SwaSan TS..Our Little Cupid.!..Part 9..by Kakali

Hilooo Ev1. Thnk u sooo very much for your love & response towards this story. And yaa, Sorry for being late. Now let’s move inside the story!
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Here we go,

Ammu was peeping in Swara’s room continuously who was sleeping from a long time. As Sanskar said her Mumma was tired and needed proper rest so she just looked at her from a distance.

“Beta! Come and have something. You can meet Swara when she will wake up!” Ragini lovingly touched Ammu’s hair calling her for lunch.

“No aunty! I will eat with Mumma, she will feed me.” She passed a smile which was hardly touching her ears. “You and baby eat!” Ammu kissed her belly making Ragini smile.

“You are just like Anjuuu!” Ragini thought in her mind “As you wish beta!” She walked out leaving Ammu.

Ammu took baby steps and stood in front of Anjuu’s photo. She kept on gazing the pic as she remembered Swara saying her as her daughter.
“Mumma’s Anjuu!” Ammu murmured looking back at sleeping Swara and smiled wide “Are we twins Anjuu?” She talked to the pic “You look like me. See our name is also same. Amuu,Anjuuuuu! Haina?” She giggled sensing her own madness.

Her small small palms touched the pic as she said with affection “Your Mumma & my Mumma is same. I love her too. Don’t worry she will be always your Mumma first then me. Is that ok?” Placing an invisible kiss she moved towards Swara “I know! You love me soo much. Get well soon Mumma!” Not to forgot she kissed her forehead and left the room.

Swara, who was listening to her childish conversation with Anjuu; wiped her tears away. Closing her eyes tight she remembered the day when she realized something.

Small Flashback.

It was a few days back of Amuu’s operation. Swara was in Sanskar’s house. Actually Robin called her as Ammu was alone at home because Sanskar was busy in meeting and he couldn’t avoid his client. Swara was more than happy and Ammu;she was toh jumping.

“Mumma atte huwe pokore lekar anna dukan se!” Swara listened to her cute demands carefully. What a girl she was, a 4 years big girl who didn’t carve for chocos; instead she loved home made allu paranta and pakora. It made her chuckle. “As you say Ammu!” She hung up the call and as her cute order, went to buy pakora?.

After sometime she reached and directly made way to Ammu’s room who was impatiently waiting for her Mumma. “The smell is so yummy!” She gulped her saliva as Swara served in plate.

“Yups Ammu! It looks tempting!” Swara answered busy in putting chatni.

“Wish I could see it!” And then Swara stopped her activity while looking up at her face. It was kind of an emotion she felt that time she couldn’t really express.

“Everything will be all right Ammu!” She took her in her lap as Ammu cuddled in more. Suddenly the environment turned so gloomy.

“Let’s eat it Mumma! Otherwise it won’t taste as good as it is now!” After a few minutes of silence Ammu finally mumbled.

“Accha! Then let’s have it!”

“Mumma! Robin uncle is also here! He loves Pakora like me. Call him na!” Urghh that little girl didn’t forget about him! Ufff! Swara was so happy and surprised as well. “Okk!” She moved out and served to Robin.

“So how is it?”

“Super cool Mumma!” As usual Swara didn’t forgot to feed her. After finishing their snacks session both spent time with each other which was filled laughter and happiness.

But…… how can we forgot about Chudail aunty. So here she came “Ammaya princesssssssssssssssss….!!” She step in the room shouting her name.

“Aa geyi Chudail aunty!” Ammu murmured facepalming herself. “She isn’t going to leave us!”

“Ammaya beta! I missed you soo much! How are you? See I bought chocos for you!” She kissed her cheeks, chocking her life out of body. The kiss was so jaandar that Ammu almost stopped breathing.

“Kavya…..Aunty…! Baas I know you love me so much! No need of applying your lipsticks on my cheeks!” Kavya left her being embarrassed while Swara pressed her both lips?. (*Indeed that lil angel is chetain ki khala)

“Why are you here Aunty? Papa is in office!” Ammu said and instantly Swraa straightened her back.

“Oh! Is that so?” Kavya’s smile faded.

“It’s ok! I will come later!” She was about to go when Ammu interrupted.

“That mean you only came to meet Papa! Not me? How mean!” Ammu didn’t leave the chance to irritate her.

“Areyy!! Nei nei! I came to meet you only!” She passed a small smile when her eyes landed on Swara.

“You here? Again? Excuse me Miss? That day also now again! What’s wrong? Aakhir mamla kya hai? Who are you?” Her each word was filled with taunting.

“Kavya aunty! She is my Mumma! You can call her Swara and I called her here” Swara needn’t think to give an answer as her Ammu was already doing that.

“Mumma!!!” Kavya’s eyes almost popped out. “Sanskar nei shadi bhi kar li!” Her mind screamed.

“Nehiiiiiiii!! How can be do that? I mean marriage and he didn’t say me anything!” As soon her words left her lips Swara coughed so hard.

“Wahh wahh! Ram ji! Jodi kya banayi! Tumhe or Sanskar ko badhai ho badhai!” Her mind sang the lines with the instrumental sound of Sehnai. It made Swara widened her eyes “Shut up!” She cursed her mind but the unknown blush that covered her face was worth watching.

“Arey nei! Papa didn’t marry her! She is my only Mumma!” Ammu’s words broke the chains of their thoughts.

“Oh!! That’s ok. I thought he married this..this girl!” Kavya let out a sigh of relief and laughed so hard. “Main bhi kya kya sonch rei thi!”

Swara who was having a small smile, she turned pale.

“Anyway! Let’s enjoy the chocos for sometime!” Kavya settled in the bed.

“Are you not getting late Aunty? Papa will take time to reach home!” Ammu was hell annoyed now. She just couldn’t like that woman at all.

“No! No! I have plenty of time.” Ammu could do nothing.?

As Kavya started her puran, Ammu side hug Swara and closed her eyes not being able to take her blabberings. Gosh, she was supposed to spend time with Swara but this kabab mei haddi ruined her beautiful moment. She was continuously cursing the author.?<<<—–my head. (* Wahi toh main Sochuuu,why m getting hiccups?).

"Mumma! M sleepy! And Kavya aunty you should change your perfume! It doesn't smell good!" Ammu made her stop talking as Swara lied on her bed. And as usual she instantly fall asleep. (*Just like my sister! God, she can sleep anytime and anywhere. Time, place doesn't matter. Sabke sab Kumbhkaran ke dur ke rishtedar?).

"Sleep well Ammu!" Swara kissed her forhead and Ammu gave her a big smile in sleep.

All the time Kavya was starting both of them. It was strange that Ammu was comfortable with a girl till this extend. She had been with Sanskar and Ammu since past 2 Years but never saw anyone so close to them. Even it seemed Sanskar was also okk with Swara. Moreover Ammu called her Mumma! It was just kinda a shock for her. She thought something and decided to confront her.

"Swara! I'm Kavya Singhania! Sanskar's friend". She introduced herself.

"Hi, Ammu told me about you! M Swara Bose and…..!" She stopped not getting what to say more.

"And…. What?" Kavya insisted.

"Let it be! Swara can I ask you something?"

"Yeah! Yeah Sure!"

"I don't know what should I say but I just hope you know what you mean to Ammu! She calls you Mumma!" Swara could understand the depth of her each and every word.

"Swara! She thinks you as her Mumma! She is attached to you and I hope You know what it means!" Her direct question bewildered Swara.

"What..do..you mean?" Something bad was coming on her way.

"I mean, can you be her Mumma in all way? Do you love her like a mother does to her children?" Kavya stood up from the bed.

"Look Swara I don't have any problem with you. I'm talking this as I have seen Ammya and Sanskar suffering alone. Now she has started calling you Mumma. So many responsibilities come up with this word." She took a deep breath turning towards Swara "I hope you are understanding what m trying to say!"

"Don't hurt them!" Kavya ended her words and looked straight into her eyes but Swara was blank. She couldn't understand what to reply back.

"I will take a leave now! Say Hi to Sanskar!" She walked out the room leaving a blank Swara. Her questions seemed to be unanswered.

Flashback Ends.

Swara wiped her tears. After that day she was forced to think about her relation with Ammu and Sanskar. She didn't want to think more but couldn't help out.

Kavya's words kept on ringing in her ears making her more helpless. Today's behaviour was one of the causes of her helplessness. She agreed that she loved Ammu soo much but also couldn't deny the fact she had no relation with her and the way she called her Mumma was wrong. She was getting too much attached to Swara that it would hurt when they will be apart. No matter what she couldn't change the truth that Swara was no one to Ammu.

She knew well that her behaviour would hurt Ammu a lot but it was needed. She was not a woman to be called as Mumma. She was not a woman who could live a happy life. She was not a mother to get the warm love of her children.

Swara was a failure of every relation. Neither she could save her marriage not she could save her daughter. She FAILED in every relation miserably.

From the day she realised her love for Sanskar, had made her condition more vulnerable. It wasn't supposed to happen. She loved Sanskar, how could she? Hence couldn't stop herself from falling for him.



Swara was under medicine affect the whole day! Of course she fainted due to high fever.
[I hope you guyz remember while Swara fainted in Sanskar's car].

That night she opened her eyes to see Sanskar beside her. He was there with her all the time. Checking her fever minute after minute and doing her patti as well. He was too worried and engrossed in his work to notice that Swara was awake. After few minutes he sit beside her caressing her hairs. She could manage to see his red eyes which were filled with tears. The corner of her lips curved for a slight smile seeing his concern which was something new and warming to her. His actions and eyes gave the hint of an unknown feelings. She find it too good. Few hours back she asked a question to herself "WISH THERE WAS SOMEONE WITH HER WHEN SHE WOULD TAKE HER LAST BREATH!!" It seemed now her wish was granted by God. Sanskar was there for her and he would be with her no matter what.
The happiness and contentment of pleasure was too much to described in words. It was just like a dream come true.

Next early in the morning she found him sleeping in the couch. Her eyes wasn't able to leave his face, it gave her utter peace. Indeed. Taking a deep breath she again went into deep slumber. When she woke up taking Anju's name she found herself in his arm. "Pata bhi hai, kya halat ho gayi thi meri? Jaan nikal geyi thi. Saanse attak geyi thi meri!" He murmured tightening the grip over her. If she wanted she could push him but she didn't, she was almost melting in his arms while Ammuu interrupted them.

No sooner they parted from the hug Ammu jumped on Swara and cried so hard. That little ANGEL was more worried for her. Aww how much she loved her. It was so selfless. The word she said MUMMA was just not a word, it bounded them in a relation without having any relation. It was a pure bliss to have Sanskar and Ammu beside her.

"Mumma you are okk na? I was so worried! Even papa. We both didn't eat anything!" She blurted out hugging Swara. Sanskar stared at her and she stared him back placing an eye lock. Their eyes conveyed their UNSPOKEN LOVE for each other.

Sanskar didn't left a single change to take care of Swara. She couldn't say NOO to his orders. Even though he wasn't saying anything but his eyes conveyed his love for her. She loved his care unaware of some foreign feeling was occupying her heart and soul. It was strange yet beautiful.

When they were enjoying chota bheem, all were rolling in the floor as Ammu did her hilarious kaand; comparing chudail to Kavya. In that moment she could see him laughing wholeheartedly and it gave her joy. Her heart felt fluttered looking at him smiling. Cherry on the cake was when Kavya was drooling over him with her sly smile. Oh God how much she wanted to break her head with ?. It just so badly irritated her. "How dare she stare my Sanskar!" Bham! What she said "My Sanskar!" The sudden realisation hit her hard. "Tuu chese badi hai maast maast, tuu chese badi hai maast!!" Her mind whistled which shook her to her core.

That was the day when she realised her love for him. It was unexpected. She couldn't meet him after that day. Even though she was happy but something stopped her from reciprocating her feelings and it was…………….!!! Wish she could say how much she loved him but NOO!! She had to stay away from both of them.It was for their own good.

"I love you Sanskar!" She caressed her mobile screen as her unshaed tears fall off. Swara had no idea when her words left her lip.

"Swara!!" Her breathing stopped for a second when she heard his voice from back.

Precap- She was pinned against the wall and their face was an inch apart from each other. "Haan I love you Sanskar!!"


I hope the part was upto mark. Would love to know your feedback through your valuable comments and votes.

Thnk u sooo much for reading..!!
God bless you all. <3<3

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