..As a Father m Taking da Decorations fr Her..n dats Final..Arrey Ram n Durga Prasad r My Good Frnds n nw wen Their Son needs a Help Y cnt I Help Haa ?

Sanskaar : Bt.. ( Sees Shekhar’s Expressions ) Ok Fine..Bt Uncle..If Ur Daughter is Strictly Agnst it den dnt Force Her..It shud be wid Her Full Concern..i dnt wanna Spoil anyone Life fr My Own Wish..

Shekhar : ( Assures ) Dnt Worry Sanskaar..I knw My Daughter..She will Agree..( Diverts da Topic ) So Kavita Be Ready Tomorrow..We will Chk Yrs n Swara’s Complete Health Status..den will Proceed wid Further Procedure..ok ?

Kavita : ( Making Faces ) Ya..Fine… ( To Sanskaar ) Anywyz Sanky..Nw all da Matter is Sorted na..So i gtg to go fr some wrk..will be bak at night..bye.. ( Leaves )

Soon Kavita Left frm there b4 Sanskaar cud even Say anything while Ram n Shekhar Felt Bad fr Sanskaar bt both being Helpless Left frm thr Leaving Blind Sanskaar All Alone Lost in His Deep Thots of Swara Rising An Unknown Feeling in His Heart..


2 Hours Later

Ram’s Room

As Time Passed its been 2 Hours since Shekhar gave Idea of Surrogacy n Both Ram n Shekhar were in Ram’s Room Discussing something wen they Heard a Girl’s Noise Making Shekhar Shocked n Happy wid Tears of Happiness Flowing frm His Eyes Continously making Ram Shocked n Confused..

Girl : ( Calls Shekhar Happily ) Papaa..Pappa..Kaha ho aap?? See who has come to Meet U ( Calls agn ) Papaa.. ( Makes Faces ) Huh..Hw cn Papa do like this? He knws m coming den instead of Coming to Pick Me..He is Sitting Here in Maheshwari Mansion Chit Chatting wid His Frnd..Hw Mean..huh ( Pout )

Shekhar : ( Teary Eyes ) Shona… ( To Ram ) Ram see My Swara..My Shona came…Come lets go.. ( Leaves )

Ram : ( Happy ) Ohh..Then Come Lets Go.. ( Leaves too )

Soon both Ram n Shekhar Reached Down n Swara who was Standing at the Entrance in White n Red Combo Kurti n Leggings looking Stunning n Cute saw dem Coning n Ran towards Shekhar Happily seeing Shekhar n Hugged Him Tightly wid Tears of Happiness Flowing frm Her Eyes Continously making Shekhar too Emotional n Overwhelmed..

Shekhar : ( Teary Eyes ) Shona..Tu aagayi..Hw was ur Trip Shona ? ( Worried ) Tiring thi na ?

Swara : ( Hugs Shekhar ) Aww Papa..U r still soo Cute ( Pulls Shekhar’s Cheeks ) bt I Still Love U ( Giggles ) n dnt worry m fine..U knw na ur Daughter..Woh jaha bhi naati hai waha Environment Tiring nhi rehta..so this Delhi to Kolkata wali Journey was also ny Tiring bt a Fun Filled One.. ( Chuckles )..

Shekhar : ( Hits Swara’s Head Playfully ) Pagaal..Accha waise U Here ?? I have sent da Driver na to Pick U n to Drop Home..toh hw cime U r Here ? ( Confused )

Swara : ( Fake Anger ) Toh kya karti ? Main yaha Pure 3 Saal baad aapse milne aayi..To Spend some time wid U n U..Instead of coming to Pick Me U r here Chit Chatting wid Ur Frnd..Nt Fair ( Makes Faces )

Shekhar : Aww Mera Baccha ( Hugs Swara Lovingly n Swara too Hugs Bak ) M Really Sorry..bt U knw na..Y i came here? Sanskaar n Ram Uncle needs Me More dan U..

Swara : ( Release da Hug ) Haa Off Course Papa..I knw..n its ok..I Understand..i was jst Joking..

Shekhar : ( Worried ) Beta..Actually. .i need to talk to U.. ( Sweats ) Woh..Woh.. ( Intrerupted )

Swara : ( Confused ) Haa Papa..Tell na..Y r U Sweating? Is everything Alryt? ( Worried )

As Swara was Worried seeing Shekhar’s Tensed Face,She Hears An Attitude Voice frm Bak Revealing da Matter making Swara Shocked n Numb..All Her Happiness n Life Turned Upside Down wid Tears of Shockedness Flowing frm Her Eyes Continously making Shekhar n Ram both Worried n Restless..

Kavita : ( Attitudely ) No Miss Swara..Everything is nt Ryt..bt If U Help Ud Everything will be Absolutely Ryt.. ( To Shekhar ) Hai na Mr Shekhar?

Shekhar : ( Nodes Yes Helplessly ) Haa Kavita Beta.. ( To Swara ) Shona..U come wid Me..i will tell U..wats da Matter.. ( Tension )

Kavita : No Mr Shekhar..Lets Talk here only wid Ur Daughter..Coz aise baate sabke saamne ho toh Accha hai na..So Miss Swara..U came on da Right Time..Ur Papa has taken a Decision fr Us n U cn only Fullfill it..

Swara : ( Confused ) Wat Decision?? N Y will My Papa take Decision fr U Haa? N hw cn i fullfill it ?? ( Irritated ) Huh..Wats going On Papa ? Plzz tell Me..sab theek hai na ( Restless )

Shekhar : ( Calms Swara Down ) Shona..Relax Beta..sab theek hai..woh actually baath yeh hai ki..U..woh.. ( Intrerupted )

Kavita : ( Irritated ) Uff..Mr Shekhar..Let Me tell on Behalf of U..If U keep telling in this Speed na U wont be able to Tell by Tonight Morning also..so let Me tell it.. ( Arrogantly )

Swara : ( Angry ) Mind Ur Language Mrs Maheshwari..This isn’t da Way to Talk wid My Papa..Ok ? N jo bhi bolna hai say Clearly..No need to Create unnecessary Drama..

Kavita : Ok den Listen..U have to be A SURROGATE MOTHER fr My n Sanskaar’s CHILD…inshort U have to Rent Ur Womb fr 9 Months to Us.. ( Attitudely )

Swara : ( Stumbles Bak ) Wwhhaatt? ( Angry ) Wat Nonsense r u Speaking Haa?

Kavita : ( Angry too ) M nt talking any Rubbish..M telling wat ur Father has Promised Us..He was da Only One who gave Us this Idea.Warna I was abt to Abort this Baby.bt ur Father Promised U will Help Us..So nw Fullfill it..( Leaves )

While Kavita Left the Hall Arrogantly,Swara who Heard da Truth was all Blank n Nt Understanding to do Leading Her to Run Out of the MM Blankly wid Tears Rolling frm Her Eyes Continously making Shekhar n Ram both Worried n Restless fr Swara..


2 Months Later

Time Passed n its been 2 Months since Swara got to knw abt Her Father’s Promise..As Promised by Shekhar,Swara Agreed to Help Sanskaar n Kavita n nw She was Finally A SURROGATE MOTHER of Sanskaar’s n Kavita’s Child fr nt Lettig Her Father’s Head Down..All The Tests were Done n Swara was Declared Fit n Fine fr da Further Surrogacy Procedures bt was Lil Weak fr the Surrogacy due to Less Age bt was Fit n Fine n was Staying in MM wid Sanskaar n Kavita..As Days Passed Swara Lost All Her Bubbliness n Charm n was All Pale n Silent.Sensing Swara Sad,Sanskaar Kept on Consoling n Taking Care of Swara as Frnd n Became Good Frnd wid Swara Rising An Unknown Feelings in both their Hearts.As Usual Like any other Day Sanskaar was seen in Swara’s Room Telling Her Bed Time Stories Building it Himself taking Good Care of Her naking both Swara n Sanskaar Ennoy Eachother’s Bond n Company..

Sanskaar : ( Tells Stories ) N da Prince n Princess Stayed Happily Ever After..So Swara Madam..Hw wad Todayz Story..Cute na?

Swara : Haa..it was relly Cute..bt One thing i did nt Understand.. ( Confused )

Sanskaar : What U did nt Understand? Tell Me..I wjll Clear ur Doubts..

Swara : Yehi ki if da Prince Charming did nt see His Princess Cinderella in da Ball Party den hw did He Find His Princess jst wid da Help of Her Mere Sandal? I mean isnt it Weird n Strange? Itna bada Prince was Mad of da Single Girl who was actually jst a Random Resident of HisKingdom n uske saath sirf Kuch Minute Dance karke He Felt She is da Inly fr Him..Hw Strange ..usse chahe toh naa jaane kitne aur Girls milsakte the as His Soul Mate..bt He Choosed dat Random Girl n Found Her Finally Hw?

Sanskaar : ( Smiles ) Thats Coz Swara..Prince Felt dat Girl is His True Love..True Love ke liye its nt Necessary to See Ur Love..It jst Happens by Feeling each other too..n Here Prince felt the Same..jst by Touching Cinderella He Understood She is His True Love..

Swara : Aww..Wow..Its soo Cute..I Wish I too get My Prince Charming ( Sees Sanskaar Unknowingly while Smiling ) Like U Soon ( Smiles Sheepishly )

Sanskaar : ( Hesitates ) Wwhhaatt?

Swara : ( Cones in Senses ) Ii mean..I too get A Prince Charming soon..who is jst like U..Soo Caring ( Lost in Sanskaar’s Charm ) So Loving..Soo Understanding..n wat nt ( Blushes )

Sanskaar : ( Laughs ) Pagaal..Accha nw Sleep..U shud Sleep nw..its quite Late..den Kal We need to go to Meet Doctor na fr ur 1st Monthly Chk Up..

Swara : Haa..bt U knw wat Sanskaar..i dnt wanna go wid Ur Khadoos Wife.. ( Sees Sanskaar’s Expressions ) I mean Srsly Sanskaar..tumhari Biwi ko Hamesha Ghussa hi rehta kya? Soo much Attitude..Huh..i sometimes Wonder frm Whr She got U..U r soo Caring n Loving n She Huh ( Makes Faces )

Sanskaar : ( Laughs ) thats Coz We Love Eachorher na isiliye..I knw She is Bit Arrogant n Attitude wali bt Swara Kavita is nt soo Bad as U think..Its jst She has such a Big Responsibility of Business n this House isiliye due to Extreme Stress She has become like that..warna She is Good..( Diverts da Topic ) Accha chalo Sleep nw..Kavita myt come any time..Its need to Chk fr Her Dinner too .. ( Smiles )

Swara : ( Pout Face ) Sanskaar Plzz Kal U come wid Me na..Plzz..Fr U Hr Wife myt be Good bt wid Me She is Lady Mogamo..I Cnt Tolerate Her..Darr lagta seeing Her wat if She Scolds Me even fr Coughing too.. ( Pleads Cutely ) Plzz

Sanskaar : ( Laughs ) Accha Baba..Fine..i will come wid U..dnt worry..Nw Come Sleep..

Swara : ( Happy ) Yaayy..U r Best My Prince Charmm ( Bites Her Tongue Making Faces ) Oopss I Mean My Prince Frnd ( Giggles )

Sanskaar : ( Laughs ) Pagaal..

As Sanskaar both Swara n Sanskaar were having their Frndly Moments,Shekhar n Ram who were Watching SwaSan Secretly frm A Window Felt Happy n Smiled Wid Teary Eyes seeing their Bond making dem Feel Overwhelmed n Smile Winningly..

Ram : ( Overwhelmed ) Shekhar..U were Right…Swara is da Only One who cn Set Everything Right in this Home..See na hw Happy Sanskaar is..maine toh Sandkaar ko kbhi itna Khush nhi dekha aajtal after da Death of Bhaisa n Bhabbisa..( Teary Eyes )

Shekhar : Haa Ram..I knew My Shona was da Only One who cn Set Everything..Bhale She is Small in Age bt Maturity is Filled inside Her..She knws hw to Handle Ppl like Kavita n Sahil..Sanskaar wont Listen Us if We tell anything Agmst Kavita..bt He will surely Listen Swara..Iss Ek Mahine main Sanskaar itna toh jaan gaya hoga ki Swara is really Matured n wont Judge any Person Wrong..dekhna Sanskaar Himself One will Throw Kavita Out of His Life.. ( Confident )

Ram : ( Teary Eyes ) Hope So Shekhar..Hope So..

Soon Both Shekhar n Ram Leaves f thr While Swara n Sanskaar were Lost in their Own Lovely World Forgetting abt their Prblms Rising a New n Pleasurable Bond b/w dem making dem both Feel Shy n Happy..

Zehnaseeb Zehanaseeb
Tujhe Chahoon Betahasha Zahnaseeb..
Mere Kareeb, Mere Habee
Tujhe Chahoon Betahasha Zehanasib..

Tere Sang Beete Her Lamhe Pe Humko Naaz Hai
Tere Sang Jo Na Beete Uspe Aitraaz Hai..
Is Kadar Hum Dono Ka Bandhna Ek Raaz Hai..

Hua Ameer, Dil Gareeb
Tujhe Chahoon Betahasha Zahnasib..
Zehnasib Zehnaseeb
Tujhe Chahoon Betahasha Zahnaseeb…


3 Months Later..

In Park

Tine Passed n its been More 3 Months n Swara was in Her 4th Month wid Cute Lil Babh Bump looking more Cute n Innocent..As Time Passed The Bond b/w Both Swara n Sanskaar Grew Even mire Stronger n tney Strtd Feeling fr Eachother too Unknowingly.Like Routine Usual Both SwaSan along wid Ram n Shekhar were in A Park fr Walk as their Routine Walk n fr Inhaling A Fresh Air.Swara was Helped by Shekhar while Sanskaar was Helped by Ram in Walking..While thr 4 were Walking Swara’s Eyes Fell on Ice Cream Stall Standing at the Entrance of Park making Her Tempting to Eat Both Ram n Shekhar Giggled Understanding da Further Scn to be Happened infront of dem making Swara to Smile Naughtily n Sweetly..

Swara : ( Sweetly ) Sanskaar..My Cutey Se Frnd..U r soo Cute ..So Caring..I Love U fr that ( Keeps on Buttering Cutey )

Sanskaar : ( Smiles n Understands ) Swara..No need to Butter Me..Tell Me wat I want?

Swara : ( Fake Anger ) Haww..Wat do u mean Sanskaar? I was doing Buttering to U? Hw Mean ( Makes Faces ) Huh..

Sanskar : Haa nhi toh..U were 100% Buttering Me..I cnt see it doesnt mean i cnt Sense n Understand Ur Feelings..Tell Me wat u want?

Swara : ( Fumbles ) Woh..Woh ( Closes Her Eyes Tightly ) Iiccee Ccrreaamm ( Tells in One Breath ) I Want ICE CREAM..( Sighs ) Plzz Plzz .. ( Pleads Cutely )

Sanskaar : ( Fake Anger ) Swara..Hw mny Times I have told U..Ice Creams n Road Side Items r nt Good fr U n Baby..then Y do U keep Requesting fr these things only Haa?

Swara : Plzz na Sanskaar…Its said dat Girls in this Period shud Eat wat they feel like..n I m Feeling like to Eat Ice Cream..Plzz na..Ok I Promise I wont Trouble U at Nyt bt Plzz abhi i want Icr Cream Plzz ( Pleads on Continously )

Sanskaar : ( Finally Agrees ) Accha Theek Hai..U cn Eat Ice Cream bt at Only One Condition..If U Agree that then U cn have 1 Kya 3 to 4 Ice Creams also.Manzoor ho toh bolo.Warna Forget it..( Smiles Naughtily )

Swara : ( Agrees Immediately ) Haa Ok I Agree..I Agree all Ur Conditions.bt nw First Ice Cream Plzz ( Excitedly )

Sanskaar : ( Laughs ) Ok Go..Pagaal ( To Ram ) Uncle.. ( Intrerupted )

Ram : ( Smiles ) Haa I knw..I m going wid Swara n will see She doesn’t Eat more dan 3 Ice Creams.. ( Laughs )

Sanskaar : ( Giggles ) Thnks Uncle..

Ram : ( Hits Sanskaar’s Head Playfully ) Chal Pagaal..U will tell Me Thnk U..Pagaal kahi ka ( Chuckles n Leaves )

Soon Ram Left behind Swara while Shekhar n Sanskaar Stood thr Waiting fr Swara n Ram to Come Bak n as soon da both came bak afyer having Ice Cream the 4 of them Went Bak Home Happily n Spent da Rest of da Day Happily Enjoying Eachother’s Company Happily n Excitedly..


Night 12am

Swara’s Room

It was Late Night n Swara was Suffering frm Her Mood Swings n was Roaming in da Corridors Making Faces Alone as She dnt wanna Disturb anyone at Late Nyt making Her More Irritated n Frustrated..

Swara : ( Irritated ) Aahh..My these Mood Swings..Ek Din meri Jaan lelege..( Pout Face ) Nw I cnt Disturb Anyone..its too late…Na Papa ko..Na Uncle ko aur Na Sanskaar ko..Mana m His Child’s Surrogate Mother bt it doesnt mean I Disturb Him all da Time ( Feels Bad ) Kaash Bhagwaan Ji aapne Sanskaar ko Mera Pati banaya hota toh aaj I wud have been Eating Paani Puri..bt aapna itne acche Insaam ko Woh Khadoos aur Dayan Kavita dedi as His Wife ( Feels Jealous ) Bechara Mera Prince Charming.. ( Confused ) bt I dnt Understand wat Prblm Papa n Uncle has wid Kavita..I mean I knw She is Bit Khadoos n Undono ki nhii banti Kavita se bt Sanskaar ki toh banti hai..Wen He dnt have any Prblm den Y does They have ( Irritated ) Arghh Swara U r gonna get Mad soon..Bas jaldi se yeh baaki 5 Mahine bhi Guzar jaaye toh I will feel Relaxed n then Go Away frm Here ( Hurts Her Heart ) Wait..Wait A Min ( Touches Her Teary Eyes ) Y m I feeling like Crying wen i talk abt Leaving this House.. ( Keeps On Blabbering due to Mood Swings )

As Swara was Blabbering among Herself in Effect of Miood Swings,She Hears some Weird Noises frm Guest Room making Her Little Scared n Frightened..

Swara : ( Scared ) Wwhat was that Noise? Yeh Ajeeb se Awaaze kaha de aarahi hai? Its sok Scary..Ohh God..iss Mood Swings ke Chakkar main kya kya dekhna padh raha hai.. ( Sweats n Moves Ahead )

While Swara was Moving,She agn Hears those Noises n Moves towards da Guest Room Slowly n Peeps inside da Room in Curiousity n was Shocked n Numb seeing da Scn wid Sweat Flowing frm Her Forehead Continously n Non Stop..

Swara : ( Shocked ) KAVITA..( Closes Her Eyes ) Chii..Yeh kya karrahi hai yeh? Sanskaar ko batana padega..Chii Yaar..Hw cn She do this? Cheap Girl..Disgusting.( Abt to Go bt Stopped )

As Swara Peeped inside da Room;She was all Shocked n Numb seeing Kavita Making Love wid Sahil making Her Feel Disgusted n Shame..Seeing KavHil Romancing,Swara was abt to Leave bt was Sropped Hearing KavHil’s Talk Making Her Feel More Disgusted n Bad fr Sanskaar wid Tears of Shockedness Flowing frm Her Eyes Continously n Non Stop..

Sahil : ( Kissing Kavita’sNape ) Aww Baby it was soo Hard to Stay wid out U these 3 Months..Hw did U Stay widout Me Haa ( Bites Kavita’s Bare Nape )

Kavita : ( Moarns ) Aahh..Easy Baby..it was nt East fr Me too..Jitna Tough it was fr U..utna hi fr Me..bt U knw na I did nt have any other Option ( Moarns Agn ) Ssahhill Plz Easy..Its Hurting..

Sahil : ( Dugs Himself in Kavita’s Neck ) Yah Yah..It was indeed Necessary..( Sees Kavita Irritatedly ) Srsly Ur Blind Husband na is really A Big Hurdles in Our Love Story. Iski PROPERTY ke Chakkar main We r Missing Our Beautiful Moments Baby..

Kavita : ( Caresses Sahil’s Face Seductively ) I knw Baby..Mee too..bt u knw agr main Sanskaar ki baath nhi manti n Delhi nhi jaati Apni Mom ke Pass fr Rest after that Surrogacy Procedures toh He wud have Stopped My Visits to Office..Wich is really Dangerous fr Us..

Sahil : Haa Ryt..bt Jaan U have Half of His Property in Ur Name na as His Wife dem Y dnt We jst Run wid it haa?

Kavita : Coz We cnt Sahil..Bhale I have His Half of the Property in My Name bt da Rest Half is on Sanskaar’s Name Only..n I need His Full Property..Aadhe se kya hoga Sahil..I need Full fr Us..fr Our Future.. ( Smirks Evilly ) n Dekhna Baby Once dat Soo Called Baby comes in this World na i will Emotionally Manipulate Sanskaar n Transfers His Rest of the Property to this Chid’s Name n later will get it Transferred to My Name..Bas 5 Months Aur n den We both will be Gone Far Away frm this Blind Sanskaar n Will Live Our Life Happily ( Smirks Evilly )

Sahil : ( Smirks Evilly too ) Yes Off Course Jaanm.we will..bt fr Nw shall We Enjoy Our Present Moment together Plzz..M Carving fr U Madly ( Thrusts Himself More inside Kavita Madly )

Kavita : ( Enjoys ) Yes Sahil..Plzz..M too Carving fr U..Hurry Up ( Moarns ) Aah..

While both Kavita n Sahil were Making Love n was Confessing thr Plan,Swara who was Listening ro them was all Shocked n Stumbles Bak Blankly wid Tears Rolling frm Her Eyes Continously making Her Back to Hit A Strong Chest making Her More Shocked n Scared wid Tears of Shockedness Flowing frm Her Eyes Continously n Non Stop..


Precap : Last Part..


Phew…Finally Done wid da 2nd Part of The TS..Hope its nt Boring n U Enjoyed it..Do Leave ur Valuable Comments in the Comment Box Below n Let Me knw hw u Liked Todayz Part :).


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