SwaSan TS : Love – Finds Its Own Way By Goldie ( Intro/Part 01 )


Hii Guyz…Bak wid a New TS..Here is da Intro +Part 01 of te TS..Do Read n Let Me knw Ur Valuable Views abt the TS..M Expecting Mny Tomatoes..Eggs n Draggers on Me after this Intro ????..#LetsSee *FingersCrossed*


Love – Finds Its Own Way

Part 01/Intro


A Big Mansion,A Big Room n 3 Ppl ( 2 Boys n 1 Girl ) were Shown in da Room whr One Man was Listenin Songs Wearing An Earphone all Engrosed n Bzy Unaware of His Surroundings while on da the Other Hand in da Same Room 1 Girl n One Boy among were seen Romancing n Moarning Eachother’s Name in Front of other Man who was Jst Staring dem Blankly wid No Emotions naking the Couple to Smirk n Enjoy their Lively Moment Happily n Freely..

Girl : ( Moarning Huskily ) Aahh SAHIL…Slowly Baby.. ( Whispers ) warna My Husband will Sense it ( Sees da Other Man n Smirks Evilly )

Sahil : ( Bzy Kissing da Girl’s Nape ) Who cares BBABY… ( Huskily ) Ur Husband is anywyz BLIND..He cnt See anything wat We r doing..So Leave n Let Me Enjoy U ( Huskily )

Girl : ( Moarns ).Ahhh.. ( Huskily ) Hmm Ya U r Right.. ( Enjoys n Moarns Pleasurely )

Sahil : ( Smirks Evilly ) Waise KAVITA BABY…( Slowly ) Isn’t it Unique n An Award Winning Performance by Us..I mean We r da First Ever Couple who r Romancing infront of Husband widout any Fear.. ( Kisses Kavita’s Earlobe )

Kavita : ( Smirks Evilly ) Ya Baby..bt wat to do..Aise Mauke har kisi ko nhi milta..Having an Extra Marital Affair infornt of Ur Own Husband is really An Amzing Job n Maazaaata hai usme ( Sees Her Husband n Laughs Evilly )

Sahil : ( Turns Kavita n Stares Sensuously ) Come Baby Lets Complete Our Wrk ( Digs Himself in Kavita’s Neck )

Kavita : ( Moarns ) Aahh ( Huskily ) Yes Baby Sure ( Makes Sahil Lye on Bed n Strts their Love Making )

As Both Kavita n Sahil were Engrossed in their Love Making Cheating da Man who was All Unaware of the Surroundings Bzy in His Song Happily,A Man of Mid 40s Knocks da Room wid Full Disgust n Hesitatation Disturbing
Kavita n Sahil’s Lovely Moment making dem Angry n Frustrated..

Ram : ( Knocks da Door ) Kavita.. ( Feels Disgusted ) Open da Door Kavita.. ( Knocks Agn bt No Response ) Kavita ( Hears Moarns n Hesitates ) KAVITA… ( Knocks Agn bt Hardly )

Sahil : ( Irritated ) Uff Kavita. .wats Wrong wid this Old Man Haa ? Y does He alwyz Disturnbs Us in Our Romance haa ? ( Frustrated ) Saara Mood Khrb kardiya ..Huh.. ( Angry )

Kavita : ( Irritated too ) Relax..I knw Sahil this Old Man is damn soo Irritating .bt We have to Bear Him We dnt have anyother Option.. ( Wakes n Wears Her Dress ) Come Lets see kya hua hai isd Bhuddhe ko.. ( Makes Herself Presentable )

Soon Both Kavita n Sahil makes themselves Presentable n Opens da Door wid Full Irritatation making Ram feel more Disgusted n Uncomfortable..

Kavita : ( Angry ) Kya hai Chacha Ji ??aisa kya hua jo aap iss Waqt Hume Disturb karrahe hai.. ( Sees Sahil Sensuously ) U knw na Its Our Private Time den ( Sees Ram Irritatedly ) aisa kya hua jo aapse ruka nhi gaya ? Haa ?

Ram : ( Hesitatedly ) Woh..Sssorryy Beta..Woh Actually Dr Dev aaye hai to Chk Ss ( Intrerupted )

Sahil : ( Frustrated ) Ohh God Kavita’s Ur this ( Sees Kavita’s Husband Angrily ) Handicapped Husband wont let Us Spend Time together.Jab dekho jab He keeps Spoiling Our Moments in One or the Prblm this SANSKAAR has..Huh . ( Leaves Irritatedly )

Kavita : ( Irritated ) Arrey Sahil suno toh.. ( Sighs Angrily ) Huh..Chaliye Chacha Ji ( Leaves Angrily )

Soon Kavita Leaves fr da Hall while Ram on the Other Hand Ram Went towards BLIND SANSKAAR n Took Him to Hall where Dev Sanskaar’s Doctor was Present thr fr His Regular Chk Up making Kavita More Angry n Frustrated..


2 Dayz Later

Maheshwari Mansion

Time Passes n As Usual n their Daily Routine Kavita n Sahil were Bzy in Romancing infront of Blind Sanskaar Unaware of His Surroundings n Cheating going Around Him making Ram feel Sad fr Sanskaar n Disgusted om both Kavita n Sahil..As Sahil was Bzy Kissing n Romqncing Kavita,Kavita all of A Sudden Feels Pain in Her Stomach n Runs to Washroom Pushing Shocked Sahil n Puked Out making Her Feel Uneasy n Doubtfull..

Sahil : ( Worried ) Wat happened Baby ?? ( Cups Kavita’s Face ) is everything alryt ?? Y did U feel like Puking all of a Sudden ??

Kavita : ( Wiping Her Face ) No Sahil ( Tired ) I guess M AGN Expexting ( Worried )

Sahil : ( Blank ) What do U mean by that Haa ?? Did U Use Protection b4 Our ( Intrerupted )

Kavita : Haa Sahil I Used..M nt Expecting wid Our Baby bt wid ( Sees Blind Sanskaar ) Sanskaar’s Baby this Time too ? ( Irritatedly )

Sahil : ( Shocked ) WTH!! Agn ?? ( Brushes His Hands in His Hair Frustratedly ) Why da Hell dnt U use Protection wen U get Intimate wid Him Haa ? He is Blind n by Fooling Him U cn somehow Use it na..?

Kavita : ( Frustrated ) No Sahil..its nt soo Easy as U think..Bhale Sanskaar is Blind bt He has much more Sensing Power dan Us..n moreover iss Andhe ke saath kisko Romance karna hai m doing all this jst coz of a Reason.after all Itni Saalo ki Mehnat i cnt let it go soo Easily ..n all these wat m doing is fr Our Better Future.. ( Irritated )

Sahil : ( Calms Himself Down ) Ok Relax..Then this Time too U get this Child Aborted na like U did Last 2 Times..

Kavita : Hmm Aisa hi karna padega bt b4 that I need to Inform Sanskaar abt all this..warna usse kahi aur se Pata chala toh He wont Trust Me anymore.. ( Worried )

Sahil : Its Ok Calm Down Baby..Its Fine..I knw U will Convince dat Fool this Time too fr Abortion by ur Fake Love n Affection..Ok ?

Kavita : ( Smirks Evilly ) Aww Yes My Baby..I will after all M His Long Time GF n Lovely Wife nw ( Laugh Evilly )

Sahil : ( Laughs Evilly too ) Yes..Off Course.. ( Pulls Kavita Closer n Caresses Her Cheeks Sensuously ) Toh issi baath pe hojaye Ek ( Shocked bt Smirks Winningly )

As Sahil Pulled Kavita Closer,Both of them agn gets Engrossed in their Deep Lip Lock Smirking n Enjoying their Freedom Happily n openly Making Ram who was Passing by da Room n Heard Their Talks more Disgusted n Worried..



Delhi..The Heart of India n its People..The Capital of Our India..The Most Beautiful Place whr every Indian Wishes to Visit fr Atleast Once in their Life Time was seen More Beautiful n Noisy wid A Girl who was Talking on Her Phone All Happily n Excitedly making da Other Side Perosn too to Smile n Enjoy the Conversation..

Girl : ( Happily ) Offo Papa..U dnt Worry..I m Coming to U na..I will Help U wid Ur Hospital Arrangements n all..Tension Mat liye karo aap Papa ( Bzy Packing ) n waise bhi Y r u taking this much Tension Haa..U r Expert in all these den Y ? ( Confused )

Shekhar : ( Worried ) Offo SWARA..Its nt dat Easy as U r thinking Shona..Its da SURROGACY Procedure..N bhale M Expert in This bt doing it fr every Person is Risky..n da Nxt Perosn of whom m doing Surrogacy is nt at all Fit fr it.
N if anything Happens to da Girl in this Process den wat will I do Haa ?

Swara : ( Laughs ) Ohh God Papa THE WORLD BEST SURROGATE DOCTOR is Damn Worried..Isnt it Funny ( Giggles )

Shekhar : ( Pout Face ) Making Fun of Me Na ? Ok Udalo..Udalo..U come First Here den I will Show U wat Ur Papa cn do (.Fake Anger )

Swara : ( Laughs ) Ok Dekhwge Papa..M Ready ( Giggles ) Anywyz Papa..Nw i gtg..Packing karni hai..I have My Flight in Nxt 1 Hour..Ok ?

Shekhar : ( Smiles ) Haa Ok Shona..Bye..Take Care n Come Soon..Ur Papa is Waiting fr U.. ( Teary Eyes )

Swara : Aww..My Papa..plzz dnt be Emotional nw Plzz ( Puppy Face )

Shekhar : ( Composes Himself ) Haa..Ok..Sorry..Chal Bye. I need to go n Meet SANSKAAR n RAM..U knw na Ram is really Sad n Worried.. ( Worried )

Swara : ( Smiles ) Haa Papa i knw..U Go..Ram Uncle n Sanskaar needs U more nw..Bye..( Cuts da Call )

Soon Shekhar too Cuts da Call while Swara after Cutting da Call Strts Resuming Her Packing Happily Unaware of A Sudden n An Unexpected Turn in Her Life Changing Her Simple Life into Complicated n Difficult One..


Character Sketch :

Sanskaar Maheshwari : Blind Young Man..Very Frndly..Trust His Wife Alot..n Loves Her too more dan His Life..Consider His Chacha ( Ram ) as His Own Father after His Parent’s Death..

Kavita Sanskaar Maheshwari; : Wife of Sanskaar..Very Cunning n A Selfish Evil Minded Girl..Loves Her BF Sahil Sen Gupta..Uses Sanskaar fr Her Hidden Motive wid Her BF..

Sahil Sen Gupta : BF of Kavita..Cunning n Selfish like Kavita..Loves Kavita..

Ram Prasad Maheshwari : Chacha of Sanskaar…Guardian n Well Wisher of Sanskaar..

Shekhar Gadodia : Best Frnd of Ram..Father of Swara..Best Doctor in da Field of Surrogacy..

Swara Gadodia : Bubbly Chirpy Fun Loving 20 Yrs Girl..Love Her Father alot..Completed Her Studies in Medical n Going to Join fr Internship Under Her Father..

Rest of the Characters will be Revealed as Needed..


Taddaaa..Here I M wid New TS …Its A New Concept wich is nt Mine Fully bt Yes One Of My Frnd wich She Wrote Long Bak n Reading it I thot to Add My Own Flavours in it wid A Big Twists in it..The Main Concept of the Story will be Revealed Soon bt Lil Bit of Hint is Given in da Story Indirectly..Guess n Let Me knw Wat is it ?.bt b4 Guessing Answer this Questions if U cn ??..

1) Why is Kavita n Sahil Cheating Sanskaar ?? Y is Sanskaar Blind n Is He Really Unaware of the Things Happening around Him or Is thr Something Fishy Abt it ?? If He is really Unaware den wat will Happen wen He Comes to knw da Bitter n Discussing Truth of His Wife n His Life Partner??

2) Y is Ram Soo Helpless n Tolerating Kavita’s n Sahil’s Disgusting Deeds? Is He really Helpless ??

3) Hw is Swara n Shekhar Related to Sanskaar?? Will they Help Sanskaar n Ram to Come Out of Their Prblms or will they only Get Trapped in Kavita’s Plan itself?

So Guyz..Here r Some Questions Rising in My Mind…Find Out n Let Me knw them ?? n All Ur Valuable Tomatoes..Eggs n Draggers r Most Welcome ???? bt Expecting Ur Valuable Comments too in the Comment Box Below ??..Hope U all Liked it 🙂 *FingersCrossed*


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